Voyage of The Princess

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Voyage of The Princess

Post by Poetic Ghost » Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:21 pm


"We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones."

- Stephen King

Darkness. The groan of ancient metal. The distant dripping of water.

Slowly, you regain your vision. It's dark and blurred at first, but slowly your eyes adjust. Your eyes dart around the room, looking for some clue as to how you got where you are.

But where are you? What day is it? Hell, what's your name?

Your breathing becomes rapid and ragged as you sit up, trying to get up off the floor. But as you get your legs under you, the world begins to spin again, and you come crashing down to your knees. Now you notice it. Your hands are tied together with thick rope that cuts into your wrists as you shift in the bindings. You now survey your surroundings. The room is square, and the only light source is a single circular window opening on the wall. Bright white light streams in, but cannot fill the corners of the room.

Okay, let's start at the beginning again... I'm a student at R.C Jackson High School...

It begins to come back to you, slowly at first, but soon your name, your family, your friends, it all return as you hear movement around you. Quickly, your head turns to face the noise, your eyes pick out a human shape in the darkness. A boy? You struggle to find his name in your thoughts. Jay? Jason? Yes, that's right. Jason Morris.

More memories come back, this time, of Jason. Pushing people into lockers, winning the track meet, walking the hall with the prettiest girl in school on his arm. Do you hate him? Love him? Don't care? The emotion returns, and slowly he moves his body. But it doesn't look... right. His movements are broken, and as he moves out of the shadows, you see his bruised and bloody form.

He calls your name, slightly surprised. "Wha-what are you doing here? I thought I was the only one he got..."


Before you can finish, you here the large bulkhead door creak, and the lock swing. Quickly, Jason scurries back into the corner and tries to hide inside the shadows. You try to follow, but you aren't fast enough, and you freeze as the door swings open, and a tall male figure steps inside. You remain frozen, as his heavy footsteps become closer, the metallic creak of a metal bucket hurt your ears as they make their way across the room, and finally stop right behind you. Slowly, you turn your head.


"Here, I brought you some water..."

His voice is deep and cracklely. He holds the bucket above your head, dripping brown water unto your face. Slowly at first, he turns the bucket up and pours the water into your face and into your mouth. It tastes like mud, and smells worse. You sputter and cough as you struggle to breath again. Before you can regain yourself, he grabs you by the collar of your shirt, and pulls you up to his face, hidden behind his mask. He sniffs twice, and lets out a rancid breath. "Now that you're awake. I'd like to bring you up to speed..."

With his arms, underneath his long coat, he pulls you roughly across the room, and presses you up against the wall. "You ever watched a horror movie? Where the killer slowly picks off the kids one by one as they run around the woods? This is a lot like that... but I think you'll notice one big difference." He grabs you harshly by the shoulders, and thrusts your head out of the window.


"Where are you gonna run?"

You hang from the edge just long enough, until he pulls you back through the viewport and in his face. "Ever been on a cruise, kid? My wife once took me on one. I hated every minute of it, the games, the people. The only thing I could appreciate was the booze, and the women." His breath was riddled with the smell of dog food, and his hands smelled like meat.

"So I'm at work, right? And I think to myself, if I'm gonna kidnap someone, where better to take them than to sea? The only thing I thought that cruise had right was that they seemed to have-"

His words were cut short by the sound of splintering wood, and impact on the man's head. One of the man's hands released, as he slowly turned over his shoulder. As you look over, you see Jason, holding half a board of wood. The man's fists tightened, and he began breathing heavily.

"...something. For. Everyone."

Suddenly, you are thrown across the room, and Jason tries to run back into his corner, but isn't fast enough as the man in the mask pounces on him, and in the shadows, all you can make out is large arms flailing, and the unintelligible pleads for mercy.

Finally, the man stops, and you see him pull Jason off the ground, and slam him against the wall. "If you even think of interrupting me again. You'll wish I was beating you like this. Do. You. Understand?"

The light reached Jason's face, and through a mixture of blood and tears, he managed to blurt out. "Y-yes..."

"What?! I couldn't hear you!" The man slammed the boy's head against the wall again, followed by a knee to the stomach."Would you mind repeating yourself?"


"Yes what?"

"Y-yes... sir?"

"That's a lot better... all I ever wanted was respect, Jason..."

Before you can comprehend what is happening before you, the man's hand flies for Jason's throat, and holds him off the ground as the boy's eyes bulged out of his head.

"All I ever fucking wanted was some damn respect from little shits like you!"

You can't watch as Jason kicks wildly, trying in vain to release himself from the man's grip. But as he kicks and punches, his grip only becomes harder.

"St-stop!" You exclaim.

The man's head twists around to face you. His eyes seemed to glow in the darkness. He stares at you as he holds the boy over his head. After what seems like forever, he finally throws him into the corner and turns to walk towards you.

He grabs you again by the shirt, and holds you to his face. With a long breath, he smells you, and slowly let's out a perverted laugh. "Just this once. Because you smell nice."

With that, he grabs you by your legs, and throws you over his shoulder, balancing you on his shoulder as he walks back through the bulkhead door.

"Oh, I almost forgot..."

"Welcome aboard The Princess...
~~ You are but a grain of sand, in the sands of time. ~~

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