Archer's Anthologies

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Re: Archer's Anthologies

Post by Archer_Algren » Sat May 27, 2017 1:06 pm

The Tau Ceti system was a very peaceful part of the verse, far away from all the fighting and exploring being done within the Ultima Segmentum frontier regions, except for the pirates.

A Neo-SICON Frigate was attempting to flee another ship, a light cruiser upon closer examination, despite the Neo-SICON ship being a dedicated warship, it chose to flee after the Light Cruiser opened fire with a large number of missiles and beam barrages, "Helmsman! Get us away from these pirates!", shouted the captain as the unfortunate helmsman was trying to steer as best he could, "I'm trying sir but they're too fast, and damage to our engines won't allow us to go any faster!", said the helmsman, as if things couldn't get any worse for the ship, an explosion rocked the bridge, "Sir! Our engines are down!", said the comms, "How can this possibly get any worse?!", asked the captain exasperated, only for the pirate ship to approach them and launch harpoons.

*SICON Frigate docking bay*
As the Ship's marines moved into defensive positions, all of them had their guns trained on the door, ready to shoot at the first pirate who dared try to board their ship, they knew they held the home field advantage, plus the better equipment helped their morale, after all, how could a bunch of pirates put up a fight against trained and well equipped men?

*SICON Frigate bridge*
The Captain was speechless, all the Marines were subdued, not killed, just disabled and tied up, and the captain was face to face with the captain of the pirates who led the boarding acions, a young girl who carried a big blaster, "So, as you can see, we subdued your men, have full control of the ship, and now have you prisoner sir captain, I think its time we negotiate.", said the girl, "What are your demands?", asked the naval captain defeated, "How about all of your cargo? Along with your weapons and munitions?", said the girl captain with a confident yet cheeful tone, "That's outrageous! We would be defenseless!", cried out the naval captain, "I'm sure you'll be fine, after all, you're probably part of a battlegroup considering you're just all alone, you're the third SICON frigate we've run into today so I assume you have other friends out there, am I right?", said the pirate captain, the naval captain knew that if they got the other two, then that means they must have told the pirates about their presence, "I can assure you, me and my battlegroup meant no harm to anybody in this sector, I will let you take my cargo but please spare my men.", said the captain insincerelg but desperately trying to be polite, "It's settled then, time for some piracy guys!", "YEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!", said her crew rejoicing.

*Pirate ship Light Cruiser Bentenmaru bridge*
As the Bentenmaru pulled away from the SICON ship with their haul, the vice captain approached the captain, "Captain, they were the first Frigate we encountered today, why did you tell him he was the third?", she asked, "Because, I was testing to see if there were others, and now that we know, he know where to get more swag.", said the Captain with a grin, "All crew, be on the ready, we have more frigates to plunder.", announced the captain on the comms, "That's our Captain Marika for you!" Shouted a crewman, with that, the ship then went off in search of its next prey....
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Re: Archer's Anthologies

Post by Archer_Algren » Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:35 pm

The year is 41,217, war between Federation of Central Osea and the Kingdom of Erusea are at an all time high, the former having been a victim of Erusea's past xenophobic and deadly war of aggression, it has been years since then and Erusea has been trying to make amends for its actions and peace was on the horizon, that peace was shattered when Erusea's king declared war on the Osean Federation, in a pre-emptive strike, Osean forces bombarded the capital of Erusea and reduced it to rubble, killing its king in the process, but the war was far from over as the Erusea's remaining military vowed to crush Osea in revenge for killing their monarch, the war escalated and Mercenaries then began signing up to join the war.....

"Red Squadron this is Red leader, we are now approaching the lighthouse Orbital Elevator, be careful, it could be protected by static defenses, remember, we're just here to scout.", said Red leader, a woman in her 20's with red hair matching the Squadron's name, "Copy Red Leader.", said the rest of the Mobile Suit Squadron in unison, the Squadron is part of a paramilitary group, mercenaries, known as Tenno, after the Legionary conflict they were reduced severely into three commando units and one Squadron, they have seen better days but that still doesn't make them any less dangerous.

As the Squadron approached the orbital elevator, alarms blared as personnel within it tried to scramble into their battle stations, meanwhile, a lone figure in a normal suit walked towards the hangar, "If all goes well, I can end this war once and for all.", she thought to herself.

A fight broke out before the team got too close to the elevator and the Squadron engaged the enemy's defenses, they all piloted the horrendously outdated AMX-003 Gaza-C, while it packed a powerful beam rifle and beam guns, such weapons were ineffective against the Nano-Laminated STH-16 Shiden series that Red Squadron piloted, despite the Squadron being only 12 heads strong, they were able to eliminate multiple Gaza's with ease.

The lone figure found the hangar and proceeded towards the nearest unattended shuttle, she got inside without anybody noticing, "I hope the Osean forces take me, I must get my message out to them.", said the figure as she prepared for takeoff.

In the command center of the lighthouse, the commander was being forced to watch his forces get slaughtered by the mercenaries, "Damn mercs, why did they have to be in Nano-laminated Mobile Suits?!", he said in frustration, as he looked at the number of remaining Gaza's, he was alerted by one of the personnel, "Sir, we have an unsanctioned departure in bay 13!", "Who could it be?", the commander thought to himself, "A spy, what else could it be?", he concluded, "Tell all the Gaza's to open fire on that shuttle, it could be a spy, the timing of this enemy mobile suit squadron is too convenient to be a coincidence.".

"Red Leader, they're falling back!", said one of the Red pilots, "Good, we pull out the-", before she could finish, Red Leader noticed the Gaza's were firing at something, it was a transport shuttle, "Red Leader, it appears they are in pursuit of that shuttle, should we assist?", asked another Red pilot, "Affirmative, any enemy of Erusea is a friend of our Employers.", with that the Squadrom moved in.

The pilot of the shuttle was desperately trying to avoid getting hit by the blasts of the Gaza's weapons, but one hit managed to hit the shuttle square in engine, she barely had any time to get out before it exploded, the force of the explosion sent her hurtling into space, without a jetpack to control her movements, she flailed helplessly in the dark void.

"Frak! They blew it up!", said a Red pilot, "Look! A body!", said another Red pilot, "Red 5, deploy your hand bags and retrieve that body! Everybody, cover him!", said Red leader, as the Squadron opened fire, Red 5 sped towards the flailing body and deployed his hand bags to catch the person, "Successfully retrieved the target Red leader, it looks like he's alive!", said Red 5, "Alright Red Squadron, lets head back to the mothership, go! Go!", snapped Red leader as they started making a tactical withdrawal.
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Re: Archer's Anthologies

Post by Archer_Algren » Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:04 pm

*Yukon base, Alaska*

As base personnel were going about their businesses, Akatsuki Dresari was heading to his hangar. Inside the hangar was his Mobile Suit, a transport container, and other assorted equipment for his job, officially, he’s a United Nations Attache, the truth is far more interesting, he’s a mercenary from space who was hired to help defend the planet against the threat of the Innovades.
The Innovades are classified as a terrorist group and are mostly comprised of clones, their goal is universal domination, they seldomly perform overt operations and full frontal assaults, instead, preferring to use stealth and subterfuge, for one of their greatest assets is the ability to clone people, and as a result, replace key personnel with duplicates loyal to them. Today was one of those moments where the Innovades were launching a full frontal assault, in the Kamchatka peninsula, they are attacking the ц-04 Frontline Supply Base, a supply depot that plays a crucial effort to the planet’s war with the Innovade Insecticon Swarms, should it fall, the Swarms would be able to march to wear down the rest of the ц-series of bases and march into Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky unopposed, that was not acceptable, and even though they were communists, Kat was being paid to assist the planet, even cheapskate communists, he readied the transport container and flew out of the hangar, it would be an hour before he gets to the supply depot, so he steeled himself for the upcoming battle....
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Re: Archer's Anthologies

Post by Archer_Algren » Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:03 am

“Mistress, why did you call me out here?”
Asked Ian, his Mentor, Alisa “alis” Tachibana Archer, had asked him to come meet her under the cherry trees planted by their mercenary group, Tenno, she stammered.
“Ian, I love you, not the the foster mother kind, I mean the romantic kind, I know we have an age gap between us, but I want us to be together.”
She said.
“I know I may not seem like the type of person who is responsible about relationships, but please, give me a chance. I’ve seen you grow up to become the man you are now, and I never thought of you as a man until now. There is nobody else in my life aside from you and this outfit, so could you please, give me a chance?”
Finished Archer.
“Mistress, I’ve already told you, I don’t see you that way.”
Said Ian.
“I know, but would you please just give me that one chance Ian? Not as your mentor, not as the woman who raised you, but as a girl in love?”
She asked.
Ian approached Archer and held her by the shoulders, Archer flinched a bit since this is usually the time he would punch her across the face, but instead, his face moved closer and she felt something touch her lips.
“He tastes like strawberry.”
She thought to herself, she then decided to close her eyes and enjoy the moment....

“M... Arch...”
Said a faint voice.
“Mis... Arch...”
The voice was getting more audible.
“Miss Archer.”
And finally with clarity, she heard it.

“Bloody feck?”
Muttered Archer as she woke up.
“Miss Archer, Miss Archer.”
Said a voice, Archer turned to see that it was Remi Barberin.
“Would you like some peanuts Miss Archer?”
She asked as she held a plastic bag full of Legumes in front of her face.
“Remi. Go. To. Sleep.”
Said Archer a bit peeved at the whole thing about being woken up from a good dream.
“Okay, good night Miss Archer.”
Said Remi as she left Archer on her chair.
“Now then, where were we?”
Muttered Archer as she drifted off to sleep to resume her romantic dream....

Archer was panting as she ran across a great plain, too terrified to look back, her instincts just told her to get away from her pursuers as fast as possible, for she was being chased by growling angry man-sized peanuts.
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Re: Archer's Anthologies

Post by Archer_Algren » Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:57 pm

Europasong Fever is coming to town and the girls at Tenno are writing a song....

Said Archer as she got her guitar ready, with her were Remi, Morgan, and Cyclonus, Remi had her accordion, Morgan had a triangle(getting a metronome was out of the question), and Cyclonus claimed she was good with keys.
“Lyrics. Go ahead there, Morgan.”
Added Archer as Morgan just stared at her a bit
“What's it called again?”
Asked Morgan confused.
“My Lovely Horse.”
Answered an exasperated Archer, it wouldn’t be so bad but Morgan was the one who thought of the title, how could she forget?
“Right. How about this? Er My lovely horse, I want to hold you so tight I want to rub my fingers through your tail and love you all night.”
Said the young mage as the other girls had a certain look to their faces that wouldn’t be out of place in a freak show audience.
“Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, stop there. We need keep out of the whole area of being in love with the horse.”
Said Archer as kindly as she can without sounding condescending.
“Oh, right.”
Said Morgan.
“Right. We're more friends with the horse. We want to jump around and have a good laugh with it.”
Said Archer.
“Right. Er what about, Take this lump of sugar, baby, you know you want it? Something like those rap fellows would write.”
Said Morgan, the looks on the girls faces were the same again.
“You can forget about them, Morgan, you can forget about Icy Tea and Scoopy Scoopy Dog Dog. They're no help to us now.”
Said Archer, wondering where on earth did sweet little Morgan learn about those horrid rap people.
“We're not moving until we've finished the song. Ready?”
“Let's do it!”
“Morgan, don't take it so seriously, it's just a bit of fun.”
Said Archer, worried about Morgan hurting herself if they went too far with this

*3 hours and 4 boxes of canned orange juice later.*

“Just play the f---ng note!”
Shouted Archer, having a sugar rush from all the juice as Remi and Cyclonus were slumped on the floor, having drank a lot and have been making no progress with the other two in the room.
“The first one?”
Asked Morgan sheepishly.
“No, not the f---ing first one! That’s already f---ing down! Play the f---ing note you were f---ing playing!”
Shouted an increasingly irate Archer as she chugged another can of OJ.
“I'm playing the f---ing first one! We have the f---ing first one! So I Play the f---ing note you were f---ing playing! The thing you were just doing! Play the f---ing note!”
Shouted Archer, bordering on shrieking as she cumpled and threw the can on the floor, Remi and Cyclonus both wondered when they can leave this madness.
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