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Re: Superhero's Alliance

Post by Tropingenie » Sat Feb 13, 2021 10:20 pm

The next day, classroom

Jay stepped through a portal into the classroom, lamenting the students' drop rates. While initially, their initiative had been to educate the new 'anomalous units' in order to nip the problem of vigilanteism in the bud, the higher-ups were pushing to put the entirety of TARU into active service.

They don't understand that, even if these aren't all cocky kids, they're inexperienced. And the legality of it all is an absolute nightmare as well... Well, if only the legalities were the only problem...

The worst of it all was that most of the students, after taking the time to sightsee around Eastropolis in the sunny Florida weather--on TARU's dime-- had gone home. Yes, many of them had participated in the screening, but, after hearing the moral and legal obligations, most found it too troublesome to participate. After all "it's not like the cops can catch me when I'm out fighting crime anyway."

Looking out over the empty desks, Jay just hoped that the extra 'students' he had requested would show up.

God, if today goes how I think it will, I really don't want to face this alone... again...
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