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Combat King Universe

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 6:24 pm
by TrueGuardian32
Welcome the Combat King Universe, A endless world with countless powerful beings, enjoy yourselves and have good fights.

The Rules for using a NPC to fight your character is simple. The fight must have a ending somewhere.
You can go to war with Real Time Strategy abilities. Or use powers from popular franchises. It is your choice. When not facing other people your character can even be OP.

You can also go into combat with other posters, but this has a few more rules.
Rules in Player/Player Combat: Character can't be invincible. You must give your opponent time to respond to a attack. And no completely controlling the opposing player. You also must have the other Players approval to fight them, I recommend a private message.
You cannot also just randomly hop into another players fight, Every fight is the person own thing and if you want to join in one you need to have permission from the people fighting.

OOC Thread

Re: Combat King Universe

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 6:48 pm
by TrueGuardian32
Faraway, within a empty universe, a being comes into existence, it knew nothing, but it had power, yet it had no visible form. It was connected to other worlds, and felt stories flow through it, and it created copies, perfect replicas of these existences, in it's mind. But it had no where to put them, the universe was empty. So the being tried to create a world, different from other world, one with being of unimaginable might, and a world filled with layers in order to support more and more beings. The world was massive and was held together by the beings unimaginable energy. But it was missing something other worlds had but it didn't, so it cut itself into two beings, and the second being went into the sky and turned itself into a fiery ball of gas radiation and fire, a giant sun to match a giant world. But it was still missing something, It needed another mass, a moon. So the being split itself again, and the other half wen't into the sky and formed the moon. Only a little bit smaller than the sun. Now it had a world, a sun, and a moon. But it was still missing something, and it knew it. So it skimmed through the stories in its mind, finding it. It needed life. So the being spread the his soul around the world unaware of any consequences that could come of it. Then, life came into being. But not only trees and fish, or even humans. It also recreated the beings in the stories that flowed through its mind. But he didn't know the side effect of spreading it's soul on the world, and had died bringing new life. It wasn't a god but it had power. It was a King, a Combat King.

Re: Combat King Universe

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 2:55 pm
by Jhibus
In the deep depths of a forest teeming with all sorts of assorted flora and fauna, a large and old ash tree had, quite suddenly and seemingly without reason, gained sentience.

The tree thought to itself, pondering its newfound consciousness. Reviewing its memories, it seemed that its sentience had come from a higher being that had given his own life away in order to bring life to the world. Interesting... so its purpose was to bring life to the world? The tree tilted its trunk slightly in contemplation, wondering how it would be able to do such a thing.

Wait... the tree thought. It had moved itself. It had never moved before. Experimenting, the tree willed some of its branches to shake and watched as some old leaves came loose and floated to the forest floor. Sentience wasn't the only thing the tree had gotten, it seemed. Willing itself to take on a more mobile form, the tree's wood groaned and creaked loudly as branches bent down and intertwined to become a set of arms, the roots pulled themselves from the ground to form sturdy legs, and bark shifted to form the vague shape of a face. Two luminous orbs of eerie green light flicked to life in the newly formed eye sockets, bark serving as eyelids opening and closing over them to give the illusion of blinking.

Before it had achieved sentience, the tree had already been among one of the tallest trees in the forest. Now, with the additional height of its legs, the tree towered well over the canopy and could use its new "eyes" to survey the area with ease. Its mission was to spread life... Coming up with an idea, the tree stooped and ran its branch-hands through the foliage of the other trees, collecting a large amount errant twigs, branches, leaves, and most importantly, a few nuts, fruits, and seeds. Straightening back up again, it surveyed the landscape for a place devoid of trees. What better way to spread life than by expanding a forest? The tree, finally finding a place that seemed fertile but lacked many plants, clutched the bundle of twigs, sticks, fruits, and nuts firmly in one gnarled wooden hand, and started its long and slow march towards the area.

Re: Combat King Universe

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 4:48 pm
by TrueGuardian32
Deep in the mountains, another being came to be. A Dragon, of holy power. The Dragon looked at the world, It looked around and saw a giant tree. "Yggdrasil" came to his mind immediately. He wasn't sure why. But he saw the majestic tree spreading flora around the land and he decided to do something as well. He roared into the air, his voice carrying throughout the lands. Bringing with it a breeze, giving the world wind. Sending the world in motion, and causing the world to rotate around the sun. The moon still attracted to the world circled the world. The sun stayed still, at the center of the universe.

(I sort of thought this would be a combat mania thing, but It's kind of cool having it where deity beings come to existence to bring laws and life to the world.)

Re: Combat King Universe

Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 10:40 am
by Jhibus
The sentient tree paused in scattering the seeds over the land as it heard a thundering roar, massive gust of wind large blowing hard enough to give gargantuan tree a light push. The mere fact that the tree had budged more than an inch was a testament to the wind's power. Looking up, it saw a great beast covered in scales perched on top of a large mountaintop. Beyond the majestic creature, the clouds in the sky had started moving in a singular direction. Reviewing its own memories, the tree concluded the winged being was a dragon.

The tree looked down into its branch hand holding the tree seeds, only to discover that they had all been blown away in his moment of distraction. Looking to the direction into which the seeds had gone, it found that they had all been whisked into the nearby sea. The tree frowned - even if it recovered the seeds from the water, they would have been waterlogged by now and be unable to grow thanks to the large amounts of salt present. Feeling a strange sensation welling up inside itself, the tree began to stride back to the forest to get more seeds. It looked to the faraway dragon with mild... The tree looked through its memories, struggling to find the correct word... Ah, there it was. Mild irritation.

(Could still lead to combat if played correctly. Your call, really. But I guess you could say that the seeds of war have been sown)

Re: Combat King Universe

Posted: Fri May 19, 2017 3:08 pm
by TrueGuardian32
(So the first seeds of war between the Sentient Trees and Dragons have been planted, but before I get into combat I'm going to try to develop the world first. I'm thinking of using this world after the Combat King Universe has ended, and implanting the world into a Simple RP. If this goes well we will have a large amount of history for that RP. Still at the moment we have flora and wind and the world is moving, we still are livestock, humans and other cool things. At the moment only the most powerful beings can come to exist. Aka the Combat Kings, eventually human Combat Kings will come into existence and humans will begin to develop the world.)

Deep in the north, Another existence had come into play. A troll, a giant ice troll. It was too far out for the Dragon and Tree to perceive. It woke as Ice was forming into a mass beneath it. It's eyes closed.
I'm awake. Hmm, where am I? It's strange. Although there is ice forming beneath me, there isn't any temperature? This cannot stand.
The troll raised it's hands.
Let there be cold!
The air began to have feeling to it, all things started to have feeling it. That feeling was cold.

To the South another existence had appeared. A Legendary Golden King Phoenix.
Cold... I don't like it.
It spread it's wings.
Let there be heat across the lands.
Along with the cold, heat came to be, it came from all living beings, the suns rays, and liquefied solids.
Heat had come into existence.

Re: Combat King Universe

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 3:37 pm
by Jhibus
After planting the optimal amount of greenery near the forest, the great tree continued its venture throughout the land, spreading more plant life as it travelled. Creating potential forests left and right, the sentient tree watched the seeds adapt to the icy frost of the tundra and the sweltering temperatures of the grasslands. The trees and plants would grow in time. The tree surveyed the world, and was satisfied with its progress.

The tree strode back to its origin forest. Returning to the exact same spot it had arose from, the tree settled its wooden feet into the ground, anchoring itself. The ent straightened itself to its greatest height, went still, and fell into a deep slumber. It would awaken in a few centuries to oversee its progress.

Re: Combat King Universe

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 11:47 pm
by Failbird105
(I see we still need the other things that count as living. well then, time to make an ungodly massive creature to create them. SInce I doubt anyone is going to think about picking up the slack of creating microscopic organisms and would instead just jump straight to animals, I'll handle both)

Something AWOKE. The world SHOOK. The ground BROKE. The ocean PARTED.

The creatures segmented eyes took in light for the first time. It wanted more of this, so it rose. segments of chitin that could block out multiple miles from the sun with their size alone shifted. It lifted a leg, which rose high as the mountains before bending downwards to touch the groun. This repeated many times, before the body itself lifted up from beneath the surface of the world. Then it began to move.
(size exaggerated)

As it moved, fluids dripped from its body, leaving pools where they landed, from the size of ponds, to lakes. The liquid was primal, it carried with it endless potential, eager to take form. Far less noticeable, was the haze that followed underneath the creature as it strode across the land crossing miles with each great stride. It was almost unnoticeable to the eye, but it too was primal, and brimming with potential. Each microscopic speck carrying its own life, practically insignificant even to the seeds that were yet to bloom, but living nonetheless.

In time these liquids would shift, forming many beasts of many shapes and sizes, most of it would dry up, but the few that were to remain would continue trickle new life into the world endlessly. For now however, the ooze was dormant, and the cells mattered none, this did not bother the Primordial, as it continued to move.

(Meet the Primordial. A twist on normal bringers of life in that to it almost all life is insignificant. It has very little power beyond the purely bodily kind, as where all the other kings thus far have created entire concepts, the Primordial was created WITH its concept, and merely spread it. In return for this, its physically strong and durable enough to make one punch man care, and is still as resistant to the direct unnatural manipulations of things like deitific language as other deities. Its fighting strategy basically involves just rearing up and swinging many of its frontal legs at you clumsily, but you do NOT want it to hit you)

Re: Combat King Universe

Posted: Fri May 26, 2017 2:01 pm
by ulfur
Mineral-rich water fell from the sky and pooled into depressions on the forest floor. It was as if the ground was covered with many shining round eyes upturned to see the canopy above. If they could see, the view would have been super-naturally inspiring: The light shining through the swaying leaves above created a dancing green light as if from a massive and moving stained-glass window of a tall, wooden chapel. As if in praise, creatures of all shapes rose up from the water --newly baptized in the chemicals of life.

The same water trickled into a deep cavern framed with twisted roots. Something was watching the other beings muster the strength to stand up and take up the fight for life against the emptiness. Hard-working cells had produced breathable for everyone by refusing to rest for a second while they converted the light into air; air carried the weight of seeds and dropped them creatively in new places; the spirit of the forest itself, the Life-Giving Tree, sacrificed it's own branches to impart the barren ground with life.

Slitted eyes continued to watch from the wet cavern and thought. What to do with the seeds that did not spark life, what to do with the dead? The abundance of material (living and dormant) meant that there must be a way for an easy life, and so, it can begin with the weak first. Not by the spirit of giving, but by the jealousy of the green light which did not shine in the wet, clay cavern, a different kind of life began:

Cells clung to their own kind in the form of a chain, and from the pit something looking like a root slithered out. It would call itself "Zmeiur". The green light did not warm Zmeiur's heart, but sprung away from its skin instead. This made the snake look entirely green, except for two fierce red eyes and two dripping white fangs. The water from these fangs was just as poisoned as Zmeiur's heart with jealousy of the beauty around it while beauty did not reach Zmeiur. Zmeiur's craftiness convinced the bacteria within these fangs to believe that they too were ugly and they resolved to tear apart beautiful living things that came in contact with these fangs.
zmeiur.jpg (8.61 KiB) Viewed 1037 times

A seed that did not sprout, was digested by Zmeiur's stomach; A creature that could not move as well was killed by Zmeiur's bite; A sweet fruit that Zmeiur bit into turned into bubbling alcohol. "I will continue to eat and grow strong like the others in my own way," thought Zmeiur.

Re: Combat King Universe

Posted: Mon May 29, 2017 6:27 am
by shadowvoidboss
(haza I am here)