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Re: Outcast [CS]

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 8:57 am
by CherrytreeBee
Name: Varuvi Bunson

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Ability/mutation: Metamorph
Varuvi is a skilled shapeshifter and can transform any part of her body into an animal's body part of her choosing. She can also transform her human body in general but finds it boring.

She stands at a solid 5'2, sometimes taller and sometimes shorter depending on what animal's characteristics she has taken on.


Varuvi was found in the freezing cold behind a dumpster of a restaurant, wings wrapped around herself to keep the rain off of her frail young body as a kind grandmother took Varu into her care. She grew up as an outsider but was cherished and loved by the old woman, until the very day she died. Afterwards Varuvi had a hard time finding a place to call home - until she found this place.

Varuvi is an amazing singer.

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Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 9:05 am
by HighVoltage
Name: William Zuch

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Ability/mutation: William is a unique being, in that his form, while appearing human, is composed entirely of smoke. This smoke can be any color, but is naturally pitch-black. Due to this, William can control his bodies in ways that others would deem unnatural. He can alter his appearance, height, weight, muscularity, hair color, eye color, shoe size, pant size, shirt size, and dental health, all on a whim. Any alterations he makes, while potentially fantastical and unsettling, must remain in the vague category of "humanoid". William can also simply transform himself and his clothing into smoke, traveling through vents and seemingly appearing out of nowhere when he reforms. He can also create things out of smoke, although these items are usually more for creating trouble than practical use, as he is not able to create anything complex, and anything he does create is monochromatic.

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Outfit: A simple suit vest, slacks, dress shoes, and undershirt, as well as a pair of gloves. These outfits are part of his smoke abilities, created by him and are also changeable.

Backstory: William doesn't remember much about his childhood, nor does he really care. In his eyes, his life truly started when he ran away from home at 16, quickly finding solace with a local crime syndicate. There, his penchant for masochism, combined with his ability to twist his body into the stuff of nightmares, made him ideal for interrogation and information gathering. He climbed the ranks, his ruthlessness and cool demeanor both accessories to his criminal lifestyle. Unfortunately, the family got sloppy and once the cops came knocking, he left in a literal puff of smoke, seeking others to benefit from his talents.

Other: He speaks with a very cold British accent.

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Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 9:13 am
by DJ Muffins
I like it!

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Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 1:21 am
by Illipsis
Name: Baqir Ayman Abboud

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Still deeply troubled by his early upbringing, Baqir does his best to overcome issues he very well understands he has. While he does his best to meet and befriend his peers, one of his deepest fears still appears to be overly-friendly strangers. Baqir would prefer to be a recluse, and values his free time highly, but often forces himself to mingle in order to work towards a personal goal of overcoming his tendency to seclude himself. Despite this, he values his relationships highly and is genuinely caring, though his particular "flavor" of caring can sometimes not be communicated particularly well. He is somewhat rash, and often rushes into situations it would do him well to more carefully consider, perhaps indicative of his characteristic energy.

Baqir struggles beyond what he commonly displays, though. He has remarked that he can sometimes hear "spirits" when he lies in silence without the use of his hearing, and the phenomenon -- undoubtedly a manifestation of trauma -- terrifies him. When he favors sound over sight, he has also reported visual manifestations of what he claims to be the same "spirits." Baqir often has difficulties sleeping with some kind of stimulation to keep his mind occupied. This is also why he tends to listen to music or chew gum compulsively, to fill silence and give him something to focus on when alone.

Ability/mutation: Baqir is able to alternate between a pair of opposing abilities -- he can forgo his sight in favor of increasing his hearing and movement speed to superhuman levels, or he can sacrifice his hearing to greatly bolster his physical strength and endurance to similarly unnatural heights. However, he must always have one of these states active and so is constantly without one of his primary senses, although he is unsure if this is because he's unable to do so or simply doesn't yet know how. His powers take a toll on his ability to use these senses at all. His eyesight is expected to go completely well before his fortieth birthday, with his hearing following closely behind sometime between then and his early fifties.

Backstory: Baqir was born in Amman, Jordan, to parents of average means. His father owned a small-scale restaurant, where he and Baqir's mother essentially worked as the two sole cooks and waiters. Baqir helped where he could, but he never seemed to inherit his parents' culinary mastery. Both of Baqir's parents were abhumans themselves, but imams and scholars across the Muslim world are still greatly divided, as Baqir was certain was the case for many people of faith across the world. A devout couple, his parents fell into the camp of thinkers who considered the use of abhuman abilities to be a grave sin -- a demonstration of pride, wrath, and defiance of what many considered Allah's natural order. The fact that Baqir could never not be using his own abilities often made him uncomfortable, but his parents never seemed to mind.

In a region with some states still struggling to stabilize in the wake of colonial history, the existence of mutations did no favors. While many were dedicated to using what abilities they'd been granted for good (and this was the stance Baqir himself took, never quite understanding why faith and power could not coexist with one serving to fortify the other), radical groups began to rally around the idea of purging mutants as a holy mission, with some groups ironically led by mutants themselves. While this conflict was never quite enough to completely destabilize Baqir's home city, or even Jordan itself, his life was changed by it.

While on a weekend trip to the Dead Sea, Baqir -- then 10 years old -- and his family were forced to halt their vehicle by a group of radicals who Baqir still has not identified, though they could have been thugs belonging to any terror cell across the region. They were kidnapped almost without a word after being forced from their own vehicle by armed goons, and taken to a remote desert hideaway, perhaps well beyond the borders of Jordan, as Baqir had lost track of time in his wild fear. The men's motives soon became clear. They had somehow learned of the family's abilities, and had kidnapped them to force them into the service of a group of radical fighters who sought to control the still greatly-devastated Syria.

Baqir struggles to recall the specifics of his captivity. Beatings, whispered prayers, and regular pleads to his parents to simply agree to use their powers to benefit the madmen's cause are among the most prominent recollections he has from the period, which could have been as long as two months. Malnutrition, the smell of feces, and an eventual brawl with his mother and father are others.

His parents remained steadfast in their faith refusing to use their powers either to assist their kidnappers or facilitate their own escape. One day, Baqir's mind simply snapped. He could no longer stand the idea of keeping himself restrained when he understood he had at least a chance of freeing himself. An intense argument with his father, a swift strike to the ribs, and then absolute chaos after he threw himself at one of their captors in a quite literally blind fury of blows.

Baqir is uncertain how exactly he came to escape, but his next conscious recollection is of himself lying in a sandy canyon with a sizable gash on the back of his head. It may have been that his escape ultimately failed and his captors simply left him for dead, instead opting to focus their efforts on his parents. Perhaps they thought he was dead already.

Baqir is still unsure if his parents were executed, or are fighting as captive soldiers for some insane cause. He became a refugee, using his abilities as best he knew how to get himself back to civilization, where he kept a low profile and didn't use his abilities for an extended period. It was then that Baqir essentially renounced his faith. Though the familiarity of prayer and mosque ritual are somewhat comforting to him, it is a comfort derived from pleasant memories rather than belief or trust in a higher being.

Baqir, with little direction in life, eventually styled himself a refugee, travelling through Turkey, Greece, and a great portion of Central Europe without much direction, using his abilities to get by whenever and however he needed to, whether that mean turning to thievery or fighting to stay alive. Sometimes he would work for food and shelter when people would allow it, other times he would simply use his abilities to sneak meals. Baqir's fortunes took their fortunate turn when he heard of somewhere people like him could live without apologizing for their "freakish" nature.

Other: Baqir's eyes are strangely milky and bloodshot, as if having suffered great damage. This fogginess clears when he chooses to "activate" his eyesight, however, and his eyes taken on their normal appearance.

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Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 4:27 am
by newnostalgia
Name: Silas Klaymore

Nickname: Sy

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Ability/mutation: He has the power of divination and minor mind-reading capabilities. Through divination, he can see the most plausible future for any who ask, but he can only reveal the answers to three questions that any one person asks about their future. if he breaks this rule, then the person and he himself will die and be dragged to hell immediately. Therefore, this "ability" is more of a curse-- he can and will know the most likely way that someone will die and when, and he cannot say or do anything that would reveal the future or even insinuate what may happen.

He also has a forked tongue that makes it difficult for him to speak and slitted pupils. He has a mark across his neck as well, though to him it feels like a collar that he cannot remove.


Typical daily outfit:


During divinations, Sy wears long, black robes that begin at the neck and fall down to a couple feet last where his legs stop, meaning that the train trails behind him as he walks. The sleeves have an extra foot of fabric on them as well, so they cover up his hands. He wears a black, translucent veil that covers all of his head and is held in place by a crown with inscriptions in Latin on it.

Backstory: Sy never knew his parents, but when his grandparents were alive, they always spoke of how wonderful and upstanding they were. They were leaders in a church that his entire family had helped to found, and his grandparents pressured him to become just like them.

So, being the belligerent boy he was, Sy did the opposite. Vandalism, alcohol, smoking, and all other kinds of delinquency made him an absolute nuisance to the teachers and staff at school, not to mention the police. He was set to be expelled multiple times, but his grandparents managed to talk them into letting him stay, for they loved him deeply.

Soon, however, his grandparents were no longer there to do such a thing.

One night, they got into a wreck, and both were hospitalized in critical condition.

Sy, desperate to save them, searched through libraries for answers or ways to save them-- and prayed for answers-- but to no avail. In a bitter and desperate move, he performed a ritual and called upon the demon Tristitia to give him the answers.

The demon agreed to give him any answers that he wanted-- for now and the rest of his life-- if he would surrender one of his grandparents to Hell-- that is, agree to let one die and damn their soul. If he did this, he would be granted divination.

Absolutely desperate, the young boy, aged 12, agreed, and the life of his grandfather was given over to the demon. As a sign of his divine powers, Sy was given a forked tongue and slitted pupils. He was also given the "shackle" around his neck.

Through tears, the boy followed the steps to setting up his divination, and, to his utter shock, the answer was revealed to him that there was no way that he could stop his grandmother from dying.

From that day on, he had no reason to live, and he turned back to his life of crime. He was expelled from school at age 13, and he decided to just leave and live in the streets.

Jail time soon came, and he was released after two years.

On the same day that he was released, he went to mug one who turned out to be a member of the manor, and they very kindly offered for him to come join. He didn't want to, truly, and he went to flee, but another member stood in his way. Fearing that they may be criminals in disguise, he gave up the ghost and agreed to come.

It took a bit for him to fit in-- he never had people who respected him before-- but he slowly warmed up to them. Even still, he'd never admit that he cares for them aloud.

Other: He is known for stealing small trinkets. Beware keeping items near him that he can take!


Lemme know if I need to change anything!

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Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 7:35 am
by DJ Muffins
Looks good to me!