[CS][Reserved]Lost You Twice

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[CS][Reserved]Lost You Twice

Post by Icy » Thu Feb 02, 2017 1:02 am

Best Friend

Name: Danni Caster
Age: Twenty-three
Occupation: Dancer/waitress on the side
Always one to be level-headed and kind, Danni is the one most go to when they need someone to speak to. She's a problem solver and she's straight-forward, depending on the situation of course. When it comes to work or friendships she'll be open and honest, but she isn't good at getting her feelings across. Most especially if she likes someone as more than a friend. Danni is bubbly around the people she trusts and she's protective of the ones she's closest to. She isn't a pushover so she gives someone her trust and they betray it then that's that. There are no second chances. Overall she is just a laid back girl with a strong backbone who's willing to do anything for her friends.
Danni was born to a loving family. Her childhood was fairly easy and though she wasn't spoiled, she was given a lot. It never changed her, if anything she always felt bad when her parents gave her things. Even as a child. They were proud of her, and quickly realized her love and talent for dancing. It was the age of four that she began her lessons and she loved it. She was a happy little girl who even loved school when that started up. Kindergarten was easy of course, but she still learned things and she liked to learn, hardly missing a day until middle school when she had a bad flu in sixth grade.

In seventh grade Danni had quite a few friends though she couldn't say she had a best friend. They wanted to be her friend only because she was a dancer and they constantly asked her questions. If she planned to be famous, if they could ride in the limo. It got tiresome and she realized that no one liked her for her. Until one day in science class when her teacher partnered her and this guy. She always saw him in the halls but never really talk to him, her friends wouldn't let her. He was nice and they quickly became friends, always attached at the hip much to the dismay of her group. Not that she cared, she felt like she finally had a best friend, someone she could count on.

Over time she realized she was developing feelings for him but she never knew how to say it. Whenever she considered it he had a girlfriend and she didn't want to be that girl who messed things up. She kept quiet, just happy that he didn't abandon her for them and that they liked her. Until college. It was in the first year that he met...Bailey. Danni would admit that she was sweet at first and she liked her...but after a year went by that Bailey and Connor were dating, she realized something was wrong. He hung out with her way less and when he did visit her he had bruises he wouldn't explain to her. It wasn't until Bailey once caught him with Danni and yanked him away, slapping him once she thought they were out of sight that Danni realized what it was. Sure she was mad and each time she saw him she tried to tell him to leave her but...he wouldn't listen.

It's been three years since then and she's still watching helplessly as he lets himself be abused by the girl he 'loves.' Even worse they're engaged. She doesn't know what to do...but she knows there's no convincing him to let go of Bailey.
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Danni has a severe fear of thunderstorms, she absolutely despises them. She works as a waitress on the side of being a dancer to make ends meet until she gets her big break, she likes the job and has met a lot of nice people. She has a collection of snow globes, since her father is an archaeologist he sends her one when he goes somewhere new. She adores them.
Danni has a birthmark on her left hip bone, it resembles a butterfly.

Abusive Girlfriend

Name: Bailey Castille
Age: Twenty-four
Occupation: Accountant
Bailey is harsh and rash when she's around anyone. She's not a people person and she's willing to do what the hell ever she needs to get what she wants. It is a harsh world and in her mind one needs to either get a back bone and strengthen up or just give up. For her it's never fall in love, it's fall in lust. Any partner she has never her plaything, a tool she uses to get what she wants. When she's done with them she'll toss them out like last week's trash. Some she'll keep around longer than others, but only if they offer something she likes. She's nothing but a manipulator without a soft side in sight, a snake in the midst of roses.
Bailey had a messed up childhood which is probably why she's so messed up presently. Her parents saw her as a mistake, treating her like their slave instead of their daughter. While they relaxed in luxury she was forced to clean and cook, all of the chores were her responsibility. Of course bitter feelings grew in her and her personality darkened from a bright girl to a snake. She picked up on their habits and she enjoyed it more than being sweet. It was then she learned that to make it in this world, one had to be as cruel as it.

Throughout the years it only worsened. Her parents hit her but she never complained... believing it was making her stronger. It only made her cold. Yet she didn't care and took out her anger on kids at school which only led her to being expelled and forced her to move school districts. Her parents weren't too happy. She tried to act a little better, at least in school, so that she didn't get kicked out again. That's how it went until the day she left for college, moving to the other side of the country to get away from her parents.

College life was perfect, it was a place that made it easy to toy with men's hearts and drop them like a ton of bricks. Luckily she lived off campus so none ever knew where she lived. Yet no matter how many guys she played with it wasn't enough, she wanted more. One day walking across campus she found the perfect guy, he was handsome enough though surrounded by his friends, including Danni. He was standing so close to her but it was clear they weren't together. She watched them awhile, learning the way his friends, especially Danni, acted so she could easily squeeze her way in the group. They connected quickly and within weeks he asked her out. She kept the act up of course, it wasn't until a year later her true colours showed.

She didn't mean to let it happen but she was drunk and something he said pissed her off so she slapped him. It worsened from there and she ordered him to stay away from his friends, especially Danni. When he broke the rules he was punished and she hardly cared about the bruises she left behind.

It's been five years since the day they first started dating and she has him wrapped around her finger, even manipulating him into asking her to marry him. After all she learned about Danni's feelings for him and she couldn't let him slip away. The abuse hasn't lessened any and it probably won't any time soon.
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Name: Brinley Haust
Age: Twenty-five
Occupation: DJ
Brin is known to be extremely outgoing, she doesn't let others hold her back and when it comes to her putting her mind to something she never gives up. It could be due to being stubborn about her hobbies and beliefs, but being an open-minded girl she doesn't see it as stupid. She's highly accepting of others, but if they wrong her in any way and/or have a horrible attitude then she won't give them the time of day and she won't be as nice to them. Being as strong willed as she is, she has a tendency to speak her mind without a filter and her mouth has known to get her in trouble occasionally. She's never broken the rules nilly willy, but she has been close to it at times since she's rather spontaneous. Of course she does have a sweet side, but it's hardly ever seen by just anyone. What most see is just a strong front.
Brinley, or Brin for short, was born in a pretty messed up neighbourhood where it wasn't that unusual to see drunks and drug addicts passed out in the streets and alleyways. It wasn't a safe place and though her dad has tried to keep her as safe as possible she's still been through a lot. She doesn't know what it is to be sheltered, having a view into the darker side of things. At first it terrified her, but in time she became rather numb to it, changing from the sweet little girl she had been to the stubborn-headed woman she is now. Of course it didn't come until after one bad experience she once had.

She was fifteen when she went to her first boy/girl party and due to the birthday girls' brother there had been alcohol. Though she had been against drinking, some kid chose to spike her soda and drag her off to a room when she was incapacitated enough not to fight. Luckily nothing happened since two other kids had seen what was happening and burst into the room. The first kid ended up with a black eye and busted lip, and the other two took her home. After that she was good friends with them, keeping in touch even after she moved away to go to college. Music was​ her first love and she wanted to be a DJ which she was successful in, rising quickly and playing at many night clubs. The pay was good enough for her to support herself and live comfortably. Her family never came out to see her, even to perform, but she didn't mind it. Her mother was an addict and her brother was following in her footsteps.

It wasn't until she was older that she moved to New York, deciding to terrorize a different town/city with her music. She became fairly popular fairly quickly, and it was while she was playing at a well known club that she met her best friend Cam. He was stuck in a not so pleasant conversation with two guys and she stepped end, knocking one to the ground and that was that. They grew close pretty fast and though people have thought they were dating she has no romantic feelings for him whatsoever.
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She has a deep scar on her left temple from another one of her childhood experiences, it isn't something she likes to talk about since she doesn't really remember too much of it. At the time she had suffered a concussion and as a result she ended up having a small form of amnesia, bits and pieces of it have come back to her over the years. Brin also has multiple piercings and is considering getting her first tattoo.

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Re: [CS][Reserved]Lost You Twice

Post by Queen Harley » Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:30 am

Name: Connor Morielli/Cam Leviten

Age: Twenty-three

Occupation: Professional gymnast/waiter (after his faked death)

Personality: Connor has always been the more hyper-active and spontaneous one in his friend group, always quick to joke and comment lightly upon any situation that they found themselves in. Often extremely impatient and impulsive, Connor possesses an inclination toward recklessness, to the point of jumping into situations without forethought. Connor is naturally a very lighthearted individual who seems to take joy in nearly everything that he does. Despite seeming a bit child like at first, Connor is a bit of a science/technology whiz and is capable of easily gaining access to computers or programs that he wants in a matter of minutes.

History: Connor was always the kid who liked to adventure and liked to tumble. His parents had signed him up for gymnastics after he had begged them to at age six and his interest, along with his talent, only went up from there. His flexibility would increase as he practiced, which thrilled him every time he accomplished anything new and would always make his parents proud. His older sister Abbie was always helping him practice when he was younger, strengthening the relationship that they had since they spent so much time together.

Throughout elementary school and middle school, Connor seemed to gain friends pretty easily. People liked him and they just stuck around him once they got to know him. In seventh grade, Connor had been in science class when his teacher partnered him with a girl in the class that he barely knew. He remembered seeing her around school, but they had never really talked. All he knew was that her friends didn't really like him. They had managed to hit it off almost instantly after being paired up as lab partners. Danni was by his side as his partner in crime that followed him to whatever adventures or shenanigans he got into.

High school was full of Connor tugging Danni along when he wanted an adventure, when he was itching for something new to do. Like when he brought her with him when he got a tattoo without his parents knowing about it when he was seventeen. He joined his high school’s color guard, his skills earning him the title of captain when he was a junior/senior and keeping him active with gymnastics throughout high school. College, however, was a bit different. The education aspect was like a breeze for him because of the way his mind worked and how smart he really was, but that was until he met...her. His first year, he met...Bailey. She had been a sweet girl at first, but it didn't take too long before he realized she wasn't what she seemed. Until she got drunk and hit him. When it became a regular occurrence in his life, whenever he saw Bailey. Their relationship had been toxic and she would manipulate him to get her way.

Connor didn't tell Danni what was going on; he didn't want to worry his best friend and he wanted to deal with things himself. He chose to stay around for the fact that he knew she was the kind to ruin a reputation and that she would probably hurt the people closest to him. He knows that Danni knows about it, though he never brings it up or if she says something he brushes it off so he can deal with it himself. He's stubborn that way.

Appearance: Before

Other: Connor is extremely flexible and a very skilled gymnast. He's obsessed with candles and always lights the same one wherever he goes if he won’t be at home so he could still feel like he was back home. He really, really loves dogs and has a beagle of his own in his apartment named Adore.

Special: Connor has a tattoo on his shoulder that he got in high school with Danni behind his parents' backs that says 'sometimes I feel like I'm going insane' and the symbol for Saturn tattooed on his wrist.

Name: Zachary Marz

Age: Twenty-one

Occupation: Vlogger/self taught body painter

Personality: Zachary has a very relaxed and laid back personality. He hardly ever loses his cool, and he usually never gets excited or fired up about anything (with the exception of body painting and his vlogs, games, and occasionally his best friend). He is quiet and reserved and does not often voice his opinions with strangers, since he is afraid of what others might think of them. His nerves are always on edge because he doesn't want to be noticed and Zachary is not very approachable and doesn't make friends easily. He has a hard time showing emotions; as such, he usually ends up giving a cold impression to others. His manner of speaking tends to be shy and sometimes he seems disturbed, and Zachary didn't befriend anyone since he was at elementary school because of it. His sense of humor can be sardonic and cynical, and it tends to come out when he’s with close friends.

History: When Zachary was younger, he was completely unable to make friends on his own accord. His only playmate back then was a boy Blake, who was around his age and lived nearby. His family life...let's just say his family life wasn't the nicest. He doesn't like to talk about his past, and he won't mention anything even if someone asks him about since he is so reserved. Very few know the story, but once he turned fourteen he had spent his life without a real home and on the streets. He chose to leave home on his own accord since he didn’t ever want to be affiliated with his father’s gang activities (even though he still was and is at times) and he couldn’t stand to stick around with a family that didn’t care about him so he packed his bag and left.

He was taken in by Blake’s family when they were sixteen, seeing as they treated him like family and didn't want to see him suffer on his own after they found out he was homeless, even though Zachary kept it hidden for a year and a half. His father didn't know who he was as a person and still wanted him to come with him, his mother didn't accept him for who he was either. That never ends well and leaves him with a bruise and a messed up mental state whenever they get into any kind of fight when he sees her.

He spent his childhood rather lonely until he made friends with Blake and his teenage years were similar. He didn't make more friends after that, opting to spend his time either in his room or away from home alone. That is, until he met Danni when he was a junior in high school. She was the complete opposite of him and she absolutely terrified him when they bumped into each other in the hallways. She was quick to try to start a conversation with him after he had run into her, but his nerves and shy nature made him almost immediately run in the opposite direction.

Turns out Danni wasn't going to give up and seemed to have made it her mission to befriend him, seeing as they saw each other more often than they realized and were in the same art class. Time passed, and the two became attached at the hip. She accepted him completely, and it felt nice to have someone really be there for him.

Appearance: Image

Other: Zachary has a cat, Rave, that loves sleep as much as he does, with quite the attitude to match his owner’s even if Zachary’s isn’t shown often. He also has a ton of sketchbooks around his apartment, filled with different drawings that he’s done.

Name: Elliott Valtersen

Age: Twenty-three

Occupation: Works at a coffee shop during the day; bartender every other night

Personality: Elliott is very outspoken and outgoing, and can be quite poetic at times contrary to popular belief since he seems sly from afar. He is laid-back, wild, carefree, and a bit rebellious. He's extremely loyal with a protective nature; once you lose his trust, it's extremely difficult to gain it back. He fights for what he believes in and for what he's passionate about, no matter what and especially if it means protecting his friends or family. He has a very friendly, enthusiastic, and outgoing personality, and is almost always seen fooling around, smiling, making bad jokes, teasing his friends. He also demonstrates a feeling of responsibility for those close to him, taking attacks on his friends very personally.

Bio: Elliott was born and raised in the upper east side of Manhattan to a wealthy family of his mom and, elder sister Serena and younger twin siblings, Hayley and Archie. He was always surrounded by rich people, since he himself was a socialite because of his own wealth and his mother's success as a fashion designer. His mother is far from the perfect mother, having gone through a few unstable marriages and not always making the best decisions for her family. He shares a close relationship with his siblings and is more forgiving of his mother's mistakes than Serena is. But, nevertheless, he was always close to his mother despite the initial struggle.

Money never got to him the way it did his friends, however. He kept true to who he was when they let the money take over and make them become greedy or pretentious. Sure, he lived a life of luxury, but he didn't want to end up like the parents of all of his friends that were so reliant on their fortune that they couldn't even treat people who didn't have money with respect. His friends were mostly fake people, save for a few select ones that turned out to be way cooler than he had expected out of Manhattan's elite. He stuck with a trio of friends since they were eleven, always managing to get themselves into some kind of mischief and they were all almost always sporting some kind of scar from an outing they had in the past. They didn't go anywhere without each other, and even now the four of them are still as close as can be since they remained in the upper east side after high school.

He met Zachary in a rather...odd way; he had been out with his friends when he literally crashed into him on his way into a bathroom at a cafe, but he managed to get more than two words out of him (he still doesn't know how he did it, but he isn't complaining). They managed to hit it off and though it took some time, the two had become very close and spoke all the time.

Appearance: Image

Other: Elliott has a scar on the back of his neck from an outing he had with his friends when they were seniors in high school and multiple little scars on his hands from similar outings. He can bake a ton of different pastries and baked goods from working at a coffee shop, he learned their tricks and comes up with new things to make in his apartment.

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