3075: out into the black (4 /4 people)

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3075: out into the black (4 /4 people)

Post by SilverFreezer » Mon May 13, 2019 3:47 am

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Name: Kelly Suffrangur

Gender: male, although does more often appear indeterminable.


Height: 178cm

Oxygen acclimatisation: 19% content @ 100% of earth's atmospheric pressure

Planet of origin: Earth

Hair: raven Black, tied back into a ponytail commonly.

Eye colour: Hazel

Skin colour: pale, freckled

Kelly was born to a farming family and through neccesity became familiar with the inner workings and operations of many pieces of machinery and from the frequent scavenging runs to the salvage yards for parts.
While in his teens both of his parents succumbed to the toxins and the farm passed to his eldest sister and her husband's family who all saw his obsessed tinkering with the machines out of loss of his parents to be risky to the livelyhoods of all on the farm, so he got kicked out. He took the kick out quite literally and pieced together a ship from parts using his knowledge before leaving that place behind to begin a life of using his skills to follow the money, no matter how clean or dirty the money was in the end.
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Re: 3075: out into the black (3/4 people)

Post by Quirkless Deku » Thu May 23, 2019 8:31 pm

Name: Artemis West

Gender: non-binary

Age: 17

Height: 5'5"

Oxygen acclimatization: 30% oxygen content with 120% earth atmospheric pressure

Planet of origin: Moon

Hair: Blonde and short

Eye color: Blue

Skin color: pale

Artemis West grew up in one of the factory districts on the moon. Their parents had worked hard to get onto the moon, but unfortunately it was not the paradise that they had hoped for. They basically had to sell themselves into slavery to make it there and they suffered in harsh working conditions while being an arms length away from the luxury of the elite. While they were exploited, they saw the wealthy's lavish lifestyle. It made Artemis very bitter towards the well off. They were accepted into piloting training but their father was injured when they were 15, which meant that Artemis had to take over his work in order for the family to survive. A year later, their mother disobeyed orders, was arrested, and they never saw her again. Then, when they were 17, their father finally succumbed to his injures, as he could not get the care needed to properly heal. With nothing left, Artemis decided to make their own way in the world. They were not going to live under the thumb of a cruel boss, so they snuck on board one of the ships leaving to deliver to Mars not knowing what their plan was or where they were going except that they were getting away.
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Re: 3075: out into the black (3/4 people)

Post by illirica » Mon May 27, 2019 2:55 pm

Character Sheet
Name: Jenna Alarcan
Gender: female
Age: 27
Height: 167 cm
Oxygen Acclimatization: 11%
Planet of Origin: Mars
Hair color: brown, shortish, usually worn up in spiky pigtails with red-tinted tips
Eyes: brown
Skin Color: fair, though would probably be a bit more tanned on Earth - Mars' distance from the sun means less UV exposure.

Jenna grew up in the Mars undercities, running around with unsavory people from early childhood. She's convinced of two things: (1): Mars, and its people, are superior to anything on Earth, and (2) Mars is a cesspit. It's a curious blend of sanctimony and sarcasm. She does odd jobs, for money or favors. She's not very particular about what the jobs are. Some of them are even legal.

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Re: 3075: out into the black (4 /4 people)

Post by Kodi » Tue Jul 23, 2019 7:28 pm

Name: Jaida Kamra

Gender: female

Age: 24

Height: 170cm

Oxygen acclimatisation: 30% oxygen @ 120% atmospheric pressure originally, but now ~12% oxygen @ 80% pressure

Planet of origin: Moon

Hair: black

Eye colour: dark brown

Skin colour: mixed race

Born the daughter of a oil billionaire and a supermodel, Jaida has never fit in with her family. Being in the upper class, she grew up on the moon, and was very capable, despite always being catered for, yet her father always treated her as if she couldn't do anything. Eventually she'd had enough.

For a few months, she'd been learning to fly discreetly, taught by a friend from college. One night, while the rest of her family was sleeping she snuck out and left for Mars to meet a contact. Since then, she's been earning money as a freelance "taxi" pilot, until recently, when her ship was involved in an accident (it wasn't her fault, which she still fumes about), leaving her stranded on Mars...

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