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[C.S] No More Heroes

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:06 am
by TheDarkOne
Original Faction:
Magical Powers/Skills: 

Re: [C.S] No More Heroes

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 6:36 pm
by Just Some old guy
Name: Izuna Willobane
Age: 28 (Looks)
Race: Scourge Asimar
Original Faction: The Karn Syndicate
Personality: Vengeful, aggressive yet charismatic, Forethinking, Loyal

Appearance: Her hair is golden with flakes of silver throughout. Her eyes deep silvery pools of moonlight. She is just shy of 7ft tall, but slim and lithe. She is much stronger than she looks. She has many elvish traits as well, including her ears.
Magical Powers/Skills: Highly skilled in marital combat. Negative energy manipulation, Necromancy.

Weapons: A large Glaive that seems to eminent moonlight. The bottom has an extremely sharp hook in place of the standard blunted stick bottom. She also has two short swords in scabbards at her waist.

Biography: Izuna would have made for a great Paladin before the world fell apart. Many of her half-breed race typically did, though most Asimar were human at the core, she was elvish. With no light or higher being to follow, her light became dark, her influence was that of thieves and murderers. Due to her size, magical ability, and natural prowess with weapons she drew the eye of the leader of The Karn Syndicate. A fancy name for a group of Thugs. He brought her in, helped her learn the ways of the world, how to hone her natural talents and showed her just what she could achieve with her gifts. For this she loyally serves Karn, the Syndicate itself...she has a few notes... Her stature and reputation as well as connection to Karn himself makes her both a major target and virtually untouchable. She finds keeping people less informed on her, the better. She tends to be silent often but will be the first to rush to battle if needed. Often she is given special tasks by Karn that he doesn't trust other guild members to follow through. Thus why she was assigned to hit the delivery.

The Karn syndicate: A mafia like group lead by Symeon Karn. They deal in all sorts of illegal activity ranging from "Cultural acquirement" basically art theft to "Protection" shake down tactics. They rule their little slice of the city with an iron fist, and surprising effectiveness of keeping non-organized crime low. They have one main specialty: eyes and ears everywhere and are a main information gathering. They sell much of the information to other factions throughout and have many favors and trades. It is one of the many reasons they are so effective at maintaining control of territory they posses. The average person is more willing to assist them as a means of paying for protection from other factions or bandits.

Re: [C.S] No More Heroes

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 9:57 pm
by TheDarkOne
Name: Arastor Titan
Age: 26
Race: Human
Original Faction: The Titan's Talons

Personality: Arastor is calm, intelligent and calculating. Every decision he makes serves only his own purpose, and he is not above sacrificing his own followers if it helps him reach his goal. Having grown up mostly on the streets, his instincts have been honed to a razors edge, and his time with the Titan's Teeth have shown him how to engage in racketeering, extortion and other street level crime, although his natural charisma is sometimes enough to get him what he wants. He does have a weak spot for orphans and pickpockets ensuring that none are abused or taken advantage of in the territory owned by the Talons. 

Appearence: Arastor takes pride in his appearance, always making sure to make himself presentable despite his profession usually meaning he has to blend in. His black hair is often cut cut short and neat, his beard closely trimmed so as not to become too unkempt. His eyes are a brilliant shimmering green, so much so that many find it difficult to maintain eye contact with his piercing glare. Pale from living in the shadow all his life, he often wears dark clothes to contrast it. When on a mission, he wears a long hooded black cloak that stretches down towards his feet, the buckles made of dark silver with chains linking them across. His collar folds back to reveal the red lining underneath it and the hood, and to cover his face he has a face mask to match, which can slip down to wear as a neck warmer. Dark silver armour protects his arms, the gauntlets plated down his arms to his hands, where they are formed into crude claws Casually, he prefers to wear plain baggy shirts in a variety of colours, as well as gloves.

Magical Powers/Skills: His main ability as a Dark Child is projection magic. Not even requiring him to lift a finger sometimes, he can summon a variety of phantom weaponry which he can either use as projectiles or physically interact with. He has also mastered lightning magic, and can summon huge storms to assault a fixed location, although to do so leaves him drained. Skilled in all weaponry, he can even control several projections independently to fight multiple opponents at once, his mind able to focus and duel multiple times over.

Weapons: Arastor doesn't carry weapons, instead using his projection magic to summon weaponry. 

Biography: Arastor doesn't remember much about his early childhood, only that his parents died when he was very young. Like most Dark Children, he assumed they were killed by the Sorceror Kings Legion and that somehow he managed to escape. He survived through determination and grit, scavenging and stealing what food he needed, taking his clothes from the bodies of other dead and dying orphans. Life was hard for the most part, unable to secure himself any work or an apprenticeship, he grew to resent those adults, selfishly looking out only for themselves. When he was old enough, and strong enough, he often took to street fighting to earn some coin. That's where he gained the attention of Giulio Titan. 

Head of the Titans Talons, they were originally a small time gang that operated in slums of Noxoth, but Giulio was ambitious. Seeing potential in the boy, Giulio took Arastor in as his adoptive son, and imagine his surprise as his son's magic began to shine through. Arastor found himself able to summon projections of basically whatever he wanted, and shoot lightning bolts out of thin air. When that was discovered, the Titan's Talons struck it big. Using Arastor's ability to assassinate from a distance and leave no evidence, Giulio systematically killed over each other rival gang in the slums until he ruled over that part of the city. From there, he set up every criminal outfit you could name of. Extortion, prostitution, manufacturing drugs. If you could earn from it, the Talons had their hands in it. By the time Arastor reached adulthood, Giulio had a firm grasp on the neighbourhood, with him acting as an elite enforcer. 

Arastor hand picked select men to form the Nightblades, elite assassins trained by him and loyal to him. He used them as his eyes and ears throughout their territory, listening out for dissent and silencing those who grew too loud. Arastor himself dealt with anyone attempting to muscle into their business, leaving their bodies where even the Legion could see them so as to leave a message. For nearly 5 years they have existed as such, until one day Giulio summoned him for a specific purpose. To ambush and take the supplies bound for the Legion headquarters. And so with his best assassins on hand, Arastor makes his way to the arranged location, unaware he isn't the only one after this prize.