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Post by Fang » Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:11 pm

The staff of RPF are well aware of the bot incursion which has been taking place since the previous unintended wipe. We are working dilligently to keep these bots from disrupting your time here, but a few concessions must be made by you in order for us to do this most efficiently.

Firstly I must ask that you do not post or reply to the spam thread. (I'm talking to you, Jhibus.) When I am clearing out these unwanteds from the database your replies only create more work for me, and there is a risk that I will mistake your username for the name of the spammer. If that happens you could end up with an undeserved ban.

Also we ask that you report any spam posts or threads which you might find. Our eyes are always peeled, but with your help we can react more swiftly to the offenses and keep our forums nice and tidy.

Hopefully the issue which allows these bots access will be resolved eventually, but in the meantime your cooperation will help keep RPF a pleasant experience for all.

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