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Post by mythconceptions » Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:52 am

Virtual reality dictates daily life in Oceania. Status and currency is awarded to the best players; illegal street games of Risk, matches between players outside of government-sanctioned tournaments, are major underground sources of income. When two countries go to war, the result is new and incredible: soldiers fight in VR instead of in real life, bombing the virtual landscape and targeting virtual currency sources, raiding each other’s virtual strongholds, even meeting in scheduled places for PvP brawls that will sap losers of their virtual currency and even hard-earned gear.

Muse A is a top player from a feared raiding guild that works for the military and leaves a path of digital destruction in its wake. They’ve ascended to the top of society as a venerated virtual soldier, attending expensive soirees in real life and then fighting massive, over-powered battles in-world. Their only rival is Muse B, a mysterious raider from the opposing side, and there are rumours that even their comrades aren’t sure of their real-life identity.

In fact, Muse B is a hacktivist who knows Muse A in real life. In order to fight against their own government, they’re using the identity of someone from the opposing country to fight on their side. So far as anyone knows, Muse B’s just a programmer who works as a bug-fixer at the firm that takes care of Oceania’s virtual universe.

The penalty for dissension is virtual death, being permanently banned from anything digital–essentially exile from human contact in the modern world. 

Is it just paranoia, or do Muse A’s suspicions about the enigmatic raider seem to be growing? Are they really chasing Muse B through VR or are their repeated mid-raid meetings coincidental? Are they spending an unusual amount of time visiting Muse B after work, or are they just looking for some peace from the celebrity paparazzi? 

The race is on, and Muse B might just have to resort to taking the violence to real life.

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