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Legacy: Chapter One

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:16 am
by Poetic Ghost
Legacy will be starting soon! If you are interested please read the introduction and sign-up below and PM me any questions you may have!

You had not given up on the idea of reaching out, yearning, seeking a new horizon...


And finding a new space to grow and prosper..

- - -
- -

There is a great irony that waging war always reveals the true nature of those who choose to fight.. and from their earliest days, Mankind began to fight. War after war, spilling blood in the name of peace, in freedom, in God. War was like a wild fire, it spread and burned across the Earth and there was no ending in sight.

But in the midst of the bloodshed, Humanity looked up to the Heavens for answers. For only the briefest moment, they looked up to the stars and save their salvation amongst them. Years of neglect, consumption, and war had left the great Earth eternally scarred. The sister planets of the solar system provided homes for some, but not all. Soon, a battle for survival was waged by those who'd been cast out to space by their fellow man, and in the end they chose to forsake their home. To forget and abandon their dying homeworld for a new one beyond the horizon. You are what they fought for, you yet unborn. They battled and journeyed and survived to bring you here, to this new galaxy all while knowing that you would be the ones to brave this new frontier.

You are far from the origin of your people, the comfort of a world shaped by you.. the Earth may be gone, your ancestor will not know your names, but you are their...

░L░ ░E░ ░G░ ░A░ ░C░ ░Y░


Some days I catch myself asking that question. Why do I keep doing this? Why did I choose to follow this life, the life of a soldier? After I saw the signs that told me to turn back, after I got knocked down a hundred times, I’ve just kept fighting. I used to say it was for my family, to make my family proud and to follow my parents footsteps. But whatever pride or honor I had got kicked out of me the first time life told me that I wasn’t cut out to be a soldier.

My life wasn't presented to me on a dish. Just because I was the son of Admiral Akari and my father had a wall covered in medals, that make it any easier to get through flight academy, and it certainly didn't get me any special treatment when I got thrown out. Yeah, imagine that, a legacy to uphold and it turns out that you're a wash-out. But what's the saying? "When life shuts a door, you gotta blow it open?" Whatever it is, I saw a second chance for myself, and I knew I needed to take it. If I couldn't fly, I'd learn to be a giant.

The AMP, The Armored Mechanized Platform. A marvel of 31st century technology, an innovation to level the playing field against alien weaponry, quite literally. A lot of troopers like me want to become AMP pilots, a lot of them have guts and courage and skill, but what sets me apart from any of these other wannabes is that no matter how hard I get hit, I’ll get back up on my feet. Always.

- - - - -

When I finally regained consciousness, the first thing I could recognize was the unmistakable warm, coppery taste of blood. My blood. I began to recall what had happened, how I had ended up where I was. I was still in the cockpit of Serah, my mech, but it was dark. No light shone within the cockpit, save for the light that came in through the physical viewport of the mech's head. Although, most models relied on advanced sensors and heads-up displays to give the pilot their eyes on the battlefield. My controls were dead too, the handles wouldn't respond to my hands and the switches and screens stayed dark as my fingers touched them.

An EMP, how cute..

Serah was a tough girl, me and her had taken plenty of hits. We'd seen lots of battles since I'd been assigned to flying her, lots of action and close shaves. After my first brush with death and stroke of luck, I knew I needed to name my mech Serah, for the toughest girl I'd ever known. The boom of heavy combat outside shook the mech, and I remembered where I was. I remembered suiting up in orbit of Sentry, a human colony on the edge of Republia space. Mostly prospectors, farmers, the kind of honest folk who build new colonies. But being so close to the edge meant they were the first to see threats like this.


In the almost sixty years that Humans have been in the Asterian Galaxy, mankind has had to adapt to being the new kid on the block. In the Trailblazing Years, we really learned the reality of being so far from home.. from Earth. There were a few kind races, some who pitied us, or shared similar histories. But many saw Humanity as just more vermin taking up space, or easy targets to attack. Humanity lost a lot of our number in the early years in the new galaxy, and many of the Exile ships got separated. The ones who survived the journey and found refuge or allies created their own colonies and alliances. The largest was Republia, of the hundred Exile ships that left the Milky Way, only sixty would arrive in the Asterian Galaxy. Of that fifty, a total of seven ships formed Republia on the first planet that the Exile fleet spotted, Landfall.

Now, almost sixty years later we're still having to handle marauders and pirates on the edge of our space, you'd think at some point we'd figure out a better way to handle this problem aside from flying a bunch of mechs to whatever colony is under attack and having us drive them back into unknown space, but we don't. It's the same war my father fought, only twenty years later. Some things just never change, I guess.

Another blast rocked my mech, that one had been too close. I needed to move, and fast. If I hadn't been hit yet, I would be soon, and even the heavy armor of Serah wouldn't last long against direct blasts like these. I reached between my legs with both hands, feeling around in the dark for a large handle. I knew the space within my cockpit well, and my fingers met the metal handle just as I heard the cry of a rocket and the vibration reverberated within the cockpit of the mech.

I pulled it back hard and the running lights inside the cockpit came to life. The heads-up display came alive, flickering at first before it revealed a war-torn sky, crowded with ships and smoke and tracer rounds. My hands came back to the controls and I gripped them tightly as I pulled up, bringing the walking metal weapon to a standing position. Briefly, I checked over the information on the screens.

Weapons are good, flight gear is working, hull integrity is.. not so bad.

I was standing in what had I could assume was a hotel, only now it had a thirty foot robot in the middle of the lobby. I had come down hard, smashed through the roof and fallen through every floor. It was a miracle the building was still standing, especially after the missile bombardment on his position had blasted huge holes in the side of the structure.

Serah moved up to the hole in the wall and I engaged the viewfinder on the HUD. Just down a couple city blocks I could spot what had shot me down and had been blanketing my position with ordinance. Another AMP, but the build wasn't Republian Military. I recognized the bulky mech from it's heavily armored limbs, lack of aerial assault gear, and the heavy weapons that were affixed to it. It's four limbs were armed with rotating miniguns, and huge missile pods were attached on both sides of the enormous mech. A bad hombre if I'd ever seen one, the Soviets loved their AMPs looking big and bad with as many weapons as they could attach to it.

The Federation of Soviet Systems were human worlds united under Marxist ideals. Most Republian citizens just saw them as traitors, cowards who refused to stay with the Exile fleet all those years ago. Myself? They were just other humans banding together to get by in this galaxy. They were very successful in AMP manufacturing, and their weapons were found all over the known universe in the hands of aliens, mercenaries, pirates, and almost any enemy of Republia. Needless to say, most people on Landfall weren't too fond of the Soviets.

Just as I began to scope out my next move, the walking missile platform revolved around it's core and fired a volley of missiles towards me. My hands tightened around the controls and Serah went barreling through the front entrance, blowing straight through the wall with just enough time to take cover behind the neighboring building as the missiles hit their target and demolished the hotel. The explosion sent dust and rubble into the air, the perfect cover for my advance. I moved out of the way of it`s fire, and lobbed a grenade perfectly towards my attacker. A smoke screen went up around the other mech as it went off under it`s feet.

Serah sped down the street, clearing cars and telephone wires with it's strides as I closed the distance between the enemy mech and me. I tried my communicator; "This is Staff Sergeant Akari from Echo Three, please respond." Dead silence and the hum of static was all I got in return. Damn, I'm on my own here. No backup, no cover. I thought as I gritted my teeth and slid Serah into flanking position along the half-developed skyscrapers. A proud emerging city, now reduced to a war zone. Civilians still moved in groups down the street, running from the combat and avoiding the crossfire. I knew they wouldn't stand much of a chance if I didn't take this thing down soon.

Serah reached over her shoulder and grabbed the assault rifle attached to it’s back, holding it left handed, the same as me. I checked if it the clip was full, it was. I slapped it back into place and pulled the bolt back on the rifle, loading a round into the chamber. I peaked around the corner of the building I was behind and zoned in on the mech. It was sitting on top of a construction site, with partial cover and lots of room for it to swing around to engage hostile from all angles.

I moved quickly, rounding the corner in my mech swiftly and raising the rifle to put them in my sights, careful of the civilians that still took cover in the streets. I had caught them off guard with the smokescreen and I used their confusion to my advantage. Whoever was the behind the controls was a pilot, sure. But they were no soldier. I pulled the trigger inside my cockpit, simultaneously Serah fired the rifle, sending a burst of rounds flying at my target as I moved closer.

There was a moment of utter silence as I released the trigger and watched the smoke dissipate from around the mech­'s form. I had a feeling, but I doubted it. That was my first mistake. My second was that I didn't take cover fast enough as the hulking metal weapon spun on it's axis and began to fire blindly at me with it's miniguns. I was dumb, maybe still groggy from the crash, as it took a hail of bullets coming my way to make me roll out of the way of the fire and activate the wings and boosters on Serah’s back. She was a tactician unit, a commanding model for field officers, and the flight gear attached to it's back was designed to give the pilot new vantage points and high ground on a battlefield. But in this moment, it's only purpose was to turn me from a sitting target to a flying one. My rifle had done almost nothing to break through it's thick armor. Just my luck, damn Soviet design with it's superior armor and big guns and cool names..

My mech was packed light with weapons. I hadn't expected so much firepower from a bunch of pirates on the outer colonies, and Serah wasn’t build for a slug-fest. I felt my arms tense and my jaw tighten as I dodged it's fire, firing back with my rifle in hopes that it would at least change it's position and give me some time to break the line of sight and re-position. But it didn't, it just stood strong with it's feet planted firm as it fired missiles into the air towards me. I had only one chance to take it down, a small, terrible, and stupid chance to destroy it. At best, my plan was ill-advised. But I needed to do this, without me in the way I knew that thing would keep gunning down whatever target it saw, military or civilian.

At the worst, it's suicidal. I took my assault rifle with both hands and activated the bayonet on the end of the weapon. A long intimidating blade drove itself out from the grip of the weapon and locked, it's sharp point extending far past the end of the barrel. I tightened my grip around controls as I began to fly directly for my opponent, wielding my rifle as a lance. Bullets flew around me and hit my mech as I came charging towards the fire, each impact shaking Serah and grinding my teeth together. "If I'm not the dumbest son of a-"

I stopped, my tongue tensed between my lips as I felt a sharp pressure in my shoulder. The pain came second, and my ears rang third. The armor had been punctured, a round went straight through the front, through me, and finally out the back. It hadn't been my first time taking a bullet, but I knew from experience that after only more would come after the first one got through. The screen in front of me cracked and shattered at the corners as more came through, missing my head by only inches, shooting sparks through my cockpit. Another hit my bicep on the opposite arm, the muscles hardened and shook as I recoiled and took the hit, pushing even harder with the handles to hit my mark. I was flying towards the mech, taking every hit as I did. Serah was being torn apart and so was I.

C’mon honey.. we can pull through this, you’re the toughest girl I know!

As I came in front of him, close enough to see the pilot's eyes go wide, I extended the rifle out in front of me, the bayonet aimed directly for his cockpit. I shut my eyes tight and braced as the two metal war machines slammed together with the force of a freight train and my rifle went straight through.

I had beat him. It's a damn shame I wasn't awake to see it. The last thing I can remember before everything went black was a voice, one I should have remembered, but my brain was far too scrambled for me to preform any action at all in that moment. It was a woman that pulled me from the wreck of Serah and the other mech.

"James, even after all these years I'm still the one picking you back up." She said, her voice was clear and precise through the distinct sound of the helicopter's blades.

"Who?.." I managed to say, even my tongue felt heavy, like the rest of my battered body.

"Who else would it be? Who else would fly half way across space to save you?" She replied, her voice was soft and friendly and a smile decorated her face as she came closer to me. I saw the vaguest of features, lines in her face, but I could tell. It was her.

It was Serah..

- - - - -

Kestrel Agent Serah Orihara marched towards the infirmary of the R.M.S Wellington, the sound of her freshly polished boots echoed down the halls of the battleship. She had come all the way from Landfall to find James, and she wasn't about to wait for the order that she could speak to him, she was an agent of the Bureau, she was above protocol. Of course she wouldn't say why she really wanted to be there, why she had chosen him out of the other names that came up on the list. It had been years, they'd both changed so much in that time. Who was to say he'd even want to see her? She lost her confidence once he lost his consciousness, she could really understand the weight of her presence now that she was here in front of him.

Serah wasn't the kind of person who hesitated. In her line of work, hesitation could kill you. Well, to be fair a lot could kill a person in her position. But hesitation took the medal when it came to downfall of a Kestrel. At the academy, hesitation and fear had been kicked out of her. She'd been trained to suppress it, to bury it under her thoughts of home, of service. She'd been shot at, stabbed, been inches away from death and still held a smile on her face. But this? Seeing a boy after not speaking with him for what? Seven years? It stopped her. She couldn't even open the door, she just stood outside it, staring at the nametag on the door.

SSGT. James Akari, 62nd Mechanized Calvary


She couldn't wait any longer, she knew she couldn't. With the longest exhale of her life, she placed her hand on the scanner and let the door slide open, then she took her first step inside. Serah watched with her lips parted as James' head turned to face her and his eyes met her's. It was hard to see him this way, on his back, bandaged all over. She could truly see the extent of his injuries from the battle, and it made her even more uneasy.

"Hey Serah.." James said, his voice was still strong even when his body seemed to think otherwise. "It's been too long, you never sent flowers." He said, a smile formed at the corners of his lips. Serah just looked back at his wounds, she didn't want to say what was next.

"Hi James," she said, stepping closer to his bed. "Are you feeling any better? You were pretty roughed up in that crash.." Serah bit her lip as she spoke. Damn it, get a grip on yourself..

"I'll be alright, it's nothing new to me.." James replied, shifting in the bed in an attempt to stretch his bandaged limbs. "Serah.. what is this all about?" He asked, looking back at her eyes, his expression was clear as crystal to her. He could tell something was up.

"There is an assignment.. one that I've been selected for and I've been selecting applicants for." She looked him in the eye, her words were as truthful as she could be, he deserved this. "There's a research facility that's gone dark, no contact has been made for a few weeks, we sent a rescue team, but received no response," she said, giving him all the information she had. "They asked that I get a military advisor, a squad leader to command a team," she said, taking a breath. "When they said it was my call, there wasn't anyone on the list that I'd put above you, James." She came over to his bedside and sat in the chair next to him.

James stared at the ceiling for a moment and let out a long sigh, after so many years apart, Serah was here as a Kestrel just looking for a soldier. It had been too good to believe. "Why should I do this, Serah? Don't say it's a favour, please.. just don't."

"It's been a long time since we saw each other last, James. I know things have changed.. but we don't have to pretend we never knew each other," Serah tried, she was sincere but she understood.

"Serah, you made your choice," he said, looking back at her. "You chose the academy, you chose what your father wanted. I'm happy you chose what you wanted, but I didn't expect you'd come to me like this after so long."

"It wasn't my choice to make," she paused before she spoke again. "The past is the past, James. It doesn't matter now," Serah said as she tightened her fingers into a fist in her lap. "What matters now is this mission and whether or not I have the right people, because if I don't, a lot of people are going to die.. can I count on you James?"

Without a moment of hesitation, he replied. "Yes, I'll lead your team," he said confidently as he sat up in the hospital bed and rolled his shoulders. "How does that sound, Agent Orihara?"

"Good, you'll be the first to meet them." A smile crossed her lips as she stood up and watched as James got up from the bed and made his way across the room and opened a wall locker where a fresh set of clothes were waiting.

"So, who have you got? You'll need a wide range of talent. Specialists, mechanics, and most importantly mech pilots, we'll need firepower." James pulled an olive green shirt over his head and tucked it into his pants.

Already handled, Sergeant. They're all qualified pilots with their own AMPs to match." She rested a hand on the sidearm at her hip. "It's a dangerous universe, I made sure we could hit back if need be."

James turned, and slid his service pistol into his holster with a satisfying click as it locked into place. Once again, he shifted his shoulders and stretched his muscles to loosen up his beaten body before he moved towards the door.

"Well then, let's get started."

- - - - -

Hello! Welcome to Legacy! This is a concept I've been working and reworking for a while and now I've written the it into the best version I've seen. It is very important to me and I can't wait to share it with all of you. I'd like to see Legacy focus on roleplaying and creativity in every part of the story and in the characters. This is a Mecha RP, and I want to break the mold of most of the roleplays in this genre by emphasizing creativity in your character and the mech that they will be piloting. You won't be married to your mech or constantly in the cockpit, but there will be combat segments that focus on your mechs, and I don't want any one to be left out. When it comes to your characters, feel free to experiment and do whatever really makes you happy, just remember that I have the final say on accepting your sheet or not, and if I see a problem or a detail I'd prefer to change I can PM you and we can make adjustment. Please follow all community guidelines and rules, keep it clean kiddies.

As you've probably noticed in my intro, I did not describe any alien races. That's because I'd like to give my players the freedom of designing alien races if they choose to write a character as something other than Human. This goes the same for writing about your AMP (Armored Mechanized Platform), go crazy with whatever ideas you want to try with your personal mech, but just try your best to make your concept individual and different from others, remember that this Mecha is part of your character and it should a character itself, it should feel special and interesting not only to the character, but to the author and reader as well. When it comes to the average size of an AMP, keep this image in mind for some idea of how large a standard AMP is.

For clarity's sake, here is a brief timeline to cover the basics of Humanity's presence in Asteria.

2990 A.D
After Earth becomes uninhabitable and overpopulated, a civil war between the colonies of the Milky Way and the Earth resulting conflict leaves millions to be forced into exile from their homeworlds. Having no worlds left habitable for so many souls after the conflict, these "Exiles" journey outwards with nothing but hope guiding them.
1 F.C (First Contact)
The Exile fleet arrives in the Asterian Galaxy, having lost many ships in their fleet. It takes almost ten years to find Asteria, and after they arrive many ships split from the fleet to find worlds of their own to populate, or to find allies in this new galaxy. Seven ships of the surviving fifty of the fleet that remained settled on a large uninhabited world on the edge of the Southern Ring, a planet they name Landfall and form into Republia, a nation of proud humans trying to establish themselves in Asteria.
8 F.C
The Federation of Soviet Systems is formed in the Northern Arm, far from the influence of Republia. A Marxist idealist, Fydor Gagarin establishes communism within the Federation and urge them to develop and replicate many weapons and defense systems, including many firearms from Earth. They are a tough and determined people with a strong belief in the strength of unity and equality for all.
32 F.C
Republia faces conflict from more advanced alien races in the Asterian Galaxy, using firearms and primative star fighters against far more superior weaponry of their enemies. Meanwhile on Landfall, two young engineers, Saito Kamishiro and Mako Oda develop an independent weapons platform capable of fighting in nearly any environment, powered by a self-sustaining fuel source, while equipped with advanced weapons and defenses. They name these machines AMPs, Armored Mechanized Platforms, also known as “Angels”. The Republian military soon incorporate this technology into their army and finally stand a chance in hostile space. Only two years later, the secret of AMP is leaked throughout space and would be developed by many races and militaries would build their own. The source of this leak was never found.
48 F.C
An idealistic war hero named Desmond Ohara is elected Republian Premier of Landfall, and gains control over military operatives and policies. The common population see him as a perfect leader for this new era, but many members of Republia government see him as a naive fool.
56 F.C
The events of Legacy transpire...

- - - - -

Character Sheet

You are a talented individual. Not only as a mecha pilot, but as a sentient being in Asteria. You saw a job to be part of a crew led by some soldier, Akari. When you were interviewed, it was clear it was work for the Republia military. Whether or not you had bad blood with Landfall, they were offering a big paycheck for AMP pilots and skilled individuals. You chose this job, or you were recruited, or maybe forced to be here. Whatever the reason, your skills have made you a valuable addition to James Akari's squad. Remember, creativity is key. Be who you want to be, and try to be as individual as you can be, I believe in you.

(Character art here, but not a requirement.)
Full Name: “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Age: It's just a construct.

Gender: It's the 31st century, be who you want to be.

Race: Feel free to experiment and make something creative and new if you wish. Just remember that there is nothing wrong with being a Human.

Homeworld: What planet were you born on? I've only described a couple so far, but there's an entire galaxy of worlds. There are many kinds of cultures out there, you'll see independent human worlds, alien worlds, worlds where all races coexist, or colonies of larger empires. What's important is that wherever it is, it's home to you.

Appearance: While not exactly required, I'd appreciate some details on their appearance as well as a picture.

Weapons: What weapons are you packing? Remember, you don't have to carry everything at once.

Affiliation: Who do you work for? Are you part of a bounty hunter guild? Or you're a soldier in another army just on loan. Or maybe you're just a freelance talent? If you don't have a strict affiliation, please just fill this in with "Akari's Squad".

Skills: What sets you apart from everyone else? Are you a genius? Maybe you've got the skills of a super-soldier. Being an AMP pilot is a given, it was required to apply for the job, to be able to pilot a mech. What makes you special and valuable to James' team? What makes you better than the rest?

Personality: "This above all; to thine own self be true." - William Shakespeare

Biography: What made you who you are?

Misc: Extra tidbits and info can go here.

Character Themes: Your character soundtrack, if this was an anime, what song would play when your character had their big moment?

A.M.P Sheet

(Picture here)

Mech Name: Go wild.

Mech Specialty: What makes your mech special and individual in the team? When it comes to combat, what sets it apart?

Appearance: Feel free to write about any extra details here, or if you didn't use an image, you may describe your mech here as well.

Weapons: "You must've be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.."

Special Attributes: Any special features not covered by the above go here. For example, self-destruct buttons, robotic wings, transformation abilities, sick music systems, cupholders.

Full Name:
Character Theme:

A.M.P Sheet

Mech Name:
Mech Specialty:
Special Attributes:


Re: Legacy: Chapter One

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by Fang

Re: Legacy: Chapter One

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 6:45 pm
by kotetsu
So I'll be honest I read this late last night while I was kinda groggy and half asleep, but I am interested. While I could just read it over again to get my answers, for the sake of conversation I'll just ask. What kinda style are we going with here? How much freedom do we have in the design/sty/e?
  • Sophisticated controls and an actual education/training required like Gundam and Big O?
  • Or jump in and do whatever because friendship or willpower or something like Gurren Lagann?
  • Any room for the trope where the mech pilot is linked to the mech in some way and moves according to the pilots movement?
  • Semi open cockpits with a direct view through some kind of glass or fully closed cockpit with view of the outside via cameras/sensors?

Re: Legacy: Chapter One

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:52 pm
by Poetic Ghost
It’s going in a very big “Anime Rule of Cool” style, it’s all about what you want to do. That’s what I’ve said in the request topic too. It gave complete creative freedom, if only really limit you if what you did was either against the rules of the forum or something that could be a problem for other players.

• As for education, you don't need to say they went to pilot school for years or anything (of course if you were a soldier or something it would be expected that they had training). It’s kind of assumed with your character that they have some idea how to pilot a mecha, especially yours.

• It’s all about whatever you want. It could be super sophisticated controls or a psychic link or Evangelion controls where it’s all about your body being synced with the mech. It’s whatever you want, friend!

• I love tropes, RPs like this kind of fun off of tropes lol. You can totally go for whatever you want, and doing that Pacific Rim/Evangelion style control scheme is totally cool and your choice is encouraged.

• It’s however you want it to work. For instance though, James’ new mech (it will be in the Example CS) Peace Walker has a large reinforced shield covering the cockpit with extra sensors and such.

The thing I really want to push with the characters in this is that I want you to do whatever you want with them. Do what makes you the happiest. When it comes to a mecha, truly do what you want :)

Re: Legacy: Chapter One

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by kotetsu
I've had time to reread again and I understand more fully now that I'm awake. Continue to color me interested.

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Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:02 pm
by Poetic Ghost
Yay! If you have any questions please shoot.

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Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:44 am
by Flowers
Howdy! I’m very interested in this and have actually two ideas for characters that I’m torn between! Just wondering if you wanted us to post CS here or if you just wanted a quick glimpse of them!

Re: Legacy: Chapter One

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 5:52 pm
by Poetic Ghost
Howdy! Please post your CS here and when it is accepted, you can post it in the CS Thread.

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Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 7:52 am
by kotetsu
I'm about 70% through my character sheet for this. Should be on its way soon.

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by Poetic Ghost