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[REQ] Race Against Cannonfire

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2020 7:36 am
by Sommernaut
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It has been 15 years, since the French Imperial Eagle was raised over the fields of Waterloo. 15 years since the Duke of Wellington uttered the words 'A damn close run thing,' as he watched the remnants of his troops rout to the advance of the Imperial Guard. Peace reigns over the continent, well, that is to say what relative peace can be attained at the threat of bayonet. Peace replaced war, after war caused peace. Generals turned into statesmen, power shifted, soldiers turned into civilians, civilians into revolutionaries. The world as we know it, changed, from the sweeping reforms of the French revolution brought the near-end of monarchs to the revolution brought upon by the end of the war. Now marching armies turned into embassies of envoys, cannonballs turned into letters of protest, and ships were replaced with the Aerofly. Yes, the Aerofly, a wonder of science and ingenuity, essentially - steamships that float high above the air on coal, steam, and a peculiar element known as suspendium that lets the Aerofly achieve lift. This peace in Europe will not last however, as the 'Old Eagle', the Emperor of the French, Napoleon's death comes closer so do the tides of change that seek to undo his victory. Old foes, old goals, new challenges. The opening stages of the beginning of a new era lay in the Aerofly race, as motivation, and distraction that will lead to the prelude of war or peace.

PLOT: In this alternative-history of Napoleon's triumph in Waterloo. In this timeline, Soult's Corps. delayed the Prussian army, and worked with Grouchy to pin Bl├╝cher. The inexperienced Allied-Anglo forces were defeated by the more experienced French troops at Hougoumont, and La Haye Sainte. This victory lead to a Franco-favored Treaty of Paris which saw massive changes both politically and socially. The former Kingdom of Netherlands and Belgium were joined together to form a sister-republic of old, titled the Lowland Republic. Protestant Northern Ireland was given autonomy and named the Belfast Dominion, yet still remained in hands of their overlords, the United Kingdom. Switzerland was placed as an important sphere-of-influence for the French and was turned into a French puppet. Italy, ever the ground for the jostling of influence between the French and the Austrians remain still divided with new and old Italian states divided between the two nations. Italian statesmen have then formed the Italian League, with permission from the French, to enable deeper communication and cooperation with each other. With the dismantling of the Holy Roman Empire, the Confederation of the Rhine was put in-place, although that too was replaced by the German League. The fate Prussia suffered after the Napoleonic Wars is arguably the worst, with much of its influence and territory stripped. The Duchy of Poland was formed from the lands of Prussia and Russia, the spoils of conquest of Napoleon's ally. With the war over, nations seek to prove their superiority over one another in a different way. It has been 5 years since the discovery of suspendium, an element that disobeys Newton's law of gravity and lets objects float as if they were weightless. It has been 3 years since the French first introduced the Aerofly and made the tour from Marseilles to Bordeaux, and soon after the British and Austrians followed suit. Europe now looks to the 19th Aerofly Grand Prix to be held in Paris, and will end in the Iles Saint-Marcouf. You will be partaking in this race, as an Aeronaut, the umbrella-term for those operating an Aerofly and the many functions of each individual ship. To the normal individual you are a celebrity, to the nobleman, you maybe seen as peer, to the politician, you are influence. This race will serve as the backdrop on the years to come. This race might be the most important one of contemporary history, and you know this. The outcome of this race and the motivations behind it will lead to war or peace. Can you race against the cannonfire?

Re: [REQ] Race Against Cannonfire

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2020 7:37 am
by Sommernaut
Will post a CS once enough interest has been garnered. I'll post the lore-dump after that's done, and a bit of the glossary of terms. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.

Re: [REQ] Race Against Cannonfire

Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2020 7:43 pm
by Matvey
Can't say I know much about Eagle's Heir, but I'm interested