With a suggested standard of two paragraphs or more and dedicated lore threads, this is for the more verbose roleplayer. (10+ sentences per post, on average.)
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Please show interest!

Welcome to Exalt! Think of it as a game stimulating real life in a fantasy world. Upon starting the game you're teleported into a library that has a big fat purple cat with big yellow eyes lounging on a window seal. She looks at you with smiling eyes and purs. At the same time a mirror appears in front of you and the cat steps out from behind the mirror and takes a seat next to it.

"Why hello there! my name is pumpkin and I will be your guide through your character creation..." Pumpkin purrs, explaining the many sliders and customization choices.

Racial Bonuses:
Aura Type:"

"Allow me to explain aura types! Quickly summarizing there are 5 types of Auras. There is the tool type, guardian type, the chariot type, boundary type and the castle type. Auras can even evolve into rare types depending on your experiences and training. The tool type aura manifest a weapon or tool, while the guardian type aura allows the person to summon a monster or even a swarm of them. Someone with chariot type aura can summon a vehicle they can ride in or maybe operate from a distance. The boundary type can control or manipulate an area and the castle type can create structures or battlefield that give them the advantage. Every Aura type gets stronger with its user and in someway represents the users soul. Some are very very pretty." Pumpkin purrs again and you choose your Aura type. When your finished pumpkin makes a high pitched ringing noise and the mirror puffs away in black smoke as the room begins to creek and rattle. Books fall from the shelves as the walls seemingly tare.

"I'll be taking my leave darling. Oh and one last thing. In the world of Exalt there are many other adventures just like you in this world. Just like you they will respawn everytime they are killed at a church within the nearest village, unlike the NPC's who live in this world. Have fun in Exalt!" Pumpkin purrs loudly with a smile and smiling eyes as she sits on the floor, waving her tail and slowly unravels along with her library as you find yourself in the middle of a street.

Explanation: So I wanna start out by saying I want this to be a fantasy slice of life roleplay with action elements. In other words it's not about the fighting its about how whats going on in the rp communicates what's going on in the rest of the world. With that said I still wanna try to make things fun. Everyone can make their own side plots but of course I'm going to try to make mine look the most appealing. Try to take my rp from me frfr.

#1 follow site rules

#2 no teleporting or fast traveling describe your trips and talk to people on them please or ask me and I'll help.

#3 No writing over each other or controlling of someone else's character.

#4 stay lore friendly I'll let you know if you not.

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