[REQ] The Wild Hunt

With a suggested standard of two paragraphs or more and dedicated lore threads, this is for the more verbose roleplayer. (10+ sentences per post, on average.)
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[REQ] The Wild Hunt

Post by Gaiseric » Sun Jun 04, 2017 3:46 pm

(Inspired by Witcher III, Game of Thrones and just a tiny pinch of LOTR)
Lore Composed by Arch-Scholar Primaris Gerol Fossen on the 8th Year of the Mandate of Magnate Layton Lucas of the Trade-Republic of Vescilia
Welcome to the world of Meyvall. To the North lay (surprise) the Northlands, to some it is the kingdom of Death for nothing grows there for rarely anything lives there and those that do generally deal death, its landmass is comprised.

To its Southeast lay the the Lands of Eversnow, tribes called the "Valkaryians" settle there, they are a tall people (6ft-8ft) rumors and legend tell that they once bred with giants, they have bright blue eyes like a dark storm.

To the East where a blue sea and a green sea lay, the Great Plains and its high mountains are surrounded by a vast blue sea known as the Ollo Sea, tribes of fierce warriors, masters of horse riding known as the Mondari make their grazing lands, where blood marks enemies and friends.

Dotting the Ollo Sea are island archipelagos wherein resides the numerous Trade Republics and their colonies and fight their never ending trade wars and squibbling for spices and cheese.

To the Mainland and the Westerlands lay the monarchies of Meyvall. The kingdoms of Gallia, Albion, Germanum, and the Ibessian playing their games of politics, intrigue, and war where the class system is ruled by Feudalism.

To the South are the scorching and hot deserts of Moslin. Where the desert kingdoms and nomadic tribes participate in their Holy Wars against each other as an excuse for a Casus Belli to expand their holdings.

Plot: Composed by Arch-Nerd Primaris Geek Charles on the 2nd Reign of Trump the Builder of Walls
To the Mainland, to the rolling hills of the Southern border of Albion reports from Forerunners seeing abandoned villages and towns, no damage, no destruction but just...coldness and the absence of life. The king and his court believe this as raids by a foreign nation, Gallia, to be exact, but scouts alike report not seeing this phantom cavalcade and no supply trains were spotted. To the East, in the archipelagos, Vescilia's Academy, and the Lombar's Citadel report that the Long Winter is once again approaching, the last recorded one was five centuries ago. Rumor of the Wild Hunt heralding the Long Winter spread like a forest fire with the trees drenched in oil. Soon, sightings of grey knights mounted upon destriers also surfaced, claiming to descend down upon a poor town and taking everyone to join their cavalcade. As the season of winter starts approaching more and more of these sightings appear. Guilds of adventurers and a army was sent to investigate these happenings.

The Wild Hunt Composed by AhWhatTheFuckAmIDoingWithMyLifeHELP
The Wild Hunt, Ragnaosso, Umbramortem, are the names given to this legend. In the lore of the Horselords it is called Ragnaosso. It begins when the sun shone all the time with a demigod named Ragna, born a centaur from the eight-legged horse Tenempo who pulls the chariot of Osin, the mythical Horselords. The tale goes that Ragna was treated like a god, a great temple was built for him, Ragna had his fill with women. A lot of Horselords claim they're descended from Ragna. But, Ragna was riding when he spotted a lone woman sitting by a tree, some claim the woman was from one of the Trade Republics, but that is unlikely, and is most likely a princess from a local tribe. Ragna loved and sought to have her and courted her. Ragna soon proposed to marry the girl and didn't even require a dowry. Soon tho, Ragna's love became an obsession and he kept her hidden and locked to prevent anyone from stealing her, and in the rare occasions that she did go out Ragna's Oathsworn guarded her and struck or killed anyone who tried to get too close to her. Now, the sun god Helos spotted the woman and instantly fell in love with her, it was said that the sun shone brighter than it ever had. Helos noticed the sadness of the woman and wanted to make her happy. Helos transformed into a beautiful red stallion and approached the woman and nuzzled her hand. The Oathsworn were awed and all fought for the chance to mount and tame the great stallion. As the arguements distracted the Oathsworn the woman mounted the great stallion and the stallion rode off. In all versions it is written that the woman cried, it is unclear whether of joy, grief, some say that she caught a glimpse of the future that her brother one of the Oathsworn was killed by her husband. Upon knowing what transpired Ragna killed his own Oathsworn and tried his all to find the woman that he loved. His death is different in versions, some say he starved to death, others say he tripped and broke his neck, most say he committed suicide. After his death he learned that the sun took his wife, enraged he escaped death and collected all those that died in his tribe and they chased the sun, thus, night was formed.

In the Trade Republics it is called the Umbramortis or the "Night of the Dead." It is Death's army, a phantom army which hunt down witches, vampires, and zombies. Death's army comprise of sinful men who are punished as Undead hunters to restore Order into the balance of Nature.

In the kingdoms it is known as the Wild Hunt.

(Too tired to complete the Wild Hunt lore but will finish it when it gets enough attention though)

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