[OOC][Floors] Shards of Memory

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[OOC][Floors] Shards of Memory

Post by UmbraSight » Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:28 am

I ask that you do not post in this tread unless you have been given the go ahead by me. This space will serve as a workshop for the current and future floors.
//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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Chapter One: Betrayal

Post by UmbraSight » Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:33 am

Chapter One: Betrayal
Expected Player Level: Between one and eleven, level six is the minimum for challenging Azgul

Expected Skill Levels: Between one and thirty, beyond that level gain would be limited by available resources

Expected Weapon Skill Weapons: Between one and fifty, but the last ten levels would be extremely slow gains.

"When their lances splintered, when their blades bent, they came at us with tooth and claw, desperate to tear our throats. It took all we were to keep blood in our veins."
- Annals of the Blank Campaigns

We have survived, but not without great cost. The god Immoria has been turned to ash, destroyed in the twin assault by the legions of Chalk and Coal. We scratched our way through Long Night, the same cannot be said about Chalk, their dead still litter the plains. Coal is on the run. The goddess Ilium has set the bounty high, they who can lay low the head of Azgul the God-Rend and his ever loyal legates can claim her boon. Go, hunt, avenge.

Towns and Villages

The starting spawn point of the game, the namesake of the city comes from the ornate tome which rests in the very center of the city. Grimoire is roughly laid out like a spider’s web, with eight main roads which branch out from the large square, and with numerous connecting side streets.

The first town a player would come to by following the main road which leads from Grimoire. The town has two high stone walls, one which surrounds the outside of the town proper, and a smaller inner wall which surrounds the old town center.
Aelder skirts the edge of the Forests of Godsfall and the Silver Fields. Aelder is a useful meeting point for clearers, as it rests roughly in the center of the floor, as well as the starting point for the "Blight" quest.

A small town of ancient stone which rests at the foot of the Tower of the Five Sinners. The quest "The Sinners of Urieln" is started in this town, as well as access to the strongest weapons and armors which can be bought on the first floor.

Elder Ridge:
A quiet town near the edge of the the Verdant Caverns. Uptop a steep hill rests the Viscount's Palace, lord of the woodlands. The remnants of Chalk have been sighted around this town, scouting for easy prey. The "Crumbling Glory" quest can be started in Edler Ridge.


Fort Raze

All know the story of Raze, Traveler. It withstood the cataclysm of the third century, when the gods began to turn against us. Here, Baron Geilz and his knights halted the advance of Orax, within these walls our future was secured. The centuries have not been kind to the ancient stone fortress however. The walls are worn, tired, the north tower has collapsed, and the west tower saggs inward. Here, Aster hides from our retribution, here Aster nurses her wounds. Here Aster will die.

Forests of Godsfall
Here Immoria and the last of his number stood against the Legions of Coal and Chalk, and here Immoria died. The forests have grown vibrant, enriched by the ashes of the fallen god, vines coil over ruins of ancient civilizations. Keep on the path should you ever find yourself within Godsfall Traveler, more than wolves slink between the trees.

Temple Lake
Ilium's temple rises up from the center of the brackish waters, a holy site defiled by Coal. The ashbeast, the favored pet of Azgul, still stalks the grand halls of Ilium's home, waiting for its master's return. The beast must be destroyed, and the temple cleansed, only then will Ilium be able to heal.

Caverns of Verdant
During the height of the Blank Campaigns, the winding tunnels of the Verdant Caverns were favorited by Coal's summoners. Many wretched beasts lurched from this damp womb, and even though the summoners have all been slain, from time to time another horror crawls from the cracks in the stone, and slithers towards civilization. We have prodded the deep caverns, hoping to find the half-finished beasts, but it is a long labyrinth, and there is still much left to be mapped out.

Silver Fields
Rolling hills of silver grasses, soft lines which makes the sky seem to stretch into eternity. Here was Long Night, where Ilium bet her life to shatter Chalk and send Coal into a frantic retreat. We still work to bury the dead.

Tower of the Five Sinners
An ornate tower constructed to be the burial prison of Saint Tulvia. The tower reaches into the sky, a timeless monolith to lay claim to all the wicked things.

Main Quest:
The Blank Campaigns
(This quest is automatically started for all players once they log into the game)

As Coal began to buckle, Azgul and his few remaining knights fell back to his final stronghold, the Tower of the Five Sinners. The Lord-General has sealed the door to stall his pursuers in a desperate bid to devise a plan of attack. Worry not Traveler, there is still a way to open the doors. His legates were separated in the retreat, among them will be pieces of the door key. Slay the four of them, and the path forward will be clear.

- Find and kill the four mini-bosses which hold pieces of the door keys. Two of the bosses will become more challenging the longer they are left alive.

Quest Mini-Bosses

Legate Aster: As Coal crumpled, she drew back to the fort of old. She is trapped, she is wounded, she is our prey, and she will be killed.
Location: Fort Raze
Boss Health: Starts with one bar of health, but slowly recovers to a maximum of three bars. (Takes around a month to do so.)

Legate Hasher: As his company faltered, Hasher fell back into the forests of his last moment of glory. He hides in the ruins near the final stand of Immoria. Prove him to be the lesser man.
Location: Forests of Godsfall
Boss Health: Two bars.

Fearl, the Ash-Beast: It defiles the Temple with each step. Cleanse its blight.
Location: Temple Lake
Boss Health: One bar.

Loran, Demon in Chains: He, she, it, is trapped within the summoning pits, the ritual never completed. End this abomination now, while it is still incomplete.
Location: Verdant Caverns
Boss Health: Two bars. (The amount of damage this boss can inflict in a single blow becomes higher with every day it is alive.)

Once the breaths of his final followers have been ceased, ascend the tower. Be wary Traveler, the tower is old, a prison of the ancients to lock away the ancient sinners, they will not make passage easy.

Floor One: Saint Tulvia, the wrathful.
Boss health: One Bar

His god is anger, his god is wrath, and his piety was paid in blood. His wicked god granted him an army, a legion of Rage to turn the fields crimson. The campaigns were long, ferocious affairs, a generation was shredded before Saint Tulvia’s march. But in the end, he was defeated, hung for his many horrors. Around his corpse, the tower was constructed, for fear that one day the saint would once more walk among us. Word is, that this precaution was wise, his fetid flesh has been known to move, attack any who dare disturb his slumber. Kill him once more and you may face the thief. Die, and you shall become another part of the saint’s wretched room.

- The raid party must defeat Tulvia to proceed to the next floor. But, be careful, any player killed by the Saint will be resurrected to fight alongside him.

Floor Two: Calcus, the Thief of Sight.

His treasures were grand, his treasures were many. Calcus stole from the rich, he stole from the poor, and when the gods looked away, he stole from them too. In this, his room of greed, somewhere among his grand collection of ill-gotten riches, lays Calcus’s most prized possession. Teach the thief what it means to lose, and the door shall open. Do be careful Traveler, thieves are full of tricks, and don’t care for having their possessions filched.

– Search through Calcus’s labyrinth of greed, and take only the item which you believe to be the prized possession, while avoiding the ever watchful thief.Taking the item that isn’t the thief’s beloved treasure will hold lethal consequences.

Floor Three: Arisa, Fallen Angel of Three Fates

An angel of fate who often shirked her duties, allowed life time to lurch forward on its own path, unguided by the gods. She was punished severely for allowing humanity to flourish, and in an act of defiance she set ablaze the tome of fates, and bathed within the ashes. Fate became her plaything, time became her toy, and so the gods cast her out of the heavens, and threw her into the Tower of Sinners, frightened of what she would do.

- Arisa will select one player out of the raid party, and mimic their every move exactly. To defeat Arisa players must use items around the room to have Arisa end her own life, three times. Be sure to sabotage the items being used on the player’s side, however or they will not survive.

Floor Four: Uriel, Lady of the Wastes

Before the betrayal of Coal, before the Withering Campaigns of Orax, before Arisa bathed in fate, before Telriz was cast into the sea, there was Uriel the Garden Queen, and her fate-breakers.

Uriel was the cause of the first cataclysm, she was the first to turn against the gods. Shirk their plans. Her fate-breakers unhinged all that was set in stone, freed humanity from subjection. Proved the gods to not be omnipotent. For this, she was shattered, defiled, made everlasting. She returned, incorrect, all she touched withered, all she saw turned to rot. Her kingdom shrank, gasped for breath, clawed against the punishment of the gods, and eventually, faded.

The players must cross the floor, while avoiding the gaze of Uriel. If seen, the durability of all equipped items will quickly drop, and if not careful will be quickly destroyed. Be ever wary, her fate-breakers patrol the room as well, searching for any trespassers.
Floor Five: Sanctum for the Lost
Once the four floors are ascended, then the key can be reassembled upon the pedestal. Once in place, the door to the sixth and final floor will open, and the final challenge, Azgul, awaits.

Floor Boss: Azgul the God-Rend; Lord-General of the Coal Legion.
His plans are incomplete, his legion scattered, do not mistake this for weakness. He awaits challengers within the Tower of the Five Sinners. Don’t make him wait.

Boss Restrictions: No Respawning
Boss Weaknesses: No Weakness
Boss Health: Azgul has two bars of health.
Boss Notes: At half and quarter health on each bar Azgul summons six elite mobs to support him.

Side Quests:

(Quests with notable ties to floor story, useful rewards, or influence the final boss battle. Each town also has numerous small fetch quests, as well as ‘kill X amount of enemy type Y’ quests which can be done for quick Lor and EXP.) (These do not have to be completed, but are here if someone would like to do them.)

* This quest becomes available once Fearl the Ashbeast has been slain; the NPC “Ilium’s Voice” appears in Aelder’s Old Town Square.
* Much like the main questline, Blight can only be completed once.

You have done well Traveler, with Fearl slain the last of Coal’s war-abominations and Azgul favored pet is no more. Now that the ashbeast is dead, my temple, my home can begin to heal and my powers be restored. But, it will not be enough to wait for such restorations, there is still work to be done. So, if I may, I have one final favor I would like to ask of you traveler. Heal my temple, help me put right all that has been besmirched, and when it comes time for Azgul to die, then I shall return all that I owe.

One: The forgotten Path
Return to Ilium’s Temple, and find the hidden passage into the inner sanctum. Once inside, find Ilium’s Vessel and learn the way to restore her temple.

Two: Gather Their Hearts
Once the sanctum has been opened, two enemies “Ash Nympha” will spawn, one in the Ashen Wastes within the Silver Fields, and the other in Immoria’s Fall within the Forests of Godsfall. Once the two beasts have been slain, return to the Ilium’s Sanctum with their Petrified Hearts and place them within the Vessel.

: Ashwalkers
After the hearts have been placed within the Vessel, the party will be able to scatter the ash with coats the temple to the wind. But, from Fearl’s remains, Specter’s of Feral will appear, and attempt to recoat the temple. Scatter the final shards of the Ash Beast and the Temple will finally be cleansed.

Fearl’s Tears (x3), a sack of Blessed Ash, and a handful of Immoria’s Remains.

Fearl’s Tears:
Clear blue crystals, remains of Feral created in the beast’s final moments. These are upgrading materials which will always increase the weapon’s sharpness stat.

Blessed Ash:
A sack of ash from the temple which had been given Ilium’s blessing, when used a weapon upgrade always succeeds, and adds a point to a weapon’s durability stat.

Immoria’s Remains:
Immoria might be dead, but there is magic yet in these fragments of his soul. A material which can be used as a base for the creation of a weapon or armor, the material tends to make weapons that are light and sharp.

* Once completed, all players who are present in the final assault against Azgul will receive “Ilium’s Blessing,” a boon which increases the rate of HP recovery from potion use and natural replenishment rate. This blessing exists for every attempt against Azgul, even if a previous attempt was aborted or failed.


Crumbling Glory:
Legate Laurel has assumed the mantle of Lord-General of the Chalk Legion. But his positioning is weak; the remnants of Chalk can no longer intimidate the towns into paying tribute. But, Laurel is crafty, he will find a way to survive. If we are to be certain that Chalk is no more, then Laurel must die.

One: Eyes of the Night
Retainers of Chalk have been spotted outside of Elder Ridge, track one of these scouts back to their base of operation.

Two: Whispers in the Dark
Silence the Sentinels and infiltrate the Ebon Keep. Find Lieu Norris, Laurel’s Spymaster, and make the man talk.

Three: Offhand Blade
Follow the directions given by Norris to the cavern that Laurel hides within. Kill Laurel, and be certain that Chalk shall never reestablish.

A choice between Laurel’s Gauntlet and Aeon Blade, as well as a random piece of the floor’s armor set.
Aeon Blade – A silver sword from the Western Family, forged in a simple Crusader design. The sword has a high attack which is offset by its hefty weight. The blade will remain useful until midway through the third floor, if fully upgraded.

Laurel’s Gauntlet – A pair of sturdy black gauntlets forged of a light metal. Has a decent split between offense and defense, for martial artists. If fully upgraded the gauntlets would remain useful until the start of the third floor.

* If this quest is not completed by at least one member of the raid party against Azgul, then Laural and four Retainers of Chalk will appear during the final fight to support Azgul once he reaches his final bar of HP.


The Sinners of Urien:
What? Everyone knows the stories of the sinners Traveler, even a child could recite the old tales. But, if it is a story you want, then I will be happy to deliver... Ah? Now where did I place that old book?

The Historian Belvac has lost the book of his trade, a book which details the four who are prisoners within the Tower of the Five. Help the old man find his book, and the information contained within will be of use to any who wish to assault the Tower of the Five Sinners.

One: The Chase!
An imp has stolen Belvac’s book, track the beast down and take the book back! (The imp will remain within the confines of Yulir, and will randomly skitter about the town. Be careful, the little creature will play tricks on any players who are attempting to capture it.)

Small Healing Potions (x3), a copy of Sinners of Urien
Sinners of Urien – A condensed version of Belvac’s ancient tome which details the history of the tower, and those who are interred within its walls, the book will provide hints towards what to expect from the four sinners, and how to defeat them.

Floor One Armor Set


The gauntlets were beautiful once, but the silver wrist guard has been singed black, the delicate etching choked with char, and worn away. The leather gloves which cover the hand have turned gray, and shimmer as if they are an ember in a dying fire.

When used by a martial artist, Everember gives a chance of inflicting the “Burn” status on an enemy; otherwise the attack stat is fairly low, with moderate defensive bonuses.

Wasteland Hunter

A pair of light brown leather boots, with hard soles, and a metal covering over the toes. Ash clings to the boot, turning the brown leather gra y, and giving the boots a look of hard use. The left boot sports the symbol of Ilium, the crescent moon ensnared by a snake, while the right boot holds the symbol of Immoria, the sun within the beak of a rook.

For martial artists, these boots have extremely high offensive stats, but the defensive stats are low.

Song of Char
The Song of Char is a long coat which comes down to several inches above the player’s ankles. The design of the coat is simple, almost pure black in coloration, with leather shoulder pads which have been dyed gray, the collar is high, and loosely hangs away from the player’s neck. Flakes of ash drift away from the coat, an effect which can be toggled on and off while the coat is worn.

Song of Char provides fairly high defensive bonuses for leather armor, and is pleasantly warm at all times.

Ashen Rose

A strip of gray-red cloth which can be worn as a bandanna or a hair ribbon, the cloth is ragged and frayed, with strands that drift in an unfelt breeze.

While worn, the cloth increases the player’s strength stat by two points.

Set Bonus: When all four pieces are worn, the player is immune to the Burn status effect.
//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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Chapter Two: Pale Flower of Hope

Post by UmbraSight » Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:50 am

Chapter Two: Pale Flower of Hope
Expected Levels: 7 - 16
Expected Weapon Levels: 35 - 100
Expected Skill Levels: 25 - 75
Weather Patterns:
Sunny and typically warm, limited rainfall.


“Something moves out in the fields, stirs the strands of golden grasses and disturbs the silver bells. I know not where it is, only that it is there, and it is hungry.”
-Survivor of the Elisan Strand

The fields of Azalia were peaceful once, so well protected by the Knights of Nine that it is said a lone maiden could travel alone without fear of molestation. It was no foreign blade which drove the noble Knights and their men at arms from the fields and back behind the gates of iron and thorn, but the flowers. Be careful Traveler, there are crooked magics at play here, once which have made the flower’d fields restless. Hungry.

Break this curse, and the Earl will reward you handsomely. He has bled far too many men already, and cannot afford to lose more.

Floor Boss:
Recommend Level:
Boss Health:
Boss Weaknesses:
Boss Restrictions:

Boss Notes:
Actually a player [Define ways to break the curse][The flower maiden has been corrupted by blah blah]

Floor Boss:
Recommend Level:
Boss Health:
Boss Weaknesses:
Boss Restrictions:

Boss Notes:
The true floor boss

Main Quest:
The Hungry Fields
[Investigate the site if an attack leadyhd the player to a desercrated Shrine of the Flower Maiden. [tasks needed: finding who caused the damage, and ways to restore the main temple] leads the players to find the way to restore the flower maiden (or kill her) before facing the person behind the corruption.

Or maybe not

Dunno yet


Go to the Shrine of the Flower Maiden

Side Quests:

Floor Set:
Heavy set based around the armors worn by the Knights of Nine, and a light set of flowers

Enemy Types:
Floor two features two major groups of enemies, flowers and insects. Do not be deceived by the frail appearances and low defenses of these creatures, for they all are extremely dangerous to an unwary Traveler. Below are some of the broad categories that the monsters of this floor will fall into

Flower Types:

These types of flowers emit spores which impart status effects on the unprotected. Some spores take effect immediately, while others slowly build into an effect with each breath taken or as the player is covered by the spores.

The most common effects are; sleep, paralysis, poison, and toxic.

Flower enemies which use vines for their weapons excel at constricting and limiting player movement by grasping and attempting to bind the player's limbs and body. The vines also are adept at crushing metal armors, yet often deal very limited damage to the actual trapped player.

These types of plants secrete or spit vicious acids which burn through leather and cloth with ease. Metal armors are not immune to the effects of acid, but the damage to the armor’s durability is limited compared to leather and cloth counterparts. Like the vines, the damage the player takes from the actual acid is limited.

Insect Types:

Stingers And Pincers:
These types of insects accell at rending flesh and dealing damage. Many of these insects are opportunists, and creep out of their hiding places to attack Travelers who have been inflicted with a status ailment, or have had their armors destroyed by acid or vines.

Some types of insects have venoms which are imparted on a Traveler on a successful sting or bite. Unlike spores, venoms are typically fast acting and only last for brief periods of time.
//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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