[REQ] The Magical Dimensions

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[REQ] The Magical Dimensions

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It started in a world when humanity was almost gone, and it was left in three major cities: Helius, Ulytteio and Freion.

Janeth came to be an orphan in the city of Helius, where an empire’s castle was located just off the city proper. After almost 14 years, her malnourished self was seen by the eyes of her crying biological mother. It was then she had been reunited with her.

As to why? Janeth was shown the truth as her mother was running from the empire. Her mother was a sorcerer, and once was a good one appreciated by the city. However, the empire that newly ruled the city put up a rule to eliminate all sorcerers. Every sorcerer the empire saw was kidnapped and tried, before executed. Janeth’s mother escaped from the bloodbath, but her father didn’t, trying to protect them both. Janeth was later born into the world, while the mother escaped, leaving her daughter in an orphanage safe from Imperial rule. JM however, didn’t care. She found no fault at her mother. Going back for her was more important.

Janeth’s appreciation for art recently brought her to a museum where prized art was just art, but special. The curator who was the woman there, smiled at Janeth for appreciating a sculpture she examined, and decided to give something as appreciation: A white umbrella with fluff decoration at the sides and a single purple flower on it. Janeth knew she didn’t need to use her shirt to cover herself from the rain anymore. Little did she know: It was the Primordial Goddess who gave the umbrella to her.

A few weeks after the truth had been revealed, Janeth was walking in the city limits counting cash from her singing sideline one night when she saw by an alleyway one man holding a teenager quite tight. The teen looked to be more than 15 years old, and Janeth pitied the girl. So she faced it, and went to the man abusing the teen. But the man glared at Janeth, before she glared back. Before he would do anything, she expertly spun her umbrella as she held the nose and swung the umbrella at the man, letting the hilt hit his face. She attends to the abused teen, before the man now angry browsed a part of his clothing to equip his handgun and pull the hammer. This made Janeth put the victim teen behind her, hoping it would be enough to shield her companion.

But Janeth knew that it will never be enough. As she looked at the man threatening to kill them tell Janeth to move out of the way, she said no. A voice of a woman echoed in Janeth’s head: “What is your wish?” And at the same time, time slowed down, enough for Janeth to think. She wanted to protect the girl. The man in front of her is just like the empire, wanting to kill sorcerers for unknown reasons.

Janeth then replied: “I want to protect this girl. No… Not just this girl… I wish I could protect everyone from any more harm. Who are you?”

“Your salvation… as well as your gift will allow you to fulfill that wish. Now… Transform, and fulfill your wish.”

‘Just who is she?’ Janeth thought before closing her eyes. ‘Please… Lend me this power…’ She opened her eyes before a beautiful shade of green covered her dark-orange colored eyes. A bright glow surrounded her and the man covered his eyes for the brightness he never knew would come from Janeth. Slowly, Janeth’s body appearance changed, as power from her umbrella flowed into her. Her wrist was later covered by an appearing bracelet with a green gem. A white sunhat started to appear on her head, and it had a bright gold tiara on it. Her lower garment changed into a short dress in length to her thighs, white in color with short trunks beneath it. Her upper garment was magically replaced with a white tight shirt with chain armor covering it. Her hairstyle changed to have a long tied ponytail at the back of her head.

The man slowly lowered his arm as the brightness faded, letting him see a magical being now in front of her, handling her umbrella, opening it, and innocently placed it on her shoulder before she gave him a glare. ‘A sorceress?!’ His surprise, turned into an opportunistic grin. And his grin grew wider. “Sorcerers have been killed for showing up their own magic, either by accident or just plain stupidly.”

Janeth then was surprised as she saw the man hit a small switch on his pistol, before lines of orange colors were patterned on his handgun. ‘He’s not what I think he is… Is he?’ “You’re an Imperial scout.”

“I’ve been waiting to cap two at the same time.” The scout maintains his grin and aims the handgun at Janeth. “You’re gonna pay by your blood, little missy.”

She then put her umbrella’s top to face the man. “Nobody is dying today.” She then ran forward into a sprint and got a boost of speed. ‘Whoa…!’ And it was fast as she immediately got to the man in a charge before she rams him with the umbrella. He rolls back before quickly stopping his roll and fires his pistol many times at her. She keeps running at him. ‘I’m not taking any chances he tries to hit me or the girl behind me!!’ And continuously, rounds were taken or deflected on her umbrella before she suddenly closed it and spun-kicked him as he staggered, disarming him.

The scout was on his defensive stance, seeing the girl was capable of defending herself. ‘Damn it, who is she?! She’s a sorcerer, but she isn’t like the others!’ “Who the hell are you?!”

“That’ll ruin the fun, sweetie.” Janeth said this, and winced. ‘Did I just say that? Oh well!’ She smirked and charged at him, knowing he has no chance since she moved faster than he did as she swung her umbrella at his head… He was knocked out, and this was Janeth’s cue and escaped.

In the end, Janeth and the girl escape unscathed. As the girl was supposed to thank her mystery savior, Janeth already left. There wasn’t any need for anyone else to know of Janeth’s identity, except through her attire. Soon, news reached everyone like wildfire as the mysterious sorceress girl who knocked out an Imperial scout was praised through the underground messages used to notify every subject in the city of Helius. She was dubbed a ‘Magical Girl,’ and the emperor’s response to it, was the beheading of the same Imperial scout who faced her. He wanted her dead. She was a nuisance.

Two weeks of Janeth’s further schooling in Helius got her to relax for a bit. She made friends in the school, since her mom recommended her to study there. Eventually, she met one very notable student there named Jarred. He was 16… and quite the unknowing charmer to the girls in the school. Eventually, Janeth’s likes for Jarred even got her to desperately set up a date. Didn’t go so well with Jarred’s shirt wet on milk that he left her. Eventually though, he found to himself that he liked her too.

She was raising herself as the city’s neighborhood hero, recently. Janeth took down criminals and brought them to the empire military’s doorstep. She did it at times when the empire isn’t looking and kept at it, like it’s a responsibility.

And two months after the first appearance of the mysterious sorceress who fought against the now dead scout, the emperor decided to put up a search. She, being a vigilante would start being a problem to his plans. And so… deciding to force her out to his will, he hired some people. Janeth found out later at the news that some criminals wanted to take hostages because of money. And so after two months from her first appearance, she shows up, and easily defeats the group. There was a group of Imperial riflemen waiting for her when she left the scene. This got her attention and just ran off. Janeth got suspicious of why she was there in the first place.

But the emperor wasn’t over yet. The next day, he put up a broadcast that the mysterious magical girl’s actions as a vigilante begins to be a problem, and the empire has announced her to be on the WANTED list. Next thing that happened, he offered a reward for her being brought in, dead or alive.

Janeth knew things are running out of control. She knew the empire isn’t perfect, but using the public is something she’d worry about. She doesn’t want to include innocent people on her worries for spotting her as a magical girl. And they can’t get hurt in the process either. Then… She had a dream one night. She saw the woman, who was the museum curator. Eventually, the woman revealed herself as the Primordial Goddess, the one who gave the Strike-Umbrella to Janeth in the first place. Why? She told Janeth that the Strike-Umbrella chooses its user, and is a permanent extension to the user until she passes on.

Then she had doubts, with the goddess sensed. She was then advised: “I know your work as a magical girl happens on a daily basis, and your wanted status is becoming a problem. Know this: A magical girl’s duty is much more, and you should start growing.” Janeth took this to mind before she woke up, with the message crystal clear.

An incident happened that day she went to school. The school was raided by the Imperial military. And deciding not to get there because of them, she was stopped by a squad of Imperials and forced to be in the school for the day. The reason why they’re there in the first place is to scan the place for any magic users. Jarred was there in the search, but he’s clean. Students were searched one by one for any magic user. But that changed when Janeth saw a few soldiers talking to each other and chuckling in their whispers. It wasn’t audible as to what they talked about before one of them pulled out a pistol to one of the girls being searched, and immediately pulled the trigger. Everyone was shocked, and now became so scared of the girl’s death.

Janeth realized what they’re here for. They were here for the magical girl. That explained things. They had enough of her, and even had it to themselves to try forcing her out. She can’t just show herself to them as a magical girl, or it’ll prove her identity as the magical girl they’re looking for. It didn’t matter, as the same gun that killed the first girl, was now pointed at Jarred. Time slowed down as she had mixed feelings now. She loved him, yet she didn’t want to show herself.

That very moment, the voice of the Primordial Goddess came to Janeth’s head with words that said: “Whatever your call, learn to forgive yourself.”

‘But…’ She thought, feeling the goddess would respond. ‘If I show them… That’ll put them in danger.’

“It’s still your decision, Janeth. It’s your responsibility in the life you took as a magical girl. Whatever the consequences of your actions, you’ll learn to forgive yourself.” Her voice faded, letting Janeth see the world so slow, and she had to make a decision: Should she save Jarred? Or should they let them kill her to protect her identity?

Thus, she made her decision.

‘I’d rather have my life taken instead of theirs. So if they want me out…’ She closed her eyes, before opening them, now showing her beautiful green eyes. ‘…I’ll have to oblige and let them welcome me with whatever they got.’ She smirked, now moving as she glowed while running to the gunman. Completing her transformation to the magical girl, she swung her Strike-Umbrella at the gunman, thrown to the wall and made a hole. She then saw a stunned Jarred, not believing who he really saw transformed, as well as the other students. “Hi, Jarred,” was what she simply said before helping him up. The others felt relieved she was around.

But their good moment was cut short as Imperial soldiers were coming down their direction. Telling the students to take cover, Janeth walked calmly with her Strike-Umbrella tightly held. “You wanted me…?! You wanted to take a life for me?!” She sprinted and growled seeing soldiers firing their automatics at her while she dodged bullets thanks to her insane agility. With two swings, she took out two soldiers before turning to another squad heading to her direction. “You’re not the law… YOU’RE THE POISON OF HELIUS!!” That time, she showed her anger, dodging bullets while getting in between members of the Imperial military and swung her weapon strong to each of them while including kicks in her combinations.

Then she heard cannon fire while the school shook. She knew the meaning of it: Cannon-Juggernauts. Once she got to a nearby window to take a look, there were dozens of soldiers outside the school, and even medium-sized two-legged tanks with pilots inside, not revealing their faces thanks to the large glass cover they have. There were 6 Cannon-Juggernauts, with a big cannon at the left and smaller caliber guns at the right and other places. She knew the front was covered, and was sure there was another behind the school, so they surrounded it.

The Primordial Goddess spoke to Janeth again. “At this point, this is where you decide that good and evil won’t matter. It’s your survival that counts, and if you can manage, the survival of the other students.”

“Should I really let myself loose?” Janeth asked, knowing her value of sparing lives is always in her.

“What do YOU want?”

“They’ll kill me. They won’t spare me.”

“Let me tell you that whatever you decide will also be your nature. It won’t affect your future at some decisions, but this is one situation where you’re left with no choice. You chose to protect the students there and then. One decision must make you go through the rest without fear. Do you fear them?” The question rather surprised Janeth.

“I… I fear them.”

“Then it’s a natural aspect as to why you’d hold back. You believe in yourself. Don’t stop now.”

“Then I’ll be a monster.”

“You don’t want to be one, yet your choice is to kill every single one even before I asked you these questions.” The Primordial Goddess said this, already aware of who Janeth is. “Still… I will give you what you need.” Then, Janeth’s umbrella started to glow before it changed shape and transformed, into a tipped rapier sword. “Your future will be of passing judgment onto the darkness. I acknowledge you have your own. And sometimes, one piece darkness must be defeated with another. Such kind can be a burden, but the ideology can be different for different people. You believe otherwise. This, you can use this to your advantage.”

Janeth gripped her rapier, hearing the Primordial Goddess was right. ‘Would I be wise?’

“Do what you can, Janeth. Blood may flow, but a war has already begun between you, and the true poison of your own loved ones in the city. You have that right to reveal yourself. Go forth… my child of destiny.” The Primodial Goddess’ voice trailed off in an echo as Janeth morphed her rapier back to her Strike-Umbrella.

She then puts the umbrella on her shoulder in instinct. ‘Showtime.’ She then walks calmly to the entrance.

And outside the school, all the soldiers aimed their automatics at the figure with the white sunhat and tiara, and her white attire with skirts and a matching colored umbrella on her shoulder. The leader of the squads of soldiers then spoke through a megaphone. “It’s time you give up instead of losing your life. The emperor wishes you removed from the streets. We will spare you, and your family, but you must leave Helius in exchange.”

Janeth thought it was a load of nonsense, but stayed calm and replied: “You call me a vigilante, yet your acts 14 years ago weren’t justifiable at all. The massacre of those sorcerers from the past should never have happened. Yet you’re here, claiming I’m the one who’s wrong.”


“You think that will happen after one of the students died?!”

“We will use force, sorcerer.”

“You should know, Imperial.” Janeth then morphed her umbrella into her Rapier before bringing it tight to her arm. “This is my first time, yet I never felt the exhilaration, nor the guilt of taking a life. But this first time, won’t be my last.” She then sprinted towards them as they fired their weapons at her. ‘You’re all going to die. I’ll take all the pain you give me. ALL OF IT.’

Little did Janeth know, that her mother watched from the television she owned. This shocked her as she knew her daughter would do this. Suddenly, windows were broken and the floor was heard with doorsteps. Before she could react, she was held tight, while seeing men restrain her. Immediately, the mother was tied to a chair, while aware she had a metallic collar on her neck. This is forcing her to refrain from using any of her powers to get loose. And to her surprise, she saw one of the men who was involved: The emperor. He grinned for seeing her and even whispered to her ear: “I loved seeing your own husband choke to death. It was worth it, since your daughter would have been this powerful.”

“What are you making her do?!” The mother asked, knowing her daughter was never a killer.

“Oh, she chose this path.” The emperor replied with it before he took a handgun with his hand and aimed it at her forehead. “And she’ll be the monster everyone will fear.”

“No… she’ll be YOUR monster you’ll run from.” The mother replied, forcing her killer’s gun to touch her forehead. She didn’t have her wish delayed as the emperor grinned and pulled the trigger, instantly destroying the insides of her head and ending her life while she fell with her chair backwards.

The emperor puts away the handgun and extends his hand, before some magic left the mother’s corpse. Soon, more magic came and went to his hand as he collected and harvested her magic. “Yes… Yes… While you massacre my squad, I’m only getting closer to achieve what I want. You and I will face each other, Ferrano.”

Meanwhile, everything that happened around the school ended almost quickly. Corpses of soldiers and broken down Cannon-Juggernauts were scattered around the building of the school. While Janeth held her umbrella tightly, she knew the screams she heard. It was because of her anger. She did it all because of her anger. And now, she wasn’t sure of what to do next.

She felt a hand gently touch her shoulder. Jarred was there beside her, seeing her somehow in a little trance after what happened. “Hey… Jan, you okay?”

“I’m not sure… Jarred. I killed them. I killed everyone.”

“You did your best. But you have to hurry. After they showed themselves, I heard them talking. They’re probably coming after your mom.”

“What? No… Mom…!” Janeth was about to run but Jarred stopped her for a while. “What?”

“I’m coming with you.”

“You’re not a magic user. You could get hurt.”

“No. I don’t care.” Jarred held her hand, this time tighter. “I’m sure I want to help you in any way.” His offer seemed dangerous, knowing she could only lose him. Though, he was insisting on the assistance.

“Then hold me from behind.” Janeth instructed him this before he did so. “This’ll be a rough ride. Is it okay?”

“Let’s just go.” Jarred insisted on it and suddenly felt Janeth jump off the ground, making him scream on the sudden action.

Later after jumping on buildings for a while, Janeth finally landed on the ground near her house and felt Jarred get down from her. She then saw the doors and windows crashed on and immediately sprinted to the house and through the door, then looked around. And she stopped as she saw a trail of blood, she followed the trail and later found the corpse of her own mother lying on the ground. Janeth covered her mouth, not believing the graphic scene shown to her, with her mother’s head opened with a hole while its back was damaged.

Jarred heard her cry as she was seen holding her mother’s limp hand to her face as she let tears flow form her eyes. ‘Oh my…’

And later on, Janeth admitted that she didn’t feel just sad, but angry at the empire. They massacred a number of sorcerers for what? They banned magic after all those years? She knew something wasn’t feeling in place, and felt sick of it. She was mad, and mad of it all. Jarred tried to stop her, but it was too late. She was already gone.

Next thing Janeth knew, she was already slicing up Cannon-Juggernauts with her Strike-Rapier near the Imperial castle like they were butter. Oncoming bullets came at her, but showed its shooters no mercy, cutting them in half or decapitating them at some places. She was after blood: The emperor’s blood. And in no time at all, she sliced the two guards guarding the door to the emperor’s throne room. She gently pushed open the doors, and entered.

The emperor smiled and stood up from his throne, now climbing down the small staircase, to the level of ground Janeth is on. “Child. What brings you here to this fine castle of the empire?”

Janeth stopped to look at the emperor in front of her. “You.”

“Oh? That’s too bad.” He then draws his sword, with black aura around it. “Simply put, you’re the girl who defies us all.”

“It started with a simple disobedience. It turned to understanding what you are. You want to kill me. Why?”

“You’re a sorcerer. And like others, you should be killed.”

“But why?”

“Where’s the fun in that?” The emperor made a smug emotion as he extended his hand and aimed at Janeth before a transparent field of some sort surrounded Janeth. He sprinted with inhuman speed and slashed at the shield in a combination, before the field dissipated and Janeth was thrown backwards, all the way near the throne room door walls as she almost made a hole and hit it hard. She only landed on her feet but her body seemed to have narrow cuts on her body. This, he was impressed of. “So it works.”

Janeth was surprised to see the sudden cuts on her body, and a bloody gash on her arm. “This power…?”

“Did you think that massacre was for nothing? I had to make sure to eliminate the sorcerers, but for what? Tch… You are simply naïve, never seeing my vision at all!”

“What the hell is this?!”

“You are a Magical Girl who doesn’t understand. Yes… I know you were sent by the Primordial Goddess herself. She tried to extinguish me, but she didn’t succeed, and instead was on exile. Now… I can finally manipulate time. It’s a small-scale thing, but you’ll be no match against it. Now… Die.” He sprinted with inhuman speed and faster than time itself before he swung his sword at her. She blocked and was pushed back to the wall. He swung his sword again before she rolled out of the way. But again, she was slowed down with the field that was thrown at her, and he simply sprinted and did his combo again.

Janeth was blown away afterwards, now her knees thanks to the critical damage she’s taking. She can’t take more of it. Should she run? Should she just let her mother’s death along with the death of the other sorcerers be? She never gave up and charged for the emperor so desperately, and she realized it was her last, as his sword stabbed her straight into her torso. He plunged it deeper, now letting her blood come out of both her torso, and her mouth. ‘No… I’m getting… weaker… What’s going on?’ Suddenly, she felt her whole body surrounded with the same black aura around his sword.

“Dark magic is not the most friendly kind. I put it on my sword made as a poison, to eliminate any small-time surviving living sorcerers. Yes… I expect a war, thanks to you.”

She gets on her knees. “You’re… lying.”

“Oh… it’s thanks to fate that a rebellion may rise. They know you’re the one who did it. Unfortunately… You’re about to end.” And the emperor’s words were like an echo to her as he spoke further, not making his other words audible.

However, while in a lifeless state, she read his last words to her before she lost her life: “I will rule. You’re nothing, but a way to begin my perfect rule. My true cleansing, will finally begin.” But that isn’t true, as Janeth opens her eyes.

She finds herself floating, weightlessly at an area where there was light and clouds below her. In front of her was the woman she always knew from then: The Primordial Goddess. She was told here that her true purpose doesn’t lie in the Earth she knows but many worlds. The whole time, Janeth was only fighting for a small portion of her first wish. The true wish was supposed to be her being a Magical Girl to slay witches. Since the Primordial Goddess has her on hold, and ‘not dead’ in a sense, she’s given the only chance she has to be a Magical Girl. But this time, her soul gem would be activated and would correspond to the pain she feels, as it starts to darken if she feels it each time.

It was somewhat easy to let Janeth take this in as she nodded and said: “It’s anything for what happens next. I just… I lost it. Maybe the only reason I wanted to protect someone is because I’m weak. I wanted to see a bigger opponent than those I can handle. Well… It didn’t matter after my mother was killed, did it?”

“I only lent you that power to assess how you feel. Somehow, I had to be sure you’d handle it, and you did. You burned your own pain with the anger you felt. But it all stopped when you died facing the emperor. You DID die, and now you’re given one last chance to be better. You’re not only going to be a Magical Girl with reality kicked in, but you’ll also be receiving your immortal shell. It’ll take longer for the soul gem to be blackened, but don’t choose to and it will make things easier for you. Life for you, however, won’t change. If you truly want to make your duties as a Magical Girl much worth it, grow. Don’t just stay in the Earth you know. Go to other worlds and do the same thing. Witches won’t be existing in this world, but in others, you must face them.”

“Am I really worthy?”

“You are, and you’re given that right to be.” After the words of the Primordial Goddess came out, another entity entered, and she couldn’t believe it… It was the Law Of Cycles herself.

Everything after that, she wanted to keep for herself until the right time she tells.

Janeth opens her eyes, and found herself in a house belonging to Jarred’s uncle. When she asked how long she was out, it had been 4 long months. When Jarred arrived to finally see her awake, he told her what happened: The emperor launched a freak attack on Helius. The other two connected cities of Ulytteio and Freion were not given access to the empire’s military, and even they were in trouble.

Now with the powers of the True Magical Girl, she assessed herself as to what she can do, and it seems her abilities increased power and defense for a bit.

Later on, she discussed things with Jarred. It seems he was involved with the Rebel Alliance, fighting against the empire. It was time to put down the empire and just be free from the harsh rule. She didn’t take sides at first, but she had it to herself to remember her mother’s death, and many others in the past. She couldn’t stand and watch the empire do more damage in their abuse for power. She didn’t take a side for personal reasons. She took a side because she wanted to. Her only goal was the emperor.

And it seems at her battles with the rebels that she saw horror in the empire’s forces. Most of them were felt with dark magic. It didn’t make a difference to her goal, and kept her slashing up, without making effort to grab other weapons. Recently, she felt like she can access pocket dimensions for other weapons. She won’t use it, as she’s saving it for a good time.

While she was facing Cannon-Juggernauts, the thought changed as she put up MP-40’s to replace her Strike-Umbrella from her pocket dimensions to first save energy in slicing. The bullets prove to penetrate other weakspots and she succeeds in saving energy before doing the usual finish slashes with her Strike-Rapier for every walking tank she faced.

Her together with the Rebel Alliance marched until they finally reached the Imperial castle, where he was waiting. But as they searched every inch of it, the emperor wasn’t there. Then she found some evidence about Zeppelins, just before several showed up over the city. With immense firepower, Zeppelin artillery rounds were dropped onto spots where the Rebel Alliance forces were, and many were massacred. Janeth did her best to save some, including Jarred himself. Finding no fault in the sudden attack, she looks up and aim to board the leading zeppelin where the evil emperor should be located in. So… she was able to defy physics and ran to buildings, and eventually jumped on them, before she found momentum and got on the lead zeppelin after some time.

Facing more dark-magic infused men, she wasted no time getting through them like butter, inflicting damage by summoning automatics and used it against them, or just used her Strike-Rapier from her umbrella to slash them. It took half an hour before she finally reached the bridge. Finding the emperor there, he was aware of her presence, and just asked the others to leave, having only herself and him inside the bridge.

He then explained of his own plans to finally let him manipulate time as he will, but it only yielded limited results. In addition to what he did, he was also using the 14 years of advantage he has to cross to different dimensions without anyone knowing. He found so much knowledge in other dimensions and brought some back to this world, making the empire rise to power and even get the cities of Ulytteio and Freion to do its own bidding. There were dimension travel-gates posted around the grass-temples outside the city proper if he wanted to go to another dimension. Everything with infinite possibilities lie in crossing dimensions. This made him power hungry as it was natural he try to find something more. All that was left is to take Helius as the last city to be in his rule.

Janeth knew there was a pattern. The other two cities have officials that wouldn’t approve of their actions. She had the idea that the emperor would also make assaults on the two cities. He applauded her for her logical guess. And when she asked him what he wanted, he replied: “The world is mine. It may as well be granted that casualties are a part of my progress. The sorcerers were only the first step. What of others?”

“I’m not allowing you to do any more chaos then.” Janeth replied it to him. “I’ll finish this.” She muttered it before she started to attack him. This time, when he was putting time fields around her, she was able to counter the fields by restoring time at those same fields. This didn’t make a difference, as he also exhibited dark magic and engaged Janeth.

The two of them battled, eventually wrecking the zeppelin and making it crash at the south side of the city as he crawled out first, but found in shock that she was unscathed as she walked past the fires of the explosions made from the zeppelin. “If you think I’m the worst, wait til you see the devil personally.” She said it before sprinting at him, aware he had no other things in mind in his state of fear. He incidentally threw a time field at her but was easily returned to him by batting it with her umbrella. When it activated it, the field slowed him down. As the finishing move for him, she turned her Strike-Umbrella to the Strike Cannon-Rifle and aimed it at the field, firing once for multiple shells, before the field exploded. The emperor was thrown off and lost his arm in the process as he crashed to the ground. He was finally defeated.

And as she aimed down her Cannon-Rifle at him, she knew that killing him would just make it bad for her well-being. ‘Pain could inflict negative results. She said if I were to turn into a witch that way, then I would have been a witch wrecking more worlds. At least it applies here that killing won’t make a difference. We all have to live with regrets.’ She then morphed her weapon back to her Strike-Umbrella. ‘And he’ll be one of them.’ Eventually, Rebel Alliance forces arrived to finally subdue the emperor. She heard later that the other zeppelins were supposed to go to the other cities, but were either shot-down or forced to be grounded by fear of AA guns and some jets the rebels stole.

Jarred was safe, along with many others in Helius. They saw her deeds, and knew instead of being just ordinary, they treated her like a hero, a liberator from a nasty ruling system. But Janeth knew in her heart that she can’t stay in this world she knew.

And so, while taking Jarred, they went together to one of the grass-outposts to find an old dimension gate, covered from underground. This has been around for a while, but it was working when they got there. “Jarred, are the others found?”

“Yup. They found the others. Think we should really set charges?”

“Of course… What I heard was probably enough. The emperor just lost it… I don’t know, but I feel that he was hungry with power or something. It’s better the gates are destroyed. They’ll just be abused again if they aren’t. I trust you guys.”

“He planned things badly with us, huh? But who’s gonna lead us now?”

“You’ll probably find someone or people who are better to rule. I just did what I can to end a bad one. And Jarred…” Janeth then threw a note to him, which he grabbed immediately. “That note contains simple instructions. You’ll find it easy if you talk to the other city officials for it. You’ll be given as sign as to who, specifically. I kinda got this vision and it’s the future of the three cities. Be careful with it, okay?”

“What about you? Are you really going?” Jarred asked this, knowing Janeth might not be around for a long time.

“I’ll come back at the right time. I know better right now, and my mom probably wanted me to fulfill a higher purpose. Being a Magical Girl is never the case of being fun, isn’t it?”

“I think you’d be relieved to hear I respect that from you,” Jarred didn’t say anything else as he was suddenly approached by a smiling Janeth and just given a peck on the lips. He blushed at this. “W-Whoa…! I thought you didn’t love me!”

“Silly boy. I can love you whenever I want. I won’t stop you from doing the same to another without my presence.”

“EH?!” Jarred was groaning, finding it ridiculous, now seeing Janeth winking at him before jumping in the gate. It was sudden, but he knew it could be a good closure. And as he left the outpost, explosions were heard from behind as the gate was finally destroyed.

When Janeth ended up at a crater in space, she checked her stuff and realized she had a small bag. She opened it, and she saw there were grief seeds inside. Then she remembered a piece of advice from the Law of Cycles: “These grief seeds have enough power for you to keep restoring the original light of your soul gem. Though, you should try to replenish yourself by resting up before engaging a witch. That’s the best cure from corruption entering your system. You’re given so much time. Use it wisely, okay?”

“Tch… Hehe… Madoka.” Janeth mutters this before walking the crater. This was the beginning of a very very long life for her.

And so, Janeth trained herself more in what she did and progressed in hunting witches, and further as she kept it up. She eventually noticed her soul gem starting to darken a little, and kept on her strong meditating. Sometimes, she’d use grief seeds so she’d be safe from further corruption.

Going to many worlds thanks to the use of rifts, she explores different worlds. However, she usually roams more without rifts in the very omniverses the Primordial Goddess had put, so she stayed there more. Still, it didn’t stop her from exploring worlds, hunting witches, helping others, and eventually getting the trust, and some mistrusts from different people.

To those who don’t like her, it’s because of her attitude at times. But inside, she’s a disciplined girl from the beginning. She even chose not to make any connections. She DID make some connections, but they don’t last long. This took a hint of corruption to her soul gem, and knew it would take a toll on her. Not minding the very small matter, she kept on doing her best.

Hi, everyone! :) This is centered on Janeth Maria Ferrano, but this is definitely welcome to other rift travelers in existence as well! :D Basically, here are Janeth's details
[Janeth Maria Ferrano]

“And you’re not changing a thing, are you?” *sprints in her Magical Girl form while winking *

“There’s a whole lot of universes who would need help than just here. It’s time I grow. But I’m not changing who I am.”

“Quantum Break theory? Tch… That’s why I learned how to counter them, sweetie.”

“Where are the doors? Where are they? Oh, wait…” *Looks behind her* “Ah. I thought so.”

“And the evil emperor wannabe comes.” *transforms Strike-Umbrella to the Cannon-Rifle and aims it straight with one hand* “I think you won’t find me hurting you with shells a very pleasant thing.”

“I can’t blame you if you’re slow.” *suddenly appears behind her friend* “Exactly.”

“I got my own darkness. If the light can’t beat you, then my fires are gonna burn you instead, fiend.”

Birthday: October 9, 1999

Age: Maintains appearing 14 years old once she turns to a Magical Girl

Turned into a Magical Girl: August 6, 2013

Receives immortal shell: October 7, 2013

Height: 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)

Hair: Jet Black (Usually tied with a single ponytail to her upper back)

Eye color: Dark orange, Green (Magical Girl), Red (Variation Black)

Skin: Light

Body Shape: Athletic (focused more on her legs since she dreamt of being a ballerina, as part of her final character)

Nationality: Italian-Filipino

Soul Gem Color: Green; Crystal Diamond-shaped

Magical Girl Appearance: She has white attire worn on her. She’s described to have a sunhat, a collared upper garment with a chain-link armor around her chest and torso with short sleeves from the garment, a thigh-lengthened dress with knees visible, and short boots. Her white umbrella, usually opened or closed, is part of the attire. Her Soul Gem is worn on her wrist.

Intrinsic Abilities: Soul Burst (Completely separated from the magic produced from the soul gem, Janeth is known to use this as an emergency barrier to shield herself, and her allies from any impending status, or further damage. In exchange, this spends the light of her soul gem and starts darkening it. This is a risky defense skill that could turn a witch on a magical girl if used too long. This skill stays and CANNOT be removed, unless it is authorized by a deity.) Angel Wings (With her familiar named Irena, Janeth can summon her organic-metallic silver Angel Wings. It gives her flight, but it also gives an indirect advantage since she can fire unguided Star Rays at whichever point her wing tips are pointed at.)

Weapons: Strike-Umbrella (The umbrella itself had a simple shape of such, with a long body and a standard appearing metallic hilt. The color is white as snow, showing purple flowers as a design. JM handled it for the first time and made a wish to protect anyone, discarding the fact her physical strength wasn’t much. It acted for the first time in her sight as it gave her a matching bracelet at her wrist with a green gem and a small white tiara at her head. At first, the umbrella itself was used as a shield to block objects hostile to the user by opening the umbrella in full spectrum, and then used while closed as a melee weapon. Later, it developed itself as JM did, with the Strike-Umbrella transform as a Rapier, and then a Cannon-Rifle.), Cannon-Rifle (STRIKE-UMBRELLA SUB-WEAPON. This develops as she faced the evil emperor who controlled time and space while trying to destroy the city he owned. While JM battled, the Cannon-Rifle was made available to her to help on the offensive against the emperor, who was hard to kill with his engineered DNA…), Rapier (STRIKE-UMBRELLA SUB-WEAPON. The Rapier is simply the sword itself, while used to attack heavier kinds of units the empire had. This was first manifested into her development with the Strike-Umbrella while she faced walking Imperial Cannon-Juggernauts to get through their armor faster.), Variation Black (The power itself was claimed when Janeth herself had taken the power of her witch self, after the inter-dimensional travel she made. It seemed as her other ‘self’ had transformed into a witch, the witch named Cordelia had toxic auras taken into her, and naturalized into her power. After Janeth defeated Cordelia and gained her powers, the power itself has a function to amplify every ability she has. This ability is usually shown when her attire is changed from white, to black, and her eyes changed from green, to red.)
Basically, it's all about Janeth, but she can meet a lot of people. And... since she can do that, a lot of stories can happen around her that she doesn't know! That said, the RP is happening for everyone else who is acting! But please do take note that the whole thing would have to be organized! Be sure if you have a character around Janeth to be put on the Character Sheet of the Magical Dimensions RP. That's only if your character's gonna be around for a long time.
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