[REQ] Problems Solved Cheap!

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[REQ] Problems Solved Cheap!

Post by Fang » Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:20 am

Cicadas sang beneath an empty sky, the sun so high its light was a white glow too bright to look upon. A lone shade tree covered the ground beside a dirt crossroads, and beneath it lounged a slumbering man. His legs were crossed, one dangling over the other and swaying with the wind, his arms behind his head as he reclined against the sturdy oak that gave shelter from the heat. A wide brimmed hat hid his features, but otherwise he wore only a pair of battered cargo shorts. His torso was tanned and muscular, arms chiseled and adorned with unfathomable tattooed symbols. The wind blew softly, stirring the leaves above the man just before he let out a loud snore turned snort as he jerked awake. Barely audible, under the sound of swaying grass and blowing sky, the sound of an engine could be heard.

The man stood after a moment, brushing off his shorts and stepping out into the middle of the road. The sun beat down upon his hat but he kept his eyes shielded with its brim, watching the horizon as a looming speck grew to the shape of a red sports car with a tail of dust. The man smiled and stuck his hand in his pocket, removing a pack of cigarettes and lighting one smoothly before returning them.

"Time to go to work." His voice was deep, melodic and comforting.

The engine roared in the man's ears and heavy rock music could be heard blaring over the speakers as the brakes began to screech the speedster to a stop. Dark glass tinted the windows, hiding whoever was inside. For a moment the man and the car faced one another in silence, then the man stepped forward and raised his hand.

"Hi! I was wondering if you could give me a ride?" the man looked around, much of his face still hidden. "Its awfully hot out here."

The sound of an electric window rolling down prompted the man to step to the side, leaning in as he rounded the hood of the car so that he could see who he spoke to more clearly. The driver, who had rolled down the window, was a young male, early twenties with close cropped black hair and icy blue eyes. In the passenger seat a young blonde woman reclined, barely conscious and dressed in a fancy dress. The man clicked his tongue as he shook his head.

"It looks like you already have a passenger."

The driver of the car smirked. "Yeah, buddy, so fuck off." The engine roared to life and the man in shorts stepped back with another shake of his head. "Fucking hobo!" the driver yelled he threw the car into gear.


Smoke spewed from under the hood of the car and out of its tailpipe, the soft glow of flame lighting the shadows beneath it. The driver's eyes went wide as the man in shorts stepped back up to the car.

"You know, most of the time I dont enjoy taking on jobs like these as they tend to be more trouble than they are worth." With a flick of his wrist the man's hat spun off, revealing a hansome fase with golden eyes and hair that was loosely controlled behing his head. "But you're a real dick." Faster than the eye coulld follow the man punched the driver, knocking him out cold with a satisfying crunch of cartilege that made his nose begin to bleed. The young girl in the passenger seat gasped, her eyes going wide for a moment before she finally succumbed to sleep. He opened the door and carefully extricated the driver, producing a length of rope from his cargo pocket and tying up the unconscious driver.

After not-so-gently putting the driver into the backseat of the car the man pulled the hood release and propped it open. After a few seconds he lowered it and returned to the driver's seat to turn the ignition. The engine rolled over smoothly and the man closed the door, glancing over at the woman who seemed so peaceful in the seat next to his. He pressed down on the gas and continued to drive, a small smile on his lips.


Several hours later the girl awoke to find police surrounding her, one with his hand outstreched and saying something. She blinked to clear here mind and here eyes, trying to figure out where she was as the world came into sharp focus around her. Behind the officer speaking to her a man was being placed in the back of a police car, bloof running from his nose and his icy blue eyes full of rage as he struggled to free himself from his handcuffs.

"Ma'am, are you okay?"

The officer's voice echoed in the girls ears and she nodded. "Head's fuzzy. What happened?" It felt like she were trying to speak under water.

"You were both found unconscious with these scattered all over the car." The officer held up a piece of paper, a photo depicting the man they had arresting sitting at a bar with the girl sitting next to him. The officer held another one up and if showed the girl's drink, the man's hand hovering over it and frozen in time as the glitter of falling dust betrayed the story. "Its going to be okay now," the officer said, gently helping the girl out of the car and placing a blanket around her shoulders. "Lets go somewhere to talk about what happened."


"Well?" "Bast asked as he walked into the room, his golden eyes full of mishief and amusement. The office was dimly lit, the window that served as its back wall a painting of a bustling city at night. Behing the massive mahogany desk sat an equally massive man, hands steepled as he regarded the apparent vagabond before him.

"I told you to punish him," the man said, speading his hands out in a gesture of futility. "You just got him arrested." The man crossed his arms and a dangerous loook settled in his eyes. "I'm not going to pay you for giving the job to someone else."

Bast grinned, his perfect white teeth showing as he sat down in the chair across from the businessman. "You know the cops would never have caught him if it werent for me, and, lets face it, you werent paying me enough to risk going to jail myself. What you actually told me was that you wanted "justice and that is precisely what I have delivered." Bast shooted the chair closer to the desk laid his hands flat on top of it. "Now, I am sorry that I misunderstood what you had wished, but a service has been given and so you must pay."

The massive businessman steepled his fingers again, a pensieve look on his face. "Ill give you half."

Bast leaned forward again, his elbows on his knees as he bradled his chin in a perfect imatation of Rodin's statue. "Fine." He stood, extending his right hand toward his counterpart. The businessman reached into the lapdrawer and pulled a small stack of twenty dollar bills out. He then stood and slid the money across the desk before taking Bast's hand in his own.

"I was afraid you were going to be difficult. I have heard that youre a hard man to bargain with," the man said with a smile. They released each other's hands as the businessman pulled two glasses and a bottle of cheap whiskey from his desk. "My dad used to drink this stuff." He poured a small amount into each glass and offered one to Bast. Bast took the drink and swirled it as the businessman continued to talk.

"He was an asshole, but he did everything he could for me and my sister. I always wanted to be as good of a father as he was." He filled his glass again and took a long sip. "I guess failed since I let that piece of shit get his hands on my Lyla."

"He's been caught, now" Bast said, politely taking a sip of the strong drink.

"Yes, that is true. I've got a few boys in there I could get to take care of him, and I could pay the guards to let it slide." Thebusinessman swirled his drink and took another swallow. "But I would much rather kill him like I did Jerome. My own two hands wrapped around his neck as he begs for his life." The businessman simulated strangling someone before a confused expression crossed his face.

"Im sure you would, Mr. Leon, but Im afraid this is where my job ends. Whatever you do from here on out is on you." Bast set his glass down on the desk with a soft thunk, barely touched as he turned for the door. "Have a good night."

"Wait! I dont know why I said that!"

The door to the office closed and Bast headed for the elevator as a soft thud landed just on the other side. Nonplussed Bast continued, waving to the lobby clerk on the ground floor. He hailed a cab, whistling a jaunty toon as he pulled the tape recorder from his pocket and hit stop. "Fifteenth and Colfax," he told the driver, pulling a couple of twenties from the stack in his pocket and handing them to the man. In a few minutes the car pulled to a stop and Bast stepped out, looking up at the shabby apartment complex. Tiredly he climbed to the fifth floor, knocking on a door numbered 508. Quickly the door flew open and an elderly woman beckined him inside.

"Did you get it?" The woman asked, shuffling a few steps before turning. Bast held the tape recorder up with a grin.

"Got it right here. Pay up." The old woman reached into her purse, pulling a crumpled twenty dollar bill from within.

"I dont understand why you only wanted twenty dollars," the woman said as she handed the money to Bast. "That man was a killer, and he could have killed you. Surely what you did is worth more than twenty dollars." She reached back into her purse and Bast grabbed her hand.

"Are you crazy!?" he yelled, startling the old woman as he jerked a bent business card from his pocket. "Problems Solved Cheap!' he read aloud, pointing to each word for emphasis. "I agreed to twenty dollars. Dont make me look bad." He smiled and turned, setting the tape recorder on the table by the door. "I hope you find justice, Mrs. Foster, but I'm afraid this is where my job ends. Whatever you do from here on out is up to you." He turned back, and on the doorknob as he smiled. "Have a good night."

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Re: [REQ] Problems Solved Cheap!

Post by UmbraSight » Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:57 am

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Re: [REQ] Problems Solved Cheap!

Post by VengeanceUSA » Sat Sep 29, 2018 2:15 am

i'm intrigued
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Re: [REQ] Problems Solved Cheap!

Post by Jhibus » Sat Sep 29, 2018 8:47 am

Hi intrigued I'm Jhibus

This does sound interesting though. Did Bast slip something into the drink that made the business man tell the truth or something?
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