Fight Club [bxb rp]

With a suggested standard of two paragraphs or more and dedicated lore threads, this is for the more verbose roleplayer. (10+ sentences per post, on average.)
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Fight Club [bxb rp]

Post by kinishinai » Sat Aug 25, 2018 2:32 pm

The Plot

Muse A had carried a normal monotone life for as long as they can remember. They went to school, graduated, got a part time, went to college, graduated, got a job, went to work every day. Your normal office person. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happened. That is, until they meet Muse B. An outgoing person who has some radical ideals bottled up in their head. They weren't your usual next door person. With no real home and always on the road, Muse B seemed to somehow, as odd as it may be, have their life figured out. After a weird exchange of words and numbers, both Muses part ways. Surely they would never meet again....

As luck would have it, Muse A's appartment was engulfed in flames along with all of their possessions. Burned to the ground. They didn't have any friends or family, but the weight of Muse Bs business card rested in their pocket. They had no one else to turn to, so, they called Muse B. Muse B didn't really think it twice before letting Muse A stay over, to Muse As surprise. Yeah, Muse A really was an odd fellow...but a place to stay was a place to stay. The password is: Life is a copy of a copy. They met up at a bar, had a few drinks, got a little drunk, and went to Muse Bs place.....iiiiit wasn't what Muse A had in mind. The place could barely be called a house. It an abandoned one, the stairs almost falling down, leaking pipes, creaking wood, but somehow they had water and electricity. Honestly, Muse A wasn't even sure why they had stayed.

The next night, while they were out for drinks, Muse A was fed up with their dull life and starts to rant. Muse Bs solution was simple. "Punch me." They said with an odd smile on their face.

Weirded out Muse A simply brushed them off but after continuing to be annoying for the next couple of minutes it actually wasn't that hard to punch them. In manner of seconds, the two had gotten into a fist fight. Releasing stress or pent up anger, who knows? But in the end, it actually felt good. So, they kept coming to the bar's parking lot to have their little fights. Soon enough others had begun to gather around, wondering what the heck was up with these guys. A fellow with questionable sense of fashion and a businesslike dressed person? That sure was a sight to see. Soon enough, others started to join in. Soon enough they moved their activities to the bar's basement. Soon enough. They had their little fight club. Soon enough....a cult started to form.

The Rules

•You have to be literate or advanced literate

•This is a bxb plot

•No OC needed, just a faceclaim, name, age and any other detail you deem important or need to know basis

•VERY IMPORTANT, roleplay example required. Its how i know if we'd be good rp partners

•no i am not on 24/7 i have a life, dont rush me please

•this plot will have romance but it will not be the only theme. I have a whole story planned out for this.

•password is in the plot

•private message me if interested

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