the elven maiden

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the elven maiden

Post by mrsotterlysloth » Fri Oct 25, 2019 5:34 am

Nushala had always been a wanderer, the forest was her home. Her parents had both been slaughtered by a group of orcs when she was just a mere child. Frightened and alone the young maiden found herself in one of many enchanted forests. On the verge of starvation an ent, a shepherd of the forest, found her and took her in. Aldershadow taught Nushala ways of the forest and how to survive on her own. He was kind to her and protected her as if she was his own sapling.

However Nushala's life was peaceful after Aldershadow rescued her but all good things must come to an end. Sadly war came upon the quiet forest as an army of elves began waging a war upon a large group of goblins. The battle led into Aldershadow's home and soon half the forest was set a blaze. With his last dying breaths he found a elf soldier and begged for him to take the wounded Nushala . That elf was Haemir. A brave young warrior who was still fresh off of training. However as soon as he laid eyes upon the red haired maiden he was immediately enchanted.

Haemir took Nushala back to his home and cared for her until she was able to make the decision on her own weither she wanted to stay or not but by that time she had already fallen head over hills for her rescuer.

They married shortly after and within the year had their daughter, Terlytih. A beautiful girl with fire locks like her mother and elvish features like her father. She grew up loving nature and knowing how to wield a sword.

She grew up knowing the ways of the forest but also knowing that the world wasn't as safe as her mother wanted her to believe. Nushala opposed war. She hated killing. And being married to a warrior wasnt the best situation but she loved him and now had a child with him. No matter how many times Haemir tried to convince his beloved that violence was necessary she still didn't believe him.

Her stubbornness was to be her downfall.

As Terlytih grew so did her confusion on what was right and what was wrong. Her mother in one ear teaching her the peaceful ways of the forest and her father in the other telling her she had to fight to protect her home and the ones she cherished so dearly.

At the age of 10 Terlytih's world was shattered. One day Haemir and his men had captured a woodland Sprite who had been accused of murdering multiple their people. And why had it done so? Because they had been cutting down its home for supplies. Nushala couldn't bare to see a creature of the forest in a cage for simply defending its home so she made the decision to release the prisoner. Doing so was treason in the elvish city. Punishable by death. Haemir begged the elders to spare his beloved even after she admitted to committing the crime.

The elders never cared for Nushala. She wasnt an elf and they didn't approve of their marriage but didn't want to risk losing such an assist to their army. But this was their chance to finally be rid of the wretched female. They denied Haemir's plea but instead of death they did allow Nushala to be banished from their realm.

Haemir's heart broke as his wife was dragged out of the city. Never even getting to say goodbye to her daughter Nushala was thrown out of the realm and her memory wiped clean of all she had known of her time spent with the elves, including her husband and Terlytih.

Terlytih was raised by her father alone after that. She grew into a lovely young elf, the spitting image of her mother almost.

The young elf maiden was raised a fierce warrior due to her father but still held her mother's teachings close to her heart and avoided violence unless provoked or it was extremely necessary.

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Re: the elven maiden

Post by outwiththe0ld » Wed Nov 27, 2019 2:01 am

I loved your story, i would love to continue to build the story with you if that is possible.

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