Legacy: Chapter One

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Re: Legacy: Chapter One

Post by kotetsu » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:51 am

Roy expected a formal meeting of sorts and was just trying to stay out of trouble. He perked up a little bit at the thought of food came to his mind once more. That was real bacon he smelled. He had only had the opportunity to taste it a few times in his life. Growing up poor in the Federation didn’t expose him too much to good food, and it didn’t improve by any significant degree in prison, or even when he was drafted into a program to plug wires into his head to pilot a robot.

He looked away at first and stared into a corner of the room as James acknowledged him back. Slowly however he got up out of the chair as if James walking away was an opportunity. He hardly noticed the little one whose name he’d either never learned or already forgotten wander off to a griddle. He was sizing up the buffet before him, might as well have been a feast for a king in his eyes. Pancakes… not really his speed, but he grabbed two from a platter anyways and places them on a plate. They would serve their purpose well. Seven or eight-ish strips would fall into place on top of one of the pancakes in a messy pile. What was next? Eggs, Akari mentioned eggs. The little one was watching the eggs. Edging in off to the side of the griddle he’d give her an awkward glance, made awkward for him mostly because he wasn’t used to looking down to make direct eye contact.

“Pardon me…” he said as politely as he could muster. His low voice had a bit of a grumble that made him a little hard to understand.

He reaches out for a spatula cast off to the side and slides an honestly not quite done sunny side up egg onto the remaining pancake, then moves along. Half the bacon strips make their way onto the egg, crushing the yellow yolk under their weight as his eyes widen. He makes a B-line for a nearby refrigerator. He opens it up and just stands there for a moment. Holy shit… ketchup… and hot sauce, all in one place. An ample squirt of both wind up on top of the gooey mess of bacon and yellow egg yolk, slowly mixing in, topped by the remaining strips of bacon, and the remaining pancake forming a breakfast sandwich from the depths of hell.

He kicks the refrigerator door close behind him and takes a large messy bite of his creation and starts to make his way back to a seat. Then he remembered the coffee. He needed something bitter to balance out the goodness that was… ah the hell with it. Eyeing the abandoned jar of sugar he grabs it and dumps an obscene amount into a loose coffee cup. The hot coffee the follows melts it down into an overly sweet yet bitter pallet cleanser that he takes back to his seat.
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Re: Legacy: Chapter One

Post by illirica » Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:40 pm

Breakfast had been a good call. It encouraged people to trickle in, one at a time, most with polite greetings before they set about figuring out what they wanted to eat. In some cases, that seemed to be an entire canister of sugar - in other cases... well, it looked like one of their teammates was making an attempt at suicide by gastronomical implosion. Alia gave the construction a look of uninhibited horror, shaking her head in hopelessness.

Akari had already taken the liberty of engaging one of their teammates in a private conversation, so it seemed like he had some plans. She wasn't going to pry into what they were - that was his business, after all. She was just here to patch things up - probably myocardial infarction at this rate. She grabbed a plate anyway, adding a sensible two pancakes and two eggs - actually cooked, not attempting to escape the plate, thank you - and wondered if anyone on this ship had heard of 'vegetables.'

She set her plate down and grabbed a small container from the refrigerator while Mr. Mclean was looking through it - an actual dairy product, she noted, not just processed imitation lactic beverage supplement. Good enough to add a generous amount to a cup that she topped off with fresh coffee before taking a seat at the table.

"So, what brings all of you out here?" she inquired, affably. Knowing what motivated people was a good start towards working together, after all, and a team that worked well together looked out for each other, which meant less injuries all around. It wasn't that Alia didn't enjoy her work, of course, but the best job for a doctor to have to do was no job at all.

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Re: Legacy: Chapter One

Post by UmbraSight » Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:14 am

Kit sipped on her coffee as she listened to Jame’s speak. In trouble it seemed she was not, but oh did it leave her open to cause a bit of trouble which definitely brought a grin to her lips. It did leave open an important question, was he just aiming to cover bases or was it a gut feeling that something very wrong was happening? If she had learned anything from soldiering it was to trust when a seasoned sergeant had a gut feeling. Kit blew some steam off the top of her cup as she contemplated.

“What’re you feeling, fireworks or a bar-b-que?” She asked. She tipped the dregs of her cup back as James asked her to take on a right hand role. She couldn’t help but chuckle as she tapped her cup against her palm.

“It’d be my pleasure,” Kit said, flicking her index finger up, “but with one important condition, no word of this get back to the Colonials, or I’ll never hear the end of it.” She said with a wink, but after a moment’s pause her expression turned serious.

“Humor me, your gut feeling, what are you expecting planet side?”
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