Legacy: Chapter One

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Re: Legacy: Chapter One

Post by Poetic Ghost » Thu Jun 25, 2020 7:44 am

J4X and Aurora

Miraculously the revolver fired, sending a deafening shot through the ventilation system, leaving even their synthetic audio processors ringing from the sudden intensity of sound and force in the air.

The bullet itself flew true, blowing half the hound's head apart before it could land on Aurora. It's blood and viscera left her otherwise clean self now painted with red and bits of bone. A low gurgle was all that came out of it's form as it laid against the fleshy floor, it's one dead eye, already lifeless, was now even more so. An already lifeless husk reduced to nothing now, a lazy portrayal of biological life.

The secret of it's ambush was clear now, a hole in the vent behind them, corroded away by the biomass and covered in a thin layer of... skin? Sinew? It wasn't easy to determine, and absolutely disgusting.

The growth at the other end of the vent seemed to groan and expand, an exhale almost. The walls of the vent screeched as the metal twisted around it's bloated mass. Whatever the hell it was, it was alive. More importantly, it was growing.

- - -

Gido Rankenn

The twin blasts from Twilight's Beam Repeater Rifle hit Frostbite hard, leaving long black burns across it's carapace and face-plate. Sections of chitin peeled away, revealing sickly orange flesh beneath. It screeched in anger and planted it's claws in the ice and lowered itself to the ground, raising the icy spikes on it's back.

Frostbite flexed it's thorax and with a deep cracking, a trio of ten foot long ice spikes shot towards Gido, each glowing from within with the same orange of it's flesh. The first spike glanced off AMP's shoulder, cracking and smashing into the snow. The next two hit their mark, smashing against Twilight's torso and thigh respectively. The damage wasn't too bad, but it was enough to shake the pilot and flash a few red lights. The creature let out what could only be compared to a laugh as it saw the effect of it's attack.

Then, it wrapped itself with it's head to it's tail and thrust itself towards the AMP, turning into a jagged wheel of pain as it advanced on Gido at frightening speed.

- - -

Revelation Namoor

As the nova cannons obliterated the shock troops and thundered down the umbilical, both enemy troops and human marines stared at Flashpoint in horror as he painted the hangar with blood and gore. The ship shook from the sheer force of the mech, and rocked with the impact of it's blows. As it unleashed a blast down the tube, the umbilical warped from the blast and heat before collapsing and pulling any poor bastard near the breach into the cold expanse of space.

Alarms blared in the hangar warning of the breach, and soldiers braced and reached desperately for anything to hold onto as the vacuum pulled everything it could through the hole. Bodies, both dead and alive were ripped through the hole and subjected to the unforgiving void.

But hey, at least no more soldiers would make it through, and it looked as though the xeno ship had taken the hit hard. Those black-clad shock troopers now doubled their efforts against the marines, and some turned their guns to fire on Flashpoint as they ran for the nearest exit of the hangar, looking for somewhere to hold out while they rallied.

Just fuel for her fire...

- - -

Dr. Alia Asai


That was all that was left of him now, just a name. Just like so many others, the soldier died believing he was defending his proud nation from the xeno invader. Now he was just another name, raised lettering on a piece of metal, and if he was lucky it would be etched into a piece of granite on Landfall next to a thousand others. His body would be sent home, if it could be recovered and preserved, but his sacrifice and legacy, the children he didn't have, the life he didn't lead, what of those?

The life of a young man taken, and for what?

Thus was the price of war.

It was nothing the good doctor hadn't seen before, as bleak as that sounded. One needed to understand that people died in war. Soldiers, civilians, warriors, doctors, innocents. War claimed all it could, this was it's nature and it couldn't be changed. Someone in Alia's position could only hope they'd save more than they'd lose, and pray for the lost.

As Dr. Asai approached the next marine, she'd find her stirring ever so slightly in the pool of her own blood. Her left leg was still pinned to the floor by the ten-inch spike that had been driven through her by the white warrior. Her skin was growing paler by the moment, and it was apparent that she'd need assistance soon or slip away. As the doctor drew near, the soldier's lips parted weakly and a voice murmured a weak plea for help.

"Please don't let me die here..."

- - -

Roy Mclean


Beneath her helm, the warrior made a face. She could only assume the war-cry of the small male was some sort of insult. Roy's charge caught the warrior somewhat off-guard. She wasn't expecting another one of these beings to come charging towards her after she had already laid waste to everyone else who came close. Perhaps this was some sort of racial trait? Pack tactics? She could not see the strategy in such an action, but nevertheless she would give the small man a chance. She prepared to strike downward from above as her came close, using her height and reach to her advantage.

As he came near, she struck, certain she'd make a killing blow. But instead, she found his... stick somehow countering her blade, and now he was far too close.

Her overconfidence would be her mistake, as Roy charged her and used his center of gravity, mass, and strength to get beneath her and send him over his back. As she went over his shield, Roy would notice that despite being her size, she was quite light, not nearly as heavy as he expected. She tumbled behind him, and quickly spun around on the floor to recover. But as she spun, she found herself now below Roy, and at quite the disadvantage.

((Hey everyone, a nice smaller update as we have more action and combat related things happening at the moment. I'll also be posting something for Leon and Estelle maybe tomorrow (concerning Gido's call as well) any questions can be directed to the Discord or my DMs, thanks! :3))

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Re: Legacy: Chapter One

Post by UmbraSight » Fri Jun 26, 2020 12:38 am

Was it the metal? Distance seemed to be important too, if the marine’s pistol plucking against the alien’s visor was any indication. Heat damping alloys in the armor? A puzzle of alien tech.

Kit pressed her back to the wall as Akari tossed a flashbang into the hall. The metallic twang of metal skittering across the deck, and then light. Motion came and time bent into itself. The good doctor, with the sort of bravery or foolhardiness that marked a person of her trade, rushed out to the marines, and Roy brandishing his new shield close at her heels. The big guy yelling insults did well to distract the xenos from trying to draw a bead on Asai.

Or maybe they knew enough to not shoot medics. That always was a coin flip.

Kit spun into the open doorway and took it at a glance. Roy had the big one, but the four behind her looked primed once they caught an opening in the big guy’s defense. Kit sighted on the nearest of the four and squeezed a burst. White hot bolts zipped out and Kit pressed forward. She kept her profile tight as she moved towards the closest bit of cover, what remained of the sandbag barricade, and squeezed another burst of plasma as she slid into cover.

The sandbags hadn’t done much for the first guy, but what could she say, she was feeling lucky.

Kit’s uzi found a notch in the sandbags, and her finger squeezed down on the trigger.
//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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Re: Legacy: Chapter One

Post by illirica » Mon Jun 29, 2020 2:52 pm

As Alia had suspected, there wasn’t much that she could do for the young man. She recovered his ID tags, anyway, and slipped them into a pocket for later. Sometimes the way these things went, there might not be much to recover later. She would have liked to be able to do more, but there was no sense starting compressions on a man who was already gone - not when others might need her assistance. She got up and moved on, towards the other soldier, the young woman pinned to the ground.

That one was not beyond help. She didn’t look good, though - the pallor of her skin suggested she was in rough shape, which was one of those trained observations that wasn’t nearly as useful as the untrained observation that there was a giant spike driven through her leg. The woman’s plea was nothing that Alia hadn’t heard before, but that didn’t mean it didn’t tug at her anyway.

“I’m here to help.” Alia knew better than to make promises she couldn’t be sure of keeping. Her tone was reassuring, not a whisper, but soft and confident as she looked over the wound. “I’m Dr. Asai. Can you tell me what your name is?” She’d proceed from there to the standard list of questions: How old are you? What’s your birthdate? Do you know what today’s date is? Can you tell me about what happened? All questions designed to determine the woman’s level of coherence more than anything - eyewitness accounts of what actually happened were notoriously unreliable, but a lot of the time people needed someone to hear them and to feel that they’d helped more than anything else.

Meanwhile, she slipped her pack off of her back, glancing over at the hallway and the combat happening there. It was always strange to do triage so close to everything - even if no one was trying to kill her, one stray shot would end it all. Still, Alia had a job to do, and she was going to do it. She pulled out a laser cutter and slid it quickly under the woman’s leg, slicing through the spike pinning her to the floor, leaving as much as she could sticking out. This was not the time for removal. Once that was done, she bandaged everything as tightly as she could, before cutting off the top of the spike as well, leaving a good ten or fifteen centimeters so someone would be able to get a good grip later to pull it out.

Tempting as it was to put on a tourniquet and stop the bleeding entirely, that would almost certainly result in the woman losing the leg. Alia would do that if necessary, but for now she was going to try to save the limb unless she had no other choice about it.

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Re: Legacy: Chapter One

Post by Poetic Ghost » Thu Jul 02, 2020 3:02 am

Kit Zahara

The burst of plasma met it’s target, still reeling from the flash grenade. The first knocked the shoulder off balance and burned against his armor, and the second tore through and left him on the floor.

Akari's flash grenade had done it's job well, but it didn't last. The remaining troopers steadied themselves as the burst from Kit's uzi came down the hallway, tearing at the survivors. It shredded the lighter armor on a soldier's waist, releasing a cloud of red mist as they let out a cry and fell on their knee. Their armor was tough where it needed to be, and flexible everywhere else.

The remaining two dragged their wounded comrade around the corner they had rounded and began advancing on Kit, firing their spike throwers towards her. The sandbags worked well enough until they began to tear and fall apart from the razor sharp projectiles.

For their height, they moved alarmingly fast, and after a mere few moments they were nearly on top of Kit. Their aggression was not unwarranted, after seeing this being fire upon their friends, the two troopers were more than eager to shed her blood.

- - -

Dr. Alia Asai

The marine's eyes caught the doctor as she tended to her, and a sense of relief seemed to wash over her at her presence. "I'm Lena, but everyone calls me Crash," she managed to get out weakly, and did her best to answer what she could. "I just turned 20... I think it's sometime in August... today's Tuesday, right?" She wasn't the most coherent, but she wasn't slipping or going into shock quite yet. The questions and contact made the soldier more relaxed and calm, and she even grew less tense as Alia spoke with her.

She let out a muted cry at the heat from the laser cutter, and gripped Alia's thigh as she tended directly to the wound. The combat and fighting seemed to warp around the doctor and her patient, as if it couldn't even touch them. She'd tended to wounded soldiers in worse conditions than these, but the enemy seemed to be avoiding her, almost as if they couldn't see her. Two of the black shock troops seemed to begin to advance on her, but simply stepped past her, focused on her squad-mates behind cover, was it their height? Maybe she didn't register as a threat to them, or maybe they could tell she was a healer, not a warrior.


A weak voice came from down the hall, breaking through the gunfire and shouting as Alia tightened the last bandage on the soldier's leg. A hacking, wet cough followed the cry that came from behind the enemy lines, where more soldiers would be coming towards them from. An arm reached around the corner, covered by a black gauntlet. The long, spindly arm grabbed onto the dead enemy soldier that laid on the hallway floor and pulled itself out into the hall.

They were smaller than the other warriors, hard to tell at this distance, but one could guess maybe a foot or so. Their abdomen was exposed, armor shredded by bullets, with little more than their other damaged arm protecting the wound. "Help... please," they said, with their remaining hand outstretched to the doctor.

- - -

Leon and Estelle

"He's going to kill us, isn't he?"

"No, he won't."

Leon left his hand on the cable, hoping to feel some sort of movement or response from the other end. The cable had went it's full length, and had now begun to stretch as emergency cables did. The tightness around his waist was uncomfortable, but not painful yet. He had begun a search of the med lab for something to cover himself. The room was growing cold, and he wasn't looking to walk around half-naked with a fresh wound for very long. He opened a locker marked Emergency Supplies, which seemed like as good a place to start as any, and the least likely location that would force Aurora to issue him a ticket for an Article 21.) Theft of station-issued undershirts and assorted garments.

"How do you know?" Estelle said, following him.

"If he wanted to, I think he would have."

The locker's contents were simple enough, water bottles, MRIs, a few space blankets, flashlight and glowsticks, a survival knife, and an extra set of clothes. No real weapons or outdoor clothing, it seemed they'd already been taken. Scavengers can't be choosers. The shirts didn't fit, it seemed someone had left the smallest sizes in the emergency kit. The only shirt that fit was a black sleeveless workout hoodie, not ideal on a planet stuck in eternal winter, but Leon couldn't complain. He grabbed a few glowsticks and the knife as well, leaving the sticks in a pouch on his belt and the knife in the holster on his thigh.

At the bottom of the locker, he found a black face mask. It was multiuse, made of insulating fibers for both sanitary and environmental reasons. With frostbite being the most common medical condition on base (aside from insomnia, pneumonia, depression, hypothermia, anxiety, and occasionally blunt force trauma) it was vital to cover the more vulnerable parts of your body from the elements. Leon pulled the mask over his hand and around his neck, pulling it up around his nose.

"You look stupid." Estelle chimed in.

"Thanks, I'm glad you can be so honest about my fashion sense." Leon replied, pulling the mask back down to his neck and shutting the door on the locker.

Estelle took a deep breath as she steadied herself against the lockers and set down her spanner on a nearby exam table. "She shouldn't have trusted him... he doesn't care about us." She looked into the air-vent, listening as J4X's voice reverberated back at them. "He's right though... I am a coward, and you're just wounded."

"I'll be fine, I'll handle myself." Leon grabbed the cable and returned to his place by the vent. "Besides, if he does try anything, Aurora's on our side."

"I know, but what if he gets her first? Then what?"

A moment of silence was shared between them before Leon said the first word. "Then we improvise, we scrap him if we have to, take his ship, find another transport maybe," Leon looked down the vent. "We're not dying here, not you, not me, and not Aurora." Leon tried to be reassuring, as if she was a patient, as if he wasn't the one in the most danger.

Before Estelle could respond, a gunshot echoed through the vent, and the two of them locked eyes as they came to their conclusions on what had happened.

Estelle called in first. "Aurora! Are you okay? What's happening?!"

Leon drew the knife and crouched low. "I'm going in, take the cable." He didn't have time to think about who shot who, he just knew that something was wrong and someone was in trouble, he wasn't about ponder the finer details, he'd have time for that as he moved in.

"Leon, wait!" Estelle gave the cable a strong yank, years of hauling machine parts and tightening bolts shined through as she pulled the soldier back. "You can't just run in there, we don't know what the hell is going on in there."

"Exactly, so I'll scout it out and come back." Leon replied, giving her a confident smile before ducking back into the vent.

Estelle tried to shoot back, but as soon as she opened her mouth, her earpiece crackled to life, and the voice of a man came through the static.

"-ido Rankenn again. To whomever it m-... no survivors... -engaging the enemy forces now. Gido Rankenn, over and out."

She pressed a finger against her ear and spoke clearly. "Ten-four, Rankenn. This is Estelle Katsopolis at Hub Station, I hear you, but there seems to be interference. Who are you engaging? Are we under attack? Where are you?" She called back, awaiting his reply.

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