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Re: Shounen Stars

Post by UmbraSight » Fri May 19, 2017 11:44 am

Please one of you...just....please...get us out...please...I don't think I can last much longer.." Julius forced through his teeth. The boy seemed in a great deal of pain, but in the twist of limbs and bodies Yuuki couldn't exactly see why. But guesses could be made, either one of his limbs was jammed in an unfortunate angle, or one of Yumi’s was jabbing into him. The girl seemed out of it, and they didn't have much maneuvering room anyway, so best to get them free as soon as they could. The first, and very important question, did Yuuki remember to pack her pocket knife? She slid her pack off her shoulder and popped it open.

“Stay strong Julius,” Yuuki said, she pushed the plastic bag with her wet clothes to one side and quickly sorted through the contents of her bag. It took her several seconds before, with a sigh of relief, Yuuki found found her knife. An older pocket knife with a scuffed wooden handle she flicked the knife open and gave it a quick inspection. All good. “You two try to sit still while I cut the rope. Mary keep an eye out for anyone who might be close.” Yuuki said quickly as she closed her satchel and stepped over to the net. She stood up on her tip toes, grabbed a handful of the net at the edge of where she could reach, well above her trapped friend's heads and started to cut.

The charge worked better than she had expected. The bomber had misstepped when he attempted to back away, and he fell. The tube that had been Camilla’s target skittered across the ground, a little away from the boy, but still close enough to be a threat. But as she passed the boy, a confident grin twisted his lips as he slipped a hand into his pocket. Camilla hesitated in the space between the boy and the tube of explosives.

“Let's take a gamble...the tube or the mystery item in my pocket. You only have one choice...."

A threat in the pocket, or the tube he fumbled. The original might have been a fake to trick them, or perhaps he had nothing in his pocket. Or, both were real and this was going to suck no matter what. ‘Screw it. Camilla thought as she turned away from her he boy, scooped up the explosive tube and threw it down a passageway. She heard a distant thud as it hit the ground, and Camilla turned to n place to face the boy.

If it was a gamble, then best to see how it worked out.
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Re: Shounen Stars

Post by Kurusu » Tue May 23, 2017 8:04 am

Mary quickly jogged up to Yuuki, who is cutting their friend out of the net. Julius and Yumi seemed fine, so she wasn't too worried.

Being agile sure is useful, Mary thought to herself, otherwise there would have been three people in that small net. The idea of Julius getting to hug two girls at once didn't appeal to Mary that much. "How's it looking?" She asked, hoping there'd be something she could help with. "You know, the guy who put this up might be around, I'll keep a look out for anyone while you cut them out." She added after watching Yuuki for a bit.

Mary then glanced around the area. Just the usual cavernous cave. So many hiding places. If someone was about to ambush them, what should they do to respond?

Eh, a well placed one-two usually solves most problems. Bring it on.

Meanwhile, Yumi was still out of it. Yet, she is mumbling something slightly. Perhaps she is dreaming? One can only guess what she dreamed of, but she was certainly letting out a very worryingly creepy chuckle. "Ehe...hehe..."

She then hugged Julius. Hugged him like a doll. Cuddling and all.

Julius better hope he got out of the hug before Yumi regain consciousness.

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