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Re: Shards of Memory: Bound Fate

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:13 pm
by UmbraSight
She yanked the knife free as her mind attempted to figure out what she needed to do next. Rugaki was back up, hopefully he could deal with the other two wolves, and to get her sword back she needed to — make the wolf stumble and pull her weapon free while it would be stunned? Not a great plan but there wasn’t much else she could do with just throwing knives. The large wolf growled as it edged closer, its movements seeming slowed by the sword driven into its side. Still, as if given a signal the animal surged forward, and Aki frantically tossed her knife.

The wild throw cut a narrow band of red across the wolf’s foreleg and with a lurch of her heart Aki drew a second knife. The wolf was within seven feet as she tossed the second knife, and be it due to distance or luck the blade of the second weapon struck true, sinking into the flesh just above the joint. The wolf stumbled forward the last few steps, snapping at Aki’s leg as she reached for the hilt of her rapier. She tugged the weapon free as the wolf turned again, fangs bared as it attempted again to carve into Aki’s thigh. She felt a dull feeling of something scratching across her skin, and with a short battle cry she drove her blade downward, through the back of the wolf’s skull.

The wolf jerked from the impact, its body shattering into shards of glass outward from where her blade had touched it. Breathing a sigh of relief Aki stepped back, checking over her shoulder as Rugaki finished off the last wolf.

“Hey, you done yet? Did we get any drops from that?" The boy asked.

“Yeah.” Aki responded, sliding her sword back into its scabbard as a small dialogue box appeared. She scanned it quickly before dismissing it with a wave of her hand. “Some lor, and it looks like all the wolves dropped pelts.” She said with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Might be able to craft something with it, I’ll check later,” she added, looking back to Rugaki, “how’s your health looking? We good to keep moving?”

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Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 1:16 pm
by SuXeSoN
"Ahh yeah, you have the sewing skill. I'll pass on my materials to you if you need more. As for my health..." Rugaki glanced over to look at the corner of the screen. "I didn't take damage until that wolf pinned me down. Now I have about 70% of my health left." He put a hand to his chin and looked down. That was his first encounter and he already suffered from arguably significant damage. Though, that was only because he made a mistake. "I'll be fine. I just have to be more wary of where enemies might be next time." He sheathed his weapons. He was definitely getting rusty since the Beta ended. He wouldn't usually make this mistake. Hopefully, a few more battles might be enough to shed some of that rust off him.

"From how you asked, your HP must be fine yourself the. Let's go get that charcoal." Rugaki said as he began to walk in the direction of the burnt patch they were originally heading towards.

"Oh yeah, is the charcoal mined? Or just picked up? I could use some levelling for my Mining skill."

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Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:32 am
by UmbraSight
“I’m still,” Aki’s eyes flicked momentarily to the left as she looked to her health bar, still a healthy green in color, “around ninety percent.” It wasn’t much damage, but the wolf had only grazed her, she shuddered to think what it would have been like it the mob had gotten a solid hit on her. They would just need to get better at working together to keep a fight like that from happening again.

“I picked up some spare healing potions yesterday, if you need one let me know.” She said with a smile as she walked alongside Rugaki. “As for the charcoal, I’m not sure, we’ll figure that out when we get there.”


Earth crunched underfoot and ash stirred as the the field of silver grain gave way to a patch of hard burnt earth. The air felt warmer here, as if the fires had died away only moments ago and the heat was still hanging close. Patches of plant life grew in close bundles of sharp looking shafts, and here and there the blackened trunks broke through the ground like dragon’s teeth. Aki scanned the area around them for any threats as she ambled over to one of the stumps. No sign of any wolves rushing over the hills, or anything moving around in the charred ground.

She knelt down next to the stump and tapped on her with the back of her knuckles. It was hard.

“Well, you’re in luck because I think we do need to mine these.” Aki said, looking back to Rugaki.

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Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:20 am
by SuXeSoN
There was a very noticeable difference in the air as they started to walk onto the blackened ground. The air felt and smelled like the byproduct of a very large bonfire. Or a freshly burnt forest. He could only imagine the size of the fire that ravaged this land so that it left only carbonized tree stumps. He couldn't help but wonder what did the forest looked like before it was charred by flame. Most definitely something more serene and calming than what was left. They approached a blackened tree stump. Aki knocked on it, checking it's hardness. Though, Rugaki could tell from the look of it. The charcoal they needed wasn't going to be something to be gathered by hand.

“Well, you’re in luck because I think we do need to mine these.”

"No problem. Aki, watch my back while I crack this open." Rugaki stepped closer to the trunk. He was quite grateful for the watchful eye of his party member. He remembered the times enemies snuck up on him while he was breaking ore apart with his pickaxe. With them having the advantage of surprise, he was often left in a compromised position. Sometimes he would even get killed. Though, that was back when he was unfamiliar with the game. Ever since then, he exercised caution by taking a quick look around every few swings. However, an ally was far more comforting and efficient.

Rugaki looked attentively at the tree trunk. A menu showing its status and options popped up in front of him.

Mining Lv. 1 Required

  • ???
  • ???
Interestingly, this seems to drop something that wasn't charcoal. Perhaps it was a rare drop? Rugaki didn't care too much about it. He pressed on the option to mine it below the status menu. A simple bronze pickaxe materialized in his hands. He then got to work. Swinging at the tree trunk, chipping away pieces of charcoal.

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Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:20 pm
by UmbraSight
“Well, on the bright side doesn’t look like anything can really sneak up on us here.” Aki said as she scanned their surroundings. No long grasses for anything to hide within, clear lines of sight beyond the tree stumps, but those didn’t provide much cover. Well, it made her half of the job easy enough anyway, just keep her eyes open if another pack of wolves descended down upon them. Would the mobs move all the way out here to get at them though? Possible, but it didn’t really seem all too likely.

Soon enough the metallic clangs of Rugaki’s pickaxe filled the air, the hits coming in a fast and steady rhythm. With a yawn Aki opened her menu once more and tabbed over to the quests section. Once they finished with the charcoal they would need to head —

In the edge of vision, something twitched. Aki frowned as she turned towards the motion, but nothing seemed to be there. She was about to look away when her gaze fell onto what had drawn her attention. A quivering patch of earth not but two feet away. A head popped out of the ground, like that of an overgrown grub with glittering black eyes. For a moment the two simply stared at one another before the head vanished back under the ground.

“Hey, Rugaki,” Aki started, but before she could finish the ground burst apart in a haze of dust and dirt. A mass shot at towards her, and Aki jumped to her right, narrowly dodging the creature, though she could feel an intense heat prickling her skin as it passed. The monster landed, like before Aki thought it looked like some sort of grub, only with lines of dark spikes covering its body, the health bar over its body read Ashen Larva. The larva made a clicking noise as its body seemed to compress down. Aki tore her rapier out of her scabbard and pushed off of her left leg. She thrust, her rapier sinking into the larva’s flesh with a sickening squelch.

The larva screeched and thrashed before its body popped into crystalline shards.

“Trouble! There are things under the ground!” She called quickly as she turned on her heel, eyes scanning her surroundings.

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Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:54 am
by SuXeSoN
“Hey, Rugaki,”

Hearing this call to attention, the boy looked over his shoulder to see that Aki was looking at something. He looked carefully to see that she was staring at some grey blobby worm thing. He needed no further introduction. If there's something called an Ash Larva out there, this is most definitely it. Looks like they don't have to look for them for the quest, nice bonus. There seems to be only one of them, but who knows, there might be a pack. The boy saw her one-shot one of them. They definitely seem a bit easier to take care of than wolves. A slight relief. But still...

Rugaki looked around the ground, there's absolutely no sign of them. There's no way there was only one of them seeing that they were this easy to handle. There has to be more. Question is, how much more. There's the possibility that they spawn indefinitely, which could be troublesome. He'd never be able to mine properly if he was focused on taking out an indefinite number of mobs.

"Aki! Mind watching my back? This place could be an infinite spawn point. I'll focus on mining the charcoal!" Rugaki did a quick check on the quest log to see the exact number of charcoal and ash larvae that had to be taken care of. Before returning back to breaking a chunk of the tree stump. Trying his best to also be wary of the ground around him.

"Just call for help if you need it!"

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Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:22 am
by UmbraSight
“I’ll try to, we only need eight pieces of charcoal so let me know when you’ve grabbed them all,” Aki said, her focus already back on the ground. No movement yet as far as she could see, but Aki could feel the hairs on the back of her neck prickling. She just knew something was watching her, in that paranoid walking home late at night sort of way. The sound of Rugaki’s pickaxe hitting the stump again provided some small sort of comfort, at the very least she wasn’t alone in this mess. But, soon after the noise resumed, the ground again began to quiver in patches, this time two heads suddenly poking out of the ground.

Was it the noise from the pickaxe? They hadn’t appeared when they were just talking, so perhaps the vibration from him hitting the stump?

The larva made an odd chittering noise, mandibles clicking as they disappeared back under the earth. Aki took a half-step back towards Rugaki as she raised her rapier. Two larva this time, if the first one was anything to go by their health pools were small. Both larva pushed free of the ground again with the same force as the first one, she was a able to neatly sidestep the first larva, but the spikes of the second nicked her hip as it passed, leaving behind a smoldering line of burnt cloth on her skirt. Aki darted forward as the two larva were again recovering from their leaps.

The first died easy as the tip of her sword bit into its back, but with a well timed jerk the second was able to parry her thrust with its a spine, releasing a shower of sparks. With a curse under her breath Aki lifted her rapier, and simply brought the blade down like a cludgel, two strikes proving sufficient to drain the larva’s health.

“Watch out, the spines have some sort of fire attribute,” Aki said, patting out a few embers on her hip.

Next to her left foot, the ground shifted.

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Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 1:49 pm
by SuXeSoN
Rugaki continued to work on the stump with vigour. Knowing fully well that it's dangerous to linger. Every couple of swings Rugaki would then take a quick survey of his surroundings; a glance to check if he was in immediate danger. He noticed the two new Ash Larvae popping out of the ground. Luckily, Aki was able to draw their attention. He was able to focus mostly on his mining. His progress was slow but steady. It took an average of 5 hits with his novice pickaxe to cause a chunk of charcoal to separate from the stump, landing at his feet. He had just bent down to pick up his 4th piece when Aki spoke.

“Watch out, the spines have some sort of fire attribute,”

"Duly noted. I've got 4 left to go. Just hold them off a li- Watch out!" Rugaki tried to warn his partner about the Ash larva digging its way towards her. Shifting the hardened dirt upwards on its way. If only they were in a less stressful situation, then maybe Rugaki would admire the digging strength these seemingly weak guys seemed to have. But no, his mind was keen on getting both of them out of danger as soon as possible. He had to mine the coal, turning back around to do so. At that moment, he noticed that the earth below him was rumbling a little. He sensed an oncoming attack coming towards him. A quick scan of the ground revealed the source. An Ash Larva popping out of the ground near him. There was no time to equip weaponry, he had to act fast. Without hesitation, he brought down the pickaxe towards the Ash Larva. The sharp tip ripped into its tough flesh, managing to tear into the skin, the grub squealed in pain before dissipating into shards. But their job was far from done, he had to continue mining.

"How are you doing Aki?"

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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:58 am
by UmbraSight
The larva’s head crunched through the ground as Rugaki called out a warning. Aki lurched into action, with a yell she stomped on the grub as hard as she could with the heel of her boot. The worm screeched as a small portion of its HP bar dropped. She pulled her boot away as the larva snapped at her leg, leaving a line of char along the leather. With a hiss the grub retreated back into its hole, and with a flick of her wrist she jabbed her blade down into the earth. The ground twitched, before there was a flash from the opening where the larva’s head had been. With a sigh, Aki drew her rapier back, swiping it through the air to knock off the dirt still clinging to the tip of the sword. It was an oddly satisfying touch added to the game, Aki couldn’t help but think, if she could cut the ground, maybe there was a treasure hunting skill or something she could pick up?

Something to look into later.

That made four larva kills, so she was halfway there. They thankfully seemed easy to kill, so long as one of them didn’t somehow sneak up from behind. Something told her that the spikes would not be pleasant to actually get stuck by.

“How’re you doing Aki?” Rugaki asked as she stepped lightly over to another quivering mound of earth.

“I’m halfway through our larva quota, how are you doing with the charcoal?” She asked, as the larva sprung free of the ground.

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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 1:26 pm
by SuXeSoN
“I’m halfway through our larva quota, how are you doing with the charcoal?”

"Halfway here to- Watch out!" Rugaki warned Aki once more when a larva sprung from the earth. As she occupied herself with the monster, he continued his report. "Only 4 pieces left! I also have taken out a larva a moment ago, but I'm untouched." Rugaki looked back at the charcoal stump, it was actually becoming significantly smaller since he started mining. He had to go mine at another stump. "Keep up the good work! I'm moving to that stump there!" Rugaki pointed at another black stump several paces further from where they were, deeper into blackened land. He remained cautious of the ground underneath him as he jogged to the new stump, his pickaxe still in both hands.

Upon arrival, he got back to work, gritting his teeth, hoping to RNGsus that no more Ash Larvae might spawn. Though, we all know that's merely wishful thinking. Although, it seems that the invisible numbers are somehow on his side. When he thought he was about to earn his 6th charcoal piece, the last hit made a satisfying "ZING" sound effect, along with a crisp feeling of the charcoal breaking apart. Entirely different from what happened before. Rugaki didn't even notice that his Mining skill went up a level. It was a surprising but familiar feeling. A rare drop. Eager to find out what he just got. He examined the shimmering piece of charcoal that dropped at his feet. The jet black piece of seemingly polished charcoal reflected back colours of the rainbow, similar to how oil does.
Brilliant Charcoal

A rare piece of charcoal, infused with mana from intense magical combustion. Due to it's pretty aesthetic and rarity, it is often used to create jewellery. Can also be sold for a high price
Rugaki knew he didn't have much time to revel at his lucky find. They needed to get the job done. He got back to mining before Aki noticed, hopefully. He had to tell her about the <Brilliant Charcoal> once they're done. He obtained the other 3 pieces without incident. It's about time they moved on.

"Okay I'm done here Aki! You ready?"