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Re: Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [RP]

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 2:39 am
by newnostalgia
Gero sighed deeply. "I dunno where I'm headed. You three are a kinda weird party. Look all mitch-matched, ya know?" Naturally, he meant "mix-matched". "I came here to beat some ass and make new recruits. But now that I ain't done it here, looks like I should head elsewhere, right?"

He considered it for a moment, and then he sighed deeply and growled, frustrated. "Church." He snickered, as if it were funny. "Ain't never been to a nice one. Our one back at the Pantheon is old and crumbling. The other one, some rebel group attacked back when I was a kid. Thought it'd mess us up or something. 'Course, it didn't."

If there was one thing that Gero was good at, it was making his internal thoughts become external monologue that either revealed information that he shouldn't be telling or revealed information that nobody wanted to hear.

"If ya all are gonna be headin' out to the church, then I'll tag along. I know I'm wounded, but I can be handy. Somewhat. I'm ambidextrous, ya know. I just use my left hand a lot. Ya know." He chuckled awkwardly. "I can read. Write, too. And I'm too with aim and moving quick, so I can evade attacks-- mosta my injuries come from me..." Another awkward chuckle. "Plus, I'm easy to take care of-- I've gone a week without drinking and a couple weeks without eating before, 'n I don't get sick often, just a bit woozy from blood. I'm not really stealthy, but...I'm valuable, ya know? I wouldn't be a Demigod if I weren't. That's what we pride ourselves on, ya know? Our values as individuals. Or...whatever." There, his word vomit had became regurgitation. He sounded like a mindless drone there at the end.

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Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 5:28 am
by Jhibus
Retrieving the alcohol to cap it closed and place back in her satchel bag, Sei watched the woman identifying as Kaila opting to store away the dried meat instead of eating it immediately. She appeared to know how to suture wounds in a sterile fashion too, which was a valuable skill, but not entirely unexpected of someone coming from the Motherhood.

She turned her gaze back to Gero as the teen responded to the Rara man's question while swallowing the piece of jerky, raising an eyebrow as his stomach growled right after. He had food on him, yet had decided to stop himself from eating it. Was he saving it for someone? She didn't remember the food situation in Pantheon being dire enough to make that excuse plausible, but it did make a certain amount of sense for a recruiter to keep some quality scraps of food on their person to offer to any stragglers that might be swayed to their Cent by the promise of a full stomach. If that were to be the case however, the teen still on the ground in front of her would've had a separate stash of food and avoided going hungry.

Listening further, he piqued her curiosity as he described the church. A new statue and a "big guy" in the church? Interesting. Was there a Cent using it as a hideout? Checking it out and performing reconnaissance could be worthwhile. She continued listening as the teen went on to describe his own skills, pitching the reasons as to why he should be allowed to tag along on a trip that hadn't even fully been planned yet. Recruiters supposed to be more subtle about things, weren't they?

Her eyes moved back to Gero's blood-covered visage, to his freshly-sutured hand, to the stained floor under it, then finally back to his face again. "If it were anyone else's face covered in blood, they'd look more intimidating instead of more pitiful."

Unraveling her roll of bandages slightly, Sei tore off a suitable length of fabric and stored the rest away before tossing it at the teen. "Wrap that around your hand. You'll track blood everywhere." Leaving behind a trail of easily-followed crimson blots was not something she wanted to do in a city that was proving to be much less empty than she'd originally anticipated.

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Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 12:30 am
by Argonaut24
Maketes had been stalking his most recent target for several hours. For once, it wasn't to kill them but to simply learn more about them. His recent target was around 5'10 and they quite slender, as was typical for someone in the Frontier. His target long brown hair that from time to time peeks out from under their hood. The girl has been wounded in quite a strange manner, Maketes could make his guess on where she got her injury. Her wound only screamed one of the most violent Cents in the Frontier. What really puzzled Maketes, was how often she changed her facial rappings, the frequency said that she got her injury recently but the way she moved around was to coordinated for her to have just lost her eyes.

The amount of time Maketes spent studying and watching the girl would not have been approved of before everything went downhill, but now, it was typical, to gather intel before engaging with the target. Maketes stayed to the shadows and the higher levels of the abandoned buildings often jumping from roof to roof when the gap was small enough always careful to never get to close to the girl nor to far. Maketes' cloak allowed him to blend with the shadows, never making a noise and seemingly gliding over the ground like the Reaper coming to collect.

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Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 2:59 am
by newnostalgia
He gave her a nervous chuckle and obeyed. He was, surprisingly, proficient with his bandage-wrapping, and he did so quickly and efficiently. He squeezed his hand into a fist and tested that each of his fingers still worked, and he bade her a grin. "Sure, Sue." The young man was not very good with names.

He stood up-- rather, he popped up, almost as if he had skipped the motions in-between sitting and standing. "Big man, you 'n I're good, right?" He didn't wait for an answer before he walked up to him and gave him a hard slap on the shoulder, which was a sign, in his Cent, of camaraderie.

It was as if being bandaged up had undone the pain of being hurt in the first place-- similar to when a parent kisses a kid's booboo and it feels all better. He really was childish, wasn't he?

He drew the dagger that he kept on the sheath on his hip-- his homemade one-- and briskly walked to the doorway. "'re we all gonna head out? To the church, I mean?" He paused. "Hey, also, what's the name of yer all's lil band? Like, what's yer group's name?" He obviously thought that they were all partners.

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Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 4:21 am
by Swag Cat
May be, the woman was going in the right direction of the Church. The level of motivation she had while going to church was unmatched in any of the living creatures. She believed her devotion towards the God was unparalleled and nothing could come in between. She wished if she could hear the bells ringing just one time, and find the way to the Church. But there was no assuring that she would make it there. Last time, when she tried to go to a place like that, people didn't help her or even some pretended to help her. She recalled how one time she had to knock several doors only to ask for directions. There was no document written in Braille, but even if she had, she didn't know how to read Braille.

Cy recalled when she was young in Motherhood and her eyesight was perfect. She loved going with other children, and stay in church for many hours. She was often mesmerized how the Churches were built and how the great Lord sacrificed himself only for the sins of the humans. May be, she was somewhat religious, but she admired the beauty of the religious monuments which were often constructed with material extracted from the best parts of the world. Thinking about her old times, where she played alongside other kids, there was a smile on her face as she imagined it over and over. She didn't have any idea she was actually going to the wrong side. She stopped in the tracks as she could feel the ground was becoming less hard as before. The ground didn't feel like a walk path or a road. " Uh, I don't think I am going right. God, where are you? I am trying so hard to find you".

Sighing on her luck, she had a trust in her will power to find a Church by herself. She stopped talking and concentrated on the voices and leveraging the sense of hearing to the fullest potential. She could hear some voices, and she hoped these voices could lead her to the right direction. These voices were of some random people. Or may be, her mind was playing games but only one way to find out. She altered her direction once again and began taking steps closer to the source of the voices. There was a possibility that she could be in a danger if she followed the voices as she recalled another incident from her past, well a few months prior to that date. She had followed this strategy before, it didn't end well but could have ended well if other people had one percent of humanity left in them.

Losing again in the trail of thoughts, she saw herself dreaming once again during the day. She remembered how she was in a place , a name she didn't want to speak again. She was a frontier, so people didn't like her. They treated her like an untouchable then. At that time, she found herself asking for help , and even begging people to give her a place to live, or one meal or any task? She pleaded for any job whether how dangerous it was, but her pleas had fallen on the deaf ears. Truth to be told, she would have been lucky if her pleas had fallen on deaf ears. There was a boy, no, there was a group of boys and girls. They pretended to help her and acknowledged her pleas. She believed that the God had answered her calls but no it was the devil. That group of people, under the pretext of help, they made her life miserable.

Repeating the same words she spoke back then, " I am truly fortunate ". She recalled how she followed the advice and literally walked blindly taking the directions from the 'Godsend' group. She had never been so gullible but may be that mistake would have taught her an important lesson in life. The group gave her the directions of a forest rather than the Church. Or any place where she could get some water or at least something. " I am thirsty, how far is the Church "? Those words again escaped from her mouth. It was hard to tell for her , difficult to tell the difference between reality and nightmares. One member of the group told her it was a big Church and she would get everything she dreamt of. But if she was thirsty, they could stop by a pond and could get the taste of fresh water. But rather, they stopped by a swamp. " What's this smell"? She had asked the group, she had a feeling that a dead animal was near by. They told her there was nothing to fear and get the water she needed. Trusting them blindly, she kept walking until her knees were half deep in the swamp. She lowered her hands to drink water from that swamp but it was not the fresh water she had wished for, she coughed the water out. She heard the laughs of the group, guess she had become a joke. " It's not funny! Tie something on your eyes and try to walk even"! But she got no reply , it seemed they had left her in a lurch. " Oh please no no no no! Don't leave me here". She didn't waste time and tried to follow the voices to get out of the forests.

It was another one of her bad experiences which she still remembered till this day. Continuing her journey towards the church, her mood had changed from cheerful to gloomy as if she was having some mood swings due to periods. But she tried to motivate herself, " Nothing can come between me and you, My lord"! It was the beauty of the irony of that statement she made, her nose picked up a smell that her empty stomach ordered to follow. " Just once, God". The smell was enough to water her mouth as the thoughts of a meal filled her mind to the brim. She sniffed the smell of meat being cooked near by. Again, she wasn't sure if her mind was playing games with her but it was too late to be logical. Empty stomach had defied all logics.

She followed the magnificent aroma and it appeared she was moving towards a house, may be there was a family inside. May be, she could request them for food. Most likely, she was making the same mistake she did back then. She was fighting with the different thoughts in her mind. " Brain! You think too much. If they don't help me, I will just ignore. What if they help me with food? Or may be, they can just tell me where the Church is"? She soon walked near to a wrecked hut, or a house. There was a big tree with apples on it. But she was concentrated on the smell that she didn't acknowledge the hints and the voices of danger that wanted to safeguard her from the unknown threats. She didn't realize there was a dog there.

She wasn't lost that much that she would collide against the tree. She was feeling fantastic especially the breeze. " So peaceful and...". She was about to say something but an apple fell on her head. " Ouch!" She tried to figure out what hit her, she picked it up. By running her hands around its periphery , she realized it could be a fruit. She sniffed it and tried to lick it. " Is it what I think it is!"? She took a small bite and was lost in the sweet taste of the fruit that tickled her buds after a long time. She was really thankful to the lord who had listened to her prayers finally. " I bow to you, my savior". But her heart yearned for more. May be, greed took the best of her. She began to strike the bark and the branches of the tree, so she could get more apples.

Apples did fall. They did fall not for her but rather on the ferocious beast that was deep in its slumber. That woman disturbed the being and literally asked for a death wish. She could hear it getting up and its noise when it was growling at her. " Oh shit". She didn't know what to do, she was just standing like a frozen being. " Doggie...Doggie....Doggie...My lovely Doggie". She used her best voice to sooth the creature and calm it but it was no use. The raging animal didn't relent for one second and lunged at her with full force without giving its prey any opportunity to act. The woman was pushed down and the smell of the blood on her was so captivating and intimidating that it clearly wanted to maul her down and eat her flesh.

As the beast opened its jaw to eat the soft flesh of the blind girl, the woman tried to save herself by reflexively moving her hand between herself and the dog. It devoured her arm and dug its teeth in her flesh making her cry louder than any human could ever muster. With her free hand, she was repeatedly hitting its head over and over again. But it was of no use. She was moving herself, twisting herself only to get a chance to escape but it was really hard. Luckily, she was able to find a rock. With her free hand, she picked it up and smashed it hard against the dog's head. This provided her the opportunity to get away from the dog. Making some distance, she could feel that the dog was looking at her with its demonic eyes, she knew in that instant she couldn't escape from it.

The dog was burning in rage of revenge. It charged in the direction of the woman with the full speed it could attain to its full potential. It jumped on the girl with the full force. Finally, it was over. The days of sufferings were over and the god had retrieved the soul of its beloved life form. When the dust cleared, the dog's paw was against the girl's chest but there was a blade passing through its chest piercing its heart. Realizing what she had done, she screamed in the sadness and cried loudly as if she lost someone dear to her. " Aaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhh".She screamed in agony and the pain was really hard to bear for her. She cried like a small girl over the loss of a friend. Only her cries could help her.

She let go the sword from her hand and the poor being fell on the ground with the sword in it. She dropped to her knees in despair crying over and over. ", Doggie....My Doggie". She lowered her face as she was crying. A stream of water mixed with blood pouring from her face to the ground. " I just wanted apples! I just wanted food! I just wanted to live"! She sobbed trying to apologize regretting what she had done. " I am so...sorry Doggie. I am so sorry". She created a scene for a few minutes and then she got into her senses. She got up and took the sword out of the being cleaning it against the dog's fur. She decided she should bury the victim, at least.

She was about to sheathe the sword but then she got an idea. "". She begged herself. " Don't do it...Don't do itttt". She yelled again. " DON'T DO IT, I said don't do it". But it was too late. The dog was a source of protein for her. Its meat was the answer to her hunger and strength. She didn't hear any of the pleas she made herself. It seemed she had fallen to the dark side. She touched the dog all over figuring the best regions to extract meat from. She carved the meat out from different places and a smile appeared on her face. She was feeling a mix of anger, guilt, sadness and happiness. She realized she had made a ruckus. Most likely, the humans would attack her if they found out what she did to their dog. She was ready to kill more. She was lost beyond anything. " Dogs eat Dogs ". An underdog had taken the life of another dog and this underdog skinned its foe only to satisfy the hunger. The woman was still crying and smiling. The emotions that couldn't be understood.

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Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 11:07 pm
by Golden_
Innocent watching and hiding from the blind girl quickly turned into following her. Well not technically; Eden was heading towards the church, which was coincidentally in the same direction the girl was heading in. But since she was blind, she didn't quite know it yet. Her conversation with herself was interesting though; from the sound of things, she did actually want to go to church. Anyways, the whole scene was bizarre and strange, and Eden had so many questions. The further along they went, the more intrigued (and entertained) the woman grew. Yet she kept a healthy distance between them, purely out of caution.

The sight of the apple tree lit up Eden's dark blue eyes, suddenly making herself believe that coming here wasn't so bad after all. She watched as the girl reached for an apple, bit into it, and then began to strike the tree for more. She continued to watch as the dog emerged, stalking towards the poor girl, salivating as if she were the last living being on earth. As it lunged, so did Eden.

She ran forward from her hiding spot, taking long yet quiet strides towards the tussle. But by the time she arrived close enough, it was all over. The dog lay lifelessly beside the girl, who had grown hysterical from the encounter. Eden slowed, now completely exposed, listening as the girl battled with her own emotions.

I would've done the same thing, Eden thought to herself, watching quietly as the girl plunged her knife into the body, cutting away at the very little meat that clung to the bones.

"Dogs eat dogs," she ended up repeating loudly, her voice being slightly raspy after not speaking to anyone for several days. Her cloaked figure stepped forward to pluck an apple from the tree. Without hesitation, she brought it up to her lips and bit into it, savoring the sour flavor. But it didn't take long to realize that the apple contained a worm, one that had managed to weasel it's way inside.

Everything would always eat other living things.

Hopefully this blind girl wouldn't be the same. Eden dropped the apple, letting it roll away over the slight, cracked grooves of the ground, eventually stopping against a piece of debris. "I hear you want to go to church. Come, there's more dogs out here. One's who are a little harder to kill." She had attracted lots of attention with her screaming; those within the skeleton building could be here soon, and Eden didn't want to find out if they were friendly or not.

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Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 6:21 am
by Lord of Nothing
A glance around the room and he saw that there was no one. His eyes fixed on the piece of the piece of jerky offered, as the woman ate and offered a piece herself.

As his mind spun through scenarios, eventually it began to run out the sensible ones where he would be stopped. And perhaps, just this once he felt his shoulder lower in even his waking hours. As he began to approach the group, specifically the one known simply as "Sei." Then he reached out and took the piece of jerky which once belonged to the blackmailed boy. And he ate it then and there.

Funny enough, it tasted better then usual. And he wondered if it was because of the meat's preparation in and of itself. Or maybe it was the fact that it was the first thing he had eaten in the day. Or the situation.

As the woman known as "Kaila" offered to accompany him. There being a little bit of delay as he gives it a moment's consideration. "....Very well. You are...welcome to come." He said to her. "You as well." He spoke to Sei.

The boy offered his own piece. For most of which he was silent. Ears remained active however, listening to the boy and ingesting all of what he had to say. Many of his so called "feats" going over Lok's head. Particularly being able to live a week without water. The boy having so much to prove with only such a poor display to go off. While he did not speak, the lack of faith seemed almost.

To be weak in body was one thing. There were any number of reasons for someone to be like that. Even in his own training and trials, more people more often then not died then he would like to admit. Leading to rather low numbers and very specialized skillset. It was forgiveable. But all were to be useful. All were to do their best. And in doing their actual best, all could find some measure of use. Even now, the one in the suit could talk well. The Motherhood Maiden could mend wounds.

But to be weak mind was another thing. Those weak in mind were easier to corrupt. Easier to sway with force. Less reliable. Of course the boy was compliant now when there was a man he thought was "large" standing over him with spear in hand.

The boy got up and walked over. At no point did he blink or even take his eyes off the boy's face. A whir of movement and the boy's hand was met with his forearm. The man's curled into a fist -- veins shooting around all along arms of his arm as blood pressure rises and muscle tenses. All it would take is a step forward. Lean a bit. Twist the hips. Send the hand out. And the block could easily transitioned into punch driven straight into his nose. The entire scene came to his mind as a vivid daydream.

But that did not happen. Instead, his nostrils flare as he took a deep breath. Anger more so seems to turn into a colder disgust. And he pushes the boy's hand away. His hand then lowers, relaxing as it is left by his side. He looked to Gero in a way eye to eye. Two people of the same exactly height.

"If things go south, run. Do not stab me in the back. There is no name for this. And I see no need for one." He said to the boy known to him as "Gero." "And if you expect me to aid in your new slave trade then you are mistaken." As childish as the boy seemed, Lok didn't seem to very much to think little of his threats. Here the boy was a man. And his words though seemingly innocent alluded to something he very much did not like.

To threaten people into following him...?

His face curled into an involuntary disgust when he looked at Gero. However, the others tolerated his presence. And as much as he hated to admit it, the boy probably did indeed know how to read much better then did. At no point in his life has Lok ever picked up a book that did not Reading the lay of the land was viewed as something far more important. And the tribe was small enough that word of the mouth functioned well.

With that -- Lok walked over to pick his back up. Located in the corner. And then he opens the door and goes outside re-entering the city. But this time seemingly not alone.

Habitually, he looks around to take a brief survey of the environment before moving. Callused, hardened feet already beginning to blacken the more they came into contact with the street. His hood remained lowered so as to keep his peripherals open for anything. And he moved as though he were in the forest. To him there was little difference. Instead of bushes, he expected wild, starved animals. Similar to the hungry inhabitants of the arctic. And man. The likes of which here would likely see fit to rob and steal.

Instead however, his senses locked on to something. Human in that there was language. Incoherent at first.His stance got low and he crossed a corner he saw it. It was a woman there with a sword and blindfold. There were no holes in it. Likely she was blind then. She murmured to no one in particular. Crying and sobbing. Words vaguely alluding to...regret? Guilt for what she had done.

"She is talking to herself. It seems she is crying over having killed the dog. She seems mad..... And blind." He didn't really see what lead up to that.

"I am moving on to the church. I believe she will slow us down. I do not think it is best to approach her." He said in a way straightforward calm.

"Do as you will." He was no leader. And he would not make the choice for them. Nor did he control the woman's actions.

The attempt sneak was no more. And he moved normally, walking by the crying woman as he headed the church as though he were walking by her on the other side of the street as though he were passing any other denizen of an town. He had no intent to hide himself nor bring himself to her attention as she woefully feasted on her kill.

As he was exposed another came into view. And as he passed at a safe distance -- Lok only looked in her direction at her blue eyes he walked. A companion perhaps? He did not know.

It is none of my business.

Soon he was at the doorless entrance of the church. And narrowing his eyes, he walked in and began to survey the inside of it. His arm relaxed but his his hand clenched like a claw -- ready to draw his knife from it's sheath at a moment's notice.

Spear ready to be raised to greet anyone if necessary.

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Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 2:17 pm
by newnostalgia
Gero listened to the large man talk, and as he spoke, he stared at him and watched his mouth. This man spoke with a strange accent that made it hard for him to understand.

Even if it was hard to understand what he was saying, the meaning behind his words was obvious from the ferocity behind his eyes, and Gero felt very unsafe around him. He knew that this man would not hesitate to hurt him.

Or worse.

He chuckled awkwardly. “Y-Yeah. Ya know, I’ll accompany you.”

Like a kid brother insisting on accompanying his elder brother on a trip for which he is far from apt for, he fell in behind the man. He noticed now that he was nearly— or perhaps exactly— his same height. Really, huh? He really carried himself like he was a giant or something like that.

He still wouldn’t try him.

He walked out behind him, and he saw the crying woman. She looked weak, so she wasn’t worth trying. His Cent didn’t need weak members.

Or maybe he was making up excuses not to charge her. Either way, he wasn’t gonna do it.

“Crying like a little bitch,” he snickered to himself.

The other woman look relatively strong, but...well...

Yeah, he really...didn’t want to try anyone.

He nervously chuckled to himself and clutched his dagger tighter in his hand.

He looked at the church’s doorway and chuckled nervously again. “If we die, it’ll be on you, big guy...” He swallowed hard. “It’ll be on ya...” His voice quivered.

He was like a little kid trying to play with the big boys.

Standing in the doorway (or even by it), it was much easier to tell more about the place. It smelled of must and rot and decay, and it was eerily silent and still, as if that silence and stillness was there intentionally.

“I smell some funny kinda shit going on,” he said, sheathing his dagger and drawing a couple of throwing knives at the same time.

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Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 6:16 pm
by HighVoltage
The concrete temple had risen in the night, it's jagged fingers scraping the night sky as Alastor crept down the road. A jagged line of crimson ran down his arm, the soft pattering of blood on the asphalt the only noise that dared to break the silence of the evening. His sight had sharpened to the point where he was confident he outclassed all who may be looking this night, save for the apex predators. But then again, he was one himself. As he shuffled down the road, his dagger was clenched in his hand. Just because the place looked abandoned did not mean that it was. The stillness of the night could simply mean that all who inhabited this area were asleep. Scouting it out now, while potentially advantageous due to his sight, would be far riskier than a daytime scavenge. Alastor's head tilted to the side, his lips moving silently, asking a question only he could hear. He stopped moving, his dark eyes glittering in the light from the moon. A smile slowly broke onto his face, an answer being given. Daytime would be the best time to scavenge. His sight was enhanced, but certainly not perfect.

With that settled, Alastor slunk into the town, wading through its empty streets as the silence covered him like a blanket. His eyes darted to and fro, making out shapes in the dark, but none that could be perceived as a threat. He came to a stop at an odd statue. A man riding a horse, seeming to barely be able to control it. The statue gleamed in the moonlight, and Alastor wondered aloud why it hadn't been taken for scrap yet. Maybe if the town didn't have much to offer, he would take it with him. Make take a bit of effort though. He chuckled at the thought of the damage it would require to bring something like that back to the Children. But oh what a prize it would be.

Moving past the statue, Alastor dragged himself farther into the town, his eyes eventually settling on a half-ruined shed. Peering inside, it seemed mostly safe. Although the door was a half-rotten piece of wood that wasn't of much use, the inside seemed relatively dry and protected. Stepping inside, he pushed the door shut behind him, wincing slightly as the creaking of the rusted hinges shattered the silence of the night, piercing his overly sensitive eardrums. Slinging his bag off of his back, he let it fall to the ground, dropping alongside it. Fluffing it up a bit, Alastor positioned himself so his feet were pressed against the door, barring anyone from entering. He shoved the backpack under his head, and stared through the patchwork ceiling, his lips moving in a silent ritual that had been burned into him. Unlike his other marks though, not literally. With that complete, he closed his eyes and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

He awoke with the sun the next morning, his spine popping several times as he rose to his feet. He decided to explore the town a bit, hoping to find some areas worth scavenging. As he wandered, he watched as the light began filtering over the cement estate, the dull gray lightening into a slightly less dull gray. Alastor glanced down at his arm, the cut from last night having scabbed over. Yet another tribute, one that would eventually be joined by countless others. As he wandered, he found a heap of rubble and decided it would be as good a place to start as any. Digging through the chunks of plaster and rebar, he eventually managed to uncover a couple sharp pieces of metal, potentially could for arrowheads. Wrapping them in a bit of tough cloth, he tucked them in his bag along with a few pieces of wood for crafting arrows. The Children needed all they could get.

He wandered some more, eventually spotting a mostly-intact building, with a dull metal cross adorning the top. It seemed surprisingly intact. Perhaps it hadn't been looted yet, something about it being sacred. As Alastor's foot crossed the threshold, a feeling washed over him, as though a lead ball had suddenly decided to make its home in his stomach. Holy ground, of fucking course. Gritting his teeth, he kept pushing onward, passing through the empty double doors and into the church proper. The still intact windows caused a menagerie of colors to drift down onto the floor, and even Alastor had to pause for a moment to admire the site. His stomach growled, breaking the spell as it reminded him he hadn't eaten in a while. Walking up the altar, past the cracked pews, Alastor set himself down on the steps, facing the door. He rummaged around in his bag, pulling out a bag of dried venison and putting a strip between his teeth, the tough flesh resisting his bite at first.

Voices. And not just ones that only he could hear. Real ones. He set his crossbow to the side, a bolt ready to be fired at a moment's notice. As the figures entered, he gave a nod in their direction, his stilted voice washing over them. " the house of children. Of course....if he hadn't....abandoned us." He chuckled dryly on his own joke before taking another bite of the dried meat.

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Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:29 pm
by newnostalgia
"Shiiiiiiiiiiit, man," Gero said, and he felt his heart catch in his throat. Who the hell was this guy? He looked like some kind of mangled animal, not a...dude. Or was it a dude? Again, it looked like a weird, mix-matched creature-- rather, an amalgamation of everything fearsome. " live here?" He shifted his knifes to reflect the sun's light. "Shit, man, how do ya put up with this? It smells like ya ain't done nothin' but vomit. Ya really live here?"

He stared at for a moment. He drew in a deep breath, determining that he was going to be brave (which, in his terms, most likely meant "stupid and reckless"-- it was all the same to him).

He cocked a grin at the fellow(?). "Ya know, ya look like one-na those...critters that I used to have to go get from the uranium plant. Mutated 'n all that stuff. Ya kinda look gross, but hey. Ya know, the Pantheon could always use fearsome faces."

Confidence was one of his strengths; here, it would probably prove to be a weakness.

He walked in a bit farther-- swaggered, more like. "Ya see, this big man here with me...he 'n I go way back. He's my ally, despite being an Arara man. I wouldn't keep that pointed at us any more. If ya shoot one of us, the other one will take ya out, ya know?"

Wonderful bluffing, wasn't it? He couldn't even remember the name of the guy's Cent.

Something caught his eye in the corner of the room, and, keeping his knives brandished, he walked towards it. "Hey, critter guy? Hol' off on shootin' me, 'kay? I see some kind of som'n or other. Ya drop som'n?"

Hoping that the guy wouldn't shoot him, he approached the object further. As he got closer, he could see that it was a book. A book?...How odd, huh? He picked it up by its cover-- his was not very discerning of objects and whether they seemed dangerous or not.

The book itself smelled of mildew. It was large and thick, though each individual page was thin. The paper seemed to have begun cracking in places. It was a bit fragile.

Of course, he didn't mind this, and as he flung through the pages (rather dumbly-- he didn't seem to understand that he was not the one in the stronger, more powerful position at the moment), his eyes latched onto random words. God...praise...hail...children...

He stopped on a random page and squinted at it. "This book is some kind of religious text or som'n, looks like." He looked up at the man(?) again. "Alright, bucko. Letting me look at that without shootin' me was rather, ya know, kind of you." He tossed the book in the guy's(?) general direction. "But let's cut back to the convincin', 'kay? I dunno which Cent you're with-- or if you're even with one-- but when you join the Pantheon, we forget all about that. In no time, you can be a member of the strongest and fastest growing Cent."

He grinned again, walking closer to the man(?). "Ya look like someone who's been, ya know, subjected to being a social outcast. Just judging by your looks. But hey, that's fine, we can't all be aesthetically charming, and I bet ya got a great personality, perfect for being in the Pantheon. So whaddoya say, buddy? Wanna join us?"

He was wide open. If someone wanted to shoot him, they really could take him out in a moment. Not to mention, the doorway was entirely open, and there were two strangers outside and two strangers who were yet to follow the big, tatted guy that Gero arrived with.

He could really die here.

He just seemed to realize it, and he rushed back to be beside the big guy. "That is, of course, only if ya wanna. If ya don't..."

If ya don't, I don't wanna try ya...

He kept the knives at ready the whole time as he awaited a response, either from the guy(?) or someone else, and he knew, with a strong confidence, that he could hit someone if they were to charge. He did kind of pride himself on his aim and his agility.