Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [RP]

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Re: Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [RP]

Post by illirica » Thu Aug 06, 2020 8:59 pm

“Oh, are we a team now, little brother?” Kaila might have been looking at the glass, but the Motherhood knew how to have eyes in one place and ears in another. She thought that perhaps little Gero didn’t need a team so much as a parent. If he were still creche-aged, that would be understandable, but in a grown man? What had his Cent done with him? Children had so much potential. Surely something must have been wasted, somewhere along the way. In a world like this, waste was always regrettable.

It was not her place to mend broken boys. The Child of the Damned and the Rara man seemed determined to prove their mettle, perhaps against one another. Kaila sighed, and stepped up between them, her hand lightly on the underside of the pointed spear, with just enough pressure to indicate that it might be lifted, but not enough to ruin a strike, if it proved necessary.

Peace, both of you. The world kills enough of us without our aid. It’s much harder to create a life than destroy one - and takes longer as well. My sisters and I have enough to do already. Now. There seem to be a number of people here all searching for something.” Her eyes shifted from the two men to encompass the others, one at a time. “What is it you seek, all of you? Food? Shelter? Wealth? Why are you here? A group needs a goal, otherwise it’s merely an encounter.”

Kaila didn’t particularly care what the group’s goals ended up being - her goal was simply to find interesting people and stay with them for a while. That would be the simplest thing, which meant that she could listen fairly to everyone else’s ideas, if they were willing to be honest about them. Few of them, Kaila thought, were used to interacting much with others, especially others outside their own Cents.

She wondered what had brought so many of them here, all at once. No doubt some would see it as auspicious. Kaila didn’t believe in gods of any sort, but Fate... Kaila had a healthy respect for Fate. It had guided her well enough so far, and if Fate had set her here, then there was something of interest, surely. Or perhaps this was merely the path that was fated to lead to her death. That was the thing about fate - like a father, it never spoke to its children. Perhaps, also like a father, it never even knew they existed.

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Re: Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [RP]

Post by newnostalgia » Thu Aug 06, 2020 9:43 pm

Gero gave the man who called him a bitch a little snicker and a look down his nose, though his eyes read fear.

In his mind, he excused not threatening this guy as I'm injured and don't have any energy to waste on guys who would end up becoming Mortals.

"Yeah, g-guess there's room," he said as confidently as he could.

He then looked at the figure in the hood.

And then he looked away. Nothing to see there.

The young man cocked his head at the Motherhood woman and tried to remember her name. Kayla? Kallie? It was like that, he was sure, but he knew that neither of them were exactly right.

He laughed. "What'm I here for? Wouldn't you like to know?"

He expected to leave it at just that, but something tugged in him-- a still, small voice saying, Dude, for once, can you not be an insufferable, petulant asshole?

He looked at his reflection in his throwing knives and stared into his face for a moment. That scar across the right side of his face and the caked blood make him look kinda badass, but...he felt...almost disgusted. He gave a pitiful smile at his reflection and let out a snicker. "Yeah, ya would, right? Guess that's why ya asked," he muttered.

This kind of thing was what they taught him to use to his advantage in training. "Hold your head up high and don't look down until they're kissing your feet or dead in your dust," his instructor had said, and his parents had praised him for doing that during training.

Training. He had been so powerful then-- top marks in everything except for eloquence-- and to think that this was only months ago-- God, not even months. It was more of a month and a half ago.

Now, he was weak, and he was in the position of submission.

The dickheads back home would tie him to a stake and mock him for hours on end if they found out what was happening now. Well, they did that even when he was at the top of the class during training, but...they'd do it now, too.

Just thinking of them made fury crack in his vision.

He paused, unsure if he wanted to tell the woman the truth or not, tense from the anger of memories that could not be forgotten.

This woman was a stranger-- a target. A target just like the one that he took down during training-- just like the one that the trainer had to pry him off of after the final exam. Her blood was probably the same color red, and her bones were probably the same color white.

But he did not feel like a monster. He did not want to ravage her. He didn't want to hurt her. He didn't want to be mean to her-- or any of these people, really.

Still, she was a target. That was all that she was to the Pantheon. A potential recruit or a potential slave, her pick.

"Fuck...," he said in barely above a whisper. He was conflicted.

Wow, he was having some introspection? What a pussy.

He scowled at his thoughts. God, he loathed himself.

He set his face in determination and drew in a deep breath.

He looked at Kayla(?). A sudden, obviously-forced smile came onto his face, but, in his eyes, there could be seen a bit of something strange and unreadable. "My goal's the same one as alluh the Demigods-- recruit people for the Pantheon. 'If we're gonna overtake the Frontier and seize control as an entity, we gotta do our parts as members.'" He scratched his chin. "...or som'n like that. I can't remember, exactly."

It could be told, especially from the rather down, quiet tone of the added phrase, that Gero did not really feel what he was saying. Perhaps he was lying to save face, or perhaps he truly held those goals but knew that they were rather lofty for an abysmal failure such as himself. He himself didn't even know the answer.

He had been trained, from birth, to regurgitate that damn phrase, and this was his first time saying it to anyone outside of the Pantheon. He'd expected it to sound so heroic-- hell, maybe it would have even made others surrender themselves to him out of sheer respect and honor.

Instead, he felt embarrassed. He was nothing like the him from training. He was no longer a Demigod, and he wasn't even a Mortal. Take the capitals off of them and he was still neither of them. He was a cowardly kitten, kissing at the feet of fucking dogs.

No, not even that.

He was nothing-- and somehow, he was even lower than that nothing.

He looked down, face reddening. He spoke through gritted teeth. "Yeah, so...that's my goal."

His anger was palpable, but it was all directed at himself.

His demeanor had gone from proud to humble with just the single question, and perhaps this was a signal that he knew as much about himself as did the strangers that he had only now acquainted himself with.
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Re: Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [RP]

Post by Azra » Fri Aug 07, 2020 10:12 pm

Something was in a man's hand. He was walking along a highway overpass, his posture lax with a axe in the other hand as he looked the leather over. Way his fingers ran across the brim he was more focused on the material then the contents, just wondering what a bit of the leather might do for him. Cold brown eyes narrowed in distain at such a fact she could see it the man didn't care about the book just the materials it could be scrapped for.

Because that had become the way of the world, who knew how long it had been sense it had all gone to hell? With each year though Ash swore it was like the connecting tissue to the old world died. Religious nut jobs and survivalists seemed to be the only things to practically walk the Frontier at all. Books were just paper to wipe with when the body had waste to dispose of. The book covers might make it onto clothes but that was about it, there was usually no value in books almost it would seem. That was the only thing that even allowed them to somewhat survive, they weren't the most useful so they weren't always looted. This man had looted one though and clearly had plans to rip it apart.

So a bowstring was pulled back as a arrow was notched. She waited in the shadows of a bus carefully kneeling on the hood of the car. A urban, grey, messy and unassuming hoodie helped her just blend into the world. Dirt on dirt, stains easily seen as chipped paint she was nothing to the wanderer and eventually his attention faded. His eyes back to his trophy to scrap over his suroundings. That was when her fingers eased off the arrow waiting for the man to be oblivious to the world, when he thought it was all safe. That was when his heart was split open, arteries severed leading the man to simply drop to the asphalt deprived of life. Still Ash waited, at least half a minute given to let the moment to settle.

There was nobody who came for him. The man didn't get up in some sort of second wind, so Ash began the small walk over to the corpse. One arrow notched always just in case as she kneeled by the body in time. She never rushed, never lowered her guard. For the longest time she had focused on just being her own, not depending on others and trusting them even less. Her left hand holds the arrow in place care taken to be ready even as her right hand reached for the book.

A biology book, likely taken from the rundown school half a mile away. Not a bad find.

Her backpack drops from her shoulder the book carefully tucked inside, only then did Ash move to doing anything else. It starts with carefully pulling the arrow free mixing moments of force with care to not damage the current munitions she had. Twenty arrows could be a lot or nothing at all. Next was looking for food, mostly was meats and a few fruits. She took a moment to sniff the meat, not rotten and not a good chance not human. Content she stored them away and then moved to weapons and materials. A few supplies here and there but most significantly was the state of the axe, it could hold out for a while longer but it was clearly dented and chipped, cracks here and there that could be exploited.

Arrowheads, with some work to get it to break the axe head could become a number of broken pieces for arrows. She takes a moment to lift it up, around forty five degrees. Enough to get a decent amount of force in stomps down, she took her time make sure she didn't injure herself in the process eventually though the axe broke and she could move the metal into her bag. With that she made the small journey back to Alex. The black horse always kept safe and away if she could help it. Her hands moving to the lock however. Ash never just tied her things up she locked them, her shit was hers and one had to ruin it if wanting otherwise.

Riding Alex through the streets she did another check on her supplies. This had been followed by cleaning and doing some maintenance on the arrow she'd plucked from the body. Just because it could be retrieved didn't mean it was going to be in the best shape for reuse. Was always good to check the shaft for cracks and make sure the edge was still smooth. Amongst her work though eventually the smell of death reached her, more specifically from a fresh kill. Wasn't long before Alex and Ash were passing by a dog already picked for food some signs of a fight. People were close made all to aparent by the fact that she could hear noise at a building close by.

A church.

She didn't like churches, they didn't have a lot of book options and the ones they did have were mostly the same. She could tell though this church was in good shape, maybe religious nuts kept it safe over the years maybe it was just luck.nat any rate the company there was talkative and diverse so not a more uniform group to be weary of or one protective of the turf so Alex trotted that way until Ash could dismount close by. She took time to lock Alex to a fence pole, that kind of time being taken hopefully enough to make clear she wasn't here to pick a fight.

Was quite the crowd, scars and weapons, pretty faces and markings, one even had a suit. Ash couldn't imagine trying to maintain a suit in the current world props for the look though. Largely though the archer ignored them however simply taking a seat. "Behind a good church bench is somewhere to store a book for the bench behind it. Good way to get some nails. These benches also make for a passable bed, not the softest but that's kind of a good thing. Books aren't ideal though." Nobody was asking her opinion but she gave it anyway.

Most people didn't pick a fight in a church so it was a good rest spot for a night if one needed, a bench wasn't the comfiest surface to sleep on though meaning waking up in a hurry was easier. Her focus though was currently on just using her knife to try and pull the piers apart some. Bibles and hymn books were kept behind benches regularly which just to Ash meant easy access to nails some of the wood might also break just right given its age. For all the lack of care she gave the crowd though the woman remained a level of alertness. It was her default state, trust nobody and be willing to end anybody but that didn't mean she had to pick the fight.

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Re: Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [RP]

Post by Golden_ » Sun Aug 09, 2020 3:22 am

Albeit briefly, the face of the blind girl entered her sight, head-on. Her own dark blues eyes peered out from beneath her hood, gazing at the white wrappings that covered the area where eyes belonged, absorbing the red liquid that threatened to leak out. For that moment, her breath hitched in her throat and she merely stared, listening to the girl as she spoke. The stillness of her face, the angle she had adjusted it to, it almost seemed as though she was capable of sight. Almost as if she were staring right at Eden; at the markings across her face, at the sun freckles that had recently appeared, at the skepticism displayed across her features. Skepticism that was quickly replaced with nothingness, an almost hardness that hid emotion well.

But it wasn't just the appearance and possibility of deception that kept Eden on edge. It was the way she spoke and carried herself. Like a warrior. The thought crossed her mind, but there was no way. No facial tattoos, and with such a major disability, there was no way she would've survived. Eden must've seen dozens of children with even lesser ailments be murdered. She wouldn't know for sure without seeing her back, but it was highly unlikely. Unheard of.

"I am Aiden, of the Fisk," she eventually replied in a quiet whisper. A partial truth, one that she didn't think would hurt her. After all, that's exactly what she was referred to back home; back in her new, peaceful home.

How she longed to return, to the tiny room inside one of the fishermen's shacks. After spending twenty odd years in a cold, harsh environment, the peacefulness that surrounded the much smaller Fisk community was a welcome change. All she had to do was complete her list to satisfy her own stubbornness. And in a more recent development, it seemed as though she had an extra set of hands. She wasn't quite sure if she could trust them yet, but here they were, following her up into the church.

As the group in front of her spoke, Eden remained quiet, lingering close to the door if things were to go awry. The main group didn't seem to notice her presence, nor the presence of her new companion. She supposed that was a good thing. Let them ignore and underestimate, all the while she listened in to their little conversation.

So far, she gathered that they were all strangers. Good, no close connections meant no close loyalties. None of them seemed to have any true business inside the church, and by true business, Eden meant looting.

Remember, I'm here for a reason, she told herself, allowing her gaze to wander away from the figures. There had to be another floor inside, likely two. Churches usually did, didn't they?

That was her plan of action, to stray away from this gathering and search the less inhabited areas first. Yet things changed when those unknown variables finally made an appearance.

More. Fucking. People. At least two more had appeared; a younger girl, who pushed her way forward and took a seat, and a tall figure with a dark mask hiding his face. Neither seemed to know anyone else, making the situation even more bizarre for Eden. How did all these strangers come together under one roof, without automatically illiciting war? Perhaps there was some truth behind this religious crap. Either way, it didn't sit well with Eden.

They both said their piece, one being a little more hostile than the other. Yet the voice that struck Eden the most belonged to the girl who had previously left a near invisible impression on her. The blonde pretty one. She spoke of peace and a common goal, in an attempt to unify the group. On closer inspection, Eden could make out the mark of the Motherhood.

The Caza warrior buried deep inside of her knew the Motherhood well, and their contributions to her former Cent. The two had a fairly close relationship, or rather a partnership, that contributed to the success of both Cents. That, along with her newfound respect for all mothers, especially those of the Motherhood, made Eden trust her more than any other being inside the church.

"Perhaps we're all here to witness God?" Eden responded quietly from her little corner, close to the exit. The sarcasm was hidden well behind her words - after all, she wasn't quite sure anymore. "Except for Gee. Who's going to overtake the Frontier and seize control as an entity..." She repeated, a mocking smile growing across her lips.
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Re: Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [RP]

Post by Jhibus » Sun Aug 09, 2020 6:01 am

The two stragglers they'd passed by earlier. A masked man clad in leather armor. What other manner of people would arrive at the church? Stealth was a foregone conclusion, and the entrance-way they'd entered through was occupied by the latest arrivals. The stained glass was probably fragile enough to escape through in an emergency, but there was a high chance of injury in doing so. Tensions were rising between the Rara and the Damned, not helped by Gero making a show of his throwing knives. The hunter's spear was virtually a hair's breadth away from drawing blood. The man with a metallic mask arriving and insulting Gero was... amusing, admittedly, but not less of a threat for it. And, unfathomably and unmistakably, the faint sound of a horse trotting around outside.

The danger was increasing the longer Sei stayed in the church. This was no longer a simple meeting between two parties - borrowing a term from the old world, the entire situation was a lit powder keg waiting to go off.

It seemed Kaila was already working on stomping out the fuse, but... a lit powder keg could be useful in the right place.

"Call me Sei." she responded to Alastor, keeping her hands loose to the side in a show of being disarmed. Gero's profession of questionable resolve could go a long way in bringing down the rising tension in the room too. A downed dog was less likely to be kicked than a barking one, after all.

She turned to the teen in question. "Your supposed goal runs directly against the interests of some of the other people gathered here, Gero. You may have wished to be a little less honest than that, but..." she paused as she briefly gauged the reaction of the room, slowly making her way to the stairs in front of the altar previously occupied by Alastor. "... You didn't seem to have enough conviction to convince even yourself."

Sei pivoted back around to face the church's interior from her new vantage point, roving her gaze from face to face before fixing it on the teen's. "The Cent of Pantheon." she began, folding her arms behind her back. "They believe they are gods among men, Demigods, higher than either me or you. They believe that this right grants them the privilege to expand their territory indiscriminately, encompassing the entire Frontier with a greedy fervor. They believe that any means necessary is warranted to achieve this goal, even utilizing unsavory recruitment tactics."

"Can you tell me your Cent has not had members mysteriously go missing? People that were excellent hunters, those who were sent to scavenge, never returning despite their loyalty, appearing to abandon your community without so much as a parting message?" She unfolded her arms and slowly scrutinized the faces of everyone present, one by one. "It is no unfortunate coincidence. They were no turncoats - they were indoctrinated by members of the Pantheon. Subdued and captured by their so-called Demigods... albeit much more skilled ones." She gave a brief, mirthless smile towards Gero as she said the last sentence.

She turned back to address the entire room once more. "Kept as a slave, having their backs carved into, toiling unwillingly for years on end, it is not a stretch to say that many of those captured have already perished. Those who survive have all will to leave systematically removed from them. As the Pantheon grows stronger, more shall go missing. It is only a matter of time before they amass enough manpower to single-handedly crush any Cent that stands in their way."

She looked towards a hooded newcomer who was standing near the entrance to the church, then extended her arm towards her upon hearing her remark. "You are of the Fisk. A peaceful community, estranged from conflict, unaccustomed to battle. Your Cent would be one of the last to be affected, but it would be affected all the same in the Frontier."

She aimed her next words at the more warrior-oriented Cent members. "A large amount of you are doubtlessly skilled in many forms of combat. You may be thinking that your Cent is capable enough to handle anything thrown at it. And for all I know, maybe that is true. Maybe your Cent has the strength to drive away invaders." Tilting her head to the side a fraction as if considering something, she continued. "But it will be a war of attrition. Whatever quality of fighters your Cent has, the Pantheon will drown out in sheer quantity. Perhaps you could survive as nomads... but you'd always be on the run, never settling into a place to be permanently called home, all but losing against the ones that call themselves gods.

"And as for those here without a Cent..." she surveyed the room once more. "It is only a matter of time before you fail to repel a recruiter. You are but one person, against a plethora of those that seek to break you to their will. You have done well to survive until now, but action needs to be taken."

She started slowly pacing around the narrow area in front of the altar. "It isn't feasible to ask anyone to go into head-to-head combat against an entire army. You do not know me, I do not know you, and we are not even a dozen people." She paused her footsteps. "But the enemy of my enemy is a friend, and the Pantheon's population is directed by a select few people. What I am asking for is simple."

Sei turned to face the room fully once more, punctuating the end of her sentence with a smile. "A temporarily alliance, to cut off the head of the snake that threatens us all.
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Re: Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [RP]

Post by Argonaut24 » Sun Aug 09, 2020 9:47 am

Maketes moved his way more into the and listened to all the chatter. He was simply entertained by the Rara and the Child in the middle of the church. They were clearly a source of tension, however Maketes was prepared for a fight. The masked warrior observed the situation brewing in the middle of the room until the two other cloaked and hooded figures caught his eye. They were similar yet different. They seemed to belong to the same Cent but yet, they didn't a moat interesting pair. You could automatically tell some things about a person because of the Cent they were in since some Cents drilled their young from a very early age and qualities of those Cents expressed themselves in their members. Maketes' Cent was the same way. Maketes knew these cloaked women were from a certain Cent to the North, a Cent that Maketes has fought for several years.

Maketes' eyes stayed on the cloaked warriors when his eyes found the hooded woman's. Her blue eyes were a beautiful shade of blue that reminded him of the blue waters on the southern tip of the Frontier. Those eyes had a story, one Maketes was willing to hear but that would be for another time, he dismissed the two when the lady in the suit began to speak. It was a good rallying speech, he's had better but Maketes lived in combat and he despised the Cent she wanted to unite everyone against. The Pantheon was a danger to the Frontier and to all of those that lived within. Maketes didn't want to seem to be the one that got easily swayed but he responded to woman's proposal for unity first.

"Alright, you have my sword. I despise the Pantheon. They've hurt way to many people and threaten the entire Frontier. Some people in my Cent share my same sense of morality and will assemble under our flag but the strong majority will side with our enemy because of their wealth, strength, and frankly, the fact the Pantheon will most likely win if the union fails. Nonetheless, I'm ready to die well! What say you?"

Maketes last line was directed to the all the others in the church. Creating a union with all these different people was a good idea as it would greatly increase their chances at winning a war with the Pantheon, but the vast differences and the fact all these Cents were used to fighting under their own colors would make it hard to unite them all. Still, uniting all the Cents may not be enough to meet the Pantheon on the open field, the war may still be a guerilla war.

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Re: Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [RP]

Post by HighVoltage » Wed Aug 12, 2020 5:13 pm

Alastor sneered at the "demigod" as he mentioned being trained by one of his fellow Cent members. "Perhaps.....We do send.....some fellow punishment......for crimes against.....the Cent." He chuckled dryly as the lad shifted his throwing knives, clearly feeling threatened by Alastor's closeness and weapon. Good. Let him feel threatened. And like a cornered animal, he would probably lash out, and be met with a swift knife to the gut and a slash to the throat. As Gero, as he called himself was offering companionship with the group, Alastor was already ignoring it, still moving towards the Rara member.

His eyes scanned over him, unblinking for the longest time. He knew the man was more than capable of killing him right here and now. But he felt no fear. That was one of the first things that left him. Many marks, all across his body. Unlike the marks that adorned Alastor, these were marks of honor, of valor, of accomplishment. Some in the Children looked down on having as many scars as Alastor did, seeing it as an over-reliance on his demonic powers. Alastor saw his scars as a mark of pride, same as the Rara. His closeness with the demon was something to be celebrated, not feared. At least, not feared by his allies.

Alastor took another step forward as the Rara pulled out a short blade, clearly prepared for a fight. The spear was for range, and the knife for if he got too close. Alastor's eyes gleamed darkly as he observed the knife, its curved tip gleaming in the light. As the spear was lowered, Alastor acknowledged the challenge with a slight nod and continued moving forward, until the point of the spear began to dig into his skin, a thin red line beginning to run down his chest. He cocked his head, a similar challenge in his eyes.

Your move.

As the woman from the Motherhood called for peace, Alastor turned, the tip of the spear lightly dragging on his chest as he turned his back to the Rara, a sign of trust. "What do Resources.......same all." Alastor's head snapped immediately to Gero, his mouth curled into a faint smile. "That is not.....the first.....time I have heard.....that line.....But I will is far.....less.....intimidating....coming from you." Alastor turned to look at the new girl who entered, but didn't give her much attention. She was a survivor, and seemed to not mind the amount of weaponry in the room. Then again, she appeared to survive through quickness and trickery, judging from her arrows and seemingly nonplussed attitude.

As Sei introduced herself and moved to the front of the room, Alastor followed her, something about this woman seeming a tad familiar. He crouched in the aisle, his balance perfect as he kept his knife drawn, just in case some fool decided to try stabbing him, but he was fairly sure their attention was with Sei. None of this information was new, Alastor had heard plenty of the Pantheon. After all, the demons needed to keep tabs on the gods. As she continued, the information became a bit more jarring. Of course they would take the entire Frontier, or at least try. The Children had always seen this as an issue to be dealt with when it arose, focusing on spreading their own influence and power. Something in Sei's words stirred him though, a chance to drive the Pantheon back a decade or so, break them down a bit. He liked the sound of that. And so did Alastor. Then it clicked.

An odd sound filled the room, a rhythmic wheezing that grew in volume and was in time with the rising and falling of Alastor's shoulders. He pulled himself to his feet, his knees cracking as he did so, his laughter coming to an end. "Now I get it......." He locked eyes with Sei, still chuckling. "There are.....still many in....the Cent who speak....of you,......Mephistopheles." He knew she had seemed familiar. The woman with the silver tongue worthy of a demon name, having spun many bargains to her favor, offering information at a small price. They'd tried to convince her to stay, but to no appeal. Now stories were told about her whenever a deal was mentioned.

"As for your.....proposition....There will be war.....But it for the best.....if....the demons strike.....before the gods...." Alastor slid his knife back into its sheath, his eyes never straying from Sei's. "You least one.....demon.....with you."

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Re: Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [RP]

Post by Lord of Nothing » Thu Aug 13, 2020 5:45 pm

Why are we here?

So many had assembled that his attention diverted ever so slightly from the one standing in front of him to the ones all around him. Newcomers having all assembled with no clear and apparent link to one another. Seemingly all beckoned forth by this crystal clean church. "Perhaps we're all here to witness God?" One said. And he wished for time to think about it further in that moment.

The man stood there staring. And he tilted his head curious. Seemingly wondering what would happen next. But there was no move. No different response. The arm did not grow tired under it's own weight nor the weight of the spear. Indeed, he would have been content to stand there all day if necessary. Even a glance beneath the man's scars and one could see he was clearly strong. His lack of shock from the spear sinking into his chest and the gaze he gave indicated he was not like Gero. The two had a commonality in liking to play with weapons as though they were toys. The man was give nearly the same treatment but his expression spoke of non of the shock. None of the fear. Non of the involuntary machinations of the body like heavy breathing or a shift in the eyes which gave away pretenders.

The man almost seemed unto something of a wild if not for the scars which almost artistically seemed to mark the man's body -- painting a picture of something which was simply "not right." The tendency of his tribe to function independently and yet isolated made knowledge of such individuals eerily little. Unlike Sei's seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of Cents and their resources.

It was not however any move from the demon but from the other. A gentle nudge and a voice of reason. Almost a reminder of his teachings. Even when man had no civilization. No anything, even out in them middle of the desert, they still banded together to create cities. And in spite of his instincts -- it was the strength of man to act against them when they would bring about harm. And faced with that which instincts did not prepare. With a sigh he drew back the spear slightly back. And the man gave Lok his back, he lowered the spear entirely.

A red splotch stained his spear.

Out from a pocket in Lok's hoodie came a piece of cloth. Rubbing along the blade and wiping away any thing which might cause it to rust or become in any way ineffective. The spear was a valuable and steadfast companion, the one he knew the best. And he would forever care for it. Especially after having come into contact with one so...unclean. At this point it would not surprise him if his spear became cursed.

Soon Sei moved from behind him and into the forefront, seemingly shining where she does best. A speech which seemed almost too fitting. Almost to the point where he could not help but wonder if "Mephistopheles" was indeed responsible for bringing everyone here. A large man appeared at the door armed also with a spear. The one who spoke of the church before with markings on her face. Rhe wounded, bloody blind girl. A girl with a very large bow. It all seemed to come together quite nicely. People all too eager to join and perhaps seek some measure of company in a world that was all too divided.

Even he found himself wanting to just say "Yes" in the face of new information. It would have been almost too easy to. But these people were strangers and value in their opinions had to be earned. Especially after meeting the likes of Gero and scarred man. But from what he knew, Gero was a slaver. The threat they posed was almost too difficult to deny. And even his tribe, for all the hundreds of miles they could run -- were good at chasing. Hunting. Not in retreating. They too would eventually be consumed given time. Given issues left unaddressed.

Yet still, he would not forget that name "Mephistopheles."

"What you say appears to be well founded. And so long as what you say is truth, I would fight against that which does inevitably threaten my people as well. And so long as we are true to that."

I have no interest in toppling one tyrant and replacing them with another.

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Re: Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [RP]

Post by Azra » Fri Aug 14, 2020 9:43 am

"How's a girl to find a partner when so in love with their own voice?" Ash remarked more in a tone of dry humor then a actual question. The archer was not the most vocal person, or much of a people person.nshe did however kind of like the idea of trying to say what needed to be said in twenty words or less. A summarization that could allow one to keep moving or have a dialogue, over people diving into a monologue. She was however brushing bangs from her face and sitting attentively. Leaning on the seat in front of her ever attentive but eyes open.

So far the men had responded in agreement with the idea. Uniting against a common enemy she wasn't big on the swordsman. He was ready to die, but as miserable as this world could be willing to die just hinted to Ash as less likely to fight when cornered. It was accepting of finality, Ash would accept just about any action to keep going though. Somehow the demon seemed more grounded even if religion just bred nut jobs to Ashley. It was agreement to fight though no real plan, third again just in agreement.

"They've better numbers and resources. Smarter to stalk and corner the prey then charge it. But I might help." Ash didn't have a cent, usually preffered to trust them only long enough to trade with them. Was fair to say however that her ability to travel and trade as she pleased would be hindered though if the Patheon grew. If they were going to do this however she felt it best to study the enemy and use more gorilla tactics. They had to be the better predator, as much as Ash enjoyed reading books about armies charging into eachother on horseback there was a reason those fantastical stories weren't what her reading collection had much of.

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Re: Dogs Eat Dogs: A New Era [RP]

Post by illirica » Fri Aug 14, 2020 3:47 pm

Gero mentioned his goals - no, he didn’t. He mentioned the goals of his Cent, which he was no doubt supposed to follow unquestioningly. It seemed that the Pantheon didn’t train people to think, which... explained much, about his current situation. Others slipped in, or made their presences known. Scavengers, looking for resources. Kaila frowned slightly as the newest woman pulled out pliers. “Leave it.”

Her head shook slightly, a negation of... she wasn’t sure. “It’s hardly worth anything to you, and there’s little enough left in this world that’s nice. I’d like to think we’re not desperate enough yet to tear apart these few small things that remain.” Another woman spoke, with an introduction and then silence for a while, listening, speaking up only to mock. Just another trying to tear apart what few small things remained, only in a different way.

Kaila frowned slightly at the bickering, but the strangely dressed woman from before had decided to speak once again, reintroducing herself to the larger group and outlining a plan that was... ambitious, at the very least. She spoke out against the Pantheon itself, likening it to a beast that sought to destroy, and Kaila couldn’t help but think there was something of truth in those words. The Pantheon may have said that it only wanted to overcome, but the way they went about it...

...Certainly, they had no use for beautiful things. Gero had been something like that once, in the way that all children were beautiful, full of unexplored potential and questions and curiosity - and he’d been pressed into a mold, made into something that trimmed away anything undesired: Beauty, temperance, hope. He was a shell of something now, as much a mold as the one that had made him, waiting to destroy another beautiful child.

One day, it might have been one of hers.

While she considered, three already spoke strongly in favor of the idea, and the fourth, the one who had wanted to pull apart the church, offered a possibility of help as well. But four - maybe five - to destroy an entire Cent? It was madness.

Perhaps, though, madness was what was needed. The Motherhood knew how to harness it - they were trained, in those months after their first child was born, to understand their instincts, their need to protect their child. It was forged into a weapon - no, a shield, one that would protect all children. The Motherhood preferred not to fight... but there was no force more fearsome than a mother who was prepared to defend her child, to the loss of all reason if need be.

Her eyes shifted back to the broken boy, who could not even protect himself from himself - this thing that the Pantheon had made a weapon of, that they had called a Demigod and cast him forth to find someone weak enough to worship him. He would be mocked, as he was now, and it would not turn him strong, but it would turn him hard, and cruel, and he would seek out the weak and break them, as he had been broken. Kaila’s hand moved, her fingertips lightly tracing the flowers that adorned her arm. Morning glories, she had chosen. They grew in adversity.

“I don’t know.”

Her voice was soft, and yet it carried through the stillness, a droplet in the water, rippling outward. She looked to Gero, and offered him the thing she doubted anyone had ever given him before: a choice.

“What do you think, little brother?”

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