[RP] [F] [V] [RESERVED] Broken Balance

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Re: [RP] [F] [V] [RESERVED] Broken Balance

Post by Eragon » Tue Jan 14, 2020 8:05 am

While Lenera listened to Valadir, she looked at Eragon curiously. Starting to connect a few dots. She knew him. The bond between is strong enough that they can easily figure out what the other is thinking without entering each other’s mind. However she kept quiet about it. If he didn’t wish for her to know than that is probably a good thing. He will tell her when he’s ready.
“A lot of luck going around lately as it seems. Everyone’s started to wake up to what is happening North. Especially after your letter Fern. Many have been asking questions.”

Eragon winced and slightly sighed when she used the name Fern. To the others he explained, “Fern is a nickname Lenera gave me. Inspired from a plant that only grows here called the winged fern. As you might expect its unique leaves represent wings. It’s also purple-

“Gnawwwww, you have a cute nickname after a plant that looks like you. I’m gonna use that now.”
Crystal obviously teasing Eragon but in truth its sweet and cute. A guy with a reputation such as the King of drakes. An unforgiving race. Humbled by a nickname he is a little embarrassed about.

And in response Eragon stopped, turned and growled at Crystal, snarling at her very intently.
“No one can say it, expect my Queen. Understood?”

Crystal held up her hands in peace. A little shocked by the sudden lash out.
“Alright, relax. No need to go off at me.”

The drake started at her for a few seconds be resuming his walk in silence.
To break the awkward silence, Lenera said, “It is cute though. It’s suit you.” She nudged his should than started scratching the back of his neck.

Eragon slowly turned his head to Lenera, “You think you’re making this better?”

“Yes I do. Because I think its good to show that you have humanity in you. That you really show to anyone but me.”
The Queen smiled than moved on to the next subject.
“So dragons, any questions for me. Like how did a ever end up with a drake like Eragon? Or what you expect your stay to be like?”
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Re: [RP] [F] [V] [RESERVED] Broken Balance

Post by Friendly_Dragon » Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:59 am

Valadir thought that it wasn't good that the word was starting to spread. It meant less tranquility and more questions asked. He could swear that if he got asked one more time how did Eragon and Wolnir and him met he would scream. Nontheless, both dragons thought that the whole nickname business was cute. It was a sign of true love. The flower also sounded pretty.

Valadir felt amused by Crystal's tease and tried to not laugh aloud. The dragons nodded when Eragon said that they couldn't name him like that.

"You got a point there", the black dragon said to Lenera before she asked them what they wanted to know. He thought that it would be nice if Eragon showed a bit of his humanity with them. Or at least with him, judging from all the things they endured together. Of course, he didn't tell him that or Lenera would know about the other stuff before the time was right.

"Why not both?" (both questions) "And how exatly did you people manage to carve this out? It surely must have taken you ages", Val asked.
"A-and i wondered if y-you could show me the breweries sometime...", Wolnir asked next.

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Re: [RP] [F] [V] [RESERVED] Broken Balance

Post by Eragon » Mon Jan 20, 2020 8:30 am

"Well, let's start with me. The more interesting question."
Lenera began answering Valadir's questions with delight. It made Eragon roll his eyes, He kept quiet though as Lenera loved talking about herself.
"It was during the war against the mountain trolls and their lesser, cave trolls. A battle that lasted three days of no rest. I was a blademaster at the time and had charge over a small hunting party of twenty. And Eragon in all his wisdom decided to honour us be joining on a raid to burn a troll village.

We arrive and what do you know. They expected us and responded as such. A well-planned ambush. In the fiery battle, I did what I was best at. slashing necks and turning trolls into coal. So much so I caught the eye of the King himself. A female would rarely join the army but when they do they become the most fearsome. Anyway, of course, I noticed Eragon's behaviour and gave him a small tease that nearly killed him. Smacked in the head by a club from the biggest opponent. I through my spear centre of the enemy before he could finish the helpless Eragon. Ever since then, Eragon always had time for me. Soon enough we mated and I've never had a second thought. We are made for each other..." She trailed her voice off in a romantic tone. As if to start dreaming.

"Just because I was on the ground doesn't mean I was helpless. I was going-"Eragon cut off be Lenera.

"You couldn't do a thing. He was standing on your wings."

"I wrapped my tail around him."

"What was that going to do."

"Would you like me to demonstrate on you?"
Eragon stared at Lenera.

And in return, she did so.
"You would like that wouldn't you Armaggedon."

A solid ten seconds they stared at each other until Eragon broke it off by saying, "Yes I would."

"Settle then. The first day back and you already have a challenge."

Crystal thought about the drakes conversation. Something tells her that it isn't just a simple argument. A deeper message behind it. Her eyes widened when she figured it out. Nearly laughing at the idea but, she knew she's correct. She waved Wol and Val close to her so she can whisper to them without the drakes hearing them.
"Don't bother Eragon or Lenera tonight. They will be busy."

While they walked and talked more they turned left out of the hallway and into a giant cylinder room. It reached halfway up the mountain. The cylinder is covered by doorways on every level where drakes flew up and down to get to there destination. They all flew clockwise in an inner and outer spiral. The outer spiral of drake flew up while the inner went down. Wind can be felt.
Lenera explained, "This is a fly room. While we still have long staircases this is a much quicker way to get about. As you can see some traffic issues needed to be solved. Anyway, to answer your next question, Val... This mountain took two hundred and seventy-six years to carve and we are still making some tweaks. It was our first mountain when we were forced out of our old land. It took our whole population to do it. We got there in the end and now we've expanded to some neighbouring ones. We do have breweries here but they are small. The best come from the valley. If you are eager Wol, I can take you to them. It can't be today, however. From where we are it will take three hours to get there."

She took off and followed the traffic. Eragon followed next. Crystal smiled at Wol and hopped on his back.

They landed fifty-two stories up where they went through the maze of halls and rooms. Drakes bowed as they went passed. Finally, they arrived at their destination, passing a sign that wrote 'restricted'. They find themselves in an all-white marble room, with beautiful paintings of the Valley of Flowers and the eastern dark forest. Short gold stands with helmets on them along the walls. This room separated into five large hallways.
"I'll take Val, you take Wol."
Lenera giving orders to Eragon.
He didn't do or say anything. Simply followed. Eragon took Wolnir through the first hallway that is arched and lined with lanterns. Crystal followed after them. Twenty metres down a polished stone door with gold and blue epoxy resin in the cracks of the door. Eragon pushed it open and it swung silently and smoothly on its hinges.
"Welcome to your room."
The first thing that is noticed is instead of an opposite wall, a giant open side to the outside bright outside, providing more than enough light and a view of the colourful valley of flowers below. Next is how big the place is. Easily able to fit a hundred drakes. The floor is a pearl white marble webbed with blue resin and gold. The same theme extends to the walls and patterned arched roof. The high roof opened up to a second level that doubled backed over them. One can jump too with the help of wings. Stairs are on either side of the pearl room. Pillars on either side, holding up the ceiling are decorated with blue banners, with the gold symbol of the drake head. Armour stands in between the pillars, with delicate gold and blue armour holding the most beautiful shaped spears. The floor of the first floor, where they stand has a gold picture embedded in it. A dragon and drake side by side with a ring of gold fire above them.

Crystal is quite impressed with it. She feels like she shouldn't be in here. She walked to the open side and onto the balcony. Here she can tell that Wolnir will have no problem getting in and out. She stood at the edge and looked up. The tip of the mountain is obscured by clouds but she can tell it's still a ways off. When she looked down her eyes widened. They are so high up.

"This is where you will be staying for now. It is bare but I will have a few commodities to brought in for you. Anything you like. Of course, a stand for your armour will be brought. The upper level is where you will find your bed, toilet, desk, fire pit and so forth."
Eragon watched Wolnir look around in wonder and awe. Made him smile. It is a pity they couldn't be exposed to this anytime sooner.
"Make yourself at home, two guards will always be present at the corridor, if you have any needs or concerns let them know. Any questions?"

Lenera took Val to his room, next to where Eragon and Wolnir went but this door and crimson and white coursing through its cracks that resemble veins. Lenera pushed it open and a bright natural light blinded them. This room is shaped differently to Wolnirs. While it opened up into a large room, only right half is oped to the outside, freely letting them go in and out of the pearl room. The left half opened to the rest of the private area. bedroom, study area, bathroom, etc. Pillars, of course, are scattered throughout the place connecting the single-story dwelling. The colour scheme is red, black and white.

"From what I'm getting from Eragon, you will be staying here temporarily until you hit some sought of a growth spurt, which sounds very interesting, to say the least. Everything you need will be brought to you if you need it. Four guards will be posted at the corridor if you will need anything. I'm assuming Eragon has plans for both of you so I'm not going to say anything else more besides welcome home."
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Re: [RP] [F] [V] [RESERVED] Broken Balance

Post by Friendly_Dragon » Wed Jan 22, 2020 5:15 am

The dragons listened to Lenera's story about how they met, both noticing how she liked to talk about herself. They found curious the presence of trolls in the mountains since they are practically non-existant in the land where they previously lived. They only heard about them through word of mouth. Valadir wasn't worried about their presence here either, since according to the story they seemed to be dealt with, and it also sounded like it happened ages ago. He got envious of them when she told how... intimate they got after the battle. With the current situation, he considered he would never get to experience how a loving relationship would feel like, but if he had to be completely honest, he had grown fond of his lifestyle. After all, he had lived happily decades after his reject with the company of his friends. Still, he felt happy for both of them, and Wolnir was too. They seemed madly in love with eachother.

"I bet..." Valadir whispered back at Crys when she warned the dragons on how the pair would be busy later. He would have suggested the others to hang out, but he guessed that Crys would be busy reuniting with her comrades. He saw Wolnir nodding slightly. He would try to not disturb them unless it was important.
After the whispering with her over, Wolnir raised his head back and asked the couple:
"W-when did that fight happen?"

Soon after, they entered a huge and cylindrical room, which turned out to be the fly room. It was huge and crowded, and even then, there was a sense of order around with the way the drakes flew. The dragons were taking in the place when Lenera decided to answer their questions from before. The black dragon thought all those centuries of effort really paid off and the result was really impressive. A part of him wondered how many accidents had taken place during all those years, and how many died for the cause.

"I-i would love that!" Wolnir replied with a bit of enthusiasm, even if the trip wouldn't be that same day. He was eager to visit and see how different were their equipment and methods to the ones in his workplace, and also the different ingredients they had at their disposal. He did crouch to help Crys get on his back, taking off last and accidentally hitting someone's tail with his snout on the way up. He tried to not lose anyone from sight with all the traffic, but at least Val was a distinctive figure to follow.

It didn't take long for them to reach their floor. The dragons were lead through a maze, and they returned the gesture to the majority of the drakes that bowed until they arrived to a room that seemed fit for the royal family. Val's status got into his head once again when he saw the sign on the outside. As the drakes began to take them into separate rooms, he exchanged a look in the eyes with his friend, as if to tell him that whatever that was on the other side, it was surely a goodie.

Wolnir's anticipation grew as he went through the hallway. His jaw dropped completely when he was presented to his room. It was huge. He could hardly believe that such a pretty place was now his. If he was told last year that that place would be his, he would have frowned and told to cut the joke. From the pattern on the walls and floor to the decorative armor, everything was too much in the good sense of the word. One of the first things he noticed and inspected was the sight to the outside. It was breathtaking, a full view to the flowers from before, and they were really high up too. He hoped he could find his way back in from the outside. By then he had a smile that seemed pretty much impossible to erase. He then went to check upstairs. A bathroom that looked a lot better than the last one, a comfy bedroom and a room with a desk and a couple of shelves that he didn't know for sure if he would use. It reminded him about the house he lived in before everything happened. He felt like he could hug Eragon for a while, but he did the effort to refrain because of his reaction at the armories. Frankly he couldn't find the words to express how thankful he was. He went back downstairs and then Eragon asked him if he had any questions.
"C-can i have a m-mirror? I really d-don't know how to thank you..."

As Valadir looked and explored his new room happily, he got reminded of his former cave. The place looked like an infinitely more elegant version of it. It wouldn't take him long to feel like home. If he had been told about it earlier, he would have deemed it too luxurious. It even had a desk that he would use if he was still busy with his job. The view the place had to the outside was remarkable, and the rest was really pretty too. However, he wasn't entirely convinced on how the red markings combined with the white marble, but at least it matched his armor. He thought it was a bummer how Lenera said that the place was temporary, he liked it a lot but he would try to enjoy it as much as he could. He still wished she knew the whole story.

"Thanks a lot for your hospitality! I bet i'll feel like home in no time!" The dragon said with enthusiastic smile.

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Re: [RP] [F] [V] [RESERVED] Broken Balance

Post by Eragon » Sun Jan 26, 2020 9:51 am

Eragon answered Wolnir's question regarding the fight.
"Roughly 80 years ago. It is still possible that many creatures and hostile forces still lurk outside of what we control but I guarantee, within our mountains. Nothing can get past. But don't pass our patrolled borders if you can help it. The west and far east are still largely out of our control."

"Good. For now, relax. Do as you wish. Acquaint yourself with your surroundings. Sleep if you wish. Food will be brought to you within the hour if you would like."
Lenera looked to her left. Where the other, now occupied room is. Behind a thick stone and marble wall where sound cannot escape. Her partner of her soul and mind with another dragon. She can't stop thinking about him. He's finally returned.

She snapped back into reality, getting mentally angry at herself for not concentrating at the current task.
"There's nothing more I can do at this point. Sit tight and something should happen."
She left is haste. She kept her wings tucked close and her tail off the ground as a formality. Her white draped clothing flowed behind her as she moved out of Valadir's sight.

"That mirror will be added to the list and you can thank us by not leaving us ever." Eragon stated that a little loudly as if he was going to force the orange dragon to stay but in the end, it is all up to Wolnir. If he could, however, keep the dragon's within the mountains he would. Just knowing that they are around warms the hearts of drakes.

He then moved onto Crysta, looking her way and in return, walked up to him from outside.
"I believe you would like to be reunited with your people."

Crystal stopped right in front of the big purple drake with a really big cheeky grin.
"Now that I know the dragons are in very good hands. I would like to so very much and as quickly as possible."

"The quickest way would be that way."
He pointed to the mouth of the cave. The outside opening.
"No longer than a ten-minute flight."

If Eragon meant to scare her it didn't work at all. She's that used to flying on Wolnir it is second nature to her now.

"But if Wolnir doesn't wish to come I guess I will have to carry you there."

Crystal's eyes widened and her smile faded at the drake. Something told her that he isn't going to make that very comfortable for her. Her head spun to Wolnir.
"I know you just got here but could you take me. You will get to meet the fam."
She smiled and squinted her eyes hoping he will say yes.
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Re: [RP] [F] [V] [RESERVED] Broken Balance

Post by Friendly_Dragon » Tue Jan 28, 2020 2:58 am

Wolnir listened Eragon's response. That meant that they were together for a long while now, longer than he was alive, and he trusted that they would remain so for years to come. He nodded when he was told to not go beyond the borders. Exposing himself to death's cold embrace again wasn't on his list of activities, so he made a mental note to not go too far, wondering if there were any visible signs of those borders. Valadir listened to the response while he looked around the place. He wondered what he was doing when those two met for the first time, he was around 21 back then. He couldn't remember exactly, though. He thought that maybe he was on his first trading years. It also made him think about how he volunteered to explore beyond the borders, now knowing that it would be way harder than he thought at first.

"Yeah, some food would be nice! Can it be fish?" the black dragon replied to the Lenera's list of suggestions. He hadn't had time to fish since he began to escape, so he missed it. He thought she looked a bit off, but he guessed it was just because all of the things going on lately, so he couldn't blame her. Eragon coming back and him and Wolnir coming out of the blue. Soon she had left, and thus the dragon was left alone with his room. He took his backpack off, grabbed the top sling with his muzzle and carried it to the bedroom, placing it agaist the wall and next to the bed. It was a wooden bed with a rather elegant design, the wood was painted black and the matress was of the same tone of red as the one from the outpost. He then took the time to relax and take in the place once more, feeling at ease.

Eragon's reply to him asking the mirror left Wolnir both happy and uncomfortable, mostly because of how he said it. His tone raise combined with the words he used made him feel uneasy, and it translated a bit into his expression. Sill, he tried to not give that much of a thought since right now he had nowhere else to go. That chain of thought made him stop smiling for a moment but he quickly recovered it after seeing the view of the valley when Eragon and Crys began talking about going somewhere. His head perked when his name was named, and soon Crys came to him to ask him to give her a lift again. He didn't take long to decide, he had grown fond of taking her around. It was the least he could do after she was so nice with him, and most important, he would get to see the other members of her race. He wanted to see them for a while now.

Valadir saw the group on the distance, flying away as he checked the sight he had once more. He thought they were doing something private so he decided to not follow them or anything. He would ask them what they did upon their return if that didn't annoy them. With time to burn until the food came, he thought about what to do. Way too early to sleep, and he wasn't completely sure about going around to explore such a big place without a guide and on a timer, last thing he needed was to get lost and having to eat stuff cold. So he decided to get to know the guards, at least. He figured that it would be a good idea for them to know who they were guarding, and maybe they could point him somewhere. So he opened the door with a bit of effort and said to them:
"Soooo.... i was thinking that since i'm staying here and you are stuck with me, maybe it's a good idea to know your names"

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Re: [RP] [F] [V] [RESERVED] Broken Balance

Post by Eragon » Tue Feb 04, 2020 12:37 am

Eragon lead the group away from the pearl rooms and headed North where Lenera said she had left the fox folk. While they traveled through the air Lenera contacted Eragon with her mind. A link that weakens the further they are apart.
”Are you taking Crystal to her people?”

”Aye. She’s pestering me about it.”

”I nearly sent out the whole population after you. I think she’s justified. You forgot someone by the way.”

”We’re not going to be long. But if Valadir wishes to join, lead him.”

”Yes. But I want you back before the sun sets or I will hunt you down and make sure you will never see the sky again.”

”I would expect nothing less.”
With that conversation at end the drake, dragon and kitsune were left to themselves for the most part. Drakes flew around them like flocks of hungry seagulls but they didn’t come close. Not with the King around anyway. They wouldn’t dare interrupt whatever business they’re in. They flew over a small portion of the valley where the Golden mountain meets the green valley. An interesting combination but a beautiful one. Add another clear and slightly cold day only enhances the experience.

Crystal thought us such. While she isn’t particularly fond of the mountains culture she cannot deny how well they maintain their land. Especially for a carnivorous race. The drakes surprise her sometimes. From the outside they same like brutal and unforgiving beast. Only caring for themselves and to survive. It is until you live with them and dig into their relationships. They care for each other, preserving and united.

As they flew through the land more of how the drakes conduct themselves becomes more apparent. Most of the action and business is in and around the the mountains. Where most of the structures are but there are still some within the valley. Those few who prefer flatter land or if their job requires them to work away from the elevated land. Farms are present that grow many crops and have live stock. But where they headed is a little more North of the main happenings of the drakes. A little quieter and peaceful. Within twenty minutes they arrived to a group of wooden lodges. Roughly one hundred small single room lodges in no particular order. Multicoloured tents with different intricate patterns have also been pitched around these lodges. Trees surround the buildings for effect.

But it’s new habitants are why they have come. White, orange, red, brown figures can be seen between the lodges. Those warm colours seem to be their clothing and coloured fur. While some cooler tones are present it isn’t as obvious.

They started their descent. The closer they got the more kitsunes appeared. A pleasant and reliving smile shot across Crystal’s face when when she saw them. Eragon on the other already sensed a change in the air. A strong presence swirled around him. One of power and peace. Similar to when he first met Crystal. It made him a little uncomfortable. Now he is dealing with powerful magic users. Many of them who are probably much older than himself.

Crystal said to both Eragon and Wolnir through her mind,
”Now when we land, I will take you to our leader. They will probably start touching both of you on the shoulder or waist or something like that. That’s our way of saying ‘welcome’ or good fortune upon you’ without vocalising it.“

”They better not be touching me or I will give them a warm welcome myself.”
Eragon didn’t like that idea. He gets that this is a different culture and he should respect how they operate but he still has his boundaries and this is one of them

”You may be the King but your a child at out table.”

”We shall see.”

When they landed, the leaves and grass commented on their arrival, blowing and swaying in the wind created by the giant wings of the reptiles. Crystal slid off Wolnir with ease. She brushed herself down and materialised her weapons. Her thin katana to her waist and staff in hand. She always has her two war fans tucked inside her kimono. Then the crowd slowly started to come around. Barely can here them walk. The folk of many tails surrounded them. Once there numbers grew in the hundreds they started to clap and cheer.

Crystal smiled and waved at everyone.
“So good to be back.”
So many recognisable faces. So many to catch up with. So little time. She looked at the faces of Wol and Eragon.
“Loosen up guys. We’re all friends here.”
And she took the lead into the small village of kitsunes.

Eragon felt the overwhelming presence of all the kitsune’s power pressed against is mind. So much so that he completely closed himself off to only here his thoughts. Even that didn’t completely stop it. However that doesn’t mean he can’t feel the positivity and joy from it all. Their culture he can already tell is much different than drakes.
He followed after Crystal, keeping his straight serious face despite her advice.

As the walked through Eragon couldn’t help but notice the different coloured fur on the tailed folk. Ranging from grey to white, orange, red and brown. Some even sported blue. They all dressed similar to Crystal. He could also see some of them are in a fox form, just staring. Like when he first met Crystal. Eragon felt a brush against his leg. He looked down to his left and found a small child placing her hand on it. Eragon glared at the youngling and hissed, although she didn’t flinch. Just stayed there and looked at him. Eragon felt a little uncomfortable and continued walked forward.

Crystal watched the whole thing and laughed. She continued on.

Kitsunes started following them. A few put their hand on Wolnir, welcoming him home. One such character jumped over Wolnir and put a crown of woven flowers on his head. Flower of blue and orange, to match his scales.

Eventually they arrived at their destination and the crowd started to diminish. Most still stayed. Crystal waited in front of a lodge, her staff between her feet and in both hands.
The door squeaked opened and a taller figure showed himself. Extremely fair in skin colour. Long orange hair down past his shoulders, tied in a pattern. His resemble a cunning fox. Red, orange and brown. Swirling around like a lake of fire. Age and wisdom hides behind them. He dressed himself in red and orange clothing. Patterned with flowers and leaves. The cuffs of the sleeves and trimming of the kimono that reached the ground are white. But most predominantly are is tail. He got dem thicccccc tails. Orange with white tips. Flowed behind him like fire.
Eragon is slightly impressed.

The figure stepped onto the grass and approached Crystal.
He placed his hand on Crystal’s forehead, between her ears.
“You have done well Crystal Tenko. Welcome back to your family.” His voice his bold and soothing.

“Thank you.”
She stepped aside and let him see the reptilians.

“Ah, at least we meet. King Eragon the Inferno and Wolnir Brightscaled. A most fitting name indeed. My name is Elijah Tenko. Leader of the kitsune. We have much to talk about but first would you care for some tea?”

Eragon folded his arms. While he half expected polite hospitality, he didn’t expect it so upfront.
“Yes, I would actually.”

Valadir walked into the hall hall with four guards posted. Burly drakes, two clad in gold and and red armour holding tritons while the other two are dressed in black and purple with spears and a sword to their waist. All are in full body armour and ready to kill.

They turned to face the dragon a little surprised that someone such as himself would have time for them. They bowed humbly before returning an answer.
A blood orange drake in gold armour decided to be the spokesman.
“I’m Vaille, partner here is Daeth.”
Indicating to the other drake in gold.
“And these two dickheads are Seccarth and Serena.”

The two in black gave a friendly growl to Vaille. Serena, being a female, she spoke up rebutting, “Jealous still Vaille. Your pride is as big as your arrogance.”

Vaille snorted. He’s the biggest of the four.
“Yes, we’ve been gifted the honour to protect you Unbroken. An honour we will carry out to death if need be. Your concerns are our concerns. Is there anything you would like to know?”
"Give someone power and they will show you what they stand for."

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Re: [RP] [F] [V] [RESERVED] Broken Balance

Post by Friendly_Dragon » Wed Feb 05, 2020 3:03 am

Wolnir stared at his favorite flower field until it was out of sight. Later on, it seemed to morph into a green valley with the occasional farm dotting it with their crops and animals visible from afar. That sight was the most familiar one the dragon had seen since his arrival to the mountains. He didn't know what to expect when he was first told about the place, but he found it surprising how a place so different from his former home could be so pretty.

Seeing the lodges and the colorful tents, the dragon considered it looked like a little, makeshift city. As he started to lower his altitude, he began to distinguish Crys' colorful comrades. They had a wider range of colors than he expected. His expectancy grew, being eager to land already and meet them. He smiled a bit and nodded slightly when he was told how they would be recieved by the rest.
"I-i don't mind!" he added. After all, greeting eachother and such with physical contact was pretty common in his culture. With how soft Crys' hair was, he betted that the others had to have similar fur. If that was truly the case, he would have a hard time letting them go.

Upon landing, the dragon did crouch a bit to help his rider get on the ground even if he knew that she was capable of doing so on her own. The quickly gathering and highly colorful crowd made him feel happy, if a bit shy with all their cheering. Feeling something in the air, he couldn't exactly describe it but it felt like if that something was trying to jam one hundred things at once on his brain. It made his mind feel strained. Even then, the atmosphere felt quite positive.

Following the others in the thin path amongst the crowd, Wolnir was approached by several of them. Their tails grazed his frontal paws, their touch felt quite soft and it made him feel lucky of not having armor on his paws. The dragon giggled and ruffled the fur on the heads of those that came after him. He let a couple climb on to him too, one of them slipped on the attempt so the dragon helped. Tilting his head downwards to see one kitsune in a particular color tone, he saw something falling from his head. It turned to be a handmade crown made out of flowers and tied all together with leaves and grass blades. It looked like quite the effort was put into it, and it even matched his scales. He picked
it up and put it back on, trying to keep his head straight for now. He picked up the pace when he noticed that he was starting to fall behind.

Soon they stopped on front of a lodge. Guessing that maybe that was the place they were trying to go, he picked the kitsunes on his back and gently placed them on the ground. They interchanged a smile before they went away. They didn't take the crown with them , so that now was a gift. He put it on one of his horns, hanging from it so it wouldn't fall as easily. Soon after, the door opened with a screech. Luckily the strain on his brain dimmed by then, else it would have felt terrible. Inside he met their leader, he felt surprised that he knew his name and title by then.
"W-why not!", Wolnir replied on the tea offer, taking a seat on the ground.

Valadir eyed his guards as they introduced themselves, smiling out of amusement when one insulted the rest. He got someone with an attitude! The dragon already liked him. He thought that at least they wouldn't have to carry their oaths to their graves for now. Except if they got to be in the upcoming war, that is.
"Not a concern, but..." he began to reply to Ville's question, "I was wondering how does your economy work around here. Am planning to trade around in my free time, mostly out of fun...
And don't take this the wrong way, but are there many females in the force here?" He also thought about asking them to point him to the smiths, but with what he had in mind, he preferred to have Eragon on his side.

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Re: [RP] [F] [V] [RESERVED] Broken Balance

Post by Eragon » Tue Feb 18, 2020 3:15 am

“Excellent.” Elijah looked at Crystal and smiled.
“Will you please server our guests.”

In return she humbly bowed and walked into the lodge to prepare some cup of hot tea.

“Oh yes. Good idea Wolnir. A seat will be fine.”
As he sat went to sit down. Green vines grew from the ground and twisted themselves together to form a chair. Elijah sat in it, very relaxed.

Eragon on the other hand. Preferred the ground. Folding his legs on the dry dirt. It hadn’t rained in the area for a few days which tells him rain will be here soon as it only is. He looked around at the tailed folk. He can still feel their oppressive force against his mind but he has started getting used to it. At this time most had gone on with whatever talk they desired. Few still stayed to watch, so he looked at Elijah critically as if to ask the question.

And Elijah, as understanding as he is, answered, “Don’t worry about others overhearing us. I know and trust every individual here. I would put my life in their hands if I had too.”

Eragon snorted, not entirely convinced but it will suffice. This time Eragon took the lead of the conversation. Not wanting to drag this on longer than it should.
“As you said, there is much to talk about, to update each other but that is not why I’m here. I’ve come to greet you and welcome you to my home. I also apologise for any inconvenience the clans have given you in which, I’m sure they have.”

Elijah chuckled. The drake is quite spot on. That gave the kitsune knowledge on how well Eragon knew his people.
“You’re spot on there. If it wasn’t for Lenera. We’d still be at the ruined fortress. An unkind place that it. I want to thank you and your soul mate for letting us stay. As you probably know by now we have no where else to go.”

“Aye. These days it’s full of fire. Unforgiving. I’m amazed that so many of you survived. How is that?”

Elijah put though into his next words. It seemed he hadn’t put the puzzle together.
“Best of my knowledge, they aren’t targeting us. That or we hide ourselves well. I’ll try not to get into to much but in essence, like us there are still others in this land that still remain free of the enemies control. Others who are still powerful enough to resist the these creatures mental control. The twin wizards in the North for example. Human but free. However, the creatures that surround their island are not. Prohibiting them from crossing to the main land. As you can tell naturally all kitsune are proficient at the ability to discipline our made. We’ve had attacks before but they cannot break us. I’m not sure why dragon and drake in particular have felt nothing of this. Perhaps it’s something in your biology they cannot breach and that is why you are being targeted.”

“Then why are the dragons numbers at minimal numbers and not us?”

“My best answer right now would be that the dragons have always been a scattered race. Mingled themselves with everyone else. They became easy targets. Drakes on the other hand are collected and invulnerable behind the mountains.”

Eragon processed what he’s been told. It made sense but not even the leader of the kitsune is hundred percent on the idea. Eragon looked at Wolnir. Could the drakes be in the same state as the dragons if he opened up the borders hundred years ago. It made him feel like he made the right choice to seclude themselves from the world.

Crystal returned with three tea cups of tea on a white tray. The cups are white with red flowers on them. They varied in size. She first approached Elijah and he took the smallest cup and thanked Crystal for her service. Then to the bigger frames, left with the biggest cups. Eragon took one wordlessly and sniffed the tea. He flicked his forked tongue to taste the pleasant sent of the flavour. It is something he had never tried before. It is like a soft spicy mint. He took a sip and confirmed it. He liked it.
Crystal took a seat beside Elijah, closest to Wolnir.

While the drake continued to digest the information, Elijah talked to the orange dragon. He thought he’d encourage the young dragon
“Wolnir, here’s something you’d like to hear. While I was in the North about to travel to Dralikan I did feel the presence of other dragons. Close and far. There are still others out there in hiding.”

Crystal’s ears lifted and she smiled.
“See Wol. You’re not alone. Your princess is waiting for you to rescue her.” She got up and went to his side and scratched his chin.
“But she won’t be as cute as me. I can tell you that much.”

Elijah smiled at the sight.
“I take it that you’ve been looking after him Crys.”

“That I have. He’s been a wonderful and strong dragon and he’s only gonna get better. Isn’t that right Wol.”

Elijah sat back in his chair and stroked his chin. He concluded that Wolnir isn’t the strongest willed around. Perhaps his mind has been tormented so much that he fears most things and he deciphered that Crystal is well aware of that and is also well suited for such a task. She can be very loud and bold at times but she has a very gentle and caring heart. She has come along way from when she was little.
Back into reality the male kitsune asked, “Are their any questions from you Wol? Something you would like to know about us?”

Vaille tilted his head a little confused as to why he would start there in all places. He switched his gold and silver triton into his opposite hand.
“It differs from each clan but in its most raw form, every drake chooses a service or trade. While they serve, their quartermaster trades gold with them and from there is builds and builds. I say again the is in its most basic form. There are many lines and paths within the established system but you are not expected to do as such. The King will take care of you very well.”

He was going to continue but was interrupted by Serana. The female drake has forest green scales mostly covered by her mat black armour but her orange eyes show just like the sun.
“Glad that you ask such a question. There are many more of us then meets the eye. In the clan armies, about a quarter of their forces are female but to qualify for the Golden Mountain, the exams are much harder. You will not see many here.”

She looked at the other drake dressed in black, Seccarth. And he in return looked at her. The both seem to get an idea at the same time.
The female asked, “You came from the North-West post right. I was wondering did you meet someone named Su’uther? He’s a younger drake.”
"Give someone power and they will show you what they stand for."

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Re: [RP] [F] [V] [RESERVED] Broken Balance

Post by Friendly_Dragon » Fri Feb 21, 2020 10:25 pm

Wolnir was taken aback when the vines rose under his tail to form a seat. It was pretty solid and strong enough to raise him a couple centimeters from the ground and not collapse under his weight, and it even gave him enough space to wiggle into a comfortable position. He was actually quite surprised. That gave him one more sample of how powerful their magic was. He looked at Crystal as she left.

The dragon looked at the other kistsunes watching them when Elijah mentioned how they would listen to their conversation. Even if he trusted them and found them cute, he felt a bit uncomfortable due to their constant watch. Still, he tried to pay attention to the conversation, more so when Elijah began talking about his theories about the recent events. He kept quiet while he listened, and in the meanwhile he recalled what Crys had told him about those parasites the other day. Made understanding his monologue easier. In part, he felt bad for the kistsunes themselves since they have had it as hard as him. It made him think about the kids too. He thought they deserved better. When he brought the parasite matter, the dragon thought that those creatures may have tried to attack him and his friends without him realizing. Maybe in his sleep. His immunity made him feel a bit lucky, since that way he wouldn't have turned on his friends, but it made the experience feel more terrifying. Thinking about how his race was more easily targeted, he thought it made sense. Their usual lifestyle made them easier to reach. He wished the best to the ones that were unaffected. Thinking about the whole ordeal made him feel a tad sad.

Wolnir smiled when Crys arrived with the tea. He grabbed one of the cups and thanked her. Taking some sips of it, he liked it. The spicy tones of the tea mixed well with the slightly refreshing touch of the mint. He was drinking some more when he was told that there were still some dragons alive. His eyes widened in surprise and he chocked a bit on the drink. He didn't actually believe that there were more of his race alive, he already had the idea that him and Val were the only ones left. It made him smile and raised his hope.

The dragon giggled when Crys scratched his chin. Even if her idea of rescuing a female sounded good, he couldn't bring himself to agree to do it. He felt too terrified of the idea of going back. He sighed deeply to put his thoughts straight again. Wolnir nodded when Crys spoke about how she had been taking care of him. He was glad that she was willing to be at his side.

When he was asked if he wanted to ask anything, he didn't have any questions at first, but then he remembered that time when Crystal told him how she saw Val being born.
"I-i have this friend... Crys here t-told me that she saw him come out of the egg, a-and i was wondering i-if any of you did the same with me..."

Valadir listened to Vaille's explanation about their economy. It sounded more like a closed model. He thought it made sense since they were secluded from the rest of the world. It would definitively make things harder if he actually decided to rebuild his hoard.
Serana's explanation made him wonder why was it that the training of the females was harder, but only for a short moment. Watching the drakes glance at eachother interrupted that thought.
The dragon wondered why Serana asked him that. He realized why after staring at her for a couple of seconds. He hadn't forgotten those eyes yet.

"Been, actually! You are his sister, right? You the same pretty eyes as he does!"

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