[RP] [F] [V] [RESERVED] Broken Balance

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Re: [RP] [F] [V] [RESERVED] Broken Balance

Post by Eragon » Tue Jan 14, 2020 8:05 am

While Lenera listened to Valadir, she looked at Eragon curiously. Starting to connect a few dots. She knew him. The bond between is strong enough that they can easily figure out what the other is thinking without entering each other’s mind. However she kept quiet about it. If he didn’t wish for her to know than that is probably a good thing. He will tell her when he’s ready.
“A lot of luck going around lately as it seems. Everyone’s started to wake up to what is happening North. Especially after your letter Fern. Many have been asking questions.”

Eragon winced and slightly sighed when she used the name Fern. To the others he explained, “Fern is a nickname Lenera gave me. Inspired from a plant that only grows here called the winged fern. As you might expect its unique leaves represent wings. It’s also purple-

“Gnawwwww, you have a cute nickname after a plant that looks like you. I’m gonna use that now.”
Crystal obviously teasing Eragon but in truth its sweet and cute. A guy with a reputation such as the King of drakes. An unforgiving race. Humbled by a nickname he is a little embarrassed about.

And in response Eragon stopped, turned and growled at Crystal, snarling at her very intently.
“No one can say it, expect my Queen. Understood?”

Crystal held up her hands in peace. A little shocked by the sudden lash out.
“Alright, relax. No need to go off at me.”

The drake started at her for a few seconds be resuming his walk in silence.
To break the awkward silence, Lenera said, “It is cute though. It’s suit you.” She nudged his should than started scratching the back of his neck.

Eragon slowly turned his head to Lenera, “You think you’re making this better?”

“Yes I do. Because I think its good to show that you have humanity in you. That you really show to anyone but me.”
The Queen smiled than moved on to the next subject.
“So dragons, any questions for me. Like how did a ever end up with a drake like Eragon? Or what you expect your stay to be like?”
“War is death to the old and birth to the new.”

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Re: [RP] [F] [V] [RESERVED] Broken Balance

Post by Friendly_Dragon » Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:59 am

Valadir thought that it wasn't good that the word was starting to spread. It meant less tranquility and more questions asked. He could swear that if he got asked one more time how did Eragon and Wolnir and him met he would scream. Nontheless, both dragons thought that the whole nickname business was cute. It was a sign of true love. The flower also sounded pretty.

Valadir felt amused by Crystal's tease and tried to not laugh aloud. The dragons nodded when Eragon said that they couldn't name him like that.

"You got a point there", the black dragon said to Lenera before she asked them what they wanted to know. He thought that it would be nice if Eragon showed a bit of his humanity with them. Or at least with him, judging from all the things they endured together. Of course, he didn't tell him that or Lenera would know about the other stuff before the time was right.

"Why not both?" (both questions) "And how exatly did you people manage to carve this out? It surely must have taken you ages", Val asked.
"A-and i wondered if y-you could show me the breweries sometime...", Wolnir asked next.

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