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Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 5:53 pm
by Trooper FN-86
As Irene watched Mira run the course it became clear that her ability was entirely defensive. While useful against enemies and protection it wasn't especially helpful in other aspects of hero work. It looked like she would need some general athletic training to ensure she keeps up with the others. Irene also wondered if she could possibly use her ability offensively. Perhaps if she charged and activated her ability the force she applied could be used similarly to what she's shown. Either way Irene wrote the notes and looked up to the class.

"Excellent job Mira. All right class I believe that is everyone besides those with the principal. Gather up your things and return to the classroom. Unfortunately it's time to get some actual school work done. Tomorrow we begin specialized training."


Little did anyone know The Silver Iris would not return to the classroom. Not for a while at least. For elsewhere in New York an old enemy was beginning to resurface, and needed to be dealt with before he got too powerful. So the Silver Iris was called back into the field. Until her return all that would be left of her was her notes and the 1 day of memories.

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Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2020 2:14 pm
by Mama Happy
After a tiresome exam, the students had some leftover time to relax before an average high schooler day started. Going through English, Math, Science, Etc. before the bell rang for lunch.

All of the classes were released, students heading the cafeteria. But luckily, the cafeteria was ginormous compared to how their previous schools’ cafeteria would have been. Almost resembling a casual restaurant, still adorning the U.A. colors.

There were many different lines for all the variety of foods the cafeteria catered too. Thanks to Grigor who took suggestions from students over the years he worked here.

Cooking Hero: Grigor was the head chef of the cafeteria. Sometimes called the Mom Hero for how delicious and tear jerking his cooking was. Surprisingly, Grigor didn’t dress like a chef, more like a hero you’d see fighting villains.
E13B1740-53C2-4EBA-8878-9F8951175250.jpeg (98.07 KiB) Viewed 977 times
There was also outside seating available, so students didn’t have to stay in the cafeteria to eat if they didn’t want to.


Jasper Collins. A popular student in U.A. due to her friendliness to others and her overall charming personality. She dressed to impress everyday, making sure her uniform was never wrinkled and always had a smile on her face today. But not today.

Her hair, which was usually placed in a High ponytail with a red ribbon tying it off, was down and messy. Her usually crisp uniform was sloppily thrown on: her socks weren’t matching, one white and the other black, her jacket clearly crinkled and her bow tie was nowhere to be seen.

She was on the back of Maila Kazanozo, a dear friend of hers since Freshman year. He was a quiet student, but over the years he had begun to speak up more. Another proper student, somewhat the shadow of the trio, but just as powerful, maybe even more so.

A trio you ask? Who’s the third person? Methusuphis, Head of Disciplinary Actions ever since Ms. Alard retired.

He cleaned up his act after his family had almost destroyed U.A. after trying to get their son back. A rough Freshman Year. He was walking to the left of Maila, looking almost displeased. Not an uncommon look on his face. But it looked like he was scolding Jasper. For what? Not quite sure what it was, but it didn’t seem to help Jasper’s mood at all.

She looked up at him with her tear stained face, which left a wet spot on the back of Maila’s cardigan and began crying again, louder than before.

What a wonderful way to start Senior Year.

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Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2020 3:32 pm
by Moddy
She watched him drag hostages into the Principal's office and paused the tape. The lumbering, blue bear, however he’d done it, had silently managed to take down one of a lesser-known hero school in New York. The whole ordeal had taken place 48 hours ago, and now Officer Dawn watched uselessly as Belrich conquered an entire school of trained Quirk users, along with the experienced teachers. The murderous mascot was a force to be reckoned with, but taking down an entire school on his lonesome. Unheard of.
“This is the fifth time. THE FIFTH DAMN TIME THAT HE’S ESCAPED!” Dawn slammed her hands on the desk, covering her eyes in frustration. He was known for this, it wasn’t anything new. He could create a cellphone from two plastic spoons and a remote, finding a prison that had high enough security to keep him in place was such a challenge when putting him in the same room with any kind of technology was basically giving him a free pass back into the streets. An unbelievably frustrating villain, Belrich went wherever he wanted, whenever.
The curious part in this situation was that he was relatively harmless to civilians, especially children, and teenagers. He was one of the baddies who had an exclusive vendetta against the heroes. “So what is it?” Dawn whispered, peering into the screen. “What is it that sent you off the deep end this time, Richy?”

She played the tape, for a moment everything was still. The only camera functioning was the one pointing at the principal’s door. Belrich had scrambled memory of the camera in the office. An irregular move, he usually liked to make a show of his wrongdoings.
“Um!” The intercoms blasted.
Dawn leaned in closer.
“Hi! Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve put on a show like this. I feel rusty.” Dawn wanted to cover her ears. It was that same tired out, overly cartoony voice she had come to hate. Even before he became a criminal, Belrich, the Boisterous Bear was a character she was never able to stand.
“Well then! A-As you all may know. I AM BELRICH! Every… Everyone’s favorite flippin’ flappin’ bear!”
Dawn raised her eyebrows. Something was wrong. If there was anything she could compliment Richard on, he poured his heart and soul into this character. But now his voice wavered, he was struggling to keep his character, he sounded unsure.
“Right? I’m sti… I am still everyone’s favorite bear, aren’t I? Because you keep… I keep getting thrown away…” Another pause, followed by rhythmic finger tapping. This was awkward.
Dawn stopped the tape and leaned back in her chair. In a drawer just behind her, she pulled out a tape recorder and hit play. The bear’s voice boomed instantly. “WHOA HO HO, MISTER MONEY MAN! Blow up your funds, gamble all your money, donate to any charity that you want! None will stand in the way of my pursuit of happiness! BELRICH WILL SPREAD HIS HAPPINESS ALL OVER!” He was defeated by Sasha 5 minutes later, but that wasn’t the point. Belrich was confident and joyous. The energy was definitely there. Now he felt… empty. Like he was trying to fill a large hole. Who was the last hero that he fought? Dawn rolled her chair over to a file cabinet. The second to bottom drawer held every known battle between a hero and villain. She flipped through for a few minutes before she found what she was looking for. Belrich vs Golden!!!, Silver Iris, and Copper Scorpion. Metalocalypse, a hero group formed by these three. Their popularity skyrocketed after Belrich confronted them wearing nigh-indestructible armor. They were forced to form a new team attack on the spot. A well-known villain is taken down by an improv super move. This was well received by audience, they were the talk for a while. Did this affect Belrich’s confidence, then why was he even bothering to come back out?

Dawn rubbed her hands through her hair, and scooted back over to the screen and pressed play.
“You all may remember what recently happened to me. Oh, who am I kidding? You know exactly what happened. In my quest to bring back happiness, three delinquents did… did quite a number on me. I’m still in pain if I’m being honest. Not physically, but mentally. And… And emotionally, because,” So that was the reason. Belrich hunting down heroes was nothing new, but to have a fixation on specific heroes… “Because, after I failed… You all celebrated and congratulated them. Now, I know that these ‘heroes’ have you all brainwashed. But when I feel like the whole world is against me. It hurts. It really does. I’m trying to lift this veil of depression from you all and you just… You aren’t making it easy.” A quivering breath echoed. Dawn couldn’t tell if it was Belrich or one of the hostages. “So… If you want me to continue helping you, I request a formal apology. From you all, and from the heroes who’ve fought against me. Not Metalocalypse though…”
Dawn froze, Belrich’s voice dropped a few pitches when he mentioned Metal, what was that?

A few seconds of ruffling, a large bang on the desk, and audible gasps. “I don’t want to hear anything from Metalocalypse.” This was a completely different person. Obviously it was Belrich, but the voice acting had stopped completely. A hoarse voice now spoke, throat ripe from the strain of constantly playing a character. This wasn’t Belrich, this was Richard Clarkson. The deranged maniac behind the suit. Explained why he scrambled the cameras, he had taken his mask off. “I try my damndest to save this sad city, with music, and explosions, and laughter, and fun. And time and time again I’m thrown behind bars because of it because you all are so stuck in your dark cloud that you don’t realize that I’m trying to help. But these assholes come about and slam me in the gut one good time. And you all celebrate them. It made me sick.”
Dawn leaned back from the tv, she could feel Belrich’s animosity, it felt like he was inside the screen waiting to leap out.

“I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. Knowing I was breathing the same air as people who couldn’t appreciate me made me wanna hold my breath. It hurt, it hurt so much. I wondered if I was truly unwanted, maybe I was doing something wrong… But no, it’s you. Metalocalypse, well-known heroes like you three are only buckling down this dull world, and I can’t allow that. I need you dead. Forever, preferably.”
So that’s what this was, revenge.

“They told me to ignore it, they told me to have you be my underlings, enslave you. But no. Knowing you exist, that just doesn’t work for me. I can’t get you three out of my mind, no amount of pain I inflict on you will ever be sufficient enough. It’ll never equal all the toxicity you’re allowing. I can see it now, there’s no bond here. Do you know how heroes and villains sometimes feed off of each other? Yeah, that’s not what’s happening here. This isn’t a beneficial relationship, you’re parasites, feeding off my attempts to help, making me look like the bad guy. And taking all the credit. We’re enemies, and as long as you three are breathing, there will never be peace in my heart. It’s never going to come to a point where we can co-exist. That’s why I’ve decided, one of the two forces absolutely has to die. And I know how you heroes get, you never want to take a life, that’s why I’ll solidify my standing right now.” It went silent.

What did he mean by that? Dawn struggled to hear something. Anything. As she reached for the remote to turn up the tv, she heard a faint click clack, and her speaker rang with a gunshot, followed by a body slumping over and muffled screams. Was it a student or a teacher? Who had he just killed?

“It’s done, you have no reason to speak to me when we meet. Try to reason with me upon confrontation, and you’ll have thought I forgot english.”
Another gunshot.
“Do not throw me back in jail, Metal! I’ll get out again with little effort and you know I will!”
Another gunshot. Another body falling over.
“This only ends one way and if you give me an opportunity to do this again then we’ll just keep doing this dance!”
BANG! Dawn shot out of her seat. But for what? This was a recorded video, not a live broadcast. Everything she was seeing was already done. She slowly sat back down.
“And if you won’t come out then I’ll keep going until everyone’s dead but you and me. This will keep going until nobody’s left standing but me and you. But I’d rather have an audience, so I can finally expose you for the spineless, sad sacks that you are. I was already assisted to get free, but I don’t need them for you. When we battle it’s just us, and us only.”

Assisted? Them? Who? Who helped Belrich escape? Were they also targeting Metal? No. He just said he’d be taking them down on his own.

BANG! This time there was a man screaming after the gunshot. “I’ve only tried to keep my name local, but trust me, my joy will spread when I decide to finally put my foot down!”
BANG! Another scream. “C’mon protect your people!”
BANG! The same scream. “Aspiring youth. Seeking to become the destroyers of happiness, such as yourself.”
BANG! He was drawing this one out. “I’ll get rid of you, every single one of you, and any other self-righteous fool will get eradicated too! ... I’m rambling. You guys can’t even hear me right now. The barrier’s stopping that.”

Barrier? BANG! Another body slumped. It was quiet.

“Whatever.” He walked off somewhere, more ruffling, and then that shrill voice came back, though it lacked any kind of enthusiasm. “This Belrich, the Boisterous Bear, signing off from his first daily message.”

The recording stopped. “Daily…” Dawn repeated, he’d be doing this every day until Metalocalypse paid him a personal visit. She pursed her lips, let out a defeated sigh, and walked over to the telephone. “Irene! Hi… Um. I think… I think you’ll need to call a substitute for a while…”

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Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 9:39 pm
by Vintage
Tom had just gotten done visiting the nurse's office when he arrived late to his English class. He realized quirk had taken more out of him than he thought, when he felt the adrenaline of the training course seep out of his body. Nevertheless, he supposed the rest of the day would be more of a regular school day. The aspiring hero felt relieved when the bell finally rang for lunch, not expecting the grandeur of the lunch room as he traveled amongst his fellow students.

"Woah." Was all he could muster out when he arrived. Tom stood in awe at the cafeteria entrance. Where was the tile-print floor? Where were the empty, bkeak white walls? Where was the grumpy lunch lady? None of it was to be found as he made his way towards one of the many food lines, his excitement almost apparent. This school was really something!

The young man had gotten his food and sat down at an empty table nearby the entrance, which was kinda hard to find despite the enormous size of the cafeteria. After being grown on regulation school lunches, Tom couldn't believe what lied before him on his plate, even if he had gotten fairly simple items. The pizza was hot, and unbelievably didn't taste like cardboard. The orange wasn't canned, but instead was still unpeeled. The vegetables weren't just corn and peas, but instead an actual salad! Smiling to himself, he began to eat.

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Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 1:39 am
by Anx13tyQu33n
As the day continued on, Mira went from fighting, to relaxed, to working in class. Going through the subjects was fairly easy, after all, it was only the first day. It was almost lunchtime, which got Mira excited. She was starving. And also a better chance to get to know everyone. She joined the other students as they went to the cafeteria. She was in awe at the size and style of the lunchroom. As expected of UA.

After getting her lunch, a turkey avacodo sandwich with an apple and a cup of water, she looked around at all the tables. Of course, returning students all sat next to their friends and such, as many of the freshman sat down with their class students. As she tried to find a table, she noticed a familiar black haired boy at a table by himself. She approached the table. "Mind if I join you?"

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Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2020 1:14 pm
by Moddy
Whiny little bitches and their little… bitch problems.
Wess trudged into the cafeteria, pushing and kicking his way past the hordes of students trying to grab the best-looking meal. Had he not been… Wess, he likely would’ve had more appreciation for the extravagant setting he was in. Though, due to mommy’s money, attending schools with cafeteria’s of this level was nothing new to him.
Amidst his trampling of passing students, one child looked like they were getting to confront him for his blind shoulder checking, a quick glare shot that down. Wess didn’t feel like going back to the principal’s five minutes after leaving. He ignored the 5-star gourmet entrees, grabbing a big ol’ bowl of spaghetti and pink lemonade before leaving to sit at the tables outside.

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Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:17 pm
by Vintage
As Tom ate his lunch and watched the rest of the students in the cafeteria go by, he couldn't imagine how so many potential heroes were at this very school. Previously coming from a technical school, many students had their sights set on jobs in engineering or computer programming. Although he was surrounded with many students that shared his interests, he never felt at place with those who didn't want to become heroes. Now, the young technomorph was surrounded with those seeking their destiny as symbols of justice.

Not long after he began his musing, a familiar face appeared to Tom, the girl with white hair. Her name was Mira, right? As she approached his table, Tom smiled and gestured to a seat, "Sure, go ahead." Taking a bite of his pizza, Tom took a moment to finish before saying, "Hey, I saw your obstacle run, you did awesome! I can't believe you were able to reflect the robots' attacks like that!" Another face soon caught Tom's attention once again, this time in the form of the student that had a motor in his chest, who was making his way outside. He seemed pretty intense, but it wouldn't hurt to get to know him, yeah? With that, Tom attempted to wave over the other boy.

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Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 7:08 pm
by Moddy
Wess barely made it out the door before he caught sight of movement calling for his attention. It took him a second, who was this kid? He racked his brain until the Bell of Recognition rang. Couldn’t remember his name, but he was one of the guys that jumped in between Wess and that other student, interrupting the fight.
After his face lit up in remembrance, there was an awkward, prolonged moment of staring. Wess glared at the technofreak for quite some time. What does he want? I just got chewed out for the fight. I don’t need to hear anything from another student. Wess began to turn away, he’d ignore it. His spaghetti was getting cold…

But, a nagging curiosity, mixed with a smug ideal of “He wouldn’t dare test me”, dragged Wess over to the table. If something was said that he didn’t appreciate, he’ll leave… or start swinging fists.
Wess remained standing when he got to the pair, looking down with his body angled away in case this really was a waste of time. “What’s up?” He said, rather calmly. “Ya need something?