MHA: New Beginnings!

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Re: MHA: New Beginnings!

Post by Mama Happy » Sat Nov 23, 2019 10:59 pm

After reaching their classrooms, Irene and Fronzer wishes each other luck for their first day. Fronzer has kicked opened her classroom door, scaring her classroom as she proceeded to introduce herself to her students, loudly.

Irene chuckled, even after all these years of teaching, it seemed her high school friend hasn’t changed in the slightest. She opened her door, in a regular manner unlike Fronzer did and cleared her throat, gaining the attention of her classroom. She made her way to the podium in the front of the room.

Irene Vaughn, A.K.A Silver Iris. Debuted 12 years ago, along with Metalocalypse!!! Her quirk allows her to see up to 50 meters, through walls and people, and shoot laser beams!
She’ll be class 1-A’s teacher for the entire year.

“Hello, Class 1-A students. I’m Irene Vaughn, your teacher for this year.” She said, pushing her glasses up and smiling. “Now then, I’m sure you’re all comfy in your seats, but you’ll need to get up and move as I’m giving you all assigned seats instead.” She held up the clipboard that had the attendance sheet and began reading off names in order, stopping at each desk and saying the students’ name so they would know where to sit.

“Please remember these as you’ll be sitting here all year.” She said, setting the clipboard down on the podium, checking off all the names as all of her students were there. “Now then,” Irene pushes her glasses up, smiling once again. “I have a basis of how all of your quirks function, but I’d like to see how you all would function on the field.” And as if one queue, the wall on the left opened up, revealing the school’s signature blue, white and red jump suits.

“You’ll be getting your hero suits sometime next week, so for now, wear these and meet me on the field, understood? You’re assigned to a number on the wall. So, desk one has suitcase one and so on.”

The classroom could hear Ms. Fronzer yelling at her students to hurry up and run, but it wasn’t an unorganized cluster of noise, it seemed as if she had already trained them to run in unison. “Be happy that you all weren’t placed in 1-B.” She said chuckling. Irene opened the door and waited for the class to grab their jumpsuits and follow her to their changing rooms.


“Kick my door in like that again, and I’ll reduce your pay like I did Fronzer’s. This isn’t your house, Ms. Kuroi.” Principal Inget said, opening his file cabinet once more and pulling out her clipboard. “Your class for the year. And stop acting so grumpy, you’re an adult. A role model for the future heroes that’ll be protecting the world. Have a little maturity, would you?” He asked, leaning back in his seat.


Deli smiled. A big smile too. Silver Iris was going to be their teacher! Deli had always admired her, having such a simple, yet useful quirk, her idol! Hero Spotlight! had created three issues dedicated to the Metalocalypse! and Deli has kept each one in a neat condition in her room. She had also brought them with her as well.

She stood up and walked over to her gym suit, Number 3. Maybe she’d be number 3 in the Top 10s one day. She took it off the hook and waited with Irene for the class.
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Re: MHA: New Beginnings!

Post by Vintage » Sun Nov 24, 2019 2:23 am

Tom raised his eyebrows as he heard a large commotion coming from just outside the classroom door, before what seemed to be their class teacher enter the door. He knew her hero name was Silver Iris, but wasn't quite familiar with her powers, as he had never really looked into her endeavors in particular. Regardless, he was still excited to have a real pro teacher be his teacher.

Rearranging his bags to his assigned seat, Tom thought about how he would show off his powers. Due to the nature of the entry test, the aspiring hero was able to clear it without much difficulty, but that was because the situation favored him. Here, he didn't have any war-robots to take control of, and as such, not nearly as much flash. Looking down to his robotic hand, Tom eventually snapped himself out of his thoughts, and took note of his number, fourteen. Collecting his gym suit, the hero-to-be waited by the door.

"Say, Ms. Vaughn, what kind of test will this be?"
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Re: MHA: New Beginnings!

Post by Flamma » Sun Nov 24, 2019 2:44 pm

Ughf heavy, Kuroi thought to herself even though her face remained calm.

"Sorry... This place just brings back alot of memories. I came to say I'm sorry I'm late." Kuroi bowed her head while speaking then rose back up and took a seat.

"I was also curious if you wouldn't mind giving me a roster of all the students in your hero course. I've been sent here to offer student extra curricular work on mob tactics and recognizing the many organizations that call New York home. If you don't mind could you make it quick too, the first years should be showing off their quirks right now." She explained everything calmly with her elbow on the arm rest of her chair and her knuckles against her cheek. She thought about how she probably should have left out the last part but it was too late and saying before he said anything would just make her look guilt. Then she wondered how long she could last before getting fired or getting paid nothing. It all added to her general feeling of dread going back to UA.

Meanwhile Kiece was sick in bed and paralyzed in bed.

"Mom!!! I have to go to UA! You're going to make me miss the first day!" He shouted at his mother who swept the house.

"YOU'RE STAYING IN BED! You're running an extremely high fever and those kids may have germs that'll make you feel even worse! I'm not letting you move until you're feeling better!" She fiercely yelled back. Kiece's mom, Mereum, has the quirk blood manipulation which she was using to restrict Kiece to his bed while also cleaning her entire house.


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Re: MHA: New Beginnings!

Post by InquisitorRothus » Sun Nov 24, 2019 9:05 pm

"Ah~ Ah...~ My horn~ If you do that then I'll~ I'll..~" Moruith wrenched her horn out of Wess's hand. "Uh, yes. I'm a big fan of Mater Lunam! And who are you calling Shortstack? I'm the perfect height, that's what my father told me!" Moru went over to the display wall and got her UA-Certified gym suit. "Oh this is so exciting! I wonder what we'll be doing? Like, Silver Iris is right here!" The young woman could hardly contain her excitement as she headed out the classroom door to be lead to the changing rooms.
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Re: MHA: New Beginnings!

Post by CherrytreeBee » Sun Nov 24, 2019 9:11 pm

A quick glance in the mirror revealed the same blurry image of herself, the lilac-haired blur in the reflective surface sighing before smiling, stepping closer to the mirror to inspect how she appeared. Nodding to herself in approval, she grabbed her suitcase and made her way to the kitchen table. Sitting there calmly, she checked her phone, scrolling through her few messages. Before she could drink her morning tea however, quick steps sped down the stairs, making Myo put her cup down before her mother was able to scare the living shit out of her.

"We're late!" - "H-huh?!" Myo jumped off her seat, grabbing her stuff and rushing to the car with her mother. Due to their home being kept in general darkness, it was hard to tell the time sometimes if not constantly checking the watches and clocks. Jumping in, her mother began driving, Myo's eyes wandering to her hands in her lap. She was fidgeting with her fingers nervously, her tail was being restless and distracting. This was certainly nervewrecking for the meek girl, especially as UA high came into sight.

Rolling up to the front gate, she said goodbye to her mother fleetingly with a loving bear hug. Grabbing her stuff, she hurried inside, panting when she reached the classroom she had been looking for: 1-A.

"S-sorry." Is all she managed to say, in her quiet melodic voice. Dropping her bags at her seat, she quickly followed along the other students, hoping she wouldn't stand out too badly as she grasped her uniform, number 9, right? Everyone was so noisy, she didn't even know if the teacher, Irene, had noticed the short bat-like girl.
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Re: MHA: New Beginnings!

Post by Artsy_Pie » Mon Nov 25, 2019 2:06 am

Axel rushed around her room putting her uniform on and packing her backpack How could she have not noticed the time?! She grabbed her things and left her hotel room in a hurry, quickly telling the clerk at the desk a goodbye. Hurry hurry hurry!! she yelled at herself trying to get a cab to stop. Oh how she missed home, her mother would be scolding her for her carelessness. Ooh, why won't the taxi stop!!

After a few minutes of panicked waving, a taxi driver finally stopped to let her in. Her chest heaving for air as she, very shakily, told the driver where she needed to go.

"Ah, a new student at that hero school? Congratulations." The man said, Axel just gave a shy smile.

"Thank, thank you." she responded quietly. A smile spreading on her face. She still couldn't believe she got in, how on earth did she get in? Oh it doesn't matter! As long as she continues to do her best!! Or she hoped.

Soon her stop was here and she hesitantly removed herself from the car, and paid the taxi driver, who wished her luck, and soon she was alone in from of the school building. Looking at it in all its glory, where her father went to school and many other Pro Heros.

Wait. What am I doing!? I'm late! she remembered and took off running towards the entrance. Luckily for her, she spent a good three days memorizing where her classroom was in fear of getting lost or entering the wrong classroom and embrassing herself, and luckily she remembered it well since soon she saw her classroom number and a classroom full of students and her teacher.

She akwardly entered the classroom giving a smile and an apology to her teacher for her lateness before taking a seat, which was sixteen if she remembered correctly. She took a look around to see who she would be spending time with during school, everyone looked so cool and strong! She just hoped she could keep up with everyone.
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Re: MHA: New Beginnings!

Post by StrawberryDreamer » Mon Nov 25, 2019 6:57 pm

Vivian shuttered as she felt someone staring at her. She tried not to let it get to her, she just hated having anyone’s eyes on her. As Silver Iris spoke, Vivian couldn’t help but look at anything but her eyes. Gosh, she was so pretty. Her body, her everything, gorgeous. She said they all had a number.

Vivian scanned the wall for her name. She went to the corresponding desk and surveyed the case in front of her. Silver Iris said they were going out to a field? That wouldn’t be the best place for her powers. Hopefully her general athletic fitness would be enough for this. She put all her things down before grabbing her suit off the wall. A white haired girl stood in the number three spot. What was her quirk? Was it better than her own? She shouldn’t think things like that, she had made it in the top spot after all.


Melody had barely listened to a word this woman said. Something something wall, something something number. Whatever, she’s figure it out. She stood up, looking at the names and numbers. Ah yes, 15. She threw her things next to the desk before grabbing her suit. Oh, who was this slice in 14? He was pretty cute, but more importantly, he had quite the useful appendage. With all the things one could do with a robotic arm, she was sure he’d be a worthy ally.

”Hey there, looks like we sit next to each other. I’m Melody.” She held out her hand for him to shake. This kid looked like he’d be easy. He was pretty small, so he probably didn’t think he was cool enough to reject any potential friendships. Of course she was never one to underestimate. His prosthetic could give him the confidence that he was better than others. She’d just have to make sure this panned out correctly.
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Re: MHA: New Beginnings!

Post by Anx13tyQu33n » Mon Nov 25, 2019 10:34 pm

Mira got excited when Silver Iris walked in. Having a Pro Hero as a teacher would be cool to say the least. She quickly moved to her desk as Irene called out numbers. As she heard shouting from 1-B, she was glad that she didn't have Ms. Fronzer, as cool as that would be.

Grabbing her gym suit, number seven, she got a little worried about going out into the field. Her quirk wasn't really useful unless she was fighting. Hopefully, she could still prove herself.

Shein moved his stuff to his seat, number six, and was about to relax a bit before the wall opened up. To be honest, he was a bit startled, but he expected U.A to be full of some surprises. He got up to get his gym suit.

He smiled to himself as he picked up his case. He looked around the room at the other people. This was going to be a fun year.
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Re: MHA: New Beginnings!

Post by Vladmirk » Tue Nov 26, 2019 7:36 am

Sei shivered once she made eye contact with the purple-eyed girl. Jesus, those were some bedroom eyes... Hell, she could get lost in them all night long~ She suddenly heard the wall moving around and she looked around, confused by what was going on. "Uhh... Shit," she muttered under her breath. Of course, she didn't even see her teacher come in, much less hear a word she said.

She stood up, and followed the others to the wall, vaguely remembering something about her number and what desk she sat at. "Eight..? Gross." She picked up her assigned jumpsuit, and moved to her new spot, realizing that she wouldn't be sitting as close to Purple-Eyes as she would've liked... As if there was any such thing as close enough to her. She quickly admonished herself for the intrusive lewd thoughts that seemingly came out of nowhere. She looked over at her teacher, seeing that some students were already lining up by the door. Man, she really wasn't paying attention. She shrugged before joining the other students. She would figure it out soon enough.
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Re: MHA: New Beginnings!

Post by Moddy » Tue Nov 26, 2019 11:34 pm

Silver Iris. A hero Wess hadn’t paid much attention to until now. Not anything new for him, he usually ignored heroes who weren’t part of his life. She was more sophisticated and mature than the rest of the heroes. Boring.
He twitched at the idea of being forced to switch seats. “I sat here first, why should I have to…” He got up and grumbled over to case 5, he’d raise hell over the sudden seating change later. Picking up the package, Wess clicked it open to set his eyes on the uniform.


Looked like it’d be a pain to wear. His button up shirts and baggy jeans were so much better. He considered closing the case and walking out, but he’d get chewed out on the first day. Where was the changing room? The school should’ve handed out maps of the layout. “Fuck it.” Wess threw the uniform out the case and onto his desk, and began undoing the buttons on his shirt.
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