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Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:42 pm
by HighVoltage
The Celestial Financing Bank was giant and opulent, just like its name implied. Crystalline chandeliers hung from arched ceilings, velvet curtains flanked gold-inlaid windows, and soft orchestral music came from hidden speakers. Its patrons milled about the marbled floor, dealing with financial matters or just chatting with one another. The CFB did, after all, cater to an exclusive clientele, and most of them ran within the same circles. So when the two men entered through the bronze double doors, nobody paid them much attention.

Of course, the men had tried to draw as little attention as possible. Simple charcoal suits and black sunglasses were their outfit of choice, designed to blend in as much as possible. Nodding briefly at each other, they split up, going towards separate windows, making their way all over the building. But the men were clumsy, and couldn’t help bumping into almost every person in the area. Of course, it helped that their quirk made other people a little more clumsy, to help pass it along. Once the two were done, they moved to stand next to the doors as a screech of feedback emerged from the speakers.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,” the soothing voice said. “The Celestial Financing Bank is now closed for the day. Unfortunately, as this is a robbery, we ask that you please remain in the building for the next few hours.” A figure stepped out between the two men, holding a cane up to his mouth like a microphone. “We apologize for this inconvenience.”

The man let the bottom of his cane hit the floor and laughed. He was tall and thin, with his hair pulled into a loose ponytail. His dark purple pinstripe suit and his dark purple trench coat were offset by the round, pink, mirrored glasses he wore. A lit cigar was jammed into his mouth, and the thin stream of smoke that wafted up from it matched the thick cloud of smoke he emitted, that slowly crept its way into the lobby of the bank.

The man spread his hands and laughed once more, taking steps until he reached the center of the room, the smoke swirling in his wake and spreading throughout the room. Almost at the same time, the patrons of the bank inhaled deeply, drawing the smoke into their lungs. The man spoke, his voice smooth and loud.

"Some of you might know me, some of you may not. Eventually, you all will though. What I am sure you know, however, is why I’m here. Funding a villainous organization is hard, and requires a large amount of capital investment. Now, I could invest, hedge my bets, and build a portfolio. Within 5 years or so, I would probably return enough money to fund this operation. But I prefer the old-fashioned way: taking yours.” He picked up his cane and pointed it to the two men still standing beside the doors. “The twins over there have been so gracious as to remove all of your Quirks for the next few minutes so if you’d be kind enough to cooperate we can-” The man burst out laughing again as the room continued to fill with smoke. “Oh who am I kidding? At this point you can’t even move. I will be so generous as to leave you with some musical entertainment. Zing, if you would.” With that, the man snapped his fingers and the two at the entrance followed him as he walked out of the main area, down towards the vault. As he left, a guitar riff started playing over the speakers, with lyrics eventually following. Purple Haze, all in my brain. Lately things, they don't seem the same.

Purple Haze joined up with his group downstairs, taking a quick headcount. 7 in total, including him. All accounted for. “Nice job getting everyone in here, Void. Zing, you cut off all communications?” The villain nodded, although it may have been a twitch. He had a habit of doing that. “Good. Hopefully any security systems in this vault have been disabled. CB, do your thing. Slinger, keep an eye on the door behind me. I don’t care how many people I slowed, it might wear off. Anyone comes this way, make sure they go down and stay down. Got that? Don’t want it like last time.”

Slinger went and stood by the door while a hulking creature of stone and plant life moved to the vault door, a blue light in its chest. A blue mist slowly emerged from the light, sinking into the cracks and crevices around the door. The mist faded. CRACK. The sounds of shattering ice, groaning metal, and snapping tumblers filled the room as Cracked Botany sent more mist into the door, receiving more cracks and groans until eventually the door itself was blasted off the hinges, falling to the ground. Inside was enough wealth to make any man rich. Stacks of cash, bars of gold, jewelry, and just about anything else you could imagine. Purple Haze let out a whoop as he sauntered into the vault.

“Damn, not even a dye pack in sight! We did it boys! Void, you know what to do.” With a sigh, the black-haired villain spread her hands and shot a ball of darkness onto the ground, which expanded into an inky hole in the floor. “Slinger, you first.” Slinger jumped in and, after a moment, jumped back out to tell everyone it’s all clear. Then money began being shoveled into the hole. Almost 10 minutes had passed before the vault had been completely emptied. Purple Haze let out another whoop as the gang jumped into the hole and went to hide their ill-gotten gains. “This is only the beginning, boys. Only the beginning.”

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Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 8:22 pm
by Vintage
Turning to Silver Iris, Tom nodded before saying, "Ah, alright. I think I get the gist of it." Turning his attention back to Melody, he was just in time to see her throw the crumpled piece of paper at the boy in row two. With a smile and a small chuckle, he took note of his classmate's reaction. Tom scratched the back of his neck, and with a smile said, "I'm not sure that's the best decision, making enemies on the first day, but do whatever makes you happy, I guess."

Tom watched as a few more students arrived tardy to their classroom. He thought he heard some commotion coming from down the halls, and he supposed this was the source. With one of the students was Devil Man, a hero Tom actually kept up with quite well. He remembered his mother once fuming about how this particular hero stole her spotlight once, but as far as Tom could tell, Mr. Man seemed alright. When Melody asked him about his quirk, he considered her question. With a small half-hearted laugh, Tom answered, "Well, it's not quite so much a quirk, but more of a disability. If you want a small taste of my quirk, I guess I could give you one before we head to the field." The young man held out his left hand to Melody with a smile, "I assume you've got a phone on you, yeah?"

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Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 2:39 am
by Anx13tyQu33n
Mira was a bit surprised when she saw Devil Man walking through the door with a student. She should probably get used to the fact that seeing heroes around the school would be a normal experience. She noticed the new girl, and seeing as everyone else seemed to be talking to each other, she decided to make friends with the girl.

The student was very pink, which was very interesting to Mira. It must have something to do with her Quirk. She also seemed, gooey. Not in a bad way though.

"Hi, my name's Mira." She said, holding out her hand for the girl to shake.


Shein moved to stand near Irene, waiting to leave the classroom and onto the field. He was mainly observing the classroom and all the students. His sister was already trying to make friends, while he was simply waiting for everyone. Someone was trying to strip, but Irene stopped the kid. There was definitely going to be some troublemakers in the class.

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Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:26 am
by CherrytreeBee
Before the teacher had the time to instruct Zele, a girl approached her. Huh, guess the teacher is too busy with this chaos right now. She looked at the girl as she stepped closer. Snow white hair framed the girl's pale skin, one of her eyes blending in with her pale appearance while the other was an intense ruby red, peeking out underneath her bangs. A unique appearance - she wondered whether it had anything to do with her quirk?

As the girl introduced herself, Zele looked at the hand Mira had offered her. Was she not worried to get Zele's slime all over her? Some found it a bit icky and obnoxious, so she hesitated, before gently and shortly shaking Mira's hand. The pink girl looked up at Mira, smiling kindly. "Nice to meet you.. my name is Zele." She looked around, softly inhaling.

"Are american schools always this.. chaotic?" She asked innocently, her german accent now showing through.

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Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 9:16 pm
by Anx13tyQu33n
Mira pulled her hand back after the girl shook it. Her hand felt slimy in a way, but also soft. Whatever it felt like, she didn't mind. "Zele... that's a pretty name." Mira said. Now that she was closer, she could see that the girl wasnt just pink. She had on a pair of green glasses that brought out her eyes.

Mira had almost missed what Zele asked, and had almost missed the accent. "I don't want to assume, but I'm guessing you're from Germany?" She asked.

"American schools are definitely chaotic, but that's just my opinion. It's different depending on where you are, I guess." She answered, taking a look around the room again.

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Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 9:51 pm
by CherrytreeBee
Zele smiled and thanked Mira for the compliment sweetly, giving a tiny bow in response. "Ah, yes, I'm from Bavaria, in southern Germany. It's a lot different from here, actually.. I have only moved here recently, I'll be living at this school for the time being." Zele explained quietly, rubbing her arm nervously. "It's actually very scary to be here on my own like that, but my father wouldn't be able to pay rent for himself if he had come here with me."

"Ahh, I see. German schools definitely seem more- mild? than this. I mean, there is still boys who create a lot of Lärm, uhm, n-noise, but otherwise it's fairly calm." Zele was a bit flustered when she accidentally messed up, saying a german word mid-sentence when she struggled to find the english equivalent. She giggled a bit, following Mira's gaze.

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Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:33 am
by Trooper FN-86
"Huh...what...oh...Thank you..."

Irene called out to the Devil man as he left her class. She really needed to set up a few mirrors around her door so she could see people coming. She hated not seeing people coming, especially when her power was seeing almost everything. After looking through the revised papers she looked up to the new student.

"Welcome Zele. Please grab one of the remaining cases on the wall, it'll have your gym uniform inside. We're just heading to the changing rooms and then outside for our first class activity. Everyone else please settle down and follow me. It's time we got started."


After all the students had changed with minimal chaos Irene lead the students outside and lead them to the sports festival arena. After walking the class up to the observation room she turned to the class

"Welcome to the Arena 1-A. I'm sure you recognize it from the annual sports festival but today we'll be using it for training. To start the year right I'd like to see what you all in action, and to do so you'll be running through that..."

The teacher directed her classes attention to a large obstacle course on the screens.

"...This course consists of 5 obstacles. The first, the floating islands. You'll see several round platforms over a deep pit. Navigate them to get to the second obstacle, a straightaway with 3 level 0 robots from the entrance exam. You can run past them or take them out, it's up to you, but leave them be and you may have trouble with obstacle 3, the rock wall. You can go under, over, or through, but not around. No cheating...I'll know. On the other side of the wall is obstacle 4, which is a long wave pool. Swim the pool, or if you really don't want to we provided a rope to climb across. Get to the other side of that and you'll see a steep incline simulating a broken building. Climb up, avoiding the rubble, save the dummy civilian, and escape through a marked window onto the mat below.

Keep in mind that this is not a graded test, this is an evaluation. I want you to use your quirk, brains, and brawn to the best of your ability. There is no wrong way to get through this course besides walking around the rock wall. Just do your best and you'll do fine. Miss Alpine, as you were last to join us you have the privilege to go first. Everyone else can strech out here and await their turn."

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Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 3:38 am
by Moddy
Gosh darn it. Still so difficult to navigate.” Sasha glided down the halls, taking turns at random corners only to find himself even more lost than when he started. “Ugh. If this is anything like my first day, the teacher may be holding exams to test their quirks. No better time to see everyone in action. If I could just find the field.” Sasha puffed, speed walking through the halls until he came to a screeching halt just in front of the Nurse’s Office. His pale hands lingered around the door knob. Without fail, every year U.A had a looker of a school nurse. Was it any different this year? Could he smooth talk his way into “intensive healing” by this one too? Could he- Could he keep focus and get his behind outside where he belonged? Sasha groaned and stepped away from the door knob, he’d be back… later.

Hi hi! Hello! Good Morning!” Sasha stumbled onto the field, waving down the students preparing to run their way through the obstacle course set up. “Aw~ Look at you all! So determined and ready. Pumping with potential and...” The small hint of unkempt, blond hair immediately made him sneer. Sasha glared down at the unruly wild child, who returned an equally nasty leer in response. “Seein’ something you’re interested in, Fruit Cake?
Sasha scowled at his abrasively offensive remark, preparing his arm to back hand Wess across the cheek. “You shitty little crackbaby, for the last time I am NOT g- IREEEEEEEEEENE.” Sasha withdrew his hands, instead outstretching them towards Irene for an over-affectionate embrace. “Irene! Honey. Darling,” He faked as he latched onto her. “It seems you’ve gotten the good batch of students this year. They sure are,” He glanced at Wess. “Energetic. Anyway, I just came to examine them. Internships aren’t ‘til later, but it’s never too early for me to call dibs right?

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Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 3:50 pm
by CherrytreeBee
Zele was still adjusting her new clothes, having some issues due to her jelly-like skin. The teacher was explaining the obstacles and the strawberry girl couldn't help but perk up - most of these she could easily solve with her quirk! She felt excited now. Mobility and agility were her fortés. Even protection. It was like this obstacle course had been chosen just for her! Nevertheless the german girl gulped heavily when she got chosen first. Hopefully she'd be fine.. "Jap!"

She was getting ready at the start of the course along with some others who were stretching, glancing over at their teacher when a man suddenly appeared. Money man? That's what Zele had heard at least - she wasn't all that familiar with the american pro heroes. He had vibrant strawberry red hair and wore dark sunglasses that barely let the viewer see his eyes. He seemed fairly nice! Though that was nothing new among pro heroes, she supposed.

As she looked at Mrs Vaughn, the teacher gave her a nod to signify that Zele could begin.

Zele felt her adrenalin surge a bit due to her classmates, who she had no chance of getting to know yet, and the several pro heroes watching her. What an audience.. she remembered her father's words and took a second before starting.

Just take a deep breath and.. go!

She sprinted at the floating islands, the generation of slime tickling her palms before shooting out onto the ground in a thick stream, boosting her up into the air. Upon further observation it was visible that she had solidified her elbows for better stability as she shot higher, landing onto the platform with ease, her legs liquifying before turning back into their original shape as she kept going, reaching the edge of the island. The next platform was floating a tad below the one she was standing on, and she simply dropped down as if it was no big deal, knowing she had no bones to break. Her slimey form quickly recollected to her body as she kept going. A kick of her leg left some slime to transform as she wished, creating a slime slide out of it between the last island and the solid ground. As soon as she found the ground beneath her, the slide collapsed as she kept going.

Next up were the three robots. Zele was all too familiar with this type already from the entrance exam: they were arena traps, not meant to be fought. Thus worth zero points. The short german slime girl felt intimidated despite her quirk which was mostly unaffected by physical attacks - the zero pointers were humongous in size.. which could work to her advantage. It meant they would also obstruct each other's ways while fighting.
Their glaring red sensors shone brightly as she approached them in a sprint, clearly not stopping as she ran straight at them. Their giant metal and steel bodies began shifting and moving towards her, and one of them already went into the offensive, slamming down onto the slime girl who barely managed to grab her core and throw it through a gap between them, her body reforming around the strawberry as her old body got crushed beneath the first robot with a loud 'squelch', her suit gone at this point and replaced by a milky pink gelatine-esque suit which covered her glistening body from prying eyes.

One busy, two left to go.

Zele used their lack of distance this time, climbing into a crevice before disappearing into the robot, liquified and out of sight for everyone else. For 20 seconds there was nothing, except the second robot beginning to damage the one Zele had disappeared into. Before one could begin wondering where she had gone, a pink slime erupted from one of the robot's "eyes", followed by a joyful " yaaaay!" as the glibber landed on the ground, splattering to the sides before recollecting into the cute exchange student. Behind her the robot, now missing an eye, began creaking as slime began seeping out of it's every crevice, expanding and bending the machinery out of shape before solidifying, making it unable to move any further.

One remaining. Zele decided that it was fine to leave it be, dodging several of it's attacks as she reached the wall, boosting herself up by her hands as she did previously, but this time stopping three fourths of the way up and clinging onto the wall. Her hands felt warmth before small solid slime hooks extended from them, being jammed into the wall by Zele as she essentially began climbing the wall with the hooks, using her light weight to her advantage. Did they really think a wall could stop her? She did mountain climbing in her free time back in the alps! She was smiling brightly as she truly enjoyed herself, dropping down on the other side effortlessly and proceeding to the next obstacle without much mind paid to the last robot who was stuck behind the wall.

The water with a rope.. Zele gave her possibilities a quick thought. She could simply glide across the rope as a slimey substance or she could do it the impressive way, showing what she could actually do. This was an evaluation, right? Might as well show her skills. She dove straight ahead into the water, her legs bonding together into a fin mid-air as she entered the water, quickly swimming across with ease as her mermaid-esque fin propelled her forward. It reminded her of the times she played mermaid with her father.. Zele quickly made it out on the other side, now facing the broken building.

She liquified to a puddle on the ground and began moving forward swiftly, squeezing through the rocks and debris as her slimey body helped her stay glued to the steep incline, her slimey appearance only sometimes peeking out for the others to see as she quickly reached the top. There the dummy civilian was waiting on her, and she quickly collected them with a few reassuring words as if it were a real mission, creating a protective orb around them as she led them to the window, making sure the mat was below and accessible. The solid orb with the breathable, slimey substance inside would both heal and protect the dummy as they both fell and landed on the mat, the slime orb slowly melting off of the dummy, leaving it mostly clean.

Zele was panting hard at this point, laying on the mat. God this was exciting! She propped herself up on her hands, taking a deep breath before dropping down and looking over at her new teacher. Hopefully this was a good demonstration of her abilities. The pink girl returmed to the other classmates, still wearing a gym uniform made from milky semi-solid slime.

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Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:39 pm
by StrawberryDreamer
David’s face turned red at Michael’s offer. Why did he have to say things like that in public? It wasn’t like he had a problem with the actual suggestion. Michael has a very nice body. He loved seeing it, but that was better left for private affairs, not the middle of the school locker rooms. ”I’ll be fine.” He wasn’t very comfortable with PDA, but he wasn’t about to tell Michael to stop. He hated conflict more.


Entering the arena felt strange. David hadn’t quite fully processed the fact that he made it into UA. The whole thing still felt like a dream. He watched carefully as that slime girl went. There was no way he’d do as well as she had. His quirk wasn’t meant for this. Sure he could physically do all these things, but he’d just look like a normal person. He wasn’t going to stand out in this group.


Melody was going to allow Tom to see her phone, but unfortunately Silver Iris had other plans. ”Guess I’ll just have to see you in action,” Melody gave him a smile and a wink before walking out the door with the others. After changing, Melody fixed the collar of her uniform as they walked to the arena. As Silver Iris explained the challenge, it seemed easy enough. She’d easily taken down a 0 pointer in the entrance exam. Doing it now would be even easier.


Vivian looked up when DevilMan entered the room. Pro heroes must always be here, huh? Who entered afterwords was absolutely beautiful and Vivian's exact opposite. This girl was completely bright pink. Personally, Vivian could never stand out that much, but it suited this translucent girl. She barely noticed when the class started moving.


Standing in the arena felt just like doing the entrance exam again. It was set up differently, but they had to show off again just the same. Except this time Vivian didn’t have her guns. She’d just have to hope the robots were gone by the time she took her turn. Unless they put new ones in between people, but she’d figure it out. She always did. That pink girl was impressive. She made it through every obstacle with ease. Had she been at the entrance exam? Vivian felt like she’d remember her if she was.