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Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 3:02 am
by HighVoltage
Michael smiled softly at David. "Alright, let's change up." One slightly chaotic locker room visit later, they were on the field, with Silver Iris explaining the course. Michael laced his fingers with David's echoing the boy's feelings. Neither of there quirks were optimized for this kind of situation. They'd have to find some way to show off their powers.

Michael was snapped out of his thoughts when some guy came through, a Pro Hero he vaguely remembered, who immediately glared at Wess. Michael looked away, trying to think of how best to use his quirk when a voice reached him.

Seein’ something you’re interested in, Fruit Cake?

Michael stiffened, and David felt a jolt go through his hand just before Michael untwined their fingers and made his way over to the blond kid who had said that. There was one thing that Michael hated more than almost anything: homophobes. As he walked, he realized who it was: Wess, the chainsaw kid with a ripcord in his chest. Well this could probably go poorly. As Michael reached Wess, he placed a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, what did you just say?" he asked in a low voice as his hand went cold. Michael didn't want to kill him, just send him into the void for a little bit. Nothing too bad, yet.


Purple Haze looked up from his desk at the villain who'd just come in. He suppressed a groan. There was stylish, there was flashy, then there was this asshole. Dressed in a lime green jumpsuit with a television for a head. He looked ridiculous. But he did have his uses. Purple Haze picked up his glasses from the desk and handed them over. "Do your magic, Primetime." Primetime reached out a hand and touched the glasses on the nosepiece, a bolt of electricity running through it and circling the rims. He stepped back, indicating the job was done. Purple Haze let out a chuckle. "Thanks. Now go take care of yourself. I think there's some dust building up on your screen." He waved him out with a hand.

After Primetime had left, Purple Haze put a fresh cigar in his mouth and lit it, breathing out a cloud of violet smoke. "Now let's see these little heroes dance." he said to himself, sliding the glasses onto his face and pressing the nosepiece. Instantly, he wasn't looking into the warm interior of his office, but an arena filled with students, obstacles, and Pro Heroes, with a slimy-looking pink girl about to start. Somewhere unknown, Purple Haze smiled. "Let the fun begin.

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Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 8:02 pm
by Trooper FN-86
" unexpected..."

Irene said as she was awkwardly hugged by the pro hero Money Man. She had gotten use to Julian's large hugs over the years but still wasn't a fan of random hugs. After an uncomfortable amount of time the money man finally let go and Irene gave Zele the go ahead to start her test.

"Also yes it is too early. Inappropriately early actually. This is day one, they're nervous enough just showing me their abilities. You're adding unnecessary pressure on these kids to perform well, we've talked about this before..."

The teacher said as she watched the jelly student go through the obstacle course. She was incredibly agile and used her quirk quite impressively. Irene made a note about the fruit core, a possible weakness, along with other skills and limitations to be explored throughout the year, but was overall quite impressed. Zele was certainly a student to be watched...which reminded her of the Sasha problem.

"Excellent job Miss Alpine. Please return to the observation room...and pick up your uniform from the track. Miss Ketsueki, give us about 5 minutes to reset the course and you'll go. Good luck." Irene said before returning her attention to the money man

"If you have to be here can you at least hide out in observation room 2 next time?"

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Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 10:37 pm
by CherrytreeBee
Stopping on her way as her teacher told her to get her training uniform, the slime left on it began stirring before moving the uniform towards Zele in a quick manner as she pretty much "called" it to herself. The slime disappeared into her body seamlessly as she held her uniform.

The short pink girl thanked her teacher and left to go to the observation room, where all the others were situated - of course she put on the uniform before entering it. Though she wasn't sure how the others would react.. they had not seen her at the entrance exams after all. Were they better than her? She had no way of telling anyone's quirks yet, so the evaluation was pretty helpful for her as well.

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Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 4:56 am
by Vladmirk

Sei was immensely disappointed to see that the cute black-haired girl didn't change out in the locker room. Unlike her, she didn't mind changing out in front of others despite her relative shyness. She couldn't help but have her eyes roam the locker room, but she didn't spot anyone that quite caught her eye like Vivian did. And she was still dressed... That seemed unprecedented, especially for her.

After changing, she couldn't stand the way her outfit fit, something just wasn't right for some reason. At least it wasn't a long sleeve shirt. That would have been an issue.

For the first time that day, Sei listened to her teacher describe the obstacle course. This would be a bit difficult... Her quirk did not make this challenge easy by any means. She couldn't use too much of her blood at first, well, at least cut herself that bad with the amount of physical challenges that she needed to complete. There was no way around using her upper body on basically every obstacle.

She thought for a second before producing her knife, hidden away in a pocket. "Hopefully this isn't cheating..." She whispered to herself, before cutting a neat line from her forearm down to her wrist. It wasn't deep by any means, but there would be more than enough blood to get her by in the early stages.

The next few minutes were spent watching the goo girl travel through the obstacle course with ease. Sei couldn't help but be impressed with her abilities, destroying two level 0 robots. All while this was going on, her right hand was motioning over her self-inflicted wound, her blood beginning to gather around her right wrist, essentially floating around it like a bracelet. She wondered whether she could use her blood in the same way the goo girl was able to move around with her slime. It probably wasn't the best time to test any theories, but she would make a mental note of it for later.

Surprisingly, Zele was capable of traveling through water. Not to mention, rather fast at it too. One would think that it would have been a pretty major weakness, but... wow. The first person that went was already making her seem completely outclassed physically speaking. Sei couldn't see much offensive value to her quirk, but Zele seemed to know what she was doing. All Sei could really hope for was that she wouldn't be next.


Of course she was next. She nodded to her teacher before taking her place at the start of the course. The spectators could clearly see a dark red liquid surrounding her right arm, but she wasn't worried about it anymore. She wanted to prove herself. No, she needed to prove herself. In that moment, that was all that mattered.

Deep breath in... Deep breath out. Once the obstacle course was reset, she propelled herself forward, moving fast for someone without a speed-enhancing quirk. Jumping from one platform to the other, she made quick work of the first obstacle, carefully calculating each jump to save her quirk for the next round.

Once across the first obstacle, she came to a stop just before the three Executor robots. Jesus... she wasn't fast enough to avoid or strong enough to fight. They are slow, cumbersome, yet powerful. She would see any attacks from a mile away, and she could rely on her reflexes here. She raised her arm across her body and quickly flicked it down, a long blade of crystallized blood extending across her arm just inches from the ground. She accelerated towards the enemy robots, waiting for the very predictable attempt by the first robot to smash her into a bloody paste. The attack came not seconds later. The massive hand came crashing down upon her, but using a slight ramp, she pushed herself upwards, spinning all the while. With a quick, well-timed slash, the girl sliced through the three fingers of the Executor, what was left of the hand came crashing down, uselessly smashing the ground.

With that out of the way, she continued towards the next two robots, one slightly to the left, the other directly in front. Veering in the opposite direction of the one on the left, she continued towards the last one, hoping to use the treads as a kind of platform. Rolling out of the way of the first attack, she noted the placement of the second robot. The thunderous roar of tracks being impossible to ignore. She had time. The first attack left her time to reach the robot's tank treads. Jamming the blade into part of the tread, she used it to disable one side, while vaulting on top of one of the treads.

There we go. She ran up the steep incline of the disabled treads, before thrusting the blade deep into the parts connecting the tread she was on. She dispersed the blood making up the blade before bringing it back around her wrist, as she did this, she ran towards the next obstacle, the second Executor quickly closing the distance between the two. She may have underestimated the speed of the massive robots. Now what?

Slowing down as she reached the rock wall, she turned around to face the rapidly approaching robot. Mrs. Vaughn did say that they could go through the wall, didn't she? She smiled to herself at her plan. She backed up until she was inches from the wall. Looking up at the 8 sensors on the face of the robot, she started to wave her arms at it, basically taunting the thing to attack her. Adding further insult to injury, she flung a small, sharp needle of blood at its head, somehow managing to bust one of the sensors. Wow... that was blind luck. The impending attack came sooner than she thought. After narrowly dodging the fist, she turned to see that the wall was nothing more than a pile of rubble. Waving goodbye to the robot, she moved around the remnants of the rock wall, thinking about the next obstacle.

Assuming, that the robot would stop after the rock wall was a huge mistake, however. She felt a sudden whoosh of air, barely turning around in time to see the fist coming from behind. She quickly thrusted a crude shield of her own blood up to block the punch. Unsurprisingly, her weak, improvised shield shattered, sending her tumbling towards the next obstacle.

Sei muttered a few unsavory words, before pushing herself to her feet. Despite the obvious pain she was feeling, she limped the rest of the way to the next obstacle, opting for the wave pool. Using the rest of the blood she had outside of her body, she created a bridge over the water, that she started to run across before diving into the water. She pushed through the pain, and eventually swam across, the waves leaving her exhausted. Pulling herself out of the pool, she walked towards the last obstacle.

Alright. Last obstacle. Save the dummy.

Sei looked up towards the collapsed buulding, she was going to have a tough time clearing this in her current state. She had to rely heavily on her quirk for this one. Slowing down her breathing, she closed her eyes as she began to increase the speed of her blood regeneration. Stimulating her blood in such a way was tiresome after the fact, but she was just about done anyway. Plus she needed to do this for what she was about to do. Using some of the blood that continued to seep out from her previous cut, she cut both of her brachial arteries in her upper arm.

As blood began to quickly come out of her arms, she willed it to begin wrapping around her joints and all along her body to form an exoskeleton of sorts. By telepathically moving the exoskeleton, her body would move by proxy, essentially bypassing her physical exhaustion. Using this was difficult and exhausting in itself, but the alternative was not passing the test.

Forcing her body to run forward, claws of blood outstretched from her hands for traction alond the steep incline. She strafed from side to side to avoid the falling debris before finding herself atop the incline. Once she located the dummy civilian, with the assistance of her exoskeleton, she lifted the dummy onto her back in a fireman carry. Her claws shifted into a shield that she held out in front of her as she ran towards the designated window before crashing through it. As she fell, she shifted her body so that her body and exoskeleton would absorb the impact onto the mat with the dummy on top of her. She laid there for a minute or so before picking herself back up. Right... she should probably go back to her class. She was noticeably pale, even in comparison with her naturally pale skin.

"I... I think I may have made a few miscalculations on the way... Oh, I should be fine in about half an hour. No need to worry Mrs. Vaughn." Sei told her teacher, trying to alleviate any concerns before they arose, not to mention hoping that she wouldn't be the first student sent to the school nurse. She had several scrapes and light bruising along her arms and legs, and she just noticed that parts of her gym suit were already tattered and torn (heh). Yikes. Her self-inflicted cuts were no longer bleeding thanks to her clotting the blood immediately after the test. She knew she really didn't need the nurse, but she couldn't stop her teacher from saying otherwise either.

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Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 5:55 am
by CherrytreeBee
Zele was watching the next girl curiously. It was clear that her quirk was not made for agility, and Zele couldn't help but gasp and wince whenever her classmate cut her skin open. Turning paler and paler, Zele had to seriously fight her instinct to go and help, to go and do something. Especially as the robot followed Sei, Zele jumped off her seat, unable to stay seated with this worry rushing through her body. She was relieved noone was around her to see the slimey girl get worked up over what was most likely no big deal - it just wasn't in her nature to sit by and watch as someome get hurt, even with that type of quirk. As Sei arrived to the room they were supposed to wait in, Zele immediately approached her, her eyes big from worry as she spoke in a soft tone, her german accent only amplified by it.

"Are you alright? I saw you out there, you're so pale! I know you don't know me yet, but if you trust me I can heal you up a bit. M-my slime can heal if you eat it." Zele explained, stuttering due to how nervous she was. It wasn't everyday she offered someone to eat a part of what was her body, and Sei didn't really know Zele before that moment. After all, they literally just met. She hoped this girl would trust her though.. Zele really wanted to help. Zele cupped her hand underneath the other as it liquified, pooling in her free palm and becoming solid enough to eat like jelly. Meanwhile, the hand that had just disappeared regenerated before their eyes, unharmed by the previous procedure. Nevertheless Zele let out a soft breath she had been holding - she could feel whenever her body parts changed or got removed.

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Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 7:49 pm
by Moddy
Sasha was hardly listening to Irene as his eyes swept over all the students. Bursting with raw talent, begging to be cooked and seasoned well. He let out a barely noticeable squeal when the bright pink slime girl, Zele, began to make her way towards the obstacle course. “Woah! Look at her Irene!” Sasha nudged the woman who was already keeping a watchful eye on her student. As Zele sped through the course, Sasha obnoxiously commentated exactly what was happening to Irene, completely forgetting that she could effortlessly see Zele’s actions and then some. “She’s really splooshing through the islands… Look at her handle those Level 0s! You don’t see talent like that too often… A mermaid! Oh, Irene you see that she’s showing off, right? I love the spirit.
He frowned come the fallen building, unable to see a thing. Sasha glanced over to Irene, jealous that she was able to hog the show for herself. However, once Zele exited, exhausted. Sasha got an idea.

He plucked his phone from his pocket, rapidly tapping before whispering into the device, followed by, “Go, go… Hurry!” Sasha hung up, smiling at Irene as she scolded him on his sudden entrance. “Yes, of course. I will head over to an observation room to keep from disturbing the students.” He wiggled his fingers in a suspicious wave while scooting away.


Stupid, frilly bitch.” Wess snorted as Sasha pranced away. The man who just recently overtook his mother in the top tens, who also came to brag at her shop while buying her jewelry to power himself up. Obviously Wess wouldn’t be so friendly.
He was blatantly ignoring the other student making her way through the course, though he hoped that she wouldn’t goop up the entire place and make it harder for himself, he’d run her through a blender if her slop made him slip up. He began to turn away before a firm hand gripped his shoulder, and some other student, couldn’t be bothered to remember names, was confronting him. Who was this guy, did he do something to him? He had picked up a random student and threw them at a robot during the entrance exams. Was this them? “Repeat what? Who the hell was talking to yo… Who was… Who are?

Wess’ head was thrown into disarray, feeling as though he were sinking into the ground. His shoulder, where the student was grabbing him, had gone cold and stiff. His vision was growing darker and his legs were going numb. The kid’s touch was doing something, this slick bastard had randomly walked up to Wess and was doing what? Trying to brainwash him?

A loud rumbling kickstarted in the center of his chest, like a mustang roaring to life. Wess snatched himself away from Michael’s grip, grabbing his neck and thrusting his own head forward, aiming directly for the bridge of Michael’s nose.

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Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 8:42 pm
by StrawberryDreamer
When David felt that jolt his brain went blank. Oh no. That was never a good sign with Michael. ”Michael-“ Nothing he said could have stopped the boy next to him. He felt his hand released and he watched Michael walk up to the blond boy. David didn’t like confrontation. He would’ve just ignored Wess. Michael on the other hand had the balls to call people out.

The scene played out like David thought it would. Completely not in Michael's favor. However he didn’t foresee a hand being pushed into Michael’s throat. That was too far. Despite hating confrontation, he couldn’t let anyone touch his boyfriend like that.

“Let him go!” David pushed his way between other students to get to Wess. Once he was there he had no clue what to say. This was much less scary when he wasn’t standing right next to them. “Please?”


Hunter picked the wrinkles out of the legs of his pants. These wouldn’t last more than a day. Hopefully the school wouldn’t get too mad at him for destroying them if it meant showing off his quirk. For this challenge he needed to start with legs though. Deer hooves would not fair well with those floating islands. And the river? Forget about it. Those weren’t in a row though. Shit. He’d figure that out later.

As he watched two girls go through the course, Hunter lost even more of his confidence. They were so good. He was... a deer. He glanced around at a few of his other classmates. How well would they all do? Then he saw a fight. Already? On the first day? Damn, these kids were intense. He wouldn’t be taking part in that.

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Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 10:42 pm
by HighVoltage
Michael couldn't help grinning a little as he felt the cold drain from his arm and go into Wess. He wasn't sure it would work on him, but the confusion and the darkness creeping into his eyes provided evidence of that. He almost had him, he could feel it. Then a rumble, like the starting of a car, hit him. With a roar, this blonde killed pulled himself to his feet, swatted away Michael's hand, and grabbed his throat all in one move. Michael only had a moment to think as the blonde head raced towards his own.

Michael hastily slid his hand into his pocket, scrabbling for a bit before his fingers wrapped around his closed butterfly knife. It would have to do. He slid the still-closed knife out of his pocket, wrapping his hand around it, and swung it upwards. Wess's forehead crashed into Michael's nose. Michael felt a crack and a wetness on his face. A split-second later, the end of the closed knife smashed into Wess's temple with a satisfying thunk. He barely registered David yelling at Wess to let him go, as the force of the blow managed to loosen his grip.

Quick as a snake, Michael dragged himself from Wess's grip and danced back a few steps, lowering his stance a little and spreading his legs out, shifting his weight to keep him balanced in case of attack. The knife twirled and gleamed in his hands as he flipped it around, bringing the razor-sharp blade out from its metal casing. He was ready for a fight.

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Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 11:28 pm
by Pan
Cass watched both of the girls do exceptionally well with the obstacle course. She held the hem of her shirt, worrying about her turn to come. Her quirk wouldn't help with much except the defeating of the robots. Of course it was the robots she could show off; she had already fought the robots before, and no surprise would be revealed to her teacher. She looked at the girl who was seated next to her back in the classroom. She had large ears of a cat, maybe? Was it a stealth-based quirk? That was so cool. Nothing like her own quirk, which always seemed more practical in real life situations than on tests.

She turned her head to see another fight breaking out, but this one seemed much more serious. She looked up at Vaughn, hoping she would do something soon about it. She surely didn't want to step in and become a new target for either of the boys. She took an uneasy step further away from it, lightly bumping into the purple haired girl from earlier. She whipped her head back, "Oh, sorry, didn't mean to do that! Just a little hectic over there..." Please, someone stop this, she silently pleaded. "I'm Cassandra. Most call me Cass," she said, trying to keep herself composed. No fight was happening, she was just introducing herself to a girl in her class.


Evangeline studied the girls as if she were a pro, picking apart their every move. Zele seemed to do better, as she didn't end up weary, like Seisei had, but this was just a test. If it were real, Zele would be a rank below, as she didn't focus on the main goal of capturing the dummy. She just had to show off that mermaid tail rather than spending less time to make a bridge. Oh well, these Pro Heroes always seemed to eat that kind of flair up. The system was flawed, and Evangeline knew it damn well. Otherwise, how else could she not have gotten first? Surely no one had trained quite as hard as her, and even with a powerful quirk, the effectiveness of her simple one could best more people than most gave her credit for. "You'd think they'd realize they're being graded on heroics, not just the flair of their quirks," she muttered, not really caring if anyone heard. She would be first, even if they were all on the same understanding of how they were scored.

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Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 11:45 pm
by CherrytreeBee
Myo watched in awe as Zele's agility was only amplified by the course's unique challenges. Her unique ways and techniques of using her quirk really amazed the bat-esque girl, who was eagerly following the pink sludge with her eyes.
She was done quickly, and next up was a girl who she found out was called Sei. Her black hair and blood red eyes caught Myo's eyes and she eagerly followed the girl with her gaze. Especially when the girl began smelling like blood. Myo's eyes widened a bit as she realised what the girl had done, wondering whether this girl was insane or if this was her quirk. Nevertheless the scent of blood got Myo's full attention- it smelled so sweet. She shook it off as Sei stepped out, mainly solving the obstacles by sheer physical strength and speed. When she broke the wall using the robot, Myo though it was both smart and stupid.. smart, as Sei clearly had no other way of getting over it than by wasting more energy, and stupid, as the robot now swung at her. At least she realised in time.. but Myo wondered just how Sei didn't drown. She had lost a lot of blood, right? And she seemed tired already - how was she gonna swim across? Somehow she made it just fine, and Myo was impressed by her resourcefulness on the last obstacle. Without her brains, she probably wouldn't have made it through..

Just as she thought about it, needed bumped into her. Myo stumbled a bit, regaining her balance with the help of her tail, her head also turning to face whoever ran into her. Before the lilac haired girl could get upset, the careless one had already apologised, leaving Myo speechless for a second. Realizing this girl had introduced herself, Myo decomposed herself, patting down her hair a bit to fix it as she replied rather meekly. "M-myo." She chirped in a sheepish but friendly manner. She wasn't sure how Cass would react to the fact that Myo didn't speak like everyone else did.. most considered her dumb, even though she was perfectly able of thinking like everybody else.