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Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 1:52 am
by Vintage
Tom watched the two girls before him. He actually didn't expect he slime girl to do as well as she did, but he supposed that was on him for underestimating any of his fellow 1-A students. As he watched, he payed most of his attention to the giant Executor robots. The way they moved, how they registered their threat, all of it was intriguing to him. But one thing bothered him... How could the school afford to basically allow students to trash these certainly expensive robots? U.A. was certainly an interesting place...

Suddenly, from behind him, Thomas heard the rumble of an engine. The young engineer didn't recognize the year of the model, but it sounded like a... Ford Mustang? Turning around, an alarming sight unraveled itself before Tom. One of the students headbutted another, who in turn smashed him in the head with the blunt of a knife. Despite the pleas from another student, the two students seemed intent to kill each other. Other students seemed to ignore the commotion going on. Couldn't they see the scope of the situation? A student is about to shank a fellow classmate! The aspiring hero glared at the two in disbelief for a second before rushing into action. Running between the two, and attempting to push them away from each other, he formed his prosthetic hand into a buckler facing Michael, and held his left hand out, facing Wess.

"What the HELL do you two think you're doing?!"

Tom didn't know what happened between the two or what their quirks are, but that didn't matter. Who were they to start a brawl on the first day of class in a hero school? Motioning towards Michael, he shook his head in shock, "Did you honestly just pull a knife on him?" In all honesty, this situation scared Tom, now realizing where he put himself. Regardless, he couldn't show it, not now. All he could do right now was hope that Ms. Vaughn got back to the observation room soon.

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Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 2:06 am
by Vladmirk
Sei walked towards the room that her teacher directed her towards. She definitely made a few mistakes, but it wasn't like anyone was expecting them to be at the level of a Pro Hero on their first day. The important thing was that she finished, showing the ability to continue despite her injuries and the odds that were suddenly stacked against her.

She entered the room, a little surprised that the girl named Zele was as concerned about her as she was. "I... Thanks? I feel tired I guess" She held out her hand to recieve the slime, never really getting a chance to respond to anything else the slime girl said. She stared down at the slime, confused as to why she was supposed to eat it. She had no reason not to trust the girl, despite the strange circumstances of what she was trying to do. She turned away from Zele before eating the jelly-like substance. Sei was completely caught off guard by the sweet, strawberry flavor of the jelly. She instantly felt rejuvenated despite her wounds still in the process of healing.

Turning back to Zele after a few moments, there was an attempt by Sei to thank the slime girl, "Wow... you taste good." Sei immediately choked on her words. Literally. She felt the familiar feeling of a blush coming on after what she had just said. "I-I swear I didn't mean it like that!" She backed away from her, and ran to the other side of the room, embarrassed by the accidental innuendo she made. She held her head in her hands for a moment, still in disbelief.

A couple minutes later, she felt a lot better physically. Thanks to Zele. Sei turned to look back at the pink girl, before setting to work on something. It took her a few minutes to get it done, but she made sure it was perfect.

Holding her creation behind her back, Sei smiled at the slime girl as she approached her. "I wanted to thank you for healing me. You didn't have to, but I really appreciate it. As a token of my gratitude, I wanted to gift you this," Sei paused to unveil the crystalline blood rose before the other girl. Holding out her hands, with the rose lying across her palms, she offered the rose to Zele, a hopeful look in her eyes.

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Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 6:11 am
by Moddy
The satisfying crunch of Michael's nose was immediately interrupted by a blunt object bashing the side of Wess’ head. Wess grunted, his grip loosened. It was a hefty hit, that was for sure, strength brought out by desperation left Wess’ world spinning for a few seconds. Once he was able to see straight, Wess focused in on Michael, still upright and ready to fight. Nice. More importantly, he focused in on what was in his hands. A switchblade? Did he just…?

A very noticeable look of panic was spread all over Wess’ face. As his feral visage drooped into fear, the engine sounds stalled and sputtered. He checked the side of his head, making sure he hadn’t been skewered through. It was only a spec of blood, not what would come from a serious head injury. The engine’s stalling went silent, then turned to a low, piercing rumble. Wess’ eyes flicked past David, who he had yet to notice, and burned into Michael. Despite being confident now, relief was splashed all over Wess’ face.

It wasn’t until some other kid jumped in the middle that Michael no longer became Wess’ main focus. Wess actually took the time to scan over the two interrupting the fight. One in the middle questioning Michael about the knife. Was that that a robot arm? Pretty cool. The other seemed to be pleading with Wess through their eyes. Concern? Over what? He jumped back and forth between Michael and David, the gears in his head nearly overheating before he finally realized what had just happened.

Fruit Cake.

Wess nearly snorted out in laughter. “Oh. OH! HAHA!” Wess bent over and grabbed his knees while laughing, ending it off with a few coughs. “Talk about an overreaction. Jesus. You.” Wess wiped Michael’s nasal blood off his forehead, pointing the bloody finger at David. “Control your… Mate here. Attacking me for a joke aimed at someone else is a bit chaotic, sheesh.

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Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 1:36 pm
by CherrytreeBee
Zele felt relieved when Sei didn't object much - it was easy to see that the slime girl had no idea herself how to explain the properties of her slime to people at times, knowing how obscure it can be to technically eat a part of Zele's body. Upon Sei turning around and complimenting her, Zele was confused as to why Seisei was getting so flustered. "Thank you!" The slime girl replied cheerfully, completely unaware of the innuendo Sei had just made by complete accident. Before she could ask about it however, Sei had pretty much run away. This got Zele worried - had she done something wrong? Was her slime weirding her out? The pink girl rubbed her arm nervously. "..mean it like what?" She mumbled to herself, concern showing in her voice.

Zele simply turned away, hoping she had not done anything wrong by accident. Maybe she should just focus on the obstacle course and whoever was going through next. A couple minutes later, Sei returned however, Zele looking up at her with her big emerald green eyes. They widened when Sei offered her the crystalline rose. "It's so.. stunning! Thank you!" Zele got up, admiring the rose from up close as it reflected the light before taking it gently, holding it up to her chest and smiling brightly. "This is the best gift I've ever gotten- well, other than being allowed to get into this school, haha!" Zele giggled a bit, extremely excited about this new gift. She really wanted to at least be friends with this girl now.. she was so amiable!

Nevertheless she was still curious, patting the seat beside her as she seated herself as well. "Sorry if this is odd to ask, but why exactly did you run off earlier? I apologise if I said something wrong, I've only been to the US since.. well, this morning. So I know I can kind of come over as offensive by accident.." Zele looked genuinely concerned, gently running her finger over the petals of the blood rose. She already knew she would keep it safe for a long time.. It wouldn't wither away anyways, right? At least that's what she hoped for!

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Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:53 am
by Pan
Cass gave an easy laugh to the girl. She had a funny way of talking. Maybe it was anxiety setting in? "Oh don't be nervous, they won't kick you out or anything! Besides, you got yourself into this class!" She didn't look any better after that. Was it her? "Oh, I don't bite any! Your hair is really cute; it compliments your ears well." She stopped talking finally, and rubbed her neck, and have an apologetic smile. "Sorry."


Evangeline looked over at a kid she hadn't noticed before. Tense was an understatement, but it was the only way to describe the kid with antlers. Yeesh. He was hardly even paying attention to everything going on. "Hey, kid, if you're not cut out to do this, you're not cut out to go out into the real world. And you being scared isn't helping anyone else around you. Go outside if you're going to kill everyone else's mood."

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Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:28 am
by CherrytreeBee
Myo was taken aback by how open and happy this Cass was. Maybe they could be friends or something.. her ashen colored hair and pale skin was pretty, too. Myo's train of thought crashed into a wall however when her purple hair was complimented. "Th-thanks." Myo mumbled meekly, her sheepish side taking over due to how surprised she was at this sudden interaction. She enjoyed it nevertheless, though even when trying to stay composed she was wondering what Cassandra's blood tasted like.. was it sweet? Spicy? Mild? Bitter like coffee? She wished she knew the girl's quirk, but felt at unease having to speak more than a simple word, which is why she decided to simply wait until Cass showed hers during the evaluation. Myo really needed some blood.. but she would save her treat for her turn in the evaluation.

"Uhm.. no apologies. You're good." Myo said softly when Cassandra apologised to her, placing her palm against Cass' arm gently, quiet chirps leaving her lips as she spoke.

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Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 8:37 pm
by HighVoltage
As Michael breathed heavily, his brain went into overdrive, trying to keep track of everything going on with Wess. He was honestly surprised hitting him with the knife had worked as well as it had. Another surprise presented itself to Michael when Wess actually looked panicked and felt for blood. Is he really all bark and no bite? Michael thought as the engine noise died in a fit of coughing and spluttering. As Wess fixed a murderous look on him, Michael decided that he was wrong and Wess definitely had bite. He gripped the knife tighter as he prepared himself for a real fight.

Suddenly, another student got between them. Kind of a stupid idea, but points for bravery. And the shield arm was a nice touch. Michael sneered at him when he asked what they thought they were doing. "Settling a disagreement, to put it very lightly. As for pulling a knife on him, what do you think?" Michael never took his eyes off Wess, and his scowl deepened as he noticed Wess's eyes flick over to David. I swear to God, if he even thinks of touching him...

His thoughts were interrupted as Wess burst out into a fit of laughter, eventually devolving into coughs. Overreaction? Seriously? Michael loosened up for a second before immediately tensing up as Wess pointed at David. When the word 'mate' left his lips, Michael was ready to attack him again. But then he saw David's expression, his eyes begging Michael to stop, to calm down. Michael let out a deep breath and stood up, his knife still pointed at Wess. "First off, it's 'boyfriend', not 'mate'. We're not animals, jackass. Second, don't use a gay insult, and maybe I'll react a little better." Michael flipped the knife closed and slid it into his pocket before wiping the blood under his nose and flicking it to the ground.

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Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 9:51 pm
by Trooper FN-86
Irene barely reacted to Sasha leaving, much more focused on the test and the students running it. Hopefully the money man would keep his word and remain quietly in the second observation room but she highly doubted this would be the last surprise visit from sasha. All that money really went to his head.

The next student approached the course and Irene watched carefully. A blood based quirk, lots of options but a double edged sword. Miss Ketsueki will need endurance training to keep up in her weakened state, and some quirk identifier lessons wouldn't go amiss either. A surprising high amount of quirks require the blood of another and her offensive ability may literally hand her opponent the edge. She made notes of this and the girls intelligence if having the robot break the wall for her. Impressive use of the environment.

As she finished the course and collapsed in a tired state Irene's eyes caught a lot of movement in the observation room. The students awaiting their turn apparently had gotten rowdy. As she could only see what was happening it took a minute to recognize the beginnings of a fight. Oh good lord that wasn't good...especially with the students involved. Fortunately for her Zele had yet to return to the observation room and was helping Sei by the track. 2 less students in danger.

"Zele, Sei. Stay here." Irene said loudly and sternly before bolting as fast as she could to where she had left the students, her quirk allowing her to see every blow happening as she traveled. Was that a knife?! Why did they even have a knife?! The children had seemed to get a handle on the situation before Irene could get to them but she was furious. Furious at the students, at herself for allowing this to happen, and it showed as she entered the observation room.

"WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING IN HERE!?!?" She exclaimed as she stormed in, quickly getting into the center of everyone. She stopped in front of the student with the knife and quickly pulled it from his pocket. "...A knife? Fighting? You're supposed to be the next generation of heros and I can't even trust you not to kill eachother day one? You shouldn't even have a weapon." Frustrated the Silver Iris let loose powerful eye blasts on the switchblade she had taken, destroying it in her hand.

"Everyone outside now. It seems I cannot trust you alone so you'll all stand by the track with me. Start that way and for the love of all things holy do not kill eachother on the way. Miss Thomson, prepare to run the course.
Wess, Michael, stay behind a moment."

Once the other students left Irene glared at the two boys

"I'm very disappointed in you both, and no I will not be hearing your side of the story yet. Principal Inget will. You're both going to explain yourself to him, and maybe he'll let you come back to do your test, maybe not. But you've disrupted my class enough for one day. And sense I can't trust you not to kill one another I'm going to get you an escort."

Irene then walked over to the phone on the wall and dialed

"Hey Kenshi can you come to the obstacle course?.....I need you to take a few kids to the office....yes already....I know...are you busy after?....I need some help watching the rest.....thanks..."

She looked back over to the problem children.

"Devil Man will make sure neither of you did on the way there. Now let's go outside and meet him."

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Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 1:14 am
by Pan
Cass giggled at the girl. It seemed her voice was just different than what was normal of people. Suddenly, it dawned on her. "Oh, you're a bat!" She blushed furiously after saying it. "Sorry, I just hadn't realized before. I'm assuming it's your quirk, too? That's awesome! And I didn't mean anything offensively, hope you don't mind me!"

As the situation was dealt with, Cass sighed in relief. "They seem to be a rowdy bunch. We'll have our hands full." As the next girl was called up, she watched in interest, mentally making a note of everyone's quirk that she knew of.


Evangeline nodded to her teacher. There was yet another outburst. Jeez, and people used to call her the problem child. She headed to the obstacle course and took a breath. Just like in training, Eve. You've done this before. She reassured herself before running at the first task. She leapt from one island to the next as if it were just walking to school. Her quirk wouldn't help with everything, but it could help her with the robots.

Luckily, she didn't need to fight this time. The focus was on the dummy, not the robots. She had tested earlier that they used cameras, not heat sensors to attack students, and all she had to do was activate the first part of her quirk- invisibility. She ran around them, and made it to the wall without a problem. A quick phasing through, and she solidified herself again on the other side, and brought herself back into the visible spectrum, so as to not wear herself out early on.

Onto the next task: the pool. She considered her options. Swimming was a more grueling task, but it could take less time. Oh, screw it! She might as well put her balance training to good use- Evangeline didn't think she'd need it ever. She tested the rope, carefully putting one foot in front of the other. She smirked as she realized just how taut it was. They were going for flare, huh? Maybe it wasn't all that bad to show off. She practically ran across the rope, her arms outstretched to keep her balance, and flipped off of it once she was over the pool as if she were part of a circus.

Evangeline hated she couldn't showcase her quirk more, but nothing could be done about it. She climbed up the rubble, going at a comfortable pace- slow enough to ensure caution, but fast enough to get the job done and to keep her focused on the above rather than below. When she reached the top, she carried the dummy fireman-hold down the hill and placed it gently on the mat. She forced a yawn as if she had done that every day of her life. She sauntered to the other girls who had completed the course, and gave them a quick nod of greeting.

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Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 5:09 am
by Vintage
Tom raised an eyebrow at Michael. "I can't possibly think of a good reason to pull a knife on a fellow student, unless it were life or death. Especially not over a disagreement, no matter how 'light' it is." This student didn't seem like a bad person, but right now, Tom was very wary with him as a classmate.

Tom almost sighed in relief as the boy to his left began to calm down. He obviously got something that Tom didn't when he began to laugh. Wait... was this all over a comment that Wess made? Shaking his head, the blue-eyed student kept his arms up, just to make sure nothing else happened. When Michael made an upset response to Wess, Tom interjected towards the end, "uhh... I don't think he means 'mate' animalistically... I think he means it by, like, friend." As the situation became clearer to the aspiring hero, he sighed and turned his head to fully face Michael. "Just something to think about... if a civilian says something uh... offensive... as a hero, what would you do?"

Tom had a lot more to talk about with two of his fellow classmates, but before he could say anything more, Silver Iris entered the room. Dropping his arms, the technomorph returned his prosthetic to normal. Deciding it was best not to stay, he followed Silver Iris' orders and headed to the field with his fellow students. Hopefully he could get an even closer look at the robots this way.