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[RP] Madeline’s Academy for Gifted Children [Ash]

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 8:34 pm
by Rosalie
Alexander heard about the new kid during lunch.

He was in the food line, his school bag slung over his shoulder, stuffed with his maroon sweater vest. It was chilly out, but the blue-eyed boy didn't feel like wearing the thing. It wasn't that it was uncomfortable or anything, he just preferred to feel less confined. Anyway, he heard the whispers between a group of girls in front of him, and out of curiosity Alex looked up and glanced around the dining hall.

There were about 300 students in the entirety of the Academy, everyone knew everyone, so if the new kid had been in the room Alex would have known.

Shuffling forward, he grabbed his tray and filled it with food. He was starving, having missed breakfast to sleep in. And he was in the middle of paying when one of his peers, Kaitlyn, sauntered over to him.

Kaitlyn was pretty he supposed. In a snobby, cheerleader type of way. She was the president of the student council and organizer of the Welcoming Committee. In short, she was an overachieving little shit. She came to stand next to Alex, waiting for him to hand his cash over to the cashier and take his change. Alexander decided to ignore her as he went to an empty table and sat down.

"Hello Alexander," She finally said, eyebrows raised. In her hand, she held a pink slip of paper -- a hall pass. "How are you this fine afternoon?"

Alex shrugged, picking the pickles out of his burger.

"Fine then," Tossing her blonde hair over her shoulder, she slid the pink slip of paper toward him. "Here. You're excused from the rest of your classes. I'm sure you've heard that we have a new student. The Headmaster would be very pleased if you welcomed him. I'm sure it has to do with you being so great and all.."

She trailed off, and Alex had to resist an eye roll. Couldn't he ever catch a break? Sometimes the boy considered getting a bad grade. Or failing a class. Just to get people off his back. It was bad enough that he had gotten on the Hall of Fame this year, now he had to deal with kids acting like he was some sort of god.

For the first time since she had approached him, Alex looked directly at her. The first thing he saw was fear. The name came to his mind without really having to think about it -- atychiphobia. The fear of failing. A smirk played at Alex's lips as he looked away -- of course she'd be afraid of failing -- and out the windows of the dining hall. "Why me?' He asked shaking his head. "I'm not even part of the welcoming committee."

Kaitlyn shrugged. "Beats me. I was supposed to do it but he Headmaster insisted that the top student welcome him. So here we are," She crossed her arms over her chest, studying Alex for a moment before sighing. "He's waiting in the office with Maggie." And with that she was gone.

Alex grimaced, grabbing his tray and dumping his food into the trash -- all except an apple that he shoved in his bag for later. Snatching up the pink slip of paper, the boy pushed open the doors of the dining hall and began the trek to the office.

He had to go through the Hall of Fame to get to the office, and as he passed the pictures frames up on the wall, Alex chose to ignore his own picture. He dug through his bag for his apple as he stepped into the office, taking a bite just as he made eye contact with the new kid.

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Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:03 pm
by Ash
Draven had never been as miserable as he was at that moment. The ride to the school had been silent, as his parents sat in the front of the car, one of the driving and the other making sure Draven wouldn’t sleep. The day before had been, if anything, chaotic. His parents had surprised him with his belongings in boxes and a speech about how they couldn’t do it anymore. His dad had used the words “You are too much of a burden for us. So, if you must exist, it is not going to be with us.” With that, they locked him in his room and left him there for the rest of the day.

Now that they were on the way, It had really sunk into Draven that his parents were leaving him. He felt a stab of pain in his chest, and he closed his eyes to keep the tears from falling. “Hey!” he received a slap on the head from his mother, “Don’t you dare fall asleep, your father is driving.” She scowled and turned back front. “Yes, ma’am,” Draven said as he stared out the window.


When they pulled up in front of the school, he walked out of the car and sighed, as fresh air hit his face. He never liked cars, they felt too small, and cluster. “Don’t just stand there. Let’s go!” His dad gave him a shove forward, Draven said nothing, as he adjusted his backpack, and started walking towards the front entrance, where they were greeted by the principal.

“Hello, Mr. Craym. It’s very nice to meet you.” She extended her hand, and Draven shock it in greeting. “Well, enjoy your stay, and don’t bother calling.” He turned towards his parents, who were back in the car, and after saying their goodbye, left. He turned towards the principal, “Sorry about that.” The principal frowned and shook her head. “No problem, don’t worry a staff member will take you stuff to your room. Let’s go to my office, while I explain somethings and your tour guide comes.”

She walked in, and Draven followed hesitantly. They entered her office, and she motion for him to seat. Draven sat down and hugged his backpack close to his chest, his anxiety picking up. They talked about the school set up, and other important stuff, when the door opened and a boy came in, locking eyes with him.

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Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 7:12 am
by Rosalie
A series of fears.

They were normal ones, for the most part. Needles.. blood.. loud noises.. the most interesting one being his own mind.

Mental fears were tricky, everyone being different. With physical fears, there was only so many the mind could think up of, but mental ones were endless. The Headmistress smiled when she spotted Alex, waving him over with a pale hand. "Hello Alexander," She said as he came to stand in front of her and the new kid. "Draven, this is Alexander Jones, Alexander, this is Draven Craym."

Alexander didn't move at first, studying the kid in front of him before giving one nod. That was it. No handshake, no warm smile, nothing. Alex was cranky. This kid was the reason he had been pulled out of class when he should have been cramming for his exam. Or at the very least sitting in his seat in class pretending to. It got awkward after that, and quickly clearing her throat, the Headmistress retrieved a folder packed with the student handbook and other packets of important information. She also slid a maroon-colored key card into Draven's hand.

"Read some of this over," She advised, smiling warmly. "And this is your key card. Slide it in the door monitor and it should open your door. Alexander, can you make sure to show him the correct way to use the card? It can be a little difficult the first few tries."

Alex merely nodded, blue eyes intent on the new kid as the Headmistress continued speaking and explaining some of the student protocol and expectations. Once she was done, she nodded at both boys and headed back behind into her own office. Alex stood there for a few seconds before sighing and turning on his heel, pushing open the front doors of the office and heading around the school. He didn't stop to check if the new kid was following or not -- he could either follow after him or figure out the school layout by himself.

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Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 7:23 am
by Ash
Draven snapped his eyes away after a few seconds. He wasn't good at socializing, and meeting new people was never his strong suit. He looked at the kid's feet as the Headmistress introduced them to each other. He was glad she was doing all the talking, the less talk the better for Draven. Draven bowed his head in acknowledgment, before turning to look back towards the Headmistress.

He took the materials being handed to him and nodded as he was given instructions. During the instructions, he kept glancing at Alexander. He was glad he had a guide, but he was also nervous cause he knew that he would have to interact with him.

Once the headmistress was done, she left them so that Draven could get the tour. He stood, hesitantly, as Alexander sighed and started to walk away and out the door. Draven grabbed his stuff and hurriedly made his way to follow him.

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Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 7:40 am
by Rosalie
"This is the front of the school," Alex said once he heard footsteps hurrying behind him. "Obviously." He headed East, through the school grounds and soccer field. It was longer this way, than going through the class building, but Alex didn't want to deal with all the gawking they'd receive for carting around the new kid.

"This is the field. I don't suggest you be out here after 8 pm. Lots of coyotes." Turning, Alex walked backward for a couple of steps, watching the kid for a few seconds before turning back around and walking through the training arena, or the "gym" as some of the students called it. The building was huge, witch bleachers and a very large basketball court, a few volleyball courts, and a work out room off to the side. It was currently being mopped and as Alex walked in, trailing dirty footprints, the janitor shot them death stares.

"This is the gym," Alex continued, waving an arm around the place. "We have normal gym, you know where you run and play some stupid sport where you throw a ball or whatever. But we also have our own sports. Where we're allowed to use our abilities. Those are typically better but the whole idea of gym is debatable." As they reached the door that led out into the courtyard, Alex paused and raised a brow. "Questions?"

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Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 7:54 am
by Ash
Draven hurried behind Alexander as he explained the different areas. He listened as closely as he could. He would have to know the layout, and since he was well-rested at the moment, he had to use that rare occasion to learn as much as he could.

He observed his surroundings with attention. And became slightly more interested in the mention of sports. He fully looked up, and his eyes widen as they passed the work out room. He looked back down as they entered the courtyard, however, he did not notice that Alex had stopped and proceeded to bump into him. Flinching away from him, he tensed and looked down in shame and started fidgetting with his sleeve. "I am sorry, " he whispered in a small voice.

He kept fidgeting while never looking away from the other boy's feet. He then realized that he had asked him something about having any questions. He took a couple of deep breaths, trying to calm himself before asking in a quiet, shy voice, "Is there a schedule to use the work out room?"

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Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 1:55 am
by Rosalie
The kid was weird but in an endearing sort of way. He was shy and quiet, and Alex quite liked that. He didn't like someone who was loud and obnoxious. "Yes," Alex said, walking over to a bulletin board to their right. He ripped off a piece of paper and brought it back, handing it to the kid. "Typically it opens at 8 am and is closed at 12 am. I think hours vary during holidays and weekends, I'm not too sure. I don't spend a lot of time in there." Waving for Draven to follow, Alex pushed open the gymnasium doors and led him toward the common rooms.

"Well I guess I'll show you the dormitories next," He said. The common room double doors were propped open by two chairs, and as Alex walked in, several students looked up, smiling, waving, and greeting the boy until they noticed the kid he was towing around. That's when they suddenly all shushed each other and watched as Alex led the kid inside.

"This is the common room," Alex said. The room was large, with multiple televisions mounted up on the walls. Love seats and L shaped couches, as well as small cafe tables with stools, littered the space. Several students sat at the couches, watching television or playing on a game console. While others sat at the tables, studying, reading, or scrolling through their phones. There were several vending machines against one of the walls, next to two elevator doors. "These are the elevators. There are five floors. You're on the top floor, 51H or something. My dorm is down the hall from yours." Alex pressed the button with the arrow pointing up, waiting patiently as the elevator slowly came down. He was acutely aware of Draven next to him and wanted to ask what was his deal. What was his story. But at the same time, Alex didn't want to 1) freak him out. Draven seemed to easily scare. And 2) give off the vibe that he cared a lot. Because he didn't.

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Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 4:27 am
by Ash
Draven smiled as Alex gave him the information of the gym. He was actually quite happy about the flexible hours, and was an excuse not to sleep that much. He took the paper that Alex had taken from a bulletin board. He looked it over as Alex started walking, and hurried to catch up.

Alex guided them through out and through a set of double doors. His smile faded and he looks back down as he noticed the other students there. He walked quickly and close to Alex's back as the whispers started. He felt uncomfortable being watch by everyone.

He observed the room, and he was quiet impressed with the books and the very open space. He was going o enjoy the space. Once they got to the elevator, he nodded when Alex gave him the location of his own room and Alex's own. Draven stepped into the elevator and he tensed and his hands started shaking when the doors closed. He reached for the handrail as his vision blurred and he took deep breaths trying to himself calm. He used Alexander's presence as an anchor to try and keep himself grounded.

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Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 2:32 am
by Rosalie
Alex immediately noticed the weird behavior radiating off the kid, and it took him a second before he realized what was wrong. He watched him from afar, brow raised before taking a step forward and grabbing the kid's shoulders. He gave him a little shake. "Hey." He said slowly. "Breathe. Relax." Alex wasn't too well versed on what to do for claustrophobic's, but he knew anything would help him, considering how terrible he looked.

He wasn't sure what else to do. Alex wasn't usually very friendly or touchy-feely and after a few seconds, he realized that he was still holding Draven's shoulders. Taking a step back, Alex ran a hand through his own hair, dropping his hands to his sides as the elevator got to its destination and swung open. Glancing at Draven, Alex paused, waiting for him to get off. "Do you usually do that?" He asked, smiling a bit despite himself. "Maybe next time lets take the stairs."

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Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 2:42 am
by Ash
Draven closed his eyes and he tried to calm himself down but jumped slightly and his eyes snapped open as he felt hands on his shoulders. He followed Alexander's instructions and he felt himself calm down slightly. He held his eyes as he let him go and took a step back. He was legitimately curious. No one had ever helped him before. Normally he was left to deal with this issue himself.

When the doors opened and Alexander stepped out, Draven slowly and shakily stepped out of the elevator. He gave a sigh of relief as they left the close compartment. He looked down, his face growing red as Alex asked, "Umm... I am sorry." But gave a small smile at the mention of the stairs. "Yeah, next time. Stairs"