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Re: [1×1] Angel Hunter (xBlackxAcex)

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2020 10:32 am
by ariagrey
Heat flared inside, burning Lua's cheeks at his comment. She had been lost in thought, watching the humans wake and the world come alive outside. Mornings were her favorite, things were quiet and the light always seemed to have a sparkling quality to it.

After a moment, her tensed body relaxed back into his form, allowing his warmth and embrace to envelop her. With a chuckle she craned her neck to look back at him. "I didn't mean to abandon you. I couldn't sleep anymore." She turned back tl the outside world. The stagnant heat seemed to have finally broke, a light breeze playing with their hair. "I also wanted to do something nice for you."

Her body shifted in his arm to face him, being careful not to spill her coffee. Her light blue eyes held his face, smile slowly creeping over her lips. Her free hand reached up, it's thumb gently stroking his cheek. "Besides," she stood on her toes to reach a kiss to his opposite cheek. "It's not like i've done this before."

Heat returned to her cheeks as she grabbed him by the wrist and gently guided him over to the breakfast bar, his plate of food full and ready. She sat him down. "Coffee?" Lua asked as she renewed her cup, her eyes flickering occasionally to him, the corners of her mouth permanently upturned.

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Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2020 4:13 am
by xBlackxAcex
“ could’ve woke me up.” His eyes fluttered closed, feeling and listening to his surroundings. The wind picked up. Buses cranked and sputtered on their designated routes, and he could hear an airplane’s turbine if he tried really hard. He would’ve preferred to wake up with Lua by his side instead of meeting with Ernysia. Left agitated and empty-handed. However, Ernysia could’ve trapped him in the deepest parts of hell in a blink of an eye, and because of that, he was grateful to even hold her in the moment. Who knows when he would be able to have this time again? In a daze, he curved his arm tighter around the angel’s midsection. His heart slowed, seeking comfort in her gentle breaths, with her back against his chest. He was as close to her heart as he could be, and before his brain could retrieve last night’s events and deliver inappropriate thoughts, he noticeably stiffened.

Do something nice…? For me...? I’m the last person to deserve your generosity. She probably did nice things for Rowan often before the whole ‘I have gained great abilities and you will be my Underworld Queen!’ psycho ordeal. Rowan had a few loose screws, perhaps some faulty wiring in the mix, but Seth believed he was a lot better than he was despite everything. He had killed one, the hunter scored countless deaths on his track record. Human and angel alike. He couldn’t shake the guilt clawing at his chest, but he didn’t need Lua to worry or suspect him. He forced himself to relax as his fingers smoothed over the slippery satin of her robe. “Right…” Guilt apparently bought a round trip ticket and collided into his heart. He matched her smile in a pathetic attempt. His anxiety high. Was she going to believe him or pitifully accept his excuse of morning hangover? He didn’t deploy the defense, letting her move him at her discretion. The sun was replaced with a homemade food spread.

“Uh, sure. Yeah, thanks.” Seth perked up, bringing the mug to his lips. Looking at the kind gesture straight on dried up his throat and weighed massively onto his chest. A fried egg and bacon smiley face? He sighed and picked up a fork. He’d feel worse to have her efforts go to waste. It was torture sitting in front of her in their own fake world. Their bubble. He didn’t want to pretend. He wanted to watch the sunrise every morning with her. Do nice things for her, and keep her smiling. He wanted to experience it all. Reminding himself that all was not lost, he managed to swallow several bites of the waffles and half of the happy face. He put down his silverware.

He stood and made his way to her, holding her again. Glancing down, the corner of his mouth drew up. It wasn’t too hard to smile with the angel in his arms. “I’ll change fate. I'm going to find a way for us. Cross my heart.” He dove deep into her blues. He omitted the dying part even then death wouldn’t stop him. He’d come back to her.

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Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2020 11:44 am
by ariagrey
Lua stood in the kitchen, nursing her coffee and chewing on a piece of bacon. It was hard not to stare at him, but she did her best. The night was over and her heart felt like it was tight in her chest. Seth had promised her one night, to forget all the rest and just be the two of them. She could sense his hesitation now, unsure if he regretted the night before or if it was something else. Her mind could spiral of she let it, instead shs concentrated on mibbling her bacon.

The Angel looked up at Seth as he stood, watching his form move towards her. His arms wrapped around just as she put the bacon down, a breath slowly releasing as her arms entagled behind him. "I'll change fate. I'm going to find a way for us. Cross my heart." Seth said. His eyes held her so intensely that she wrapped her arms a little tighter around him. As soon as she felt the tears. Behind her eyes she placed her head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat as she held him. She continued to blink, not wanting to cry.

Lua wanted it to be true. To believe they could find a way to be together. That somehow it was meant to be. Not that there love or life had to be an epic one, but that they fit in just the right way. That the mundane wouldn't feel so boring when they were together and even through hard times they would quickly work things out.

It felt like a distant dream, but his determination gave her hope. "I'd really like that." She finally said, her voice husky and low. Lua didn't want to let him go, a feeling creeping into her stomach and chest, but she pulled away too look at him. "How strange." She said softly with a gentle smile. "I never thought something would make me want to stay on Earth."

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Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2020 3:05 am
by xBlackxAcex
His hands moved to her hips, mustering the strength to let Lua go. “Me too.” He croaked, removing one hand and caressing her face. When he thought he committed her person to memory, his body longed to touch her features, but he couldn’t afford a repeat of last night. Knowing his reluctance to leave, he set a timer before he joined the angel on the balcony. Peeking out of the jacket packet, his phone sounded in the living room. It pinged once, then buzzed twice. Unfortunately, time wasn’t a luxury, and he counted down the seconds after the third alarm before he had to draw his hand back. He tried to remain optimistic. Play his cards right, strike a good deal, and there was a chance. That didn’t stop the sad smile from pulling at his lips. “Time’s up.”

Putting distance between them, Seth retrieved his phone and proceeded to pluck his clothes off the floor. He wrestled his shirt on, keeping a mental note that his hands were supposed to be injured. After he got his clothes in order, he shoved his sock feet into his sneakers and bolted to the door. Slightly winded, he pushed his hand over his messy bed hair, casting a glance to Lua. ”Keep your phone on you, so I can call.” It was a struggle not to scoop her up and retreat back into their bubble. “Until then, have faith in me.”

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Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2020 3:16 pm
by ariagrey
Lua had noticed the sound coming from the living room, but kept her eyes on him. Her brows peaked with worry and sadness as he said "Times up" and pulled away. A tightness formed in her chest while all the warmth left her body. She followed his every movement as he gathered himself to leave. She has dreaded this moment. The moment he would leave and she would see him again god knows when.

The angel swallowed hard, her mouth feeling dry. She wanted to shout stay! Don't leave! Just be with me! But nothing was ever that simple. All Lua could do was nod in response, fearing if she opened her mouth the tears would come and wouldn't stop. Then he was gone.

She stood in her kitchen, apartment empty except for the remnants of what once was. However, there was no time for self pitty or wallowing. Seth was out fighting for them and she would do the same. She had to be strong, pull herself together. As much as she dreaded the thought, she had to see Rowan again, to talk to him and figure out where things went wrong and some how explain everything to Leon. It was a task and a half, but needs to be done.

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Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 4:22 am
by xBlackxAcex
Drugs and alcohol was the answer to every problem-- drugs and alcohol being copious amounts of beer with a slight violent tendency. Bottle caps and broken glass littered the wet bathroom floor. He mumbled holy utterances to strengthen his will to leave the angel’s apartment and put distance between them where he couldn’t just couldn’t turn around. Seth couldn’t bear looking at her face, and he swore up and down he couldn’t read minds but could then. Stay! Don’t go! Twisting the top off of a new bottle, it clattered into the existing pile in the grimy sink. The rim of the beer touched his chapped lips as he caught his reflection in a jagged piece of the wall mirror. Red eyes and dark bags. His face was an oil spill, and despite the shine on his cheeks, his skin was ill and pasty. The lack of hair on his jaw and head accentuated his pitiful appearance. He slammed his hand down on the edge of the sink and glowered at his image. Footsteps echoed outside of the bathroom; the sound of heavy boots against concrete.

“Seth? Where are you? We need to run one more test before I ad--” Gold ringlets bobbed in the doorway. Presley. Even drunk, he wasn’t completely out of his mind. His ears attempted to deceive him, to lure him with a voice of an angel, but he knew what she sounded like. Satan’s daughter couldn’t pull those kinds of tricks on him, and a time traveler certainly couldn’t. He couldn’t get a word out before he was hauled out of the bathroom and into the center of the large gray space. A hospital bed, vital monitors, and wires was set up in the barren warehouse. Sat on top of the bed mat, various electrodes were being put on his chest and head. Seth plucked one off and readjusted over his heart. I’ll make this work. He promised and kissed his hand before crossing his arms on top of one another like he was posed in a casket.

The blond curlyhead, labeled as a time traveler was silently judging the 30-something year old man in front of him. Presley couldn’t time travel, he jumped portals in the present. It was how he stole the hospital equipment, so he could help Seth in the first place. It was hard to believe that this disheveled man was the same Seth who came to him three days ago. Bald was not the look for him. Clicking his tongue, Presley rolled on his stool to the monitor to look at his health levels. “I want you to repeat to me what’s going to happen... Just so, I know the alcohol hasn’t eaten up your brain, assuming there’s any muscle left.” Seth was going to meet Ernsyia, but she hasn’t let him through the gates of hell, literally. He had to resort to force, and in order to do that, he was going to be put into a coma/ near death where the goddess would have no choice but to take him. He planned to be in hell for approximately three days which was a little bit over a month in Earth time. He’d make her a deal that she couldn’t refuse. “Haha, you’re hila-rious.” He chuckled dryly. The steady beeping droned in his ears, and the prick in his arm was like a tap on the nose. His glossy eyes dropped and intermittently closed as the bright white light flickered overhead.

He didn’t fall through the dark or clumsily navigated in the negative space. It was stark white, and light flooded his eyes. Something he’d describe as heaven if he ever saw it, but there were no angels around. “Impressive, I got to admit. I thought you would’ve pulled the plug out, you know kill yourself for real. You’re smart for a young soul, not even 200 yet.” Heels clicked on marble, and he turned around. He was graced with Satan’s mortal guise, and he was pleased though not entirely, yet.

“Let’s make a deal, shall we?”