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Re: The Nerd Can Sing (QuiteContrary)

Post by Light-Witch » Sat Jun 10, 2017 6:09 pm

(I just got Internet back yesterday, and I had to make this post somewhat long so I could bring up some ways for them to not only get closer, but for them to work together and possibly reveal to Avery that she met Siren without her mask on.)

Dakota had very easily beaten Ericc, a heavyset kid with muddy hair and eyes that was complimented by fair skin, at DDR, and it didn't help that he wasn't a fan of dancing either. What put her over the top for the competition was her experience playing it at the Rosebowl Bowling Alley in Newark for years, and she was a fan of Fall Out Boy. Some kids complained when they saw her pick Dance, Dance while knowing they were in the top ten for her favorite bands. She was on Basic, and Ericc couldn't keep up with her even on Beginner, so it was clear she was winning early on in the song. The wink was unexpected, and yet it helped her to stay focused on the song with what seemed to be encouragement from Avery. So when she ended up with an A while he got an E, it was something Kota found funny because his grade was the same letter as his first name.

When Avery spoke to her after she got done with the song, she was definitely taken aback by her words. Was she...flirting with her a bit? "I've always been a hands-on learner, but there's a bowling alley in the next town that I went to for years with this game in the arcade. Maybe I could bring you there sometime...?" Her dad wasn't home until around six on good days, but on bad days, he was gone until close to one in the morning because he was a paramedic. Tonight would be the night that she would record a song, and she had the tracks mixed for a few songs: Ashes of Eden by Breaking Benjamin, the first version of Broken by Seether that didn't include Amy Lee, and while Kota hated herself for liking the song, she had mixed the tracks for Closer by the Chainsmokers featuring Halsey while not being a fan of either artist. Hopefully she hadn't noticed her singing along to the song while she was dancing, because while the other kids grew up with hearing her sing occasionally, it wasn't enough for them to recognize her voice as Siren's. Nash was there for recording videos only if she wanted different angles in the videos that showed her with the mask on, but he kept his mouth shut while helping her with the abuse when it prevented her from being able to do anything productive in school.

Where had she heard Avery sing before? Her voice was familiar, but now that she heard her sing a bit, it was becoming clear that she knew her from somewhere. There was a few older ITubers who she was going to contact and do collabs with, but while it was going to be a bit different, she was going to contact Sunshine to do a song together. That was probably what made her record the tracks for Closer in the first place, and she would record a different song if she wanted to do something else. She'd mix and master them first, and then just get together to record a video if she didn't want to release just an audio. It was actually the ITuber NateWantsToBattle (linked to his videos in case you don't know who he is) that kept contacting her for a collab on Flitter, and he was her inspiration since she was the one that convinced Shawn to work with him to produce music after he wrote his first Five Nights at Freddy's song after she got big.

Dakota didn't hate being famous, but if her secrets got out, would Siren survive the questions about the abuse and her mom's murder from her fans? That had yet to be seen, and nobody knew what to expect when dealing with being a kid with two lives: one masked with a literal mask in the virtual limelight, the other plain despite abuse and bullying happening to her.
"It's only a nightmare, and soon we'll be set free." - NateWantsToBattle


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