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The Nerd Can Sing (QuiteContrary)

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:07 am
by Light-Witch
Dakota got up slowly, feeling sore from the beating she got the night before. Her father had decided to bash her head into a wall, and it knocked her out long enough for her to actually get more than a full night's sleep. A simple touch left her head pounding, and for some reason, she went on Sunshine's channel instead of getting up right away. She was someone who lived up to her name with how happy she was, and yet Siren hadn't put up a video in months. People were getting worried about her, especially after she suddenly went on unannounced hiatuses multiple times. It was her father's fault for every hiatus, and after watching the video, she finally got ready for school.

Today's outfit was a simple black lace shirt, black jeggings that fit decently, and a fake leather jacket that was once her mother's. There was no point in hiding herself anymore, and Kota winced as she made the effort to put on concealer for her new bruises. She definitely needed to get out of this dead-end town that was otherwise known as Lyons. Nobody knew where it was unless they lived in a town nearby, and yet this was the day that they were supposed to get a new student. Rumors said it was going to be a girl, but Dakota had rolled her eyes until the Guidance Counselor pulled her aside to warn her that she'd be the one to give the new kid a tour. At least they will have a chance to get to know me The thought was brushed aside as she ran out the door with coffee and a coffee cake in hand, walking briskly to school on the early January day. The sooner she could get through the day alongside the tour, the better the whole day would be for both of them.

Taking a deep breath, Dakota pushed open the doors leading into her school, and prayed to any higher power for little incidents to happen today since last night was enough for her.

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Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:08 pm
by QuiteContrary
Today was the day. Avery thought to herself when her alarm woke her up at 5:30. Normally Avery would have groaned and hit the snooze button a time or two before actually getting up, but it was another first day of school for her. After all this time, you'd think she'd be used to it by now. No, her heart still fluttered at the thought of meeting new people. With that in mind, Avery got up, stretched, and took a shower. Avery was finished with her shower by 5:50. She blow dried her hair before braiding it loosely. Avery wasn't entirely sure what she would wear today, so she waited on deciding what to put in her hair. Instead, Avery slipped on her robe and went downstairs.

Her parents were already awake. Her mother had just finished making breakfast. "Morning." She spoke to both her parents before sitting down to bacon, eggs, toast, and half a grapefruit. "This looks delicious, mom. Thank you." Her mother gave a smile before asking how Avery felt. "I'm a little nervous." She admitted while digging into her plate. Avery's father chuckled and assured her she would do wonderfully today.

After breakfast, Avery went back to getting ready for school. She chose a more natural look, only applying a small wing and mascara and opting for chapstick instead of lipstick. Happy with her makeaup, Avery chose to wear a beige tunic with the shoulders cut out. The tunic itself had a little threadwork along the bodice. The belt iwas black and to match, Avery wore black boots and wore a yellow flowered headband. With it being her first day of school, Avery's mother drove her there. "I'll see you after school. Love you!" She gave her mom a quick peck on the cheek before walking into the principal's office.

Once there, Avery was given her class schedule and introduced to the principal. He talked with her about his own time in the military as a young man and spoke admirably of her parent's choice to stay in the Air Force. This was something she was used too, especially if her principal was a man. Avery just put on a smile and listened, chiming in whenever appropriate. Secretly she just wanted to get to class.

When Avery was finally introduced to her 'tour guide' she was blown away. The girl was absolutely gorgeous! She was tall, brooding (in a good way), and stylish. "I love your jacket." Avery said before introducing herself. "I'm Avery." There was a nagging feeling that she knew this girl from somewhere, but Avery dismissed it. With as much as she moved around, everyone seemed to remind her of someone.

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Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 11:56 pm
by Light-Witch
(I've been moving all week, and I just got to a place with Internet for the first time since Monday.)

Dakota had noticed right away with the new girl that she wore things that were plain, yet she was far from it. Yes, she had no clue that she was talking to the Nerd, but she'd learn right away that she wasn't supposed to be talking to her. It was like that with everyone, but why was this girl, who introduced herself as Avery, complimenting her when she didn't know what truly lies underneath the concealer that matched her skin? "T-thank you... and I'm Dakota. Let me show you around Avery." Kota cleared her throat while managing to hide a blush, and she walked out of the office as the other girl trailed behind her. "First rule of navigating Lyons Junior/Senior High: if you can't fight, don't start a fight, and if you're caught in one, never strike first." It was a rule everyone learned early on here, and with the amount of times the Nerd got into them by fighting back, she got stronger than she looked. Yet it was about halfway through their tour that a few people started talking as Avery passed by.

The guys were Nathan, Matthew, Hunter, and Morgan, but most knew them as the Popular Gamers: a division of the Popular kids who went from gamers to popular because they played games that became popular, and they were trendsetters as a result. They rose to popularity soon after Dakota's mom died, but they knew better than to bully other kids. Kota and Nate had actually tried to be friends at one point, but it ended up not working out when the bullying got harder for him. "Kota, who's the new girl?" It was barely the start of first period, and the guys were in the hall due to study hall. "Well, Nathan, you, Matt, Hunter, and Brett are the first students besides me to meet Avery. Avery, meet the Popular Gamers: Nathan and Morgan Smith, Matthew Patrick, and Hunter Hughes." Her voice was clipped, definitely laced with resentment for breaking off their friendship for his sake. After a short conversation, the tour continued until they had no other place to go.

"What's your first class? I have AP English 12 with Carmichael, and if you have him, he'll probably put you in the second row since he's a creep." It wasn't like Dakota had gotten in the first row, but she was in the second row because of the teacher everyone called "Creepy Carmichael" since the day they first had him. She had him right now, and personally, she didn't feel as though she was missing anything. Many of the bullies were in her classes, and at this point, she had thoughts about a new video to put up for ITube for the first time in months. Avery seemed nice enough, but she was familiar in a way that made her feel uneasy, yet surprisingly calm. Nobody gave her that feeling before, and it was conflicting for her. Kota leaned against the wall, and surprisingly enough, she was able to look up at the new girl rather than avert her eyes with everyone else at this school.

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Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:00 am
by QuiteContrary
((You're fine!))

Avery smiled to the boys that Dakota introduced her too. They seemed nice enough, but Dakota acted cold towards them and Avery wondered why. Thinking it rude to ask, Avery dropped the thought and made polite conversation with the boys for a moment: talking of a few games that she had played herself, but not letting on that she played as much as she did. When leaving, Avery said goodbye and followed Dakota while pretending not to notice why they were whispering to each other behind her. In fact, it had seemed that a lot of the students had whispered as they both walked by. When Dakota asked about Avery's classes she gave a slight "Oh!" in surprise before pulling it out of the stack of papers she held in her arms.

"Um..Oh! I've got AP English 12 as well! And then PE, Algebra 1-" Avery blushed slightly when she stated her math class out loud. She knew that she should be in a higher class, but she wasn't all that great at math. "Lunch, Intro to Business, Home Economics, and Physics" She wondered if Dakota's was even romotely similar to her own. Of course, if need be she could find her way around by herself.

Mirroring Dakota, Avery leaned against the wall as well. " you guys not get a lot of new people around here? It seems a lot of people were talking about me." Avery didn't sound upset, more curious then anything. With a sheepish smile, Avery looked at her schedule again. "Could you, maybe help me find my locker?"

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Posted: Sat May 06, 2017 7:49 pm
by Light-Witch
Dakota decided to tell the girl her schedule, and they shared more than just AP English and PE. "We're a pretty even school when it comes to new kids, but those who move here usually don't wear something that could make them blend into a crowd so easily. As for my schedule in order of the periods, I have AP English 12, PE, study hall, lunch, study hall, Chorus, and Band. I haven't been in a math or science in a few years, but I can still help you with those." When Avery asked if she could help her find her locker, it was actually a surprise to find that their lockers were right next to each other (the only school I know that scatters kids around every hallway with lockers), and there was a piece of paper taped to Kota's locker. It had insults typed up on it, and she quickly crumbled it up before tossing it in the nearest trash can. "It was trash to begin with." Again, her voice was clipped, but it had a reason to be like that this time. So when it was time to get back to class, she guided her listlessly to class, and everybody stared as they entered. "Go after her, and you'll regret it." The Nerd took her seat as soon as she spoke, and everyone was in shock that she was willing to defend the new girl so soon.

Mr. Carmichael was a teacher who clearly should've retired by now, but chose not to for some reason. His hair was gray while thinning a lot, his skin was wrinkled to the point where he looked like a human raisin, and his eyes were similar to smudged charcoal. The man couldn't have been older than eighty, and yet he was still teaching kids. "Avery Parker, your seat is next to Dakota's, and we're currently writing a paper about a character in a book who has lost someone close to them." Yet her tour guide had already completed it before she was knocked out, and unfortunately, it was still at home. Nobody knew that she was being abused, and yet under the jacket were bruises as well as scars from cutting that were very obvious. Luckily her shirt for PE had long sleeves, and Kota wouldn't have to give an explanation for them just yet.

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Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 6:39 am
by QuiteContrary
Avery followed Dakota around the school until she had to go to her English class. Afraid that her teacher would make her give a small speach about herself, Avery had prepared one, but thankfully her teacher just told her to sit at her seat next to Dakota. Avery placed her book bag down next to her desk before following the teacher to the back of the room and getting the classroom book. On her way back to her desk, Avery accidently tripped over one of the more popular guy's bags. Flashing him a bright smile, Avery apologized, which he accepted, before sitting back in her seat. She eyed the guy again with a smile before opening her book. Avery read her book for a few minutes before someone tapped her on her shoulder. A folded piece of paper was handed to her which she unfolded and read. Without giving any indication as to what it said, Avery looked over at the guy and nodded, a smile dancing on her face.

For the rest of the class Avery kept to herself, reading her book and playing with her long braid. She had read the story before, but figured it would be best to reread it, especially if it was for a paper. Avery couldn't really relate to the character. She had never really lost anyone truly important to her. Of course, Avery never stayed anywhere for very long to form any real bond with anyone and both of her parents were still living. Avery never knew her grandparents on either side of her family and, because of how much they moved around, Avery never had any pets. Avery wasn't sure how she would be able to write her paper, but she figured she'd just fake her way through it. She had a natural way with words, after all. After class was over and she was headed to PE with Dakota she turned to the girl. "Who's that boy? The one I tripped over?" Avery waited for a moment before adding. "He's pretty cute."

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Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 3:49 pm
by Light-Witch
Dakota eyed the guy who tripped Avery, but since he hadn't intentionally tripped her, she let it slide. Besides, the guy wasn't known to bully anyone in his free time without a reason, so he was safe at the moment. So when she asked who the guy was, it was an easy answer. "You just met my cousin Nash Ritz, the Popular Jock known to be a black belt in Taekwondo. If you two become friends and someone goes after you, he'll make sure that life is hell for the person, and it's his claim to fame for popularity." Nash was definitely athletic compared to many of the kids there, but aside from clearly being in shape, he hadn't even been much to look at with chocolate hair, skin that was a shade darker than fair, and eyes that matched his hair. Most kids brought their own clothes to PE, but Ritz actually wore his white USA Masters uniform with the belt that he had at the time, and he had a black belt as of last week. Some said he was a player, but Kota knew that he was just waiting for the right girl to walk into his life since he went through two relationships after the one with Lillie Tang, a junior, ended at the start of the school year.

After they entered the locker room, Dakota quickly unlocked her locker before grabbing her clothes. "We're doing dance right now, and I'm currently competing for the top score on every song on the dance games with Nash. Get your lock from Kuhn before you change in the meantime." She went to where the old showers used to be, and changed into a silver long sleeved t-shirt that was actually Siren's first official shirt with ruby spirals surrounding an animated picture of her ITube persona as well as going down the sleeves and midnight sweatpants, quickly throwing her clothes in the locker before heading out. Siren also had a beanie and sweatpants that could come in any color with the option to have the spirals as well, but the one Kota had was midnight with ruby spirals. Some kids also sported the merchandise, but nobody knew that the rising ITuber was in their school alongside Sunshine. Granted, she didn't think until now that Avery looked familiar, but it was brushed off as Nash openly approached her despite their obvious difference in cliques. "Dakota, who was that girl who Carmichael put next to you?" His words were riddled with curiosity, yet his tone was sarcastic no matter what he said.

"Her name is Avery, and she just started today. You know the warning though."

"Why are you so intent on defending her so soon? This is a first for you."

"She's not like anyone in this school, and yet her looks and voice sound familiar."

"Maybe you should take a break from watching anything on ITube for a while."

"Only if you give up Taekwondo."

"Nice talking to you Kota."

"You too Nash."

(Picture of Nash, but replace the red belt with a black belt.)
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Posted: Tue May 09, 2017 1:10 pm
by QuiteContrary
Avery went to Kuhn's office at Dakota's direction. It was just before entering either locker room and held a middle aged man. Knocking on the door, Avery smiled at the man and introduced herself. "Hi! I'm Avery." Avery gave him a firm handshake while he explained the layout of the girl's locker room, which seemed pretty basic to Avery. He asked her if she had brought gym clothes and she replied with a shake of her head. He gave her some to borrow, a locker number, and a lock. Avery went into the girl's locker room and changed, ignoring the stares from some of the girls. The shirt Kuhn had given her was a basic black tshirt, maybe a little tight, and a pair of dark blue shorts. Avery assumed they were the school colors, but she wasn't entirely sure. Of course, the poor girl didn't even know what the mascot was around her. Keeping to herself, Avery let her long hair out of her braid, her ginger hair falling just above her waste, before putting it up in a loose bun and putting on a pair of tennis shoes. After getting ready, Avery approached the girls that were staring and introduced herself. She was fairly good at making friends and today was no different.

Avery left them to finish changing and met Dakota out in the gym just as Nash finished talking to her. "Siren?" She nodded towards the girl's long sleave shirt. "I'm a fan! I don't have that shirt though. I hadn't discovered her early enough to buy it, but I do have a beanie from her line." Even now Avery didn't recognize that Dakota was Siren, but the nagging feeling of knowing her from somewhere hadn't left. "Dancing, eh?" Avery asked as the mats were placed out. "I don't mean to brag or anything, but I'm a bombing tap dancer." A full chuckle bubbled out of Avery. "Although I don't think tap dance is gonna help with this."

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Posted: Wed May 10, 2017 1:04 am
by Light-Witch
Avery was a tap dancer? That wasn't something people usually did in high school, but Dakota wasn't one to judge anyone. "If we do DDR, then you'll be great. Besides, I have a feeling that you're better than most of the kids here." Yet when she immediately noticed the shirt, it was time to play the fan instead of the star. "Siren's music is identical to mine, and I'd love to see the beanie. Most of these kids are fans, but if anyone sees her without the mask, I doubt that they'd recognize her since she's apparently seventeen." For someone to be that big before they turned eighteen meant either one of two things: the person was gifted, or they just got lucky. Siren was a musical prodigy who learned to mix and master her own music because her mom was friends with Shawn Christmas, one of the best producers that happened to help out many indie artists. He called only to talk to Kota, and yet he was the guy she wanted to be her father instead of the one she had due to how close they were.

They were doing DDR for class. It was DDR SuperNova, and most of the kids groaned as they had to get on the practice mats. "Nash and Avery, you two are going first. Kota and Ericc, you two are going after them." Nash stepped up onto the other dance mat, and he gave a small smile as he looked at the new girl closely. She was familiar, and he felt as though he knew her from somewhere now that he was thinking about it. He knew she had to have been in something, or she was someone he knew indirectly. Kota was right about her being familiar, and he had to find out where he knew her from in case she hadn't figured it out yet.

"Avery, is it? You can pick the song, and I'll try to go easy on you." He sounded sarcastic, but his words were very sincere despite that. Dakota couldn't help but give a small smirk that was the trademark for Siren, and she wished that she could tell these idiots that their Nerd was an ITube sensation. Would it change how they thought about her, and would it make them more aware of her life at home? How she survived the past three years was a miracle, but that was changing as the day progressed. Her cousin deserved to find someone who made him happy, and Kota was kind of hoping Avery would see Nash as more than the average guy. She deserved to be happy here, even if it was unclear how long either of them were going to be able to keep their monikers unknown to the other.

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Posted: Tue May 23, 2017 5:45 am
by QuiteContrary
"Any song?" Avery gave her own little smirk in retort before choosing the random option. She leaned back and smiled to Dakota. "You're next!" It was just playful banter and to reiterate, Avery winked at the girl before turning back to the game at hand. When thr song started Nash had a clear lead, but it didn't long. Avery caught up fairly quickly and kept a small lead most of the song. Her peers cheers helped her give some personality to her performance and Avery even sang part of the song. Once it was over and she won by just a few hundred points, Avery shook Nash's hand, gave him a friendly good game and bounded over to Dakota. "I guess that tap dancing really did help, huh?" Avery was panting lightly, a little winded from her dance. "I didn't think DDR could be that mich of a work out!"

"You did great, by the way!" During her dance, Avery had eyed Dakota. Being the competitive person she was, Avery needed to size up her competition, even if it was friendly competition. "Have you had lessons? Or are you just naturally incredible?" It seemed Avery was flirting with Dakota a little, but she could just be overly friendly as well. It was almost impossible to tell. Of course, there had been that wink earlier.