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Re: [ONE] Unexpectedly Captivated [12maori3]

Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 3:26 pm
by ariagrey
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Imprisoned. There are many ways one can be imprisoned. Her shackles were of the literal kind. The metal bit and gnawed into her flesh as the soldier pulled her along through the streets. Her gaze remained cast downward as her mind swirled with thought. Was she being led to her death? Was the dirt beneath her feet the last thing she'd see of God's green earth?

With that thought her eyes searched for the great blue sky, the sky she had lain under many a night. However, her vision was obstructed by a large structure, signaling that they had arrived.

There they were, at the castle atop a hill, it's large wooden doors looming before them. As they opened, the doors groaned in protest, the soldier guiding her through the opening with the other band of men following close behind. The door led into a long hall with cathedral ceilings and large stained glass windows. Large white pillars reaching upward holding everything where it should be. She had never seen anything more beautiful in her life.

They neared another set of wooden doors and as they opened they led into another, smaller room. Still larger than any house or tavern she'd ever been in. There, at the other end of this smaller room, was the king. He sat on his thrown, his posture rigid and stiff as board. They approached the small steps that lead up to the thrown and paused.

The king raised his hand and the soldier that had been holding the rope attached to her neck, dropped it to the floor and stepped back and away a little more than arms length. The king stood and placed his hand on a dagger attached to his belt. He began toward the woman and with each echoing step, it was like an alarm going off in her head to run. She had to fight the feeling and planted her bare feet to the cold stone below as he confronted her.

"So," he said low and soft, "Where is it?"

She furrowed her brow as she tried to keep her hands from shaking and rattling the chains, "wh..ere is what?"

The way he gripped his dagger, she knew he was angry. His knuckles turned white as his fingertips searched for purchase on the glistening steel.

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Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 5:02 pm
by 12maori3
The King

Azriel's hand gripped the dagger so tight, it was as if all his anger would go to it. But no. It remained burning inside him as he attempted to control his face. It had taken them longer than he has wanted to find the woman standing in front of him. He had waited for this day very patiently. He had no more patience to spare as his eyes cut to hers, cold and unfeeling. She had met his eyes rather than look down, and had stood hee ground rather than take a step back. His hands gripped the daggee righer, as if it was possible.

"Let me rephrase: tell me where if is," Azriel did not have to yell or shout in the question. It was as quiet as a tomb of someone who had died. He did not have to yell ie shout, because the anger and fury that fueled the quiet question rang out into the quiet hall. His own men seemed to stiffen and stand straighter. He did not bother to threaten her. He did not bother to tell her that he would get his answer, eventually. This show was for her to know that he had asked, that he had given her a fair chance.

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Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 6:05 pm
by ariagrey
Although the large room was scattered about with people, wwatching, whispering, she paid no mind to them. Tenderly she took a step forward, her shackles rattling a bit at the movement. All around them the soldiers shifted and gripped their swords, ready for the attack, but again the woman paid then no mind.

Her mere height of 5'2" caused her to have to look up into the kings face, inches away. She peered into his steely eyes, careful not to get to close yet close enough to get her point across. She wasnt going to be afraid. This man could do whatever he wanted to her, preform whatever torturous acts he could come up with. She would not break. She vowed that right then and there in that still and silent moment.

"You will never find the stone." Her voice was steady and matter of fact. The shackles were heavy, her skin raw and bruised where they met, and her brown curls fell to her face, but she did not falter. "I will die before I see you with it." She spoke through gritted teeth.

The woman dare not move, she scarcely breathed. All eyes were on them and the next move was his. She waited, knowing full well that her life was at stake.

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Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 6:55 pm
by 12maori3
Azriel looked down at the woman who took a step to him. His stature remained the same knowing his men would not act until he said so. How a small woman managed to cause the havoc and eat away his resources trying to find her, he didn't know. Only that she showed impressive strength. Strength that would not save her now. Everyone had a breaking point.

He liatenes to every one of her words, how she spoke, whatever accents she had, the word choice and stored it before he processed them. She had looked him in the eye and told him she would die before he found what he was looking for. A promising smile that was anything but wicked found a way to Azriel's face as he said softly, "That can be arranged," he made sure he still held her eyes when lodged the dagger into the woman's shoulder and his men watched surprise and caution on their faces. The entire dagger had disappeared into her shoulder and all that remained was the handle.

Azriel's grey eyes narrowed as he told her simply, "I won't kill you. But you'll be begging for it soon," he gave a curt nod to the guards as they marched forward and took her once more, "Take her underground," he ordered. He would change into something more comfortable, something he didnt mind being bloodied. Then join her.

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Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:01 pm
by ariagrey
The blade felt like hot fire sliding through her flesh like butter. The woman let out a short scream as she crumpled, the king's men catching her before she fell to the ground. She peered over at the handle jutting from her shoulder, she was sputtering and grunting as she held back the hot tears that threatened to spill over. This was of no surprise, she expected to be hurt, to be robbed of her freedom. She had not, however, expected such a public display from the king. A nerve must have been struck, perhaps he was loosing his composure, or maybe this was all part of some ploy that would ultimately end in her spilling her secrets.

As she was being half lead and half dragged away, the slow loss of blood and shock making standing, let alone walking, a dizzying experience, she still tried to look straight ahead. The murmurs of all the people seemed to grow louder as her shoulder throbbed in pain.

The stone that is so coveted by the king, as well as all those who know of it, contained great power. It is said that he who possesses the stone could have ever lasting life as well as giving life and taking it away. The stone and it's secrets were hidden for so long by this woman and her people, until one day, a man of their kind, of the royal court, happened upon her qaint village in the woods. He had been injured and seemed of no threat, so her people healed him and helped him recover. Over time he learned more and more of their people, eventually finding out about the stone.

He was thought to be kind and loyal, but the hearts of men are weak when it comes to power. He left the village when fully healed, saying he would return to visit someday. Only when that day came he brought an army of men who ransacked and slaughtered the entire village. Only she and an elder survived to grab the stone, take it far away, and hide it before they were ever found.

The word spread all over the land and every man in power wanted the stone for themselves, yet none knew how to find it. None except for the man who had come injured to the forest. A man who was in this court and shared the information with the king. The king who so kindly gifted her with a knife to the shoulder.

Two soldiers led her below, to the dungeon area of the castle, the surroundings growing darker and darker. Torches were lit on the walls and corner and the air smelled of earth, must, and blood. Goosebumps raised on her skin, the feeling of being trapped and suffocated becoming ever present.

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Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:36 pm
by 12maori3
Azriel left the throne room once the woman had been taken away. As he walked to his room another man fell into step with him. His anger did not let loose as the man stated, "A bit harsh, don't you think?" In a rather amused tone, despite the situation. Azriel was quiet, unresponsive as he walked, giving no sign to the man that he heard what he said. So he tried again, "We need the stone, yes. But do not become Tamun." Tamun had beought news to the king of the stone...after raiding an entire village that had done nothing to him. He had been imprisoned, though his information cherished.

The mans words made Azriel stop and turn. Mor's kind brown eyes greeted him and Azriel's jaws clenched in frustration, "I will become whatever I have to be to do this. It has been years, Mor. We have a chance. I will not let it go to waste."

Even when Mor frowned his eyes remained kind, "Whatever you demand of me, I will give. But as your friend, I say tell the woman the situation. She might have an alternative. Only a few of your men know what's at stake here and why you do what you do. But to the not tarnish your image, Az."

With no one in sight the King gave a sad smile that barely different from his thin lined mouth seconds ago. "I'll reconsider. If your way does not sufface-"

Mor lifted both hands up surrender, "Then I will stand behind you as you do whatever you have to. I am just as guilty as you are." Azriel looked at his friend and then ran a hand through his hair as he entered his bedroom, the weight of everything crashing down on him. Through the wars and battles he'd been through aince he was forced to take the throne at 19 years old, this was what weighed on his very soul. He took off his cape, the crown, and everything that was for adornment until he was left with a plain shirt, pants and boots. He left his room, made his way to the dungeon, the torches ironically coveeing only half his face in light, the other in darkness. He nodded to the guards to open up the woman's cell. His eyes fell to her shoulder yet he ignored the pang of guilt that twisted in his gut. Instead he told one of the guards to being him a healing kit ans knelt down in front of the woman. Even in the dark, the rare moments where the torches shine in his face, his eyea were cold grey.

"Let us start over and we'll see where that gets us. What is your name?" He asked simply.

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Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:53 am
by ariagrey
(No worries! I'm willing to take this wherever it flows.)

In the cell, her skin crawled. The lack of sunlight, the absence of grass and trees, it was all wrong. She felt weak as she sat with her back against one of the stone walls. How much time had passed since she'd been in the cell? There was no way to tell and it was unsettling. Anxiety spiked in her, she'd never been so far from open space and fresh air. The damp, darkness was suffocating.

Suddenly a creak came from the cell door and her body stiffened. Her green eyes watchdd as the king emerged from the torch light behind him, making his way over, and kneeling before her. He spoke and she let out the faintest of laughs causing her to wince, yet a smile still played on her features.

"So we are to be friends now?" She said cooly. The smile faded as she looked away. It was hard being so serious seeing as the place where the dagger had been screamed at her. He had called for a healing kit however. A name couldn't hurt. "Lyra." She said shortly.

She still didn't look at him. As much as she wanted to feign bravery, Lyra was afraid. His eyes felt like they were searching for something in her, perhaps a weakness, a way in. She couldn't trust anything about him, all he wanted was the stone. All he wanted was power.

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Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:27 am
by 12maori3
It was easier to be cruel than to be kind, Azriel realized. It been easier to release all his angwe into the daggee that remained in Lyra'a shoulder, than to tell her the situation. And now that he was about to do so...the guilt was like another dagger that impaled him. He didn't regret it, not yet.

Azriel didnt smile I'm return to Lyra's words. He have a curt nod to hr name ans replied, "I am King Azriel. I'm not looking for friends currently," he inspected her, head to toe. With the rage now at bay, he thought more clearly and took in everything. His eyes showed nothing yet he stored everything in the depths of his mind. "I have decided it is in my best moral interest to get information out of you with your own cooperation. Willingly. Except I don't have the time to listen to you say you have no idea what I'm talkkng about. We both know you do," he took the healing kit from the guard who came in. Then he told them all to leave. Once gone he looked back at Lyra.

"So. Bear with whatever patience I have remaining and listen carefully to what I'm about to say. If afterward you decide to not be of any help, this dagger," Azriel placed a hand on the dagger handle in her shoulder, "Is going to be your new best friend," ans with that, he pulled the dagger out. His hands though large, worked fast while his face remained placid. "I became King at 19 years old," he said gruffly. He did not like reliving his history. He did not like it reliving it to a stranger even more, even if it was the short and aweer version. Yet he continued, "A year later, a war my father had caused began. My sister, Bryn, was taken hostage. Even as the war ended, even as we had won, they did not return her to me."

One hand remained on her shoulder, putting pressure on the injury while the other took out the small bottle of alcohol in the basket. He gave no warning as he removed his hand briefly to pour the alcohol over her wound, then began to wrap it with the cloth in the kit. "To this day, she remains their prisoner. Every year, they send a ransom, something I must acquire so they will set her free. For ten yeara, I haven't been able to deliver," he continued. His eyea has glazed over with an emotion deeper than anger, than sadness. "Imagine when I recieved a letter asking for a stone..ans two days later Tamun brags to me that he sacked an entire group of people, for a stone thar he knows where to find."

Once he finjshed, he tied the bandage and placed the rest of the things back in the kit. He rose to his feet and looked down at Lyra, "A year ago I would have appreciated your strength. But today, and tomorrow...I have to break it. I do not expect you to help me willingly. It will only clear my conscious if you do. But if you do not, I will not care. Because you will help me free my sister. I do not care at what cost, what they will do with the stone, Bryn will return," Azriel said.

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Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:11 am
by ariagrey
Lyra listened Azriel as he spoke slowly returning her gaze to him, before muddling a scream and shuddering as he removed the dagger. The pain made stars in her visio causing her to take deep breaths as she laid her head back against the stone. The pressure of his hand on her shoulder was all that steadied her, the room beginning to spin a bit. No sooner did he remove it and another sting attacked her body. She blinked slowly as he wrapped her wound, not able to do much else except absorb his words.

Lyra licked her dry lips and spoke slowly, "I do know what you seek as you said, and you do tell a pretty tale, but how am I to believe what you say is true?" Her eyes searched hus face as she looked up at him. "Even if you do not want the stone for yourself, if I help you, I help someone else, someone treacherous and unworthy of the stone." Her expression changed from the strong and brave woman she was trying to portray, to a look more crestfallen.

It was obvious neither of them took pleasure in the positions they were in. Happenstance lead them on their paths, only time waiting for them cross. Again her green eyes searched his face, "If there was another way..." saying the words felt like giving up and she wasn't ready for that. Too much had been sacrificed, too much was depending on her strength.

The solemn look returned to her features, "You do what you must," she paused, letting the severity of the situation fall upon them, "as will I."

In these coming days she would have to call upon all her strength. Lyra only hoped it would be enough to King Azriel did not seem the jesting type.

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Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:45 am
by 12maori3
Azriel clentched the dagger he was holding, his hand going white as he saw Lyra transition from the strong woman in front of him to one that was considering. Azriel watched carefully but he didn't dare hopw, only wait as she sorted the information he had given her however she would. The only indication he was surprised by her consideration when she began to think of another way was a blink. But as she transitioned back Azriel clenched the dagger tighter.

What he must do now felt heavier on him. Now that he knew her name. Now that he had seen her previous expression of of sadness rather than the one of strength she had showed him. His hands circled around the dagger once more as she finally told him to do what he must. To play his part, and she would play hers.

The king dared to look down as he remembered the last time he had seen his sister. It jolted him back to the present so harshly that he gave a curt nod to Lyra in understanding. "I will hurt you, nurse you, and hurt you again. We begin tonight," he picked up the supplies and left the cell, closing the door behind him. There would be no rest for either it them, until he knew where that stone was.