How to Make a Roleplay!

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How to Make a Roleplay!

Post by Annasiel » Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:12 am

1. Pick a section.

There are three main sections you can roleplay in: Casual, Intermediate, and Advanced. Casual has no standard for length, Intermediate needs a paragraph on average (4-6 sentences), and Advanced needs two paragraphs (8-12 sentences). Other than that, the sections have the exact same rules for making roleplays.

We'll be using the Casual section for this tutorial.


2. Make a request thread.

A request thread is where you show your roleplay to the other members, getting the attention you need to get your roleplay off the ground.

First, go to the Requests subforum of the section you chose:


Then, click the "New Topic" button:


3. Add a title.

Your roleplay is going to need a title. This is what other people will see first, so try to sum up your RP in an impactful way!

I'm thinking of making a roleplay about knights fighting an evil dragon. "Dragonslayers" is a nice title for this, don't you think? Type your title in the box under the "Subject:" line:


That "[REQ]" is called a tag. There are two different tags for request threads - [REQ], which means you're looking for a group of people, and [ONE], which means you only want to roleplay with one other person. Don't forget to add it!

4. Write the introduction.

After you type your title, write an introduction to your roleplay. Be creative! You can just write a basic summary, or even write a full scene. Whatever you choose to do, remember that this is what seals the deal; they come for your title, but stay for the introduction.

I'm just going to do a basic, short summary:


5. Make the CS (Optional, Recommended).

The CS, or Character Sheet, is a outline for people joining your roleplay to make for their characters. As the GM (Game Master, person who owns the RP), you can decide what you want for your character sheet, or if you even want people to make character sheets at all. I recommend you at least put up a basic CS for your players to follow, for both reference and fair play.

Here's one of the more common CS styles:


Other common sections for CSes are Equipment, Personality, Likes/Dislikes, Powers, and Theme.

6. Submit your roleplay!

Hit the "Submit" bottom below:


Congratulations! You just made your first request thread! If you're lucky, people will start hopping in soon. If you don't get the attention you want, you can bump your thread twice a day to try and give it more exposure.

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