The Cherub Suite

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The Cherub Suite

Post by Annasiel » Sat May 05, 2018 2:07 am


A palace guest room.
Alone she drifts from ancient mists
Nary a candle, nary a wish
But in the wont of wandering paths
Through wooded knolls, and windworn crags
She seeks a face she thought as friend
But now -- she thinks as judgement's end

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Re: The Cherub Suite

Post by Avalein » Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:48 pm

IIyana glanced around the room, shaking her head. Striding over to the bed turned to face Laeroth and Yrlissa, "you are free to do what you wish. I am going to head back to the dragon scale." Laeroth shook his head at her, "I am not leaving you and neither is Yrlissa, your mother would not have wanted us to." Yrlissa looked at IIyana for a moment before looking at Laeroth, "my dear we will have to find away to earn some money, for you its easy enough as you have training as a guard. IIyana will find work, as will I." Going over to Laeroth smiled a worried smile as she gently kissed him, putting her arms around his neck.

Upon seeing that IIyana garbed her cloak quietly walking to the door, slipped into the corridor heading down to the dragon scale, leaving the two love birds alone in her room.
Elrond: There are some who would not deem it wise.

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