Junior Superhero Scouts [Promotion Thread]

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Junior Superhero Scouts [Promotion Thread]

Post by illirica » Fri Jul 19, 2019 12:51 am

Did you ever want to be a superhero, and think that you were going to be a great one, and then your mom said it was time to come in and wash up for dinner? Did you try to tell people that you really do have powers, but the kids on the playground just laughed at you? Do you definitely want to show them once you figure out how to get those powers to work when you want them to rather than just sort of accidentally? Do you have a costume, and did you make it yourself, possibly using glitter glue?

This just might be the place for you!

Welcome to the Junior Superhero Scouts, an after-school club for kids who are superheroes, or kids who are really good at pretending to be superheroes, or just kids who like superheroes. It's not the most discriminatory club, because being discriminatory is going to get us kicked out of the library, and the tree fort doesn't have air conditioning.

Superheroes do exist, and while they aren't exactly common, they're not exactly uncommon either - but what's more, it seems like people with special abilities are starting to show up a lot more in the population. Isn't that weird? If this were some kind of comic book I bet that'd be a plot point later on.

Anyway, the Junior Superhero Scouts are recruiting! Please submit your application if interested!

RP Thread Here - it's going to be always open, so we'll love to have you even if you find this thread in six weeks. I'm starting as soon as there are 3-4 CS's and people will be able to join in as they become ready to do so, so those who are ready to start early won't have to wait for those who need more time, and those who need more time won't feel like they have to rush.

Hope to see some of you there!
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