Path of the vampire

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Path of the vampire

Post by Amicus » Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:53 am

This is probably the best actual rp game site I've used. The storyline and game set up are both fantastic.

Game setup: It uses both a grid formatted game system with random rp-events on streets, combat situations in which you can set up battle tactics, (optional) pvp, a power gaining system which is based upon pxp, the more you gain the greater powers you can get. You can currently choice between human, demi-fae, and vampire. And within each of those are paths of their own. The site is free to play and you don't have to download it, all online. Though you can pay to get extra aspects, It's entirely possible to do it without it and get pretty much all the benefits, which is what I do. Since PVP is not heavily centric, there's no possibility of play to win being an issue here. But it can certainly help you level up, get powers, or gain in game cash faster, and may be wanted for making specific (but not vital) parts such as large buildings which can be used for in game businesses to get more money based on player traffic.

There is a character limit, however you can kill characters (and bring vampires back) allowing you to sometimes flip through your choices better. The limit is 4, however using Karma you can gain extra slots which will remain even if you delete that character.

Some images from the game:


Pureblood: From here you can go to any other human path by completing the quests. They aren't particularly special, but if you want to play the under-dog or basically on hard mode. You can do that here. You don't have any powers, but you can if you get a path or become a vampire.

Paladin: Set up as the perfect opponents to vampires (and most undead), Paladins typically have strong inclination to kill the undead. They are a dangerous class which I consider one of the best if you're new to the game and just want to play it on easy for awhile by focusing on battling npc's or testing out the environment.

Blood thief: They can feed on vampires, npc's or pc's. However if you're not a good enough level or have good enough stat's, feeding on a PC could be a big problem for you. They level up fairly fast compared to the other human classes, but it can be hard to find really powerful vampires to feed on. This class is good once you get the hang of where to find NPC vampires, want to focus on leveling up fast, have someone who has a vampire character who will let them feed on them, or just want an interesting rp route. There is a master power you can get which lets you gain powers by touch alone, but this takes a lot of time to get. If you want to get a blood thief, I suggest starting out as one. As the blood thief quest is hard to achieve while the others are not. This may be changed in the future.

Sorcerer: A very common class for me to choose when I want a character to not be particularly unusual but to still have powers and stats. Sorcerers are a good support class for humans who can heal, turn energy into or gain it from anima (used for most powers, jump great distances, and are a good choice if you wanted to play pureblood but didn't want it to be as hard. (I have one of these currently, trying to dual class him to blood thief.)

Dual classing: This can only be done with two classes (pureblood doesn't count, as once you take a path you are no longer pureblood). But it gives a very useful ability in between the classes which can be very beneficial. It does allow you to get all the abilities of both classes as normal but you need more pxp to do so, so it takes longer

It'd be hard to explain all the vampire paths on here. But there are six. Each has their own abilities, but if you get enough pxp and find certain npc's you can get to every single other path over time. When killed all vampires go to "the shadow realm" but PC's can come back within a week or less.

Shadows: Who are great for if you want to play a thief or an assassin. I like them as a starter route but I would not suggest them if you want to be NPC combat focused.

Allurist: A personal favorite because an allurist can have a thrall, which acts almost like a pureblood that can't level up, but also works well for feeding without a threat of attack. They work well for business or ritual based characters, but I personally find they can fit almost any role from support, thief, to combat. (Have a character of this)

Telepath: Not a popular choice but their powers are actually pretty useful. They make great hacker or support characters. They can connect to the web with their mind, or create a sort of shield that protects mass groups of people. Read memories, send telepathic messages. Overall a useful class but their lack of ability focus usually means they work best for moving over from another class.

Mystic: Not a favorite for it's powers but it's an unusual rp choice. They are not unlike a more vampiric form of sorcerers (or rather, sorcerers are a human form of them). Like sorcerers they can heal, and their abilities have a wide range of application. THey are also one of two vampire classes which can teleport. But while the other class can only teleport themselves, a mystic can teleport anyone in the same square as them.

Killer: A good starting class if you are combat centric because you level up fast and your abilities are all fairly simple and applyable in NPC or PC battles. Avoid getting in trouble because your notoriety raises faster, and that can get them shot. But, because of how fast they level up. You could always just attack undead NPC's like zombies, mooncalves, and a variety of others, which don't raise notoriety. And buy blood packs. They are also able to walk in daylight if you get the right power, while they may look a bit odd because of it (no sparkles though).

Necromancer: Not one I've used much myself. They are the only ones though who don't technically need to feed if they get a certain ability, as they have an ability they can simply boost their blood up every day. However it takes anima, but it takes the same amount of anima per day as you get back every day change. They're a fun class I just don't see them used much.

A new addition. These are some really interesting ones. It is explained better on the site. But the options we have for these are currently only Sirens (three sub-classes to that). but more are planned on the way. The Sirens have a bit of a strange situation, as they can only breed with humans, but are themselves not human at all. Their abilities are not entirely unlike an allurist, in that it's often a focus on things like business, speech, charisma. But they do work well as combatants, as that is the focus of one of my characters.

The three classes of Sirens don't change much, so I'll mostly just mention their rp aspects:
Universal traits:
Gain PXP by being around groups on grid.
Can transform from their natural shape (dependent on Siren type) and a human shape.

All but one of their powers are the same in terms of grid application. Which may change dexterity, intelligence, or one other stat I can't remember. But it goes down to what form they have.

Jorogomo: Lower spider torso. General spidery things. Have a charisma of the way they move. Known for being cold towards human and having a brutally matriarchal system (females may in fact eat their mates). I actually have one of these, but mine is a guy, and as a result is smaller in natural form then some of the women Jorogomo.

Harpy: Well that seems clear. Charisma in the voice. Turn into...well bird like people. Not sure what you expect me to say otherwise. They are less aggressive then the Jorogomo or Encantado.

Encantado: Kind of like snakes. I haven't experimented with these myself, but Encantado have been in the RP side of things for awhile. Along somewhat with Jorogomo. As these two siren types have played an interesting part in the vampire world.

Currently the location is set in harper Rock, a place in Canada for this. It has a huge amount of grid locations to go through, buildings, powers, npcs, stories, etc. This location is basically supposed to be the only place, that we know of at least, where there is a type of hole for the Shadow realm that lets vampires pass back after dying. After a long time of rp and story chapters, vampires are known all over Harper Rock. And it's under some military survielance, with vampires even being required to have ID's. Whether or not your character abides by that though is totally up to you. In fact if you have the right powers, rp powers, and chose mystic as your first route (some rp clarification for this), you might be able to hide from almost any normal method of detection, that might be hard though.

Jorogomo and Encantado's were involved in an attempt to shrink the hole fo the shadow realm as for one reason or another, they didn't like the vampires. Sirens are known to exist, but exactly what they are (aside from being demi-fae) is harder for the average person to understand. And most probably wouldn't realize who one was, because unlike vampire's, there's no simple way to know (unless you're a telepath who can detect what powers and stats a character has). I like this because the Siren's are very much playing behind the scenes a lot even though people do know they exist, and that they attack people, they still manage to hide amongst them.

If you don't want to know about the crazy world of Harper Rock going in, that's actually fine too. While it's beginning to spread rp wise, America is mentioned as having concerns about this vampiric outbreak, it's possible a character is completely new to it.
More suggestions:
-Take time in the tutorial, it's very helpful.
-Use the forum and discord they have easily available, people are happy to help both with what you want to know and sometimes what you need on grid too.

Now as a final link to the site I have this: ... re=Segreti

If you use it, both me and the person using it actually get extra stuff after reaching level 10 if signing up with it. Which can be really helpful. Now that's only limited to so many people I think, but it'll still link to the site after that number has gone.

Now if there is anything wrong with this promotion, please tell me. I didn't find any rules so I basically just did the best I could.

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