Crave and Seek Adventure?

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Crave and Seek Adventure?

Post by Lunch » Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:30 pm

Dear Aspiring Adventurer,

I hope this letter has been arrived in the greatest care among your provisions and you are reading it now. Perhaps you are tired from the long journey on foot and would like to stop somewhere to get a bite to eat and a place more comfortable to sleep. This letter has probably not peaked your interest at all, but what if I told you, you could fulfill whatever destiny or fate has in store for you? I know you have a longing heart that thrives on the inevitable and the consequence of the thrill of adventure! I know your blood boils for that one chance to swing your sword, club, or axe and let your arrows fly from your bows! There's also a chance of being discreet, to hide in the shadows, and find the greatest of treasures that have been buried for a millennia!
Please, fellow adventurer, allow me to say that it would be such a pleasure to have someone like you, who dares the face of whatever danger or exciting thrill it is out there in the wide open world, to come to the town of Silverbrook and take on the requests upon our notice board. If you do decide to take on one of our requests, dear adventurer, please head into the Ol' Tavern Inn and meet myself and Miss Molly on the second floor. Silverbrook needs your help! I know you need help in completing whatever fate your life has laid before you. To complete past endeavors, to find a -new- way of life. Thank you, adventurer. I hope you heed the call!

Happy Adventuring,
Sir Greg, Chancellor of Silverbrook
-small pig hoove print is below his name here.-

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