Aliens/USCM Starting Soon, Positions available.

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Aliens/USCM Starting Soon, Positions available.

Post by medic guy » Wed May 20, 2020 8:09 pm
If you have ever seen the movie aliens (Sigourney Weaver in apower loader) and thought you would like to play a part in that universe, not necessarily that mission; then this is the place for you. Reply in, I'll be setting up a character sheet and try to start up as we get folks. Feel free to PM or message me with any questions.

The United Systems Colonial Marine Corp needs you! Eventual promotions nearly guaranteed.
Positions in the USCM are:
Riflemen and women
K9/Canine Handler
Combat Engineer/Demolitions
Intelligence Officer
Forward Observer
Dropship Pilot
Crew Chief
APC Driver
Tank Driver, Gunner, and Commander

Other armed services positions may be encountered or attached to the unit with an explanation.

Perhaps you'd rather be a corporate exec or Weyland Yutani employee or even a colonist.

Those looking to play as xenomorphs are welcome too, just know that you're going to be shot at, and have people try to torch you or blow you up with explosives.

We'll do our best to work with you.

If you're a predator fan, perhaps we can find a way to squeeze you in as well somewhere.

Want to know more? Reply below. the group [CS] character sheets the group [OOC] out of character discussion pre-deployment/assignment [IC] the mission(s)/campaign [IC]

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