Utopia World- Community Concept (RP.Forum.Marketplace)

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Utopia World- Community Concept (RP.Forum.Marketplace)

Post by UtopiaCreator » Thu May 23, 2019 6:08 pm

Calling all fantasy lovers!

I am a keen RP as well as an inspiring author and artist. I have created a concept to create a game/community network platform online to bring the fantasy community together in one place.

Utopia World would be made up of 3 keys areas.
The citadel would compromised of a market place of indie businesses (like Etsy) a Writers guild for new authors wanting to sell e-books or trial content and an artist alley for artists to sell work and do commissions.
The Whisperers Keep would act as an online forum for all things fantasy.
The Free World would be a large space for RP, the map would be split into different species areas with towns and villages for those who want to intermingle with other species.

The concept is to have a large community platform that would essentially be a convention online 24/7 with a large area for RP. This would be a collaborative space bringing creators and role players together in one place.

This concept is still early stages and I am more focused on spreading the idea, receiving any input and feedback as well as finding people who would also be passionate about this world!

I currently have set up a GoFundMe page to raise enough funds to create the website to start building the community.

https://www.gofundme.com/utopia-world-a ... -community

As the community grows and with more crowdfunding the aim is to design a game/community style platform, having the option to create avatars and even have interactive game like market stalls for businesses, with the development of an easy to use app.

All support is greatly appreciated! ImageImage

Please feel free to share, comment and input on the project. Image

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