The Torroh Region [A Pokecord Server]

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The Torroh Region [A Pokecord Server]

Post by ScorpiBun » Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:58 am

Disclaimer: Not a roleplay, but similar!

Welcome to the Torroh Region, the smallest region in the Pokémon universe!

While it might be the smallest region, and only have one city, Kolar City, there are so many things you can do here! For one, the Torroh Region is the most diverse region ever! It has Pokémon from every other region!

Choose a starter Pokémon from any region and begin the journey of becoming a Pokémon Master! While on your journey, meet incredible people like Professor Spruce, Nurse Joy of Kolar City, Officer Jenny of Kolar City and many, many more!

Disclaimer: Still under making,. Looking for people to take the spots of Professor Spruce (somebody who knows Pokecord very well and can help people with commands), Officer Jenny (somebody who makes sure nobody is breaking any rules around the server) and the three leaders of three mysterious teams (people who know Pokémon very well and are good at leading a team.

If interested in taking one of the spots listed above, contact me here (on RPF) or on Discord: ScorpiBun #1411

If interested in becoming a Pokémon trainer, leave your discord username and tag below so I can send you a notification when the server becomes open to the public (which will be soon)!
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