Evolution / More Meat

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Evolution / More Meat

Post by dannerz » Thu May 03, 2018 1:02 am

The two names i have for the game is More Meat, and Evolution.

Spend food points to evolve and buy any form of abilities.

hot sheets/notes and rules.

When you die, you loose 20% of your stats. You choose which you loose. However,
your point level goes down by 20% too, and you cannot loose percentage stats.
The percent of points you loose per death is called 20% Loose.

Revitalize : is how long it takes for you to respawn. By default you have 2 day revitalize.

1 space is 1 meter. 1 movement moves 1 meter per turn. Which is 2 seconds.

This planet has no sun light. Plants are rare. Plants only grow on dirt but most of the place is sand.
Dim gentle moon light covers the surface.

Types of damage :
[1] Shock/Kenetic, cut, impact,
[2] Heat, radiation, laser and acid,

% = price based on a percent of your total point value.
Your total point value is how much upgrades you buy with food.

Start with 500 points, 500PointValue for % prices, and a 100value bonus item.
Starting bonus : 2 legs, 2 arms, 5 digesting, 2 mind control blocking, 2run/leg strength. 5 body-strength. 20max hp.
3% 1% less Loose.
2 1 long range self destruct shockwave when killed.
1 1 short range self destruct blast when killed.
4 1 smart wave, very long range, only hurts foes.
3 1 max hp/exo skeleton/skin/body armor.
2 1 max body mass/sub structure/flesh. costs x2 to refill.
15 1 defense against either shock or heat.
30 1 defense against both shock and heat.
10 1 digesting self healing. (1 food = 1 hp per turn, or 1 food = 1 point per turn.)
2 1 pound holding pocket. like a stomach space, and a shrinker.
3% 1% digestion bonus. get 1% more HP and POINTS from meat and food.
1 1 max bulk. Costs x3 to refill.
100 1 regen. Regrow hp, mass, bulk, by 1 per turn.
10 1 max omni energy.
4% 1 run/leg strength.
60% +1 arm development. Lets you use your arms twice per turn.
10% 4 leg upgrade. +50% run speed.
25% 6 leg upgrade. +100% run speed.
30% 1 extra arm. With 3 arms you can use 3 weapons in one turn, or punch 3 times, etc. you start with 2 arms usually for free.
20% 5% rapidity : all arms, wings and legs go 5% faster.
10 1 mind control blockage/control resistance.
50 1 mind control long ranged, reprogram.
10 1 body-strength. For hauling loot, improving attack damage total, and lift / carry 5 pounds.
5 1 claw damage/natural mele damage.
7% 1 flight speed. If you have over your limit of loot and haul, you cannot fly.
flight speed adds to run speed if you use it as you run.
15 1 long range damage.
50 1 super long range / unlimited range + accuracy.
100 1 depth cloaking field : cloaks you and your equipment.
20 1 detect. 2 detect undoes 2 depth of cloaking field, for example.
2 1 build max. Can build a 1M structure or item.

Price: (E=energy cost, M=material cost. bio constructs require Food equal to the M price)
4E 1 force field. 4E means 4 energy or 4 fuel.
1M 1 hp item-armor on a standard hand item.
Items have HP. If you can pary / block an attack with an item, the damage goes to that item.
When an item is destroyed, 50% of the material gets salvaged/recycled.
4M 1 dmg mele weapon.
4M 1 body armor.
6M 1 crossbow damage. Takes 2 turns to load, then 1 turn to fire/shoot. Medium range.
0.5M 1 extra damaging arrow/advanced arrow.
3M 1 hp wide shield. Takes 1 hand to hold.
20M 1 dmg automatic rifle, gun or cannon.
2M 1 extra damage single use bullet for gun.
2M 1 tools. Can build a 1M structure or item.

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