Cory Burgess, Ambassador of Etirath

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Cory Burgess, Ambassador of Etirath

Post by Annasiel » Wed May 16, 2018 7:32 am




Name: Cory Burgess

Age: 51

Sex: Male

Race: Sunderlannite Human

Height: 6'1

Weight: 149 lbs



Thick and short, Cory's dark brown hair is almost impossible to flatten. Often, he will pat down this unruly mop when nervous, but it always springs back up again. Near the crown of his head, a small bald spot is forming, much to Cory's distress.

Despite his childhood dreams of growing a long and magnificent beard like the wizards of yore, Cory could never amount to any more than a bit of stubble. Nowadays, he tries to stay as clean shaven as possible, but his absentminded nature often leads to a shadowy scraggle rearing its scratchy head.

His eyes are brown and muddy, not standing out in any way, shape, or form. Blind as a dead mole, Cory needs inch-thick lenses just to survive. He has a pair of round framed spectacles for everyday living, and keeps a monocle in his left breast pocket for reading.

Exercise is the bane of Cory's existence. He rarely exerts himself, and has a low muscle mass as a result. Often forgetting to eat, he has little fat as well. Bony and thin, he pulls off the ''raggedy skeleton" style with aplomb. His fingers are long and spider-like, perfect for quickly and accurately flipping through the pages of books.


Quiet, timid, and withdrawn, Cory is not one to mingle much with society. He would much rather sit indoors and read a book by the fire, thank you very much. With age, he's grown more relaxed, though he still speaks with a stammer when nervous (and is often nervous). He's quite verbose when speaking, often unintentionally, forgetting simpler words in favor of longer.




Powers: None.

Skills: Ever since he was a little child, Cory had the ability to easily recall memories and scenes from his past. This photographic gift was a blessing in academics, allowing him to excel even in studies he abhorred. However, he is completely lacking in any sort of social ability, embarrassing himself and others with his often inappropriate outbursts.

Equipment: A professor at heart, Cory adores tweed suits, slacks, and dinner jackets. He has a large collection of colourful ties, and enjoys wearing a different one every day. Two silver cufflinks adorn his sleeves, embroidered with an intricate design. Perhaps his most cherished article of clothing is a large, brown overcoat, with two side and two front pockets. It buttons up to the neck, but he generally leaves the top few undone.


Born to a warrior mother and an explorer father, Cory was raised on stories of action and adventure. Though it was obvious the awkward, spineless boy would never live up to his parents' expectations, he still dreamed of going out on his own quests, fighting monsters, and winning the glory of the people. He read daily, expanding his knowledge of fantastical words and ideas.

When he was a teenager, he became extremely ill, and was bedridden for months. While he was never near death, the scare still led him to reexamine his life. He realized he would never become what he wanted to be, and instead set his sights on teaching at a grand university. If he could not live as a hero, he could teach about them instead.

Following this new desire to higher education, he was again disillusioned by the harsh reality of life. While Cory certainly had the knowledge to teach, his interpersonal skills were a great setback. He lacked the skill to control unruly students, and a few unwise words put him on the bad side of the teaching staff. He was soon expelled from the university after five months as a student-teacher.

This was the darkest time of Cory's life. He wandered from place to place, never settling in, never finding a land to call home. He failed at almost every job he tried. As a blacksmith's apprentice, he almost burned down the forge. As an angler, he capsized the schooner. Disaster seemed to follow him like a plague, wreaking havoc on everything he touched.

Finally, tired and depressed, he came back to his home. It was there, among the stacks of the royal library, that he found his true calling. A job tending halls of books, organizing and reading, with little room for Murphy's devious rulings... Cory became a librarian. It was difficult at first, actually working with the temptation of so many stories nearby, but he soon adapted. He learned to love the quiet lifestyle, growing a renewed passion for life.

And in this quiet life, he found love. Laniz, the stablemaster of Etirath and a long-time friend of the timid man, tindered a flame in his soul he had never before felt. For her, he broke free from his shell, and he learned his affections were mutual. The two settled down, and now have two children.

At the moment, Cory and his wife are en route to Azuria, sent as ambassadors by Theolandra to meet the new queen.
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