[1x1][CS] Omega Midnight

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[1x1][CS] Omega Midnight

Post by Frolicking Jaegar » Fri May 18, 2018 4:57 am

Jaeger Name: Omega Midnight
Launched: October 10th, 2016, decomissioned in 2017, recommissioned June 9th, 2021.
Origin: Swiss
Generation: Mk. 2.5
Height: 74m/243ft
Weight: 1.9kt
Operating System: Kynetyk Sigma (Heavily modified version of Nauthlus-4 Zirca Sync.)
Weapons: Right extendable sting blade, left tethered fireable sting blade, buckler on left forearm.
Other: Two oxygen rockets per foot, three oxygen rockets on back, one oxygen rocket on the back side of lower legs. Upgraded hydraulics. Air raid siren.
Appearance: Looks mostly like Tacit Ronin, except with a nuclear vortex turbine. Main color is black with cyan accents. On each shoulder it bears a Swiss Flag.
Short Bio: Omega Midnight was designed by pilot Marshall Rogers, and uses the custom made Kynetyk Sigma OS. Due to all of it's various features, mostly the hydraulic systems, Omega Midnight is fairly difficult to pilot with any control. It was first launched in Petropavlosk-Kamchatskiy although was decomissioned shortly after due to it's lack of success.
It has since found a new pilot to operate with it's old one, Marshall Rogers, and is first to go out if there is a threat.


Academy Class:
Short Bio:

Name: Marshall Rogers
Gender: Male
Nationality: Swiss
Age: 26
Height: 6'0
Academy Class: 2015
Appearance: Black hair with green eyes, medium build.
Short Bio: Marshall was one of the first Jaegar Academy graduates, and operated for over a year in Tacit Ronin's sister jaegar, Blood Tiger until he lost his partner to cancer. Shortly after he manned his own jaegar, Omega Midnight, however it wasn't very successful due to Marshall claiming his partner, "didn't know how to use it."
He's spent the last three years designing jaegars, as well as improving on the Kynetyk series operating system. He is now assigned at the Queen Charlotte Shatterdome, and is set to pilot Omega Midnight once more, with a brand new version of Kynetyk.
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Re: [1x1][CS] Omega Midnight

Post by Tanith » Fri May 18, 2018 4:18 pm

Name: Emi Williams
Nationality: British
Age: 19
Height: 5ft 6
Weight: 120 pounds
Academy Class: Recent graduate
Appearance: Emi has bright blue eyes, A slender figure with toned muscles. She's stronger than she looks. Short curly brown hair, with either side of her head shaved. A few Kaiju creature tattoos down her arms such as Karloff, Otachi and MutaVore

Short Bio:While others were horrified and disgusted by the Kaiju when they first appeared on this Planet, Emi was fascinated. From that day on she wanted to see one up close and personal and live to tell the tale. Emi comes from a Wealthy background. The Williams company is renowned for its involvement in supplying materials for the Jager project. One would think Emi was a well mannered Young landy. In reality she as a quick temper, A foul mouth and the attitude to match. She had a short attention span and would often ditch Academy lessons to be found doodling Kaiju in her notebooks. However she came out with the highest marks in her class much to the suprise of her instructors

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